Okay, but this musical does Minako justice. Minako is a ham, she is silly, she is ridiculous and opprotunistic and over-the-top, but at her core, she is also a WARRIOR and a LEADER. When shit gets serious, she snaps into that mode without hesitation, and keeps a cool head and knows exactly what to do. Minako is multifaceted. She is direct and battle-hardened. She has a great love for the people around her, but she is tough and pragmatic and does not sugarcoat things.

Here is Minako at her direct, tough love best. She assures Usagi this is not her fault, but she has to turn her attention to the most pressing problem now- retrieving the team, retrieving the friends. She knows Chibiusa knows. So after making sure she’s not hurt, she pretty much tells Chibiusa “you need to tell us right now, because this shit is serious”. She says it gently, because she knows Chibiusa is a kid, but she says it directly and gets to the bottom of this. 

Usagi’s answer to this is to blame herself. Minako’s answer is to solve the problem and get shit done. And that’s the difference between them. Minako is pragmatic and strategic where Usagi is sort of a being of pure emotion at times.

I love it. I love how deeply this musical gets these characters.