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Harry letting you ride his face and he's pressing you down onto his mouth to get you closer and he's properly moaning and smacking your ass.

This..,.,.,.this is an attack..,.,.

Just imagine you guys are laying back on your king bed, facing the flat screen TV across the room and locked in a heated match of Mario Kart. Harry’s clad in an old, scuffed up pair of black denim jeans and the yellow smiley face t-shirt he nearly wore to shreds back in Jamaica. His socks are mismatched (one has a fuchsia background with tiny flamingos all over it– this sock is actually yours– and the other is a plain black Nike ankle-high) and his pants are unbuttoned, hair fluffy and somewhat tamed since you’d just gotten home from a movie date.

He’s been gunning for you since the match started, storing away shells for just the right moment to knock you right off the track. Every time a turtle smacks the back bumper of your tiny vehicle, you let out a screech, which he returns with a smug grin and maniacal, triumphant little giggles.

When it’s come down to the two of you at the front, you randomly start to kick at his feet and legs, trying to topple him off the bed and distract him just enough to end him once and for all. But Harry can play dirty, too, resulting in him rolling onto you and crushing you under his weight as he looks over his shoulder, aiming the controller over his head and using this advantage to the max.

“Harry, stop it! That’s not fair!” You buck under him, shoulders thrashing as you try to free your arms to at least keep moving in the game.

“You started it!” He aims a bomb at you, dangling the remote above your head and tapping his finger threateningly over the release button. “Sorry, pet. Gonna have to try harder than that.”

You kick at his knees violently, wailing out in defeat when you feel your controller shudder and let out the sound that signifies you lost.

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Saturn near Opposition : Saturn reached its 2017 opposition on June 16. Of course, opposition means opposite the Sun in Earth’s sky and near opposition Saturn is up all night, at its closest and brightest for the year. This remarkably sharp image of the ringed planet was taken only days before, on June 11, with a 1-meter telescope from the mountain top Pic du Midi observatory. North is at the top with the giant planet’s north polar storm and curious hexagon clearly seen bathed in sunlight. But Saturn’s spectacular ring system is also shown in stunning detail. The narrow Encke division is visible around the entire outer A ring, small ringlets can be traced within the fainter inner C ring, and Saturn’s southern hemisphere can be glimpsed through the wider Cassini division. Near opposition Saturn’s rings also appear exceptionally bright, known as the opposition surge or Seeliger Effect. Directly illuminated from Earth’s perspective, the ring’s icy particles cast no shadows and strongly backscatter sunlight creating the dramatic increase in brightness. Still, the best views of the ringed planet are currently from the Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft. Diving close, Cassini’s Grand Finale orbit number 9 is in progress. via NASA


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Taakitz headcanons?

  • They make long distance work, of course adventure doesn’t end for the trio
  • They get into some crazy far off shit but its not as bad as well, what they had to face before
  • Kravtiz and Taako make fleeting moments work, Taako occasionally blinks away and Kravitz makes rifts to join him and they enjoy their privacy
  • They are a pretty private couple, Taako doesn’t disclose anything personal about his relationship with Kravitz
  • He shows him off and cracks jokes about dating death but when it comes to their intimacy no one really knows about it for…well a long ass time
  • The idea of ‘marrying’ Kravitz is almost offensive to Taako because of “till death do us part” 
  • Taako goes on a crazy dangerous adventure to get the opposite of his frosty ring, a ring that makes things warmer and when he does he gives to Kravtiz 
  • Its a gift for both of them because now Kravtiz at will, can feel toasty warm
  • Kravitz totally has a little pocket locket with a portrait of Taako (which is totally signed ‘To my babe, its taako from tv~’ that he occasionally looks at when he’s away
  • Taako has a sole, black, raven’s feather from Kravitz which he has stuck on his hat forever
  • Because where ever Taako goes, Death is sure follows

ok ok there’s a lot to unpack here but

  • first off: sheamus and cesaro were watching!! we’re going to get dean & seth vs. sheasaro for the tag titles at summerslam!! they’re probably going to win them eventually!! everything is amazing!!
  • i like how they kept teasing ‘will they or won’t they be able to coexist’ but in the actual match, they worked together seamlessly, like no time had passed at all. and there was no contrived moment of tension between them at any time. because the story doesn’t need it. there’s more than enough material to work with already, and seth is all-in with trying to prove himself to dean, it’s the most important thing to him right now. that’s what this match was about: seth having dean’s back.
  • but can we talk about dean having seth’s back, though? urging him on and being so distressed when he was getting beaten down. dean’s words may say he doesn’t care about seth anymore but dean’s always worn his heart on his sleeve and anyone can tell that he still cares so much about him.
  • and then we have seth constantly reaching out for dean, even when he’s in the opposite corner of the ring, almost like the metaphorical reaching out he’s been doing for the last couple weeks – feeling like dean was an entire ocean away from him. but still trying. still holding on to hope.
  • STEREO SUICIDE DIVES. i’m crying, don’t look at me ;_____;
  • seth’s flying knee to save dean from a second skull crushing finale was a thing of beauty, i am just saying.
  • ok, the hugs. TWO HUGS. TWO OF THEM. my life is saved, my soul is cleansed, my heart is full. it was just pure instinct and adrenaline on dean’s part, and seth looked like we has practically in awe – he couldn’t believe it was actually happening. like he was going to wake up from some kind of fantastical dream. he just loves dean so much, man, and he just wants back what they had before so desperately.
  • the heartbreakingly hopeful look on seth’s face when he puts his fist out. poor baby. his hand is still out when dean’s basically halfway up the ramp and he looks so young and vulnerable and exposed, things that seth rollins basically never presents to the world. just daring to wish – but probably knowing he’s asking for a bit too much. because yeah – they’re not there yet. it’s not time. that gesture means something more to dean, and they haven’t completely reached that place or rebuilt that mutual trust and relationship yet. but it’s a start. and there is a glimmer of hope. which is all i wanted from this match. their story is progressing pretty flawlessly right now. i’m so happy and grateful. 
Morgan Rielly - Part Twenty-One

This is getting really really fun

My mind goes numb the father down I go. When the elevator stops at the elevator, it feels as if my stomach and heart and everything else vital to my very being continues the descend. I barely feel my legs moving as I somehow make it out the revolving doors and into the cool night.

Mason’s jacket does little to keep me warm, I’m sure it has to do with the fact that I’m wearing very little beneath it but I don’t mind, I don’t even feel the cold. I wonder vaguely what is going on upstairs right now and then a sudden thought sends panic through my veins.

What if Nick comes downstairs to find me?

I don’t know if he would actually try right now, but he had tried to get into my elevator. My surroundings come more into focus and I look back the throng of people to the street in search of a taxi, if there even are any. I’ve never hailed a cab before, only ever using my Lyft or Uber app to get rides but I’ve seen shows and movies, those are the same as real life right?

Stepping on the curb, I raise a hand and watch as vehicles whiz past and then I spot one. It’s not what I would have expected a taxi to look like, no obnoxious yellow with black lettering, instead it’s a simple white car with a taxi fare sign on the top. The driver pulls to the curb and I clamber into the backseat.

After giving the driver, a pleasant woman who must be in her early forties, my destination I slump back into my seat and cover my face with my hands. Tears hadn’t come yet and I willed them to keep at bay until I return to my hotel room. But behind the blackness of my closed eyes all I see is Nick, his mouth and hands running over some other woman’s body.

Disgust pools in my stomach and I think I might throw up. I had shook that woman’s hand before, I’d talked to her children before, one of whom was just four years younger than Nick and myself. How long had I been so blind to the signs? This distance between us, both physically and emotionally, his need to control me even more hundreds of miles away; the list in endless.

A dry sob escapes my mouth, still muffled by my hands but loud enough for the driver to hear me.

“Are you alright, honey?” She asks and I’m surprised at the southern accent to her words.

I try to throw the words “I’m fine” out but they just won’t go. I know if I open my mouth to speak everything in me will break and I won’t be able to stop the flood of tears drowning the inside of me already. Instead I just shake my head, it takes more energy to lie rather than tell, or nod, the truth.

“Cheating boyfriend.” It’s not another question, it’s a statement.

I lower my hands from my face and blink several times for the woman to come in focus, her eyes are not on the mirror looking back at me, she’s staring at the road. I swallow several times and take even more deep breaths.

“How did you know?” I ask, my voice raspy and betraying me with the sadness behind it.

“Honey, I’ve worn that very look several times in my life. I even have the wedding rings to prove it,” she laughs dryly, “it never gets any easier to begin with. First boyfriend?” The last part is a question.

“First serious,” I correct and she nods again.

“That’ll be the worst,” she says and I scowl. No shit. “I take it you’re not from here as well since I’m bringing you to a hotel. Long distance relationship?”

Again I nod and somehow she knows though she never looks at me.

“Every odd stacked against you,” she says and I don’t have a response. Her dark eyes follow the line of traffic, never once darting my direction. I look at her hands, and once when we pass under a street light, I see the glint of something shiny decorating her even darker skin.

“Looks like the odds finally went in your favor,” I say and this time her eyes finally meet mine, a smile breaking across her skin.

“Yes, but this time it was I leaving the wrong man and finding the right woman,” she practically glows and I can’t help the small feeling of resentment that muscles its way up. She looks so happy and she stares down at her ring in a way that I would kill to have someone look at me. I’m jealous.

“But it took me thirty-seven years to find her, and another five to get her to marry me. You have time, and despite what people might say, time heals you,” she says, finally meeting my eyes in the mirror. “Don’t think for a second that what that boy did to you was your own fault. If I know man, and I think I do, he will berate you and blame you in a way that makes you want to fall apart inside,” she speaks with such intensity that I can’t even bring myself to blink as she swivels in her seat to face me.

“You must not let him. Because as much as I can see in your eyes your entire world falling to pieces, it’s still forming. Don’t hide your heart, sweetheart. People always preach to be kind to everyone, to never hurt anyone but that’s not realistic now is it? You can be the kindest person on earth and still have moments where you want to hurt someone, rather it be on the outside or inside.

Now, before you get out of my cab, I have one more strong word of advice if you would like to hear it,” she pauses to wait for me to answer.

I nod.

She leans forward towards me and drops her voice down. She’s even prettier than I had initially thought.

“Hurt them before they hurt you. And if someone hurts you first, buckle down and knock them to the ground twice as hard. There’s no reason in this world to be walked over, and don’t ever let any man or woman, ever make you feel like you’re not good enough,” she finishes with a severity in her tone that brings something in me to the surface, something in me that screams revenge.

“Now, off you go,” she says, shooing me with her hands. “That’s enough deep talk with one stranger for the night.”

“But I need to pay you,” I say, reaching for me purse.

“Nonsense, I’ve been off the clock for the last half hour. I drive down the busy streets to pick up and man or woman who looks like they need help. You keep your money,” she scolds.

I frown at her, needing to repay her in some way. When she goes to face forward in her car again I reach out, putting my hand over hers where it lies on the center console. “Thank you,” I whisper, meaning it with every fiber of my mind and body.

“You’re welcome,” she says placing her other hand atop of mine for a brief moment and I look down in time to see two tattoos on her ring finger, opposite of the hand that currently wears a ring. Two long bands circle the flesh and two dates on each line stare back at me. Marriage and divorce. Memories.


I throw open my hotel room door and stalk inside. Every broken fragment in my body that I had felt in that elevator downtown is suddenly repaired and dying to be released. I toss my purse down onto the bed and remove my jacket. The weight of my phone in one of the pockets reminds me of the people I left behind at the hotel. Morgan’s face, crinkled with worry and anger, two of his outstretched pale hands pushing back on Nick’s chest run through my mind and I worry about what he might have done.

I tap the screen and cringe at the missed notifications.

Six missed calls from Nick

Four voicemails from Nick

Two messages from Jake

Three missed calls from Morgan

Fourteen messages from Nick

Six messages from Morgan

Three messages from Mason

One message from William Nylander

One missed call from Mom

The latter of the list dated from three hours ago so I don’t worry about that one. I scroll through the messages from Morgan first.

Where are you?


Answer me please

Pick up your fucking phone



The ones from William, Mason and Jake are much the same, the ones from Nick tell a much different story.

Please answer my call

Fuck Y/N, please!

Please hear me out


I love you



I want to explain

Don’t leave me

Please don’t leave me

I love you

I’m so sorry

You’re my entire world. I fucked up, please please please call me

Baby please

I stare at the screen with a blank face. I don’t care what he has to say. I don’t want to hear him out. I don’t want anything to do with him and at the same time I want him to hurt. I erase the voice mails left by Nick without listening to them and clear my missed calls list.

Deciding that Morgan and the other three boys did nothing wrong, I text them all individually that I was back at the hotel and just wanted to be left alone for now. It hasn’t even been three seconds that I sent the message to Morgan that he’s calling me.

“I’m okay Morgan,” I say into the receiver, my voice eerily calm.

I hear Morgan’s sigh of relief from the other end and my heart softens just a little. “I promise I’m okay, you stay there and eat with your boys. I want some time to think. Alone.”

Morgan is quiet for a moment and I frown.

“Morgan, what did you do?” I ask slowly.

“I didn’t do anything! I wish I had, Mas kinda beat me to it,” he says and for about the fifth time tonight, my stomach drops.

“Mason? What did Mason do?”

“He may have broken a finger or two in his efforts to what I believe was kill Nick,” he says slowly.

“And how did he do?” I ask after a second of hesitation.

“Knocked him flat on his ass and then the bouncer was there between them, though I don’t think it was needed, Nick was pretty out of it,” he says and I can almost hear the pride in his voice.

I shake my head in surprise, I had never thought of Mason as one to defend me. Or even think of me worth being defended. “Where are you now?” I ask.

“On our way back to the hotel, just me, Mason and Jake that is. A few others wanted to come back with us but we told them to stay. No need to take Mas to the hospital, our trainer can patch him up pretty good himself. But if you want us to keep our distance then we will,” he adds the last part with a little bit of resentment but I ignore it.

“Are you… are you such you’re okay?” Morgan asks.

“I’m not okay, but I will be. I should have seen it coming, I was stupid to not see it when so many of you seemed to,” I sigh. “But I want my thoughts to be all my own, I’ll see you in the morning okay?”

Morgan sighs heavily. “Alright, but you call me for whatever reason.”

“Who else would I call?”


“Goodnight, Morgan,” I say gently.

“Goodnight,” he whispers.


Morgan POV

“Can you please just sit down?” Mason snaps at me from the second bed in my hotel room, “You’re making me anxious.”

“Forgive me but your feelings are not at the top of priorities right now,” I snap right back, turning on my heel and walking back towards the door.

I couldn’t stop. Every time I tried to sit or lay down all I would do is get right back up again. Her expression when she turned away from that pathetic excuse of a human about did me in. There was no sadness on her face, just hurt in her eyes and defeat on her body. The way her shoulders had slumped and her footsteps had faltered as she steadied herself against the wall of the elevator, frantically trying to get the doors to close before Nick got to her.

When my hands had laid on his shoulders, fury that I had never experienced before swelled inside me. I wanted this man to hurt, I wanted him to see what he had caused, what I knew he would cause that first night Y/N had come to my apartment. I had seen the look in her eyes when she saw his name on her phone. The same exhaustion and emptiness had been in her eyes every time I was with her and he was mentioned.

He had looked at me like I was crazy, then realization must have crossed his face. A cocky, ego-infused face stared back at me, his mouth curled up in a sneer.

“Well look who it is, Morgan right? Y/N talked a lot about you,” he had said, his voice vibrating with anger. “So much so that I thought there was no doubt she was fucking you.”

Blood had rushed to my face and he took it as a triumph.

“But then last night, when she was on her back beneath me,” he said slowly, knowing exactly what he was doing. “She had felt so good, just like the last time and I knew she was still mine. I knew no one else had touched her the way I touched her,” his voice was so low that Mason was the only other person who could hear. “That’s why I put a ring on her, to make sure that you knew.”

It felt like a freight train to my stomach. The way he was talking about her, as if she was just a piece of property. That was when my hand formed a fist.

“She’ll come back to me, she always does,” he sneered and before I could do so much as take another step towards him, he was on his back.

I stared in amazement as Mason stood above him, a trickle of Nick’s blood running down his hand. He had stooped down over the withering mess on the ground.

“If you ever so much as look at her again, I’ll rip your throat out,” he had snarled.

And suddenly I was back on the plane to our second pre-season game of the year. A pretty girl had just boarded the plane in front of another social media advisor, Mason had told me about her but he had failed to mention just how beautiful she was. She kept her eyes low on her way down the plane and then back to her seat.

I had watched her exchange with Mason, the aggressiveness to her tone and the way her eyes glinted like at any moment she would leap across the table and rip out Mason’s throat, the exact way Mason was staring at Nick right now. “You can rip each other’s throats out later.” Steve had said, and at the time we had all laughed, thinking it was a joke. Then I’m brought back to when she had first met my eyes on that same night, contrary to what she had looked like talking to Mason, her eyes were soft and timid. Kind.

“Mason,” I had said, putting a hand on his shoulder. “No more. For now,” I added as Nick glared up at the two of us and then the bouncer had been there, telling us to leave which had surprised me.

“You don’t need us to stay?” I asked, looking around for any security guards.

“No. I saw what he did to the girl, he deserved it, if not more,” he had said, getting the staggering football player to his feet. The older woman he had been there with came rushing to his side, trying to look at the mark on his face but he had brushed her off, looking at the descending elevator, and what I had thought were tears from getting hit in the nose suddenly looked like tears of loss.

“Morgan, I’m telling you one last time,” Mason said, waking me from my thoughts. “If I know Y/N, and I do, I know she’s not upstairs crying in her hotel room. She’s thinking, and she’s planning. I wasn’t lying when I said she took anger management classes. Y/N can handle herself, even against him.”

We met each other’s eyes for a long moment, me ready to run out the door and to Y/N’s side, Mason content to go right to bed.

I sigh and he relaxes. “Fine, but if you’re sleeping in here I’ll suffocate you if you snore even once,” I say and he grins.

“You’ve been hanging out with Y/N a lot haven’t you?”

Chapter 2

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Harry X OFC (AU)

In which Melody is reacquainted with an old classmate named Harry, and must keep afloat in the violent, criminal lifestyle of an underground boxer.

Read previous parts here.

Author’s note: Hello, my loves! I know my writing has been slow-rolling for a while now, and it probably will remain that way while I’m in school, so my apologies. I’m still really excited about this story, though, and I hope y’all are too!! As per usual, all feedback is sincerely appreciated. Enjoy! Xx

The entire energy of the arena shifted as Harry was announced. Cheers erupted from the crowd, but he seemed unaffected from his new position, leaned up against a corner of the ring.

“Our second fighter,” the announcer continued, squinting in the direction of the hallway that Melody had just come from. He seemed to find what he was looking for. “Mr. Reed Giddens.”

A man entered the room, taller and larger than Harry, but younger. Melody felt a wave of dread wash over her as he stalked toward the ring. The rumbling crowd parted around the newcomer until he slipped between the ropes and was at Harry’s level. He rolled his naked shoulders and eyed his competition. Harry, however, barely seemed to take notice of the arrival.

Melody began forcing her way through the throngs of people once again, while the two fighters took to opposite corners of the ring. Beer sloshed over the toes of her sneakers as drunk onlookers spilled. Her ears roared with their incessant chatter.

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Saturn reached its 2017 opposition on June 16. Of course, opposition means opposite the Sun in Earth’s sky and near opposition Saturn is up all night, at its closest and brightest for the year. This remarkably sharp image of the ringed planet was taken only days before, on June 11, with a 1-meter telescope from the mountain top Pic du Midi observatory. North is at the top with the giant planet’s north polar storm and curious hexagon clearly seen bathed in sunlight. But Saturn’s spectacular ring system is also shown in stunning detail. The narrow Encke division is visible around the entire outer A ring, small ringlets can be traced within the fainter inner C ring, and Saturn’s southern hemisphere can be glimpsed through the wider Cassini division. Near opposition Saturn’s rings also appear exceptionally bright, known as the opposition surge or Seeliger Effect. Directly illuminated from Earth’s perspective, the ring’s icy particles cast no shadows and strongly backscatter sunlight creating the dramatic increase in brightness. Still, the best views of the ringed planet are currently from the Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft. Diving close, Cassini’s Grand Finale orbit number 9 is in progress.

Image Credit & Copyright: D. Peach, E. Kraaikamp, F. Colas, M. Delcroix, R. Hueso, G. Therin, C. Sprianu, S2P, IMCCE, OMP

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Samoa Joe x Reader

You have a secret relationship with Samoa Joe. Secret, specifically so no one can wield it in their favor. It’s been working out great, until the Beast Incarnate and Paul Heyman manage to figure it out. Now, one of the most intimidating wrestlers has you in his sights and Joe isn’t going to let him anywhere near you. You, however, take things into your own hands, refusing to be used, and decide to confront Brock. Whether or not it’s a good idea.                   

Word Count: 2,000 (I literally finished this and it was at 1,999 words and couldn’t let it go, so I had to add a word.)

Warnings: Cursing

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

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Curfews & Near Deaths

// wow that’s a shitty ass title //

ask : so, 6, 65, and 90 for Leo. He’s best friends with her, some shit goes down, and she’s dying. Very depressing, I know.

prompts :

6. “You can’t die. Please don’t die.”

65. “Look at me- just breathe, okay?”

90. “I don’t want to think about what I’d be like without you.”

welp, shit

warning : ??? angst ???

Sharp, quick breaths filled your ears, as your chest rose and fell quickly. Clutching your side, you pulled your hand away, a warm, dark red liquid running down your hand. Pooling beside you, a warm sea of red formed slowly.

The sounds around you went blurry, merged in such a way were sounds weren’t distinct, just a constant wave of a static hum flowing through your ears. It got louder at certain times, and you realized, someone was yelling at you. You clutched a calloused hand with your bloodied hand, and your eyes flicked to your best friend, Leo Valdez.

His face was distressed, and he had tears streaming down his face. Closing your eyes, you tried focusing on one sound, Leo’s voice. It was faint, but Leo’s voice came to you. “Y/N. Y/N can you hear me? Oh gods-”

You nodded, and you watched as Leo became slightly ecstatic, gripping your hand in his own. You grasped his calloused hand tightly, with the most force you could in your situation. Bloodied fingers wrapped around his tan hand, and you closed your eyes again.

“No, Y/N, keep your eyes open. Look at me- just breathe, okay?” Leo cooed, but you knew he was terrified. His hands were unusually cold, especially for him, and you felt his pulse race in your fingertips. You watched him, and you forced your lips to form words.

“Leo-” You croaked, and he looked at you, his eyes glassy. “I don’t want to die. Leo I love you I don’t want to die please.” You spoke quickly, your words shuddering with every breath you took. Leo squeezed your hand tightly, trying extremely hard to ignore your blood on his hands.

“And you won’t. I promise-” Your eyelids felt heavy, as the sounds merged again, and you lost Leo’s voice once more. You struggled to focus on his voice again.

As your eyelids dropped, Leo felt like he was losing you. He forced a cry back down his throat, and pulled his hand away from your own, pressing his hands against your deep stab wound, to subdue the bleeding. “Shit.” He whimpered, a scream building in the center of his chest. “Y/N. Open your fucking eyes. Please.” He was demanding, sloppily rubbing his hand across his khakis, spreading deep red blood, before running his hand through his messy curls, pushing them out of his face.

Your eyelids opened, revealing your (e/c) eyes. A soft, quick smile spread across Leo’s face. “Good. Stay with me.” Locks stained with blood fell into his eyes, as he pressed his hands against your wound again. Leo’s eyes swiftly scanned the dark of the night. You two were in the woods, way past curfew, and you were stabbed in your side, right beneath your ribcage, a wound that was deep enough to kill you if you bled out.

Leo was dumbstruck, he didn’t know what to do. “You can’t die. Please don’t die.” He whimpered beneath his breath. Your hand reached up, and you pushed Leo’s curls back, a small smile spreading across your face.

“I’m trying, Leonidas.” You joked, and he chuckled, pulling your head into his lap. His hands shook, and his panic and fear finally settled, chilling him completely. “Your hands are cold.” You giggled, and Leo laughed again, a forced one. “You’d think with all the noise we’re making, a harpy would come and help us.” You muttered, and a lightbulb lit in Leo’s brain.

“That’s it. Get someone’s attention, right?” He asked, pushing the messy strands of (h/c) hair out of your eyes. Carrying you wasn’t an option, Leo’s fear of hurting you even more rose in his mind. His hands wrapped in a red and yellow flame that lit up the space around you two. Forcefully, Leo shot several fire blasts into the air, hoping that somebody, anybody, would see the blasts. Looking down worriedly at you, he saw that your eyes closed again, and your chest rose and fell shallow, and slowly.

Feeling for a pulse, Leo only found a faint one, and he cursed loudly into the dark of the night. Tugging off his camp t-shirt swiftly, he sat your limp body up, tying his shirt around your body tightly against the wound to subdue the bleeding. Picking you up in his arms, he made his way towards camp, hoping that his knees didn’t fail him. At three in the morning, a shirtless and bloody Leo Valdez was carrying a very bloody and dying you into camp.

Walking up the steps to the Apollo cabin, Leo angrily stepped back, then pushed forward, kicking the door open, having it slam into the opposite wall, the impact ringing in the darkness of the cabin. “Wake the fuck up Solace.” Leo demanded, having the whole cabin stir and groan.

“What the fuck Leo it’s like four in the morning.” Will yawned, and Leo glared into the darkness.

“Yeah? Sorry to disturb your sleep, but Y/N’s dying.” Leo exclaimed passively, then he worriedly looked down at you, watching the dark blood seep and stain his own orange t-shirt. Will frantically ripped the sheets off of himself, and slipping on sandals, he gestured for Leo to follow him into the Infirmary.

“What happened?” Will asked, as he peeled away the t shirt attempting to keep the blood inside of you. Leo, covered in your blood, groaned, pushing his curls out of his face.

“We, we snuck out past curfew, going to Bunker Nine. Um, Y/N and I were just hanging out in the woods, and all of a sudden she’s flung across the opening, slamming against another tree, and she’s on the floor with a stab wound on her side. I could see- I didn’t see-” Leo shook his head, cursing.

Will pulled the bloodied shirt up, exposing the wound in your side. “Shit.” Will muttered, and he rubbed his tired eyes, attempting to wake up. Leo let his head fall, as he clutched your bloodied hand in between both of his own. His lips pressed against the back of your hand, and he looked up at Will with expectant eyes.

“She’s going to be okay, right?” Leo asked, a hint of anger in his shaky voice. You were completely limp, fingertips cold in Leo’s hands. “I don’t want to think about what I’d be like without you.” Leo muttered across the back of your hand, worried eyes watching your still face. Will nodded, and frantically looked around the Infirmary. Not finding what he needed, he cursed beneath his breath.

“Fuck it. Okay, this is going to hurt her a lot when she wakes up, but-” Will’s hands enveloped in wisps of sunlight, and he forcefully pressed his hands against your wound. Your fingertips jerked in Leo’s hands, and his head shot up.

“What the fuck Solace you’re hurting her!” Leo shouted, as he watched your face contort with pain. Will looked up, a sorrow filled, determined look in his bright blue eyes.

“I’m sorry, do you want her to die or do you want her to live?” Will asked passively, as the light coming from his fingertips grew brighter. A scream built in your chest, and your (e/c) eyes shot open, as you sat up and screamed, causing Leo and Will alike to clutch their ears in pain.

“FUCK SOLACE!” You yelled, reaching out and punching his arm. Will glowered at you, rubbing his bruised arm.

“A thank you would suffice.” He replied, wiping his bloodied hands on his shirt. He looked down at your wound, which was nearly healed. “A few stitches, and I’ll wrap it up, and we can all go to bed, cool?” Will asked, and without waiting for an answer, he went to look for the stitches.

You breathed a sigh of relief, and you looked at your best friend. “You’re okay.” He smiled, a shudder of a breath escaping his lips.

“Of course I’m okay Leo. You saved me.” A smile spread across your lips, and Leo smiled widely. He sat back, feeling as though a heavy weight was lifted off of his shoulders.

“I don’t know what I would’ve done if I lost you.” He spoke seriously, his eyes becoming glassy. Ignoring your injury, you leaned forward, clamping a bloodied hand around his own.

“You don’t have to know. I’m here. Y/N and Leo, the dynamic duo.” You smiled at your clamped hands, and met Leo’s soft, deep brown eyes.

“Till death do us part?” He asked, a teasing undertone in his voice, as a lopsided smirk spread across his tired face. You laughed, a light and musical sound to Leo’s ears.

“Not yet, fire breath.”

// sHIT //


fandomness--randomness  asked:

Can I have an Iida x fem! Reader scenario where the reader and her family have a lil hero training facility where heroes can learn combat(like martial arts and with weapons), and so class 1a goes there one day and its all normal until she kisses iida after fighting him and everyones like "whaaaaat?" Idk i never see anything for iida and im like noooo. If you're too swamped with scenarios then headcannons with a quirky! Reader is perfectly fine. :) i love your writing btw and congrats on 300! 💞

Last one for the night. Now I’m off to bed!

Iida Tenya:

“You’re what?!” Mina cried and looked around at the training grounds that their class had just been brought to.

“Yeah, I’m their daughter, and this training resort is part of my family’s business.” (Name) smiled and watched as some of her classmates reacted to this little reveal. Though it was not little at all, as a matter of fact it was huge.

The (Last Name) company were some of the leading teachers, inventors and activist in the hero industry. From their labs that made the best hero gear to their offices that hired some of the best rising stars, if you got picked up by them you were set for the big time.

“Everyone relax… (Last Name)-san has agreed to let us use their training facilities today due to (Name)-san being in our class. That does not mean you all can act as you please, treat this field trip like any other training.” Aizawa rounded in his students and gestured to the man who had been introduced as your father a moment ago.

“Hello Class 1-A, my daughter tells me a lot about you. Therefore I’ll let you have the run of our state of the art facilities today. However, before you get you access passes, I ask that you all do a one on one sparing to calculate your skills.

When done you access cards will show your stats and made suggestions on what part of our training areas would benefit you the most. Now who wants to go first?”

Twenty-one arms shot into the air as well as shouting and calls to be picked to go first and thus get access to this amazing industry as fast as they could.

“Iida-san. (Name)-san.” Aizawa called out. “You two go first, as you both were being the most polite to (Last Name)-san.”

You and Iida exchanged friendly glances before you both took spots on the opposite ends of the ring.

“Don’t go easy on me okay? Give it your all or you won’t get an accurate rating!” You called out to Iida, you heart thumping softly as he gave you a thumbs up and a smile.

“And-” You father held his hand in the air the waved it down. “-BEGIN!”

Iida was fast and was quickly at your side, raising a leg in an attempt to kick you in the side and send you flying out of the ring. You had expected this though and used your reflexes to dodge him.

He watched as you jumped over him and tucked and rolled away from him to ensure a safer distance away from the blue eyed male. When you had gotten back up, Iida had wasted no time and flung a fist your way.

You barely had time to register as he scraped against you arm. You jumped and kicked him in the chest, pushing him back a couple feet as you did so. You let out a tired breath, seeing as your own stamina was dropping by the minute having to keep up with such a quick opponent.

You had to think of a way to slow him down or distract him and fast!

Iida reached out to grab you and was surprised when you allowed him to bring you close to him, ready to toss you out of the ring. But then he froze when you tossed your arms his neck.

“Sorry about this, but my dad’s watching and I want to impress him!” (Name) declared and then smacked her lips onto the class president’s.

Iida froze in his movement, his grip on the girl letting go completely and his mind sparking at what was happening. You had completely broken him down by one kiss.

“EHHHHH?!” Your class cried, watching the scene unfold.

“SHE TOOK A NOTE FROM MS.MIDNIGHT!” Kaminari called out

“A kiss in battle? That’s q-quite a tactic…” Izuku scribbled away.

You broke the kiss and smiled sweetly at Iida who was slowing coming back to reality from his sudden journey to paradise. You saw him blink and knew that now was the best moment to fling him out of the ring.

“Sorry Iida-kun! About that… and this!” You cried and released a burst of wind, sending the male flying out of the ring and hitting a bush.

The buzzer sounded and everyone looked around dumbfound.

“Where did you learn to do that?!” Kirishima demanded.

“Her mother…” You father trailed off, and gave his daughter a thumb’s up for her actions. He was a proud papa that day.

Impromptu reunion

One shot - WWE
Pairing: Finn Bálor x Reader
Requested by -horrorXqueen- on Wattpad
Word count: 1,344

[Tokyo, Japan – August 2013]

Tama Tonga gave his brothers the Too Sweet as they exited the ring. Another successful day for the Bullet Club, as Tama had just won his match against Yoshi Hashi. The leader of the stable, the enigmatic Prince Devitt gave him a coin smirk as they headed towards the backstage area. Once the four men were out of anyone else’s sight, they allowed themselves to relax, and exchanged a friendly hug.

“You killed it, brother!” Karl Anderson exclaimed.
“Thanks man,” the Tongan smiled. “You guys wrestle later?”
“No, I think we’re all done for the night,” Bad Luck Fale said. “Still thinking of going to that joshi show later?”
“I gave my word I’d be there, of course I’m going!”
“You gave your word? To whom? You’ve got a girlfriend we don’t know about?” Devitt teased.
“God no! She’s an old friend, I’ve known her since we were kids. She’s wrestled in Stardom for a couple years now, but I still haven’t got the opportunity to see her wrestle.”
“Yay to conflicting schedule,” Anderson said.
“Exactly. So yeah, I’ve got this chance, I’m definitely going! You guys wanna tag along?”

His three stablemates shared a glance and nodded. They hadn’t got to see some women’s wrestling in forever, now was their chance. They all changed and headed towards the other arena.

* * * *

Mari Horror was furious. Tonight was supposed to be her night, her time to shine, her time to show the world was she could do. But management had opted for a last-minute change, and had given the victory to Io Shirai – and a shot at the Wonder of Stardom Championship in the process. The shot that should have been hers. She stormed through the corridors, her long black hair floating behind her, stopped by her locker room to change, and immediately made her way out. All that she wanted now was to go home, take a long shower, and get some rest.


The young woman stopped dead in her tracks when she recognised the voice that had called her name. A big grin appeared on her face when she saw her brother from another mother approach with his three stablemates in toe.


When the Tongan closed his arms around the smaller joshi wrestler, she felt all the negative feelings suddenly melt away. She hadn’t seen her friend in ages, and it was all she needed right now.

“Fuoloa ‘e fepulingaki,” she said. (Long time no see)

Tama chuckled. It was nice to her Tongan again, even just the few words he had taught her back in the days. He gently pulled away and turned to the rest of the Bullet Club.

“Mari, meet my friends Fale, Karl Anderson and Prince Devitt.”
“Nice match earlier,” the leader of Bullet Club said.

Mari had a sad smile, then sighed, trying to sort her ideas coherently before she spoke.

“It wasn’t supposed to end this way,” she said. “I was supposed to win. But then, last minute, they decide to give the opportunity to Io-san instead. How is that fair?”
“It isn’t,” Devitt spoke again.

Mari gave him a thankful look, her green eyes almost getting lost in his pearl grey irises.

“How about,” Tama spoke again, “we all go get something to eat? I think it’d do us good – all of us. I’m sponsoring you, Mari.”
His friend smiled “Mālō.” (Thank you)
“’Io mālō,” he replied with a smile. (You’re welcome)
“I know a good yakiniku place, a few blocks from here,” Fale said. “Remember the one we went to last time?”
“Yeah, right! Let’s go then!”

* * * *

[Orlando, Florida, USA – November 2015]

Mari took a deep breath before she stepped inside the big building standing in front of her – the WWE Performance Center. There she was. Her childhood dream was coming true, after all the years spent in the business. But once she got in, she suddenly felt lost. Everything was just so different from what she knew from Japan, from what she saw. Mari wasn’t the kind to shy away from a challenge, but it unsettled her a little.

“Mari! There you are.”

She found herself face to face with Sara Amato, and her lips twisted into a smile.

“Ready for your first day as a WWE signee?”
“More than ever!” she said with a smile. “Where do we start?”
“Hop into the ring and hit the ropes.”

Mari slid into the squared circle, and did as she was told – unaware than on the other side of the room, someone was watching the scene. As soon as Finn Bálor had seen her get in, he had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Fergal Devitt had left Japan for WWE with two regrets: leaving the faction he had founded, and never finding a convenient time, nor the strength in him, to ask Mari Horror out. And 18 months later, she was here, in NXT, right before his eyes.

“Finn! Everything OK, man?” Samoa Joe asked from the opposite corner of the ring.
“Yeah. Sorry, for a moment I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.”
“How so? Is Balor really in your head, or something?”
Finn chuckled “No, but you see the new girl training with Sara? I know her from Japan, I didn’t expect to see her in the US.”

A coin smile found its way to the face of the Samoan – he couldn’t help but notice that Finn had a hard time taking his eyes off the new signee. She was just like the Irishman remembered her – just as beautiful and athletic as ever. He shook his head and turned back to his friend and current in-ring rival.

“Sorry about that, man. I’m back in the game.”
“You should talk to her later, you know,” Joe suggested.
“Oh I will. Don’t worry.”

The Samoan nodded, and the two men locked up.

* * * *

Mari set down the weights, took a long sip of water, and undid her braid before heading towards the locker room. Her first day had been a good one, she could tell by the way her muscles were already sore.

“What a day,” she sighed.

Of course, Japan had got her used to working hard, but WWE’s approach was totally different. It would take some time to adapt, she thought. She rounded the corner, only to come to a sudden halt as she saw an all-too familiar figure step out of a nearby room, a bag hanging on his shoulder. She found herself smiling – she’d recognise those pearl grey eyes anywhere, they were printed in her mind ever since that summer night in Tokyo.


The former leader of the Bullet Club turned to her, and his lips stretched into a big grin as he saw her.

“Hello, Mari.”

She mirrored his smile, and Finn pulled her into a hug. It felt amazing to see her again. Mari, too, was ecstatic – not only did she know someone here, at least, but that someone also happened to be one of her closest friends back in Japan. Now that she thought about it, things hadn’t exactly felt the same without him, and she realised she had missed him more than she would ever care to admit.

“It’s so good to see you again,” she said as he pulled away.
“And you. How are you? You look good.”
“I’m sore as hell, but yeah, I’m good. What about you, champ?”

Finn chuckled. It almost sounded weird, coming from her.

“You know, then.”
“Longest reigning NXT Champion, it’s hard not to hear about it,” she replied.
“How about we catch up over dinner tomorrow?” he blurted out, his heart racing as he spoke.
“Are you asking me out?”
“Looks like I am.”
Mari smiled “I’d love to.”

Finn’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Great. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

She nodded, and Finn rose his hand in the gesture that had become synonymous with the Bullet Club.

“Too Sweet.”

Mari happily obliged, her heart pounding in her chest as her hand met his.

Magnus gets hurt and Alec freaks

Magnus Bane’s body convulses and curls around the open wound in his lower stomach, eyes flickering shut as his body begs to go dormant.  He’s generally well adept to deal with demon venom, and even better at avoiding occupying the same space as demons with venomous claws; at least the second part used to be true.  Lately he’s found himself running towards danger which he knows has a lot to do with a handsome, brown-eyed shadowhunter of a certain height.  

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Ghost pt. 5

Bucky Barnes x reader 

Notes: Swearing, VIOLENCE, angst, SMUT (YES! SMUT! yay!), fluff

Tags: @ff-exotic12 @jjlevin @starstar1012@stephvera@styleswift1989@spottedclouds @heismyhunter @amf71010@buckyismybbz@smxkingimages @stace1394 @strange-polish-lass@happelu970 @almondbuttercup @emilykathrynb @thedevilreadsbooks@confidentrose @httpstainme @minaphobia @shifutheshihtzu a-small-independent-princess @thechampmylove @unevenpages@bryannareblogsstuff @incadinkadoo @shortycraft13 @hip5t3r-m3rmaaidd-biitchhh @skeletoresinthebasement @dersilbernefuchskrieger 

After Steve blew up on you and you ran away, Bucky comes to find you. 

Originally posted by jamiebarnes

Bucky ran up the stairs, beating the elevator to his floor. Within minutes he geared himself up, only taking a handgun, ammo and two knives. He wasn’t planning on fighting you or anyone else, but you were unpredictable and he had to be sure.

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