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If you do requests can you please do a Mike Faist x reader (if you don't do cast can you do Connor Murphy) where they play 7 minutes in heaven

this was originally going to be short but i got carried tf away and now it’s 3800+ words SO
i have never done connor so like i KNOW this is going to be wildly out of character???? I JSUT RLLY LIKE SEEING CONNOR HEALTHY AND HAPPY IM SORRY SO let’s see how i Fuck this up

this is……….. probably not what u requested 

connor x fem!reader - seven minutes in heaven

Seeing Jared Kleinman and Evan Hansen at a party was a wonderful rarity. Seeing Connor at a party was even crazier. But seeing Connor at a party, enjoying himself with friends and not angrily smoking a joint in the corner of the living room until the host kicked him out? It was nearly unheard of. It was borderline impossible. And it simply made your heart swell.

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Favorite German Words

Der Klartext = literally “clear text”. The very, very German concept of (what others may cosider brutal) honesty and straight-forwardness being a virtue. Uncoded text, text in clear, uncensored speech, the opposite of the (very Anglo) concepts of vagueness and beating around the bush in order to be “polite”. Mit jemandem Klartext reden is when it gets serious and to the point, when things are spelled out clearly so actual solutions can be found. Culturewise, you will notice that Germans on average are solution-based. A Klartext conversation may be required in conflict, when someone has been avoidant or when things are getting urgent and a problem must be faced head-on. It may lead to a breakup, a compromise, an ending, a solution or a new beginning. If you find yourself thinking Germans are “rude”, consider that “Klartext reden” and NOT being vague and avoidant is generally considered a good thing in Germany as, sometimes, it is necessary to get things out of the way to move ahead.

The first quarter moon shines a light intimately dimmed. All is quiet. All is well. And the world is perfect, if only for this moment. Voices have hushed to less than talking, though remain audible in a way that’s more than just breathed vowels and consonants. More than wary whispers afraid to break silence. Softly, a deep humming. Answered by the most delicate tinkling. Celesta. Gentle tones, gentle notes. Opposite octaves played pianissimo. Speech and sigh and song have long dissolved within one another. What’s left is the soothing melody of late night talks, purred into ears that need not be flustered within this worriless coziness of tranquil affection. All is well. And the world is beautiful. Here is the softness of body. The warmth of skin. The gentle beating of satisfied hearts. Nurtured in their deepest wants. Ever so close to each other. Here is the playing of fingers, contentedly fluttering; fiddling, squeezing. Interlacing. Here are the smiles that cannot be wiped from faces. Always subtly present in the slight curvatures of fulfillment. This is the moment when it’s all too beautiful. When something rises that is more than contentment. An indomitable bursting; a bubbling bliss that unstoppably undulates throughout the whole of body. It happens then, and it always happens simultaneously. Making cheeks rise high and teeth glare bare. The energy shared compels the enwrapped body to turn. To make eyes meet. To let sighs turn to giggles. It is the single most delightful disturbance of tranquil bliss. Only ended by the inescapable magnetism, answered by an automatically applied tightest of hugs; the clenching and squeezing to be ever nearer. Nearer than ever could be physically possible. And then, the submission into yearning. The kiss. The helpless kiss. Long and liquefying to begin with. Waves evolving into flames. A paroxysm of stars exploding into a million sparkles. Each sparkle bursting into another cluster bomb of illuminated attraction. All this light bolting and dashing and bumping within and against the confines of belly in a maddening frenzy. Then hands grab faces. Then breathless kisses become hard and rough and ever quicker in succession. Until the lungs scream for oxygen and the ethereal ecstasy of soul starts wrestling with the pain of corporeally pressed lips; the reaffirmation of being two separate tangible beings. All that’s left is the release. The deepest inhale tossing lovers back into reality. Nostrils fill with the scent of belonging, and once again portals of soul meet. Almost apologetically stating this is satisfactory. Celesta. Pianissimo. A note or four answers a note or three. The calm returns. And the world is perfect.
—  Memories of a world more beautiful, by M.A. Tempels © 2017
We’re so young. We’re so young. We’re twenty-two years old. We have so much time. There’s this sentiment I sometimes sense, creeping in our collective conscious as we lie alone after a party, or pack up our books when we give in and go out—that it is somehow too late. That others are somehow ahead. More accomplished, more specialized. More on the path to somehow saving the world, somehow creating or inventing or improving. That it’s too late now to BEGIN a beginning and we must settle for continuance, for commencement.
—  Marina Keegan, The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories

I was with him for forty nine years. You can’t begin to imagine. You can’t know. The bond, the commitment, the boredom, the yearning, the laughter. The love of it. The fucking love. You just cannot know. Everything we sacrificed, the years I gave him, the years he gave me. Did you ever think to ask? Did it occur to you to ask?


“The moment is here”

Opposition leader Bill Shorten’s speech introducing marriage equality bill. 
It’s fucking beautiful.
Queer or not, Australia or not - take a few minutes to have a listen. 

It should also be noted that near no-one from the party in power attended this. 

Never vote LNP. 

The Devil Wears Pomp And Power

(Pomp and power is a shade of purple ok guys) 

Ship: Jefferson X Reader

Request: “Please please please I need a part two of the devil wears purple please” - anonymous


Triggers: devil references i suppose

W/C: 1902 

Pomp; ostentatious boastfulness or vanity

Power; the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviors of others or the course of events 


(this is like a week or so later idk)

“I think you did well” You said to your best friend. Alexander sighed and shook his head, “I didn’t want to write about the declaration of independence and the douche our first secretary of state was.” He moped. It was the end of the day and he was still upset about first period. Thomas came and wrapped his arm around you, giving you a small peck on the lips.  “I thought he wasn’t such a bad guy” he commented. Alexander rolled his eyes, “Are you defending a slaver right now?” he asked. Thomas looked at his hands, muttering “I sure hope not…” Madison joined the circle “Did I blow it?” he asked, anxious for a reaction. Thomas yawned, resting his cheek on your head, “What did you talk about again?” Alexander rolled his eyes. “The Bill of Rights, Thomas.” you reminded. James punched his friend in the arm, making him yelp in pain.

“Well as fun as this is,” Alexander said in a monotone “I have to go to debate club.” James furrowed his brows “Didn’t that end?” he muttered. “Yes it did. Last year.” Alexander answered while picking up his bag “It’s seasonal. It’s starting up again.” Thomas smirked “How unfortunate.” Alexander scolded him while giving you a pointed look. You elbowed Thomas in the side after Alexander was out of earshot, “Why can’t you learn to be nice?” He pulled away from you and put his hands up “Is it hit Jefferson day?” he asked. You rolled your eyes and started to follow Alexander, and saw two tall shadows moving with yours.

“Where are you going?” you asked the boys.

“Wherever you are”

“Wherever he is”

You sighed, awkwardly grabbed the straps of your backpack. “I’m going to debate club” you explained. Thomas raised his eyebrow “Since when were you in that?” he asked. You looked down at your formal casual outfit, realizing he didn’t notice it.  “Since Alex joined” you told him while turning around to continue walking. You saw Thomas and James’ shadows look at each other, but continue to follow you. You silently sighed, telling yourself to ignore them.

“What do you think they have at a debate?” James asked quietly.

“Debates, dumbass” Thomas replied.

“No shit but like are there snacks?” You heard Thomas sigh. You walked into the conference room, not bothering to hold the door open for them. Alexander had his notes sprawled in front of him and a pen in his hand. You sat down next to him and opened your binder. “You really need to figure out a system, Hamilton”

He rolled his eyes “And yooou really need to call an exorcist, L/N. That pomp asshole is gonna possess you.” You felt your heart twist “I’m sorry about Thomas, he’s currently in obedient training and sometimes he bites his leash”

   You heard a high pitched voice in your ear “And sometimes he’s so cute and I forget everything he’s ever done wrong” Thomas smiled. You pushed his curls away from your cheek, while holding back a smile for dear life. Alexander rubbed his temples “Do you see this? The possession begins” You sighed “He’s just being … Jefferson” you muttered. He looked at you with soft eyes “I thought I was Thomas now?” You opened your mouth to sass him but James cleared his throat.


     “Where are the snacks?” You sighed and pointed to a table in the corner. Thomas turned his attention back to you, “Y/N…” Alexander called your name, ushering you to join the debate club’s huddle “I need to go, go sit in the sidelines with all the parents” you told him while rushing to the group.

     Thomas sighed and reluctantly walked to the audience portion of the room. He set himself next to James, who had taken off his hoodie to fill with snacks. “Trouble in paradise?” He teased. Thomas grabbed a donut from his friends lap “Shut up, Madison.”

     You remember your first debate with Alexander when you guys were freshman, and he had almost punched a student as his conclusion. You had never seen him more riled up, but you knew that debate was something you both had to keep doing. “Are you ready?” He asked with a smile. You nodded “Whenever you are, Captain.” You both smiled at each other and did a “secret” handshake. The competing school was good, but you had faith in your team, even if the way your hands were shaking didn’t show that.

Alexander did a little dance and then stood next to you as the two of you faced a pair from the other school. You introduced the proposition and began your constructive speech. Alexander stood next you like he always did, slowly nodding as he listen to your argument. You stated your first fact and while taking a breath, you heard loud claps and hooting behind you. From one soul.

“WOOOO!” Thomas clapped. You shot daggers at him. He slumped into his seat, James snickering next him. “Figures” you heard Alexander say under his breath. You tried to finish your argument as professionally as you could, but you were boiling with rage inside. He had already ruined Alexander’s day, why did he have to embarrass you in front of a crowd? Was there some sort of quota he hadn’t met this week and was trying to make up last second? You squeezed the water bottle in front of you while listening to the opposition teams’ speech. Alexander didn’t break eye contact with the speaker as he reached over and tapped your wrist twice. It was a thing you made up to silently ask Alexander if he could keep his cool, but now he was using it on you. You subtly nodded and took a drink of water.

Thomas groaned as he watched you stand there with anger. He pulled his curls in front of his face, for once in his life wishing that a room full of people weren’t looking at him. James happily munched on his snacks, every now and then saying words of reassurance. “Girls usually like when you make scenes, right? Like in the movies” Thomas sighed. He looked at his friend “Yes, I have movie star good looks, James but that isn’t going to help this time” he muttered while resting his chin in his hands. His friend raised an eyebrow “I don’t think movie star. Maybe broadway…”

Thomas rolled his eyes, “What am I going to do?”

“Well… she’s just mad you aren’t friends with Hamilton.”

“Yeah, so?”

“It might be nice… It might be nice to have Hamilton on your side.”

“Whaaaaat?!” A teacher from the visiting school shushed Thomas. He ducked his head again, mentally cursing himself. James sighed and sipped his juice box. Thomas watched you and Alexander rebuttal the opposition’s final argument. His heart twisted a bit, knowing that he was the reason behind the coldness in your voice. He gently clapped along with the rest of the audience as you and Alexander won the debate. He sat silently next to James, who surprisingly only needed to use the bathroom once, deep in thought about what to say to you once the meet was over.

You sighed as the other team won the last and tie-breaking round. It just added to your bad attitude. Alexander patted your shoulder, “Don’t beat yourself up about it,” he forced a smile “we would’ve won if hadn’t been for Burr.” You tried to relax your shoulders while grabbing your backpack. Alexander grabbed his messenger bag and followed your lead.

“Wait wait wait, Y/N!” Thomas called from across the room, grabbing his purple jacket from his chair and racing towards you. He grabbed your wrist. You clenched your teeth “Don’t you know when to stop talking?” you shouted as he turned you around. He breathed in sharply. People were squeezing out of the room, avoiding you both. James stared at the scene, heaving from trying to keep up with Jefferson. He met eyes with Alexander, who stood opposite of him, in between you two. Each boy grabbed their best friend and tried to pull them away from the object of their affections.

“Why does everything have to be about you?!”

“Why do I have to be friends with HIM to be with YOU?!”

You practically growled at him, your anger clouding your mind from finding the words you wanted to say to him. So instead of waiting for your argument, he went straight to his rebuttal.

“I wouldn’t be here if everything was about me! I was here for YOU! I don’t know what kind of power you have over me but I’m not fighting for it back!” He let go of his grip on your wrist. “I’ve fought for you long enough…”

You stood there, baffled. Alexander stared at the ground, “He has a point…” you looked at him quickly “the only we haven’t fought about is you.” Thomas smirked a bit, relief washing over him. James cleared his throat “He didn’t even wear purple til you said it was favorite color, in fourth grade.” Blood rushed to Thomas’ face “That’s … not even entirely true, I tried it out and it grew on me okay…” he stumbled.

You felt a weight come off your shoulders, and you didn’t fight the smile growing on your face, “I withdraw my argument” you said mockingly while wrapping your arms around Thomas. James and Alexander high-fived each other as subtly as they could. Thomas lifted your chin with his hand and lowered his head- “STOP!” Alexander shouted. James made gagging noises inbetween laughs. “You can make up but please for the love of god don’t kiss in front of us” he begged.

Thomas laughed “Okay Hamilton, you win” he said before grabbing your ass. You laughed and Alexander started to scratch at his eyes while shouting, James standing silent with his face in his palms.

“Why are you encouraging him?!” James yelled.

“I didn’t expect THAT to happen!” Alexander defended.

Thomas pressed his lips onto yours while the boys argued, wrapping his arms around you. You smiled into the kiss, laughing inbetween kisses.

“I need to go vomit like seven donuts” James said while shaking his head.

The AV Club review of The Interview annoyed the shit out of me, because it called the movie a triumph for free speech and a standard-bearer for the First Amendment. I fucking hate when white boys say shit like that not understanding what those terms even mean. The White House and Congress were putting pressure on the studio to release the film. That’s literally the opposite of a free speech issue. The government begging you to say what you have to say is literally the exact opposite of an attempted violation of your First Amendment rights.

Committing to absolute, hands-off openness will eventually mean defending speech that is truly worthless and harmful. Not a ‘dissenting viewpoint’ or 'opposition.’ Not vulgar speech that creates something new. Speech that you are willing to accept even though the world would probably be better off if it were silenced. It’s fine to decide that this is worth the cost. It’s ridiculous to pretend we should be grateful it exists.
—  Adi Robertson, “Reddit needs to stop pretending racism is valuable debate” for The Verge   

This is the first opposition argument made in the debate on free speech. The first one was the video I just posted which you should watch if you haven’t already. I’m about to watch the next proponent of free speech but I just want to respond to some of what this idiot said.

1.) His opening point is typical of the divisive and willfully ignorant perspectives of those who oppose free speech. He tries to make a distinction between types of free speech that are okay and types that are not. What is this distinction you might ask…well he claims offending people is okay as long as they are from a group they deem privileged. It is not okay if you are from a group they deem marginalized. The utter bigoted hypocrisy of this statement aside there are other problems with this stance. What happens when people belong to multiple groups and identities…you know like everyone on the planet. How do you decide who is up for attack if they are for example part of a race you deem privileged but part of a gender you consider marginalized? This is where all the social justice infighting comes into play. Feminists arguing with other feminists for “white feminism.” The other problem with this is it assumes the experiences and perspectives of these groups are all homogenous and they just simply are not. In fact that is the definition of all the isms they claim to be against. Racism is assuming all members of a race share an intrinsic quality…so isn’t assuming all black people are oppressed and marginalized pretty racist. Especially in a society where there are no legal distinctions based on race. In the eyes of our society when treating people as individuals you are just a citizen, it is social justice warriors like this guy that want you to be seen as a black citizen or a white citizen…no matter how much they claim that to be not true.

2.) I mean listen to this pompous ass "Why do you value having thick skin? Why is fortitude good. Some people ARE weak.“ Isn’t that just the perfect quote to explain what a social justice warrior is. Someone insisting an entire group of people is weak and need him to defend them…while also insisting it’s everyone else who is bigoted. Keep in mind when he says some people he is talking about the marginalized and he goes on to argue that we shouldn’t treat people as individuals but as groups. So what he is essentially saying is all women are weak, all black people and minorities are weak all gay people are weak and they all need protecting.

3.) I’m going to paraphrase his main point and what I think drives his entire opposition to free speech. "See you are wrong because you focus on individuals you should be putting people into large generalized groups and then treat all individuals like their large groups.” When you do that our tyanical opposition to freedom and the right to offend is justified. Basically if you pretend all of one group is the same making distinctions based on group admission makes sense.“ *Note this position was already addressed in the opening argument of his opponent. He was basically just confirming that the other guy was right and he is in fact that ridiculous.

4.) He then just rants about the right wing, makes emotional appeals and doesn’t argue the point instead says we shouldn’t be talking about offense. Moves the goal posts by again trying to draw an irrelevant distinction to make opposing free speech sound less tyrannical than it is.

5.) Claims to be against inciting racial hatred. But promotes the idea of white privilege and just got finished explaining that it’s okay to offend the privileged. So he’s not against inciting of racial hatred as long as it’s not the races his ideology supports. More hypocrisy and more racist assumptions

6.) literally calls his position the ordinary people and his opposition the awful people like that’s an argument

7.) If you listen he actually concedes the main point the previous speaker made. That it’s important for those in power to be questioned. The only reason he disagrees is because of his assumption that only one entire group is in power and all the other entire groups are not. This is the problem with treating people as a social group instead of as individuals and discussing identity politics instead of discussing ideas. It is these marxist roots that are the reason for the insanity of the social justice movements. You cannot be defined by your own experience you must be defined by the experience of your group even if it is polar opposite to your own experience and identity. Which is also the reason they hate anti-feminist women and they hate conservative black people. It’s also the driving ideology behind the oppression olympics and everyone trying to gain oppressed status. Because according to mental midgets like this guy the only way for your opinions and experiences to be valid is to belong to an oppressed group. The other problem with this is again what about people who belong to multiple groups? this is where privilege checking comes in and you have to do this kind of ridiculous social justice math based entirely on assumptions of your experience based on group identity. 

8.) Edit: This guy also tries to use the fact that he is a white man speaking on behalf of his perspective as evidence that systematic oppression of minorities is real….turns out one of his opponents is an indian woman who opens up her speech by acknowledging that the president of the Oxford union is a woman. LOL

Ed Miliband admits he forgot key section of Labour conference speechOpposition leader fails to deliver passages on deficit and immigration but insists he talked clearly about Labour’s plans Oh, crickey, Ed, the idea is that you don’t live down to Nicola’s unfortunate example as your TTOI analogue.  Nicola just forgot some funny jokes during her party conference speech – and that was when she was a mere minister – you kind of forgot the whole point of what you were supposed to be saying, which is probably a bit more important since you are the leader of your party, not to mention an actual person who exists!
I love the poorly educated.
—  Donald Trump accidentally stumbles into a truth while improvising a litany of opposites during a rally speech after winning in Nevada.