The Night He Says It


“I’ve planned everything.”

You smiled at the upbeat tone and pride swelling in every words, slowly pacing outside of your meeting room. It was a rather boring meeting and not one that interest or involved you whatsoever which made listening to Kiseok rant about the upcoming date night to be completely delightful. “Do I need to bring anything?”

“Just bring your cute ass to my house tonight.” He sang childishly and a small giggle escaped your lips, making you sound like a high school girl in love rather than a matured adult.

“Alright then, I’ll go change at home and go straight to your house.” You explained, getting ready to get back inside the meeting room once your eyes landed on the clock hanging near the wall in front of the reception. The dimly lit room only added to the lulling feels of the weekend coming by with the only sound coming from the receptionist typing rather harshly, ramming her fingers into the keyboard vehemently. “No, come straight here. You can just use my clothes.”

“Oh, we’re not going out?”

“Oppss,” he spluttered adorably. “Half of the secret is out.” He added jokingly, and you could hear him slapping a palm against his forehead and the huge grin on his face evident in his tone of voice. “Well it’s a secret, anyway just come straight after office hour alright?”


“Okay see you later then princess.”

“Bye.” You bid, pulling your phone away from your face and touching the red button. You let out a sighed, prepping yourself to join the tedious meeting. You smiled down at your wallpaper which had Kiseok’s face with his mouth wide opened, deep in sleep. You locked your phone and cleared your throat, walking inside the meeting room.

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Oppss…i’m suppose to be finishing up some old drawings and i just keep drawing new stuff instead ;v;!  (Bad pam…bad!)

I blame @white-rainbowff you stop putting ideas in my head :V! (*Cough* Chapter 3…*cough* give me three series and movie…jk ;v;)


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truth: do you like someone rn? dare: tag some people to tell them that you love them (can do one or both or none)

I’m kinda sorta maybe getting over my crush.

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“jjongkimkai88 ⚠WARNING⚠
This is not related with kaistal dating issue.

I just want to prove what actually happened during this moment. Some people said that jongin rubbing his water bottle on krystal

_Modu hamkke mandeuro gayo_

I really didn’t edit this video. I just modify from some fancam to prove that jongin was really far from krystal. The camera angle just made its seem like he tapped the water bottle on her..even when krystal walked to heoyeon..we didnt see jongin.

Copy url of this post and open with browser so you can copy link of the fancam easily
1. https://youtu.be/kvVB-sm8MmQ (3.31)
2. m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=gDM7t87Y63w (3.37)
3. m.youtube.com/watch?v=_gInw69yxd0 (3.59)
4. m.youtube.com/watch?v=rZgEtxmMWNY&feature=youtu.be (3.41)
5. m.youtube.com/watch?v=waozy5rjt2Y&feature=youtu.be (2.38) ← u can see how far taemin jongin and yoona krystal in this video
6. m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=epi7QD-CrDY (2.59) you can see clearly..there’s no jongin
7. m.youtube.com/watch?v=PeB4NZImHHE&feature=youtu.be (2.18) from back angle
8. m.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ05Hh6jFcE&feature=youtu.be (3.15) u can see clearly..jongin with taemin”

credit:  jjongkimkai88

in case everything that is written above still confusing, let me help you to understand what’s going on in this video;  

1) kai was walking behind – quite far away from krys – and he was shaking his water bottle, and when he did that, krys turned to the right. 

(this has caused some people think that kai was rubbing his bottle water on her.)

2) but the thing is… krys didn’t turn to look at kai bc kai was “teasing” her, she turned around to see hyoyeon SNSD (the blonde girl)

the timing and the camera angle makes it looks like he did rub his water bottle on her, while in fact he didn’t.

the IG video contains 5 parts, each part represent different angle of fancams of the same thing (means these 5 fancams were taken at the same time); 

part 1: this fancam was taken from the right-front side of the stage

(it seems) kai was rubbing his water bottle on her 

krys grabbed yoona’s right hand, then after that she turned around to face hyoyeon’s direction, not kai 

(some ppl think that kai rubbed a water bottle on her and that makes her turn back to face him, but she was facing hyoyeon)

part 2: this fancam was taken from the front – but it was far away

krys and yoona had already held each other’s hands, and she did turn right, but there was no kai

part 3: this fancam was taken from the front – but it was near the stage

krys smiled at yoona and then yoona giggled(?) at her while singing. there was no kai

part 4: this fancam was taken from similar angle of part 3 fancam (front + near the stage)

krys turned around and let go of yoona’s hand. again we couldnt see kai in this part.

part 5: this fancam was taken from the right side of the stage

here, we could see kai shaking his water bottle. 

the camera then shifted its focus and we could see krystal walking towards the middle of the stage. 

kai and krystal were far away from each other.

reminders: these fancams were taken at the same time, but different angles. (and there are other fancams that were also taken at the same time – the links of it have been listed on the description by jjongkimkai88′s him/herself.)

conclusion? kai never rubbed his water bottle on krystal, it’s all misunderstanding (because of one fan camera’s angle) just like “other members were looking at kai during mama award 2015″. 

since we’re already at it, i’m going to discuss this topic too

credit: @awkwardmickey​ for the gif and as the first one who pointed this out.

(before reading it, please open the gif on the new tab (if you’re on your laptop ofc) and zoom it. if you’re on your phone, well, just squint your eyes and hold your phone closely to your face.) 

chanyeol looked left first, but he wasn’t looking at kai. kai was slouching down. 

if chanyeol were looking at kai, his head should’ve tilt down a bit to see kai’s face, but he didn’t. 

chanyeol was looking at someone who sat beside kai, which was chen.

later on kai too looked at chen, he then looked down. imo he wasn’t looking shy, he was rather looking…defeated? 

(just open the gif on new tab and zoom his face – imo his face was like… “hah.. yeah..” after he looked at chen – his smile looks pensive, but i can’t say much nor can i confide in my words bc this thing happened only in 1-2 seconds.)  

xiumin looked down, but he too wasn’t looking at kai. if he were looking at kai he should’ve looked down w/o tiling his head to the left, but he did. this indicates he was looking at xiumin too. oppss sorry i mean chen lel

suho too was looking at chen, just zoom the gif (open it on new tab)

kyungsoo clapped during this whole thing

sehun was concentrating on the stage, but if we zoom the gif we could see his eyes shifted to the right (at where kaichenbaek were) when pcy turned his head.

lay squeezed both of his hands that were on his laps

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Jay park + shots

‘No deal.’ You shook your head and waved your hand in disagreement to his deal. He ignored your protest and poured you a new shot and continuing to pour one for him. ‘Come on. I’ll start first.’

'No I don’t want to play.’ You protested leaning against the sofa and closing your eyes, wanting him to stop this game from continuing. 'No I’m not accepting no. 'Why didn’t the skeleton go to the prom?’ He asked eagerly and you stayed silent, trying to ignore him but between his stare and the atmosphere that was begging to be broken; you gave in. 'Why?’

'Because he had nobody to go with.’ Jay answered excitedly a grin plastered on his lips at his joke and you almost burst out in laughter, not because you found it funny. Well yes you found it funny, but you were really shock at the audacity of someone to make a joke like that. You were a sucker for lame jokes which was why you hated the game. You sealed your lips tightly shut and tried to cover the smile that was fighting to come out. He let out a breathy laugh happy at your resistance. 'Okay my turn. You turned around to face him.

'What kind of bagel can fly?’ You smiled at him as he laughed even before knowing the answer. He shrugged his shoulder and urged you to continue. 'A 'plain’ bagel.’ You emphasized on the word plain making it sound like plane and you saw the smile on his lips but he scoffed and shook his head. 'Where do you find the bravery to make jokes like that?’ He mocked you which made you gasped in annoyance. You slapped his arm and crossed your arm across your chest daring him to do better. 'Your jokes are worse than mine.’

'Okay,’ he said, his eyes shifting and you could see he was trying to think of any jokes that comes at the top of his head.

'Knock knock.’ He said.

'Who’s there?’

'Britney Spears.’ Your lower lips jutted out slightly trying to think of any plausible joke that could come up with Britney Spears. 'Britney Spears who?’

'Knock knock.’ He repeated which made your eyebrows raised but he nodded his head urging you on. You rolled your eyes but entertained your boyfriend anyway. 'Who’s there?’

'Oppss I did it again.’

You were silent as the joke then hit you hard as you doubled over laughing your head off. You couldn’t understand why you found it funny but you did. It was partly because you didn’t expect it and partly because you were very easily amused. Jay started singing to Britney Spears’ 'Opps I did it again’ happy that he made you laugh as you tried to control your laughter and wipe the tears that came out at the side of your eyes. 'Okay drink up.’ Jay handed you the shot glass and you complied feeling the familiar stinging sensation down your throat.

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im fucking sorry? youre not going to reblog the post because it /might/ be a scam? everything on the internet could be a fucking scam! do you know how disrespectful that is, to immediately assume someone asking for financial support for their fucking medicine is trying to rob you? fuck you.

Oppss.. language.
Besides, this is my blog so I can reblog whatever the fuck I want 🙃 Oh, also you’ve just been reported for the insults 🙃

“Aku ni tak cantik ke?”
Tangan berhenti menulis. Kening diangkat tanda pelik.
“Ada budak tu cakap aku tak cantik. Cakap tak cantik is fine. Tapi tak payah la sampai dia nak bersumpah berjanji bagai yang aku memang tak cantik.”
Tarik nafas.
“Kau tau, cantik tu bukan hanya diwajah tapi di sini.“ Jari ditunjuk ke hati.

Tuhan tak kata yang cantik je boleh masuk syurga.
Tuhan cakap hambaNya yang bertaqwa akan masuk syurga.

“Dah tu semua lelaki nak perempuan cantik je.”

Rugilah seseorang lelaki itu apabila melepaskan seseorang wanita yang cantik akhlaknya kerana terlalu mengejar wanita yang cantik wajahnya kerana andai kau jatuh cinta kerana rupanya, kau hanya dapat dia. Tapi jika kau jatuh cinta kerana akhlak dan agamanya, kau akan dapat dia dan Syurga.
“Jadi lah wanita solehah. Yang baik. Perempuan baik semestinya cantik tapi perempuan cantik tak semestinya baik. Oppss! ”
Kenyit mata.
“Tapi kalau yang ramai peminat mesti yang cantik je. Aku tak cantik sebab tu lah tak ramai peminat.”
Walau kita ni tak cantik, tapi jadikan diri kita ni TAK CANTIK YANG LIMITED EDITION. Get it? Hanya yang layak dan betul-betul melihat guna hati je boleh tahu betapa cantiknya kita.
Kenal Pencetus Ummah Rahmat Ikhsan? Tak kenal kan sebab dia tak popular mana pun. (Haha) Dia ada cakap macam ni,
‘Bagaimana aku ingin menafikan kecantikan muslimah yang menutup aurat secara sempurna? kerana mereka ini telah cantik di sisi Tuhan kami.
Tudung tidak pernah cantik tanpa si pemakai tudung yang ingin cantik mengikut standard CANTIK yang ALLAH TETAPKAN.”


“Kalau bukan kau sendiri yang yakin diri kau cantik, kau nak harapkan siapa? Orang lain yang nak puji? Tak payah. Aku siap ada geng lagi. Kami punya mantera ‘Kami gemuk yang cantik’. Siap pegang tangan ramai-ramai then sebut. haha. See? Confidence je ok.” *sengih* Biar kamu tidak cantik di mata penduduk bumi
yang penting kamu cantik di mata penduduk langit.