Jealous Monster

Anon: OMG PLZ ;D (Rapmonster/Reader) when going on a date with RapMon and getting down n dirty with him(relationship wise) and you stop seeing him and spend more time with jimin planning something for RM but RM misunderstands and his mind goes wild. *RM-RapMon* plz n thank u Rated M wink wink

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Rapmon (BTS)/Reader

Word Count: 1,060

Summary: How can he even think I would cheat on him? And let alone cheat on him with one of his brothers?

“Okay okay is everything set?” I whispered into the phone.

“Yes it is I promise once you and Rapmon-hyung gets here everyone will be ready I promise. This surpass party for him is going to be awesome, I promise!” Jimin laughed over the phone.

“Okay well keep me updated if anything changes.” I hung up the phone.

“Who was that?” I jumped. Rapmon had come into my bedroom. “Oh sorry.” He laughed.

“It was Jimin.” 

“Oh?” Did he just grit his teeth? “What did he want?”

“Oh nothing.” I just shrugged it off as best as I could. 

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You and Joon Kyung were supposed to be enjoying the evening at home watching a movie, but you were a little distracted from him being on his phone since the beginning of the movie. Each time you glanced at him he was looking down at it. “Yah Oppa….” you pouted looking up at him from laying on his lap. “Are you even watching?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, of course, I am” he scrambled putting down his phone. “The guy just went to that one place right?”

You understood that he was a CEO and he had important things to take care of it, but it was starting to get ridiculous. You tried to respect the fact that he kept his phone from you but your own curiosity was getting the best of you. Sitting up you cupped his cheeks. “Oppa…”

He blushed for a moment before recovering and raising a brow. “What?”

“Do you love me?”

“Of course, I love you. You’re my number one.” he frowned “Is this because of the movie thing?”

“Do you trust me?”

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When you get caught making out (You x Kris x Chanyeol)

Can I request a scenario where Chanyeol is your older brother? You and his best friend Kris like each other and Chanyeol catches you guys making out. Thank you!!


“Oppppppppppa. When is the movie supposed to start?”



“Did you buy popcorn?”



Your brother Chanyeol shrugs away from you, purposely folding his wallet and stuffing it back in his pocket. You give him a hurt look as he turns to scold you, eventually just glaring at you as you shrink away in your seat.

Every Thursday night was a guys’ night for Chanyeol and his friends. That usually meant playing cards, watching movies, eating an absurd amount of fried chicken and beer, and falling asleep in the front room with no socks on. But today seemed to be a busy day, so you had decided to tag along to the movie theater. Like it or not, a lot of your brother’s friend were pretty hot, and by hot, you meant Kris.

Kris and Chanyeol had known each other since middle school. They had played on the same basketball team and were even desk partners two years in a row. They were best friends, and Kris had become such a regular part of your life. Chanyeol pretty much assumed that you two were on the same page: that Kris was like a second older brother, always taking care of you in Chanyeol’s absence.

But that was only partially true.

Last year, you had confessed to liking Kris while he walked you back to your apartment from dinner one day. It was awkward and you had stammered a lot, saying that he didn’t have to accept or anything like that, you just wanted him to know. At the time, he had really known what to do with the confession. He had told you that he didn’t know what to do. Best friends weren’t suppose to like their friends’ sisters after all, right?

You had been crushed, but not for long. It seems like Kris wasn’t very resolved in his decision, and the way that he looked at you changed a little bit. Your relationship crossed over to be subtly flirty and with a little more skinship–but you had to make sure to keep it off Chanyeol’s radar. You weren’t sure what he would do if he found out.

“You should be nicer to your sister.” Kris nods to you, taking a swig from his drink. “It’s no fun with just us, anyways. I like having her here.”

Chanyeol huffs at him. “Try living with her. I bet you’d change your mind.”

You give him a dirty look as the movie theater darkens, the first trailer popping up on the screen. You were sandwiched between the two of them, enormous giants who took up the arm rests and had legs that pressed into the seats in front of them. Chanyeol settles back comfortably, and you sigh, resting your head on his shoulder.

Halfway through the movie, you can’t even focus. The heat of Kris’s eyes on you is making your cheeks warm. He keeps touching your hand, leaning against your arm, stretching across you as he reaches for popcorn from Chanyeol’s bucket. It feels like your heart is going to burst out of your chest! You almost lose it when Kris runs his foot against the inside of your leg, trailing it up and down casually as he sips from his drink.

“Hey, oppa.”

Chanyeol doesn’t even look at you as you whisper, tapping him frantically on the arm. “What?”

“I’m out of popcorn.” You whine. “Will you go buy more?”

“Are you serious?” He sniffs. “No way! I’m watching the movie!”

“But oppa-”

“Should I go to get it?” Kris rises a little, asking.

“No, I’ll do it.” Chanyeol sighs, getting up. Even you know he’d never let Kris pay. He directs his glance towards you. “What do you want? The extra butter or the regular?”


He rolls his eyes, taking out his wallet and easing out of the aisle. You keep your eyes on him the whole time, watching carefully to make sure he’s gone.

“Do you mind?” You hiss, grinding your teeth. “I’m trying to watch the movie.”

“What?” Kris says innocently, a smug smile appearing in the dark. “I thought that’s what we were doing?”

“Hmph.” Your rebuttal is weak, and you nearly shriek with shock when he leans next to your ear. “Why?” He grins. “Am I distracting you?” You take a deep breath, trying to calm your fluttering heart.

“You know this isn’t fair, Kris.” You say quietly, dragging your finger along the edge of your shirt. “You know that I like you. How can you act like this towards me and not do anything about it? If you’re going to reject me eventually, you should just do it now!”

“Who said I was rejecting you?”

He doesn’t hesitate. He slips a hand under your chin and turns his face to yours, pressing his lips to your mouth. You push him away instinctually, looking at him with complete shock. Did he just do what you think he did?

Then you pull him back.

“Come here.” He breaks away long enough to whisper, letting the armrest up. He circles an arm around your waist, enveloping you in the smell of cologne and popcorn. His lips taste like cola. 

There was no denying–Kris was an insanely good kisser. His touches…his lip biting…even if you had waited for what seemed like forever, it was worth it. He fingers the buttons on your top, easing the top one open, enough to show your collarbone. “My brother wouldn’t approve of this.” You breathe, tugging away.

“Do I look like I’m looking for approval?” You moan as he presses his lips to your neck, biting at your collarbone.

Well, forget it. Who cares?  Your mind is cloudy with surprise and happiness and…general disbelief.

“The line was taking forever–wait. YAH! What the hell is going on, Kris?”

The blood drains out of your face as Chanyeol stands gaping at the end of the aisle. You cringe, knowing that you should have known better. There was no time to spring away, and no way you were going to be able to deny this. The two of you were straight busted.

“Were you just kissing my sister?” Chanyeol shrieks. His hysteria is greeted with a round of shhhhhhh! and a few stray pieces of popcorn. He glares at the two of you, eventually working his way back down the aisle. You gasp a little as he jerks your arm, lifting you out of your seat and into his. He nestles himself comfortably between you and Kris, his face hard. “Is there something you two want to tell me?” He grunts.

You sit there, mortified. Thankfully, Kris speaks up first. “Let’s talk about it later, Chanyeol-ah.” He whispers. “We weren’t hiding anything from you.”

“Yeah, we weren’t.” Kris looks at you as you chime in. Chanyeol gives you both a stale look. “I’m going to enjoy the movie first.” He says firmly. “We’ll talk about this later, but we will talk about it, right?”


You and Kris shrink back in your seats. Your cheeks were on fire–the last thing you wanted was to be caught kissing some guy by your older brother, but…Kris wasn’t just some guy. Kris was…Kris. He was worth it. And although you two were very clearly in trouble, he still had a silly smile plastered across his face. You chuckle under your breath.

Even if you got busted by Chanyeol a hundred times, it was still worth it.


Scenario end! I hope I did okay! I’ve been rewriting scenarios a lot lately, and I think that’s slowed down my posting T.T But I really like the way this one turned out! ~Jjangpanda