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I know you're not currently doing requests, but with the inauguration coming up, a lot of people are afraid, so a Sigil with the message "The world is at peace" or "The nation is at peace" or "The oppressed are safe" or something along those lines might be highly desired and something you could consider making. I don't mean to pressure you, sorry if it comes across like that. Absolutely love your style of sigil making, the entire aesthetic of your blog is so pleasing 🔮☮️🌈🇺🇸🌈☮️🔮

I’ve gotten a couple other similar requests recently. I feel it’s something that’s really needed right now, so here you go. Stay strong and stay safe my friends.

“The nation is at peace” sigil

“The oppressed are safe” sigil

I don’t care how progressive you are or how oppressed you are yourself:

If your comments about Jews echo anti-Jewish white supremacist talking points or disregard the targeting of Jewish people by neo-Nazis, then you are upholding white supremacy and your activism is meaningless, and you should be ashamed.

Men are constantly trying to divide women in to the categories of “good women” and “bad women”.

And what always remains the same, is that to qualify as a “good woman” you need to put up with misogyny and prioritize men.

Examples: the slut/prude dichotomy (which side is “good women” flip flops depending on what men want at the moment); the whole “cool girl” who hates on other women, loves sexist jokes, and always takes men’s side; or how men are constantly saying that “good feminists” perform femininity, act like men’s voices matter when it comes to women’s issues, speak sweetly and are never angry about injustice.

Ask yourself, who benefits? Why do men get to decide who the “good women” are? Why do they act like they are the ones who bestow women our value? Why do they act like our value is based on how much we center men?

We need to stick together now and fight against fascism. We’re not allowed to lose hope. We have to protect each other, stick up for each other, be loud and fight against those who want to oppress us, especially those of us who have less power and privilege. 

Staying out of it and keeping your mouth shut is not an option anymore. If hate is their weapon, then let love be ours - not for them, but for each other. Now more than ever. Be compassionate and give others no reason to fear you for being selfish. Educate yourself, be smart and be an ally to those who need allies.

“When 100 people come together and there are a five people who murmur nationalistic stuff, that doesn’t make the other 95 nazis. However when these five people start hissing a swastika flag, how do the other 95 handle it? Does the majority accept these symbols unchallenged? Do these five people remain a part of the group? From a certain point onwards the symbol won’t just stand for the five people but is to be understood as a declaration of intent from the entire group. That’s how political group dynamics work: by silence, agreement and separation. And there’s a moment when silence becomes agreement. As if someone would walk after a flag without questioning it.” - Sascha Lobo

Don’t underestimate small acts of injustice and small people who preach hatred and fear. Take them serious. Nobody is ridiculous enough not to pose a threat.

Take a stand and don’t be silent in the face of injustice. Don’t be cynical, be hopeful. Fight for the future you want, vote for the future you want. This is not the end. 

Dear Gay White Males

If you a gay white male YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY LGBTQ PEOPLE ARE DOING “just fine”!!! Whether you like it or not, you still have male and white privilege. Trans people are still being killed, lesbian women are being raped, LGBTQ people of color are still being oppressed. You don’t get to climb on your high horse as  an ambassador for the gay community and say that “telling people I voted for Trump feels like coming out of the closet” or that now that gay marriage is legal, the LGBTQ community has nothing left to worry about. THE. REST. OF. US. ARE. NOT. FINE.

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Isn't culture fetishization a little bit what a lot of Kpop is, though? It's the Korean version of an American music genre. They literally get surgery to make their eyes look more Caucasian. They whitewash. Their songs are full of badly-pronounced, often incorrect English. They wear clothes with gibberish English on them. They give many groups and members English-sounding names. They copy Western fashion trends. They take a lot of Black hip-hop culture as well. It goes both ways.

That’s not fetishization. 

Racial fetishism involves fetishizing a person or culture belonging to a race or ethnic group that is not one’s own—therefore it involves racial/ethnic stereotyping and objectifying those bodies who are stereotyped, and at times their cultural practices.” 

American isn’t a race - and East Asians arent fetishizing the eurocentric beauty standards, it’s the result of years of oppression. 

Only after European colonists’ dominance of the world in 19th century, Asians began to internalize white supremacy.

They don’t get surgeries to look “Caucasian”, having a slighter bigger nose or bigger eyes is a way for them to look like the “ideal Asian”. Having pale skin has been a trend long before the colonizing though, and is deeply rooted in their culture. The colonizing might have had an effect on the outlook, but it originates from their own culture - not the Western. 

Also…fetishizing english is literally not a thing,,, thats a bit of a reach …and copying western fashion trends…wearing a kimono/hanbok at a costume party is NOT the same thing as an idol wearing a KFC shirt at another event? 

They take a lot of Black hip-hop culture as well

I’m assuming you mean, American Black culture (which is also western music) - I can’t defend them on appropriating Black culture - that’s another thing (though it’s not cultural fetishization) 

If your argument is that “it goes both ways” - then it’s still no excuse for Koreaboos to appropriate the Korean culture which I kinda felt was the undertone of this ask. 

tbh at this point I’m less mad at Donald Trump and more mad at the millions of people who are using the gas-lighting tactic to support him

“He’s not that bad!”

“If we’re friends you wouldn’t let politics separate us”

“He said he’s going to help!”

“We can agree to disagree, don’t get mad at me for having a different view!”

“You’re overreacting!”

like honestly fuck that? sorry I have trouble keeping an open mind to politicians and supporters who outright insult people who are already so oppressed? sorry i’m trying to listen to people who are in real pain, not the ones who think that being a Trump supporter is an oppressed identity?

An Inauguration Day Message to my Followers

I know many of you feel traumatized by today, and are spending it in tears. I know I am.

I want you to know that you are not alone. You are not alone in your suffering and having a President and Government who does not respect and advocate for you.

No matter what anyone says, you do not have to call Trump your President. That respect is something that is earned, and Trump mocks and ridicules people who are disabled, as well as those that are people of color, transgender, immigrants, LGB, women, and others. Never let anyone tell you that you have to respect someone who oppresses you. That is what your oppressors want.

We will all get through this, somehow. It’s not going to be easy, but our lives and our rights is a fight worth believing in and participating in. Fight for what you believe in. Be radical. Even existing as who you are, if you cannot do anything else, is a radical act.

As the person who manages this blog, and as a social worker, I promise that I fight for myself, and you, every day in my job, and when I come home, too, and by existing. I hope you will keep fighting too.

On the eve of the women’s march, mostly @ my straight white ladies, can we keep in mind that we do not speak FOR any but our own experience, and that there is a giant difference between opening the floor that we have held for so long for other voices and shouting over those voices (even with the same words) because we’re angry and afraid too. It is not your duty to be the voice of someone else, it is your duty to work for a world in which everyone can freely and safely speak for themselves. If we are not working to actively dismantle this system of oppression, we are a part of it.

Man why do fangirls always leap to feminism to excuse homophobia

“Our fetishization of homosexual men is an expression of sexuality oppressed by MEN and we have the right to use gay men as our sexual fantasies-”


Ok but you’re a feminist which means you believe in equality, yeah?

You ok with straight guys begging you to make out with women, jerking off to lesbians, and then proceeding to make “hot gay action” their exotic little “dark fantasy?”

If sexual expression excuses treating other people’s sexualities as your toys…

Then you can’t fault men for proliferating the market with sexy women who’re down to bend over whenever a guy is so inclined, right?

Rule of feminism, ladies.


You get your sex fantasies, they get theirs, and no one gets hurt right- oh wait.


That’s not how it works.

Honestly I don’t understand nationalism at all, the only place where I feel like it’s my place and it’s inhabitants are my people is my hometown, I feel no larger connection to any nation it might just be that I emigrated from my home country as a toddler. I just say I’m British but I don’t feel any connection to Britain or even Scotland. It always weirds me out when people use national identification to somehow speak with authority about a place they’ve never been to, here I’m specifically vagueing people with Scottish heritage/expat Scots speaking over the people actually living in Scotland about the referendum. I can’t get behind this weird idolisation of one’s nation either, it just feels like lying. I don’t think independence would be hell- like some of the media have been making it out to be, but it’s not going to be some kind of panacea for all our problems.

My favorite thing about Spencer being punched in the face is that he went to his YouTube video and talked about how he, who mind you is a major figure in the administration of the president of the united States, is oppressed by antifa