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who would win in a fight, papa roach or peppa pig?

Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.

The lengths some of y'all would go to stop Palestinians from expressing their feelings and reacting to their opression in the ways they see fit. I don’t think an oppressed people have ever had to be so careful as to not offend their oppressors for our complaints and reactions to be considered valid. Ah yes, she didn’t kill Palestinian children herself, she trained Israeli soldiers to kill Palestinian children. Clearly this isn’t basically the same thing. Anyway, fuck Gal Godot, and fuck all y'all bending backwards to silence Palestinians as per usual. Having her play Wonder Woman is an offense to the character herself.

So yeah anyway, boycott the Wonder Woman movie, and fuck Israel.

from one white to the others: you might not consciously realise that you’re erasing a Muslim POC, that the season is centered around nonetheless, because “hey, I just reblog what I see on my dash”

that doesn’t change the fact that you are (by participating in this massive reblog of one minute of EVAK, dissected from all angles) drowning Sana and erasing her existence

that’s how people rewrite history: it’s in the name, they “rewrite”. they don’t publish the texts of the oppressed and only distribute the words of the oppressors and then they wait and they let time work its magic

it’s all well and good to say you’re not racist, but fighting racism is a constant conscious effort you have to make. daily. you have to fight against the racist society that raised you this way, against the racist and rewritten history that you were fed from birth, the racist and biased media that lulled you to sleep.

it’s in what you do, not what you say.

i’m queer and bipolar and no one is taking even and evak away from me.
and guess what: no one is trying to. that’s not what this is about. this is not about us.

so reblog even and evak and be happy for them. but be mindful about how much of it you share vs how much of the main character of this season, who happens to be a muslim poc, you reblog as well. question why you feel compelled to reblog 10 edits of the same hand holding but skip the few gifs of sana you see here and there.

question, and act. don’t be a passive “ally”. passivity does not win any battle and it certainly does not exonerate you from faults. passivity silences you and others. that’s all. it lets more powerful and active people use your silence for their ill intents.

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the fact that a small part of queers has internalized their oppressors views does not mean that straight ppl is suddenly better tho like its easy to be kind when you are not bullied but queer ppl face immense struggles daily due to them so who the fuck cares if they get offended when called straighties like why do you even care ? they wont accept you more if you go queer coon on them

…oh Gesù d’amore acceso, non t’avessi mai offeso, cazzo ho fatto per meritare sto macello?

Okay, look, let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

that a small part of queers has internalized their oppressors views

There are things you can pass as internalized homophobia and things you can’t.

If a lesbian is biphobic or transphobic is not DUE to straight people. It is because SHE has prejudices and fears. And the proof of it is how there is consistently more biphobia INSIDE the LGBT+ community than outside of it.

My rich deaf lesbian acquaintance who loathes immigrants because she doesn’t want to pay taxes to help poor people and who thinks depression is “a hoax” and autistic children should not be born is not like that due to some straight people being homophobic. She is like that because she is a selfish piece of shit with the empathic skills of a dead cactus.

Stop treating us LGBTA+ people like we have no agency. We are adults and we are responsible for our own views and actions.

does not mean that straight ppl is suddenly better

Premising the concept of good and bad applied on people is puerile to use a nice word… people’s goodness is not measured by their labels.

A person can be considered good by their ideas or/and actions towards others, by quality of their personality (being smart, kind, compassionate, curious about learning more…), not what they like to fuck in bed.

Because, I repeat, there is straight people who is trans. Some trans people (most actually) identify as straight/heterosexual. Stop using straight to mean “not LGBTA+”, it’s fricking transphobic. Jackass.

If a person believes in helping less fortunate people, is interested in culture and knowledge, is tolerant, open-minded and kind TO ME they are automatically a better person than a racist selfish twat only interested in their own gain. I don’t care which of them is LGBTA+ and which is cis/het.

I do not make friends depending on that. And I do have mostly LGBTA+ friends (my 3 closest friends are an aroace, a gay man and a lesbian FFS), but I have a lot of straight and cis friends who are equally good people. Also my personality is not MY labels. Like I even feel bad at times, because since I started transition I talk about that a lot more than I’d like, when I’d love to discuss books or art exhibitions I saw. Like… people…is not their labels….?

its easy to be kind when you are not bullied but queer ppl face immense struggles daily

… you think straight people do not get bullied?

Okay, look, a quick list of things people close to me has been bullied for: weight, glasses, saying the Z weirdly, coming from the southern region, being blond, WEIGHT again,  being supposedly not pretty,  being introverted, liking to read, having too long of a penis. 

People. Would. Bully. On. Anything.

It’s about power and proving dominance.

ALSO, I’ve been bullied for being LGBTA+ in my life (didnt last long because I was enough wolf-raised to punch them in the nose and people wouldn’t go admit a girl gave them a bloody nose) (I guess I have trans privilege for that in your distorted world view), I’ve  had CANS and BOTTLES thrown at me, because my hometown is full of close-minded people. I still don’t hate straight people. I don’t think bullying them back or insulting them is allright.

I think it’s juvenile, pointless, deleterious and counterproductive, not to add it is ideologically revolting.

People who behaved like shit did that because of their upbringing and psychological issues, not due to being straight. Stop simplying things just because seeing the world in black and white is comforting for you.

LGBTA+ people faces struggles for belonging to this reality and this is true, ESPECIALLY in third world countries where we get KILLED or arrested. In our FIRST WORLD countries (which makes us privileged over other LGTBA+ people, btw, and we should be grateful to be born here), we have the RIGHT to exist which gives us the right to protest, do activism and work more for our rights in the daylight. And to DIALOGUE.

Dialogue and thinking are the way to gain more rights, to persuade people, to become a better society. A dialogue that yes it can also be firm and at times strong-worded. But if you use insults you just look like a 3 years old child and NOBODY takes politically serious a child.

Stuff like “straighties” damages LGBTA+ dialogues and fights for rights because we seem then a bunch of children. STOP ACTING LIKE THAT AND LEARN TO BE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT AND DO ACTIVISM WITH DIGNITY AND USING YOUR HEAD INSTEAD OF KINDERGARTEN SKILLS.

who the fuck cares if they get offended

A) Lgbta+ people who need dialogue to gain rights

B) Lgbta+ people who want to actual improve things and do ot value being sassy over being a correct human being

C) Lgbta+ people who have a concept of respect of others

D) Lgbta+ people with enough brain to understand the concept that you cannot condemn a thing and then do it yourself

E) People above the mental age of 3.

why do you even care ?

A) it damages our fights for rights

B) it makes us less believable as rational people

C) it is in itself stupid and disrespectful

D) you cannot logically allow yourself a behavior you condemn in others (eg, insulting on sexualities)

E) I have enough of a brain and a culture to not accept a b/w point of view and dualism is very damaging in general politically

F) it, frankly said, disgusts me the idea that my community is so emotionally immature that they would behave in a way they know it’s not right ust because they have not the ability to argumentate and speak in a logical way and I refuse to believe people above the age of 13 is not able to explain WHY we shouldn’t judge people on sexualities without using insults.

they wont accept you more if you go queer coon on them


Except the racist moment… your concept of social betrayal is being well-mannered?  Whoa. You wouldn’t survive one day in the academical world. 

Did you even ever graduate elementary school? Were you homeschooled by goats?

Also, for your information, I do not change myself to be accepted by others. Especially friends and especially straight ones, given the only ones who complained when I came out as bi/trans were LG people.

Now, please, go discover how to make a dissertation with rational points and not insults, get over kindergarten mentality and out of my inbox, thannnnk <3

Which ayah in the Quran is an arrow though the heart of an oppressor and is relief in the heart of the oppressed?

[And your Lord never forgets.] -Surah Maryam, verse 64

none of which matters anyway
i say
punctuation is the great oppressor 
it kills ambiguity
destroys possibility
reduces questioning confusion
and i speak just fine without it 

White gays will parade around with the name of people who committed suicide as martyrs but I wonder how many of them are willing to acknowledge that their fucked up “community” is one of the oppressors for many QPoC?

It only gets better if you’re a white gay conventionally attractive non-fat man.

Aries has a soft spot for the underdog, those who don’t have the opportunity to speak up, and those who are suppressed.

Aries has no patience for those who refuse to speak up, are bossy, and are dishonest or beat around the bush.

Taurus has a soft spot for those who get cheated or betrayed, the young, and those pushed out of security.

Taurus has no patience for those who try to pressure others, people who lead them on, the changeable, and the reckless.

Gemini has a soft spot for those who are put down, children, those who are lonely, and those who don’t get the opportunity to communicate.

Gemini has no patience for those who won’t get to the point, the uncommunicative, the uneducated by choice/closed mind, and those who waste time. 

Cancer has a soft spot for the vulnerable, sad, scared, children, animals, and any loved ones.

Cancer has no patience for the cruel, cold, the uncaring, the insensitive, and bullies.

Leo has a soft spot for the risk taker, the underdog, the unnoticed, someone who needs empowering, and children.

Leo has no patience for those who don’t speak up, pushovers, those who are bad at their jobs, and the dishonest.

Virgo has a soft spot for animals, the shy, the humble, the unsure, and the under appreciated or underrated.

Virgo has no patience for those who are rude, have no self-respect, don’t put in effort, are careless, and who are egotistical.

Libra has a soft spot for those treated unfairly, the defenseless, anyone who is kind, and the passive or peaceful. 

Libra has no patience for those who treat others unfairly or unequal, lack of justice, rude people, harsh people, and the authoritative.

Scorpio has a soft spot for those who’ve been thru similar struggles, the weak, the lost, the abused, and the used.

Scorpio has no patience for those who lack self-respect, are apathetic, who won’t go after their goals, and who refuse to learn their lesson. 

Sagittarius has a soft spot for the underdog, the new person, the unrepresented, the good charactered, the foreigner, and the free spirited.

Sagittarius has no patience for the petty, dishonest, closed minded, those who waste their time, and the controlling or overbearing.

Capricorn has a soft spot for the damaged, the ambitious, the hard workers, the sweet-tempered, the lonely, and the fearful.

Capricorn has no patience for the disrespectful, the lazy, the entitled, the unjust, the rule breakers, and leaches/moochers.

Aquarius has a soft side for misfits, outsiders, the misunderstood, rebels, those who are mentally different, and the mislead.

Aquarius has no patience for those who aren’t true to themselves, are oppressors, closed minded, the hardheaded, and the authoritative.

Pisces has a soft spot for any sob story, the needy, animals, children, the sick, the sad, the weak, the innocent, and the vulnerable.

Pisces has no patience for arrogance, mean-spirited people, users, those who try to change them, unsympathetic people, and the detached.

Toronto Pride told Toronto Police they’re no longer welcome to march in Pride in their uniforms or as an institution (eg a police float), but they’re welcome to join in as civilians. The reason for this is the history and continued oppression of LGBT people by the police, particularly PoC. Many Pride attendees feel unsafe or uncomfortable by the high police presence at Pride in recent years.

Toronto Police is now demanding the city pull all funding to Pride ($260,000 worth) until Pride becomes “inclusive” again. 

This is what happens when LGBT people try to keep their oppressors out of their spaces. This is why organizations like GLAAD have to accept cishet aces. Because otherwise we have to deal with the backlash of a temper tantrum by cishet people who should have never been allowed in the space to begin with, and lose our resources as a result. This is why I take ace discourse seriously. 

I always see so many social-justice type things that are like, reassuring people in the oppressor group that no, we’re not trying to take anything away from you! Your life will be pretty much the same but better if we achieve our goals!

Which, in a sense I guess that’s true, because a fairer world is better for us all – but honestly, yes, we are trying to take things away from you, and achieving our goals will mean your life is different. Because people in oppressor groups have not been pulling your/our own weight this entire time.

Men, abled people, cis people, white people, straight people, rich people, non-intersex people, etc., all benefit from oppression. As in, there are things we/you have that we/you literally only recieve as a direct result of oppression, and in a world without that oppression, we/you will not receive those benefits!

Privileged people will have to give up being centred more, trusted more and deemed more competent than anyone else; having emotional work performed for us/you quietly and without recipricocity; having our/your interests prioritized over everyone else’s; being treated as the default from which everyone else is a variation; and a million more unfair advantages.

Ending oppression will require people in oppressor groups to actively give up all kinds of benefits that stem directly from oppression. There will often be things that oppressors didn’t even notice was a benefit of oppression that will now have to be relinquished. It’s difficult work, and it absolutely will affect your life. But it’s necessary and important work.

If you’re only interested in ending oppression with the caveat that it not affect your life whatsoever and you’ll never be inconvenienced by people gaining back rights they should always have had – you’re not interested in ending oppression, and you should make an effort to cultivate that interest.

I told my friends of the cloth that I did not believe Christ was meek and lowly but a real living, vital agitator who went into the temple with a lash and a krout and whipped the oppressors of the poor, routed them out of the doors and spilled their blood and got silver on the floor. He told the robbed and misruled and exploited and driven people to disobey their plunderers, he denounced the profiteers, and it was for this that they nailed his quivering body to the cross and spiked it to the gates of Jerusalem, not because he told them to love one another. That was harmless doctrine. But when he touched their profits and denounced them before their people he was marked for crucifixion.
—  Eugene V. Debs
I need to apologize.

I apologize to all asexuals. I wrote a bunch of aphobic posts because I believed that asexuality was aligned with cis/heterosexuality too much to be considered LGBT+ and that people who don’t experience sexual feelings have no right to be in the LGBT+ because I believed that the LGBT+ platform was love and sex. But now I see that I was completely wrong and that I hurt so many people by excluding them and invalidating them. And me as a bi black woman should know what being excluded is like and shouldn’t want to do that to ANYONE because I know how it feels but somehow I did exclude others. I still don’t really understand this whole topic but I promise to get myself educated and stop tone policing. I really thought I was on the right side but then I realized I sound just like my oppressors and the people I claim to be against and that’s not right. You don’t have to forgive me but if you don’t then go ahead and block me. I just wanted to apologize to whoever I hurt. I’m truly sorry and I’ll just stay out of this stuff.

I am Queer.

So, re that convo that keeps occurring about whether Queer is a slur and should not be used.

When I came out, everything was Gay and Lesbian. We all called ourselves Gay and  Lesbian because that was what had been yelled at us as youths. The symbol was the pink triangle. The pink triangle was used by hate groups and oppressors to identify us. 

We took it back. We took gay back.

During my time at Macalester college the student group name changed from Gay and Lesbian Alliance to LGBT Union. We listened, we learned, we included more people more explicitly. The symbols were the pink triangle and the AIDS ribbon. Two badges of death. And you would take them from our cold, dead, hands, motherfucker. Right? 


After I graduated, the rainbow flag became predominant. Made by AIDS activists, by the way. Still coming out of death. And Queer became the thing. It was more inclusive, and the T was moving from transsexual to transgender, and what about married Bi folks… (I mean, when I came out I knew people who called themselves trannies, because that was still a thing then.)

So, anyway, Queer. Queer was the word, like Gay, that got shouted from passing cars. 



But when accused of  being a hated, vile, thing, you can take two paths. You can deny being the thing, and agree with your accuser that being this thing is AWFUL. The WORST. Of course you are not that thing.




Am I a dyke? Really? WATCH me cut my hair and buy a leather jacket and wear silk ties, you sonuvabitch. Call me queer? Really? YOU CAN NOT HANDLE THE QUEER.

Some time after that, other acronyms and terms started being used. QUILTBAG, for instance. Ace/Aro, these are now in use. Lots of terms. But nearly all the things we call ourselves have been used as weapons against us. Nearly all the symbols we use for our resistance have origins in our deaths. 

Not just oppression. 


So when you say you want the term dyke, I will try to remember that. If you call yourself a flaming faggot, I will nod and move on. If I call myself queer and you flinch, I will try to respect that, but you don’t get to tell me to stop. Everybody who came out before you has taken the rocks and bottles and made them into shields and wind chimes. If I am unashamed of being queer, you do not get to give that word BACK to the fuckwits who made it a slur. 

Resistance, jubilation, and freedom go one way. We grow more expansive, more inclusive, louder, larger, brighter. We don’t have to all like each individual sequin, strobe light, or pixy stick at this party. But you sure as shit don’t lock ANYBODY out.

M’gann recognized the evil being committed by her people, risked her life to put a stop to it & even after fleeing at first, decided to go back to her planet to lead a rebellion against its oppressors even though she knew she probably wouldn’t live to see the end of it. That’s a fucking hero’s journey. Mon-El really can’t relate.

  • Ace person: i'm asexual and i like girls
  • Ace person: i'm asexual and i like boys
  • Ace person: i'm asexual and i like everyone!
  • Bisexual boy: i like men and woman...currently i have a girlfriend
  • Bisexual girl: i love men and woman...currently i have a boyfriend
  • Asexuals to bisexual people: so wanna come over and play dream phone? I personally like steve but if you get him its chill...also what do you want on your pizza?

Me: I hope that Pink Diamond is revealed to be a complex, devious but sympathetic villain, maybe her intentions were understandable and her goals actually noble and benevolent but her methods to achieve them abhorrent…

The Tumblr Discourse Warriors in the SU Fandom: god i can’t wait to cheer when Rose shatters that disgusting evil nazi slaver oppressor! Rebecca Sugar is the nazi queen of the KKK for depicting the Diamonds as having a personality beyond evil!! If you don’t hate the Diamonds you’re a colonialist nazi, you support colonialism and nazism, and everything Hitler did was your idea!!!

Me: …Thinking again, i hope Pink Diamond is revealed to be a fucking saint, the most pure and good character in the entire show.

It always boggles my mind when I see one of those threads where post one is like “hey, this proposed legislation is screwing small businesses!”, and post two is like “man, fuck small businesses - they’re capitalist oppressors too!”.

Why? Well, two big reasons:

1. When we’re talking about legislation that screws small businesses, typically that means legislation that screws small businesses in favour of large corporations. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to accountability, I’d much prefer that the responsible party be some rando who lives down the street rather than a faceless corporate bureaucracy half a planet away. I get not caring about the wellbeing of small businesses in principle, but why on Earth would you cheer for something that screws them over to the benefit of those corporate assholes?

2. I think a lot of folks have a basic misunderstanding of what a “small business” is. According to most estimates, between 70% and 80% of small businesses are partnerships or sole proprietorships that have no employees beyond the owning partners. Like, there’s no alienation of capital occurring here - the people who own the capital are, in main, the same people who are performing the labour. Certainly, there are any number of arguments for why this sort of arrangement is logistically suboptimal, but you’ve gotta recognise that there’s a fundamental difference between a franchise sweat-shop owner and, say, a local plumber who’s incorporated for tax purposes - and when we say “small business”, overwhelmingly we’re talking about the second one. On what planet is that person getting screwed over a good thing?