“i don’t want to be grouped with my oppressors, cishets” bruh okay then i guess i can’t be lumped with white people in the lgbt+ community since im a poc, i can’t be lumped with cis people in the lgbt+ community because im trans, i can’t be lumped with neurotypicals in the lgbt+ community because im mentally ill.

gay white people are discriminated against for being gay, but not for their race. but the asian gay person standing next to them is. they’re still in the same community because they share one trait of oppression. that white gay person still has privilege, and systematically oppresses that asian gay person by default. but that doesn’t stop them from being in the same community, the lgbt+ community, together.

so? my point is stop using that argument to justify your hate for aces. stop.

honestly I’m fine with people agreeing that Bismuth was wrong to want to shatter the diamonds, the problem is that when challenged on this by Rose/Steven, her allies, her response was to fly into a rage and try to kill them, painting justifiable anger at your oppressors and mindless violence with the same brush.

genuinely i dont really get this whole “shouldn’t have to deal with our oppressors in our spaces” bc trans, nb, and genderqueer ppl gotta deal w cis ppl in our spaces?? i still gotta deal with all the white ppl here?
Its a weird argument ive seen in ace discourse that just seems to have a lot of issues

the thing is, i don’t make a bunch of posts about the biphobia we face from straight people because that isn’t a debate. everyone within the community accepts that straight people can be biphobic. no one tries to argue that point or deny it or blame bi people–because we all have this in common, where cishet folks are the main oppressors. that is not questioned.

but as soon as we bring up the biphobia we face from within the community, which to me seems like a bigger issue since this is supposed to be a safe space bi folks can go away from the biphobia we face from straight people, suddenly its “discourse” and we’re being homophobic or we need to focus on wlw/mlm solidarity instead of our intercommunity issues–unless ofc those issues are the homophobia that lg people face from others in the community. like believe me i am aware that lgbta+ people are not the only or even the biggest source of biphobia out there. but it pisses me off twice as much as biphobic straight people, bc y'all should know better, and bc even as its happening its being denied or debated like its an opinion or something and not a literal fact.

One more thing! I actually consider my feminism to be very radical in the sense that I’m not afraid to scream and throw punches at my oppressors while challenging my own current culture and thoughts in the process. Like, if y'all promised to not judge me, I’d be saying some crazy shit in the name of feminism, lol.

But radical feminism has been ruined for me because it’s all filled with wealthy white women with shitty haircuts who hate trans women almost as much as they love hairy legs. Where does a nonbinary black (potentially pansexual) BPD fueled girl like me fit in between the vulva sculptures and the Spock bangs? Spoiler Alert: I don’t fit. At all.

I mean, holy shit, I’d love to go to a feminist riot just once. I wanna throw trash at cops and yell about women’s liberation from the patriarchy! But I can’t do that without being surrounded by terfs. I can’t do that without being surrounded by people who hate me strictly based on principle.

And it’s really upsetting because liberal feminism is a joke, and intersectional feminism has zero idea what it’s doing sometimes because it’s so damn general. There’s no real focus from what I’ve seen. But siding with radfems would mean… siding with radfems. And I love myself way too much to do that to myself.

It’s all very disappointing. I want to be a proper feminist and surround myself with feminists but how the hell do I find the right ones? It’s difficult to spot feminists who agree with the same politics that I do and it makes me want to throw the whole damn thing in the garbage, but then my pride, dignity, and sense of doing what’s right would go with it.

If someone benefits from oppression of a specific group of people, that person would never be welcome into that group’s safe space.

So, why is it different when it comes to Cishets? Cishets of any level sexual/romanticism benefit from the oppressions; homophobia and transphobia. Why on earth should anyone in the LGBT community, who are oppressed by those two types, be forced to make space for Cishets?

Cishets are the oppressors of LGBT people and they benefit from that oppression. That is why they are not LGBT members. 

Are they still valid? Yes. Are their orientations still solid? Yes. Are they welcome at public LGBT events? Yes. Are they LGBT? Only if they are also LGBT.

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aces: create the term allosexual which literally groups lgb ppl as inherently sexual and groups them w their oppressors
also aces: haha the dirty allos think we r sexualizing them lol tag urself lol

its so funny to me how teenagers on the internet believe they are really “protecting their spaces” from “would-be oppressors”
just take a moment to breathe and think about this. who’s oppressing you irl? most likely they’re not on this website. even if they’re on tumblr - they’re certainly not following YOU. even if they are - a bunch of text posts aren’t gonna change their beliefs.
so why so much hate? why are people literally screaming into the void that people like them are “correct” and people not like them are “incorrect” and therefore deserve to die???
like, who gives a damn about your opinion? and what does your opinion change???

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I make fun of everyone equally, but if they tell me it's offending or making them uncomfortable, I fucking stop and don't try to excuse it bc it's a decent thing to do

yeah but also don’t make oppressive jokes anyway (unless they’re aimed at oppressors) because they’re not original or funny. not saying you do but honestly oppressive jokes are just lazy, unfunny, and back up stereotypes and the status quo.

In case y'all didn’t know the fact that marginalized groups are creating safe spaces for themselves and empowering themselves is the reason why they are marginalized. So to reverse that they have embrace their oppressors and subject themselves to the vicious hate they encounter on a daily basis without that feeling of unity they gain though safe spaces and empowerment. Just so y'all know.

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“just let in your cishet oppressors if they’re ace!! it’s fine!!”

“okay, then i guess we should also let in the cishethets and you’re totally fine with the a being for ally and cishethets should also have access to all our resources”

why let in some of our oppressors but not all….??? everyone is lgbt now, if you want to be. feel free to apply for all our scholarships if you feel like it, even if you’re well off. treat lgbt homeless shelters like a place you can go for a sleepover. let’s just pretend the lgbt community has infinite money and time and resources and create an entire cishets only section of pride

let’s fucking do it y’all

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Read yr post abt lesbians taking care of gay men during the AIDS crisis. Gotta say, I'm over 40 and its a different world now. Gay men are considered the ultimate in class and coolness now, and they unite with straight women to laugh their ass off about "ugly fat fish smelling lesbians". They united with oppressors and have nothing in common with us. Nor do they want to; we are anathema to them. Gay male misogyny is universal.

yeah tbh i think this is pretty fair… gay men definitely are still oppressed too (and so are straight women) but just having suffered really doesn’t seem to make anyone, as a group, give a shit about lesbians. being gay doesn’t make gay men any less men, that’s a lie used to justify male on male violence by alleging that they have a greater proximity to women than they actually do. i have never heard of gay men showing solidarity with lesbians with anywhere near the devotion that lesbians demonstrated during the AIDS crisis.

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i wish there was less division in the lgbt community, especially between wlw. there is so much conflict and bitterness between bisexual and lesbian women, which is truly saddening b/c we should stick together instead of fighting. sometimes it feels like lesbians are the worst enemy of bisexual women, even moreso than straight people. i know that's not true, but it hurts to be considered an oppressor of my fellow wlw.

i’m sorry u feel that way peach, but i hope u know this website isn’t an accurate representation of Real Life? i’m not trying to invalidate the homophobia/biphobia wlw enact on each other outside of this hellsite, i kno it’s real and a problem, but i hope young ppl don’t witness this bad discourse and think that’s what it’s gonna be like in the community outside. because it’s not 😬 bi women and lesbians fall in love with each other every day, we’re friends and sisters and partners

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What's wrong with "non-black people"?

non-black people is fine but making parallels to it (eg “non-asians”) is taking a term used by black people to discuss those who do not experience antiblackness and instead perpetuate it, so using another version would be grouping black people in with their oppressors

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