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Sometimes I think about the future of self driving cars and how everyone I talk to about that future is like “okay but in an emergency we’ll be able to take back manual control, right?” and I usually placate them by saying, yeah, that’s totally how it’ll happen, but actually we’re already seeing the opposite. Cars with “self driving” features like steering and breaking that kick in and take control from the driver if the driver is about to rear end someone or is in a dangerous situation because the truth is computers can think faster and have better reflexes than us and I think about this going into the future and how if the self-driving cars are able to share their data with each other and learn from the driving experiences of every car on the road soon we’ll have cars that are so massively experienced at driving and avoiding accidents and making microsecond decisions and partial degree turns of the wheels and being so damn precise that automobile accidents will be almost unheard of and that’s when we’ll develop the most wasteful hilarious extreme sport in history where a single human driver will go up against an arena of ultra smart self driving cars and just by driving around recklessly try to coral them into crashing into each other and I tell you I would watch that sport all day.

RDC3 - notes from Hugh and Bryan's Q&As



He would want to sign up for any part that Bryan created for him.

He thinks that Will’s being ‘on the spectrum’ is misdirection - he’s so open, he presents himself as the opposite as self-protection.

Could Will be a Christian Grey type? No! Will would be the world’s worst billionaire - he’d just get another dog or two but basically continue living in the same way.

To describe Will and Hannibal’s relationship, he used the chess player metaphor again. ‘For both of them, it’s a relief from loneliness. And I guess that’s love, right? …Suddenly the world makes more sense.’ (He also insisted again that theirs is ‘platonic’ love - BUT he sort of took it back once Bryan appeared. Maybe by 'platonic’ he just means that they haven’t been banging away pre-S4?!)

Will is 'plenty dark’ even without Hannibal.
'His mental makeup is something he was born with.’

Will’s dogs were 'adorable’ but not trained - they were rescue dogs, so they kept running away!

Is Will a good man?
He’s 'trying to be a good man’. 'He’s desperately trying to be better than he is’.

Will is 'trying to justify his relationship with Hannibal’ by attempting to put him away - he feels guilty about the relationship.


Hugh knew that Bryan wanted to use Nik Kershaw’s 'Wouldn’t It Be Good?’ cover by Shy Boy at the end of S1 Ep1, when Will visits Abigail in the hospital and finds Hannibal there. 'I had it in my mind’ during filming of the scene.


He once joked with Mads about how Will would have reacted when he read what Hannibal had written about him - he thinks there was probably a 'don’t let Will see this’ book that Hannibal burned before they burn the books together at the end of S2.


Will’s rejection of Hannibal in Digestivo…
He had to explain to Mads what 'drop the mic’ means!
Will is using Hannibal’s 'soft spot’ for him to defeat him, rather than getting physical like at the end of S2. He also 'genuinely wants to break up with him’.

Hugh thinks that Will and Molly would have got married in a registry office - he never imagined them having a proper wedding.

When Will asks Bedelia 'Is Hannibal in love with me?’…
'Will has probably, in some way, never conceived the possibility that Hannibal could feel love’ because of Hannibal’s 'black heart’. Will has 'had love put off on a kind of pedestal’ and considered it an ideal. Then he sits with Bedelia thinking 'Oh crap, maybe this thing I’m feeling is, like, love’. And it horrifies him because it’s ‘dirty and awful’, which he didn’t think love could be.

In the clifftop house, when Will draws his gun…
'Will is playing both sides’ and 'had some ambivalence in what was going on’. He was probably about '50/50’ about watching Dolarhyde 'change’ Hannibal and was still feeling that ambivalence when he drew his gun.

Will would be 'very happy at the table’ in the post-credits scene of S3’.
His 'bitchiness’ with Bedelia wasn’t dictated by rivalry over Hannibal’s 'friendship or love’. He just thought she 'had it coming’ because of the choices she had made.


After the fall, there would have to be a lot of recuperation! After that, a character reset for Will is likely. However, Will would not have completely 'sloughed off’ his empathy because it’s the basis of the show.
They definitely went off the cliff. It was what Will had to do - kill Hannibal and end himself.
Hannibal’s 'secret magical toolbox’ is probably what helped them survive!

'For a minute, he has become Hannibal… For Will, that might as well be an eternity… He’s seen how far he can go and pretty much that’s hand-in-hand with Hannibal.’
'That stain is now indelible’ so he feels he has to end himself because there’s no way back for him to who he was.

'I don’t think this show exists without Will’s empathy’ - he thinks that for a while Will could be 'bleached’ or 'cleansed’ of that quality by Hannibal, but it wouldn’t last for long.
'Hannibal’s always going to have to fight for him’.


Bryan wanted to use Nik Kershaw’s 'Wouldn’t it be good?’ cover by Shy Boy at the end of S1 episode 1, when Will visits Abigail and finds Hannibal there.

'The compassion between Will and Hannibal is all based on the fact that they understand each other.’

The Achilles and Patroclus exchange was intended to suggest romance between Hannibal and Will.

How Hannibal would react on seeing the firefly man…
'There was a version of the scene where he did see it… Hannibal was watching Jack watch it and he was very proud.’

'Bedelia was navigating to be the last wife standing and then in came Will and said, 'No!’

In S4, 'I don’t think we would ever lose Will’.
They wouldn’t 'Abigail’ Will.
He and Hugh 'wrote the last scene of Season 3 together’ and Hugh is his 'crutch’.

'Who’s the top and who’s the bottom? The answer is they flip’.

Bryan’s favourite line from the show is 'It’s beautiful’ - partly because Hugh wrote it!

The original plan for the arc after Season 3 was for a season of Will and Hannibal, a season dealing with The Silence of the Lambs story, and then a season in which Will and Clarice hunt Hannibal!!

CVM. PATIENTIA (with Patience). 

Ourobouros: “Serpens qui caudam devorat” (serpent that eats its tail) represents many things, including totality, the cycle of life, and the “conjunctio oppositorum”- the union of opposites. “Cum patientia” sums up the struggle between self-knowledge and self-deception.

“The affirmation of destruction and passing away, saying yes to opposition and war, and becoming, along with a radical rejection of the very concept of being: all of these are crucial for a Dionysian philosophy and are more closely related to me than anything else people have thought so far.”

—F. Nietzsche, Ecce Homo, “The Birth of Tragedy” §3 (edited excerpt).

Marauders Headcannon

Sirius is the dramatic one of the group, and everyone knows it- sober.

But when the Marauders get wasted, Moony becomes the complete opposite of his sober self. Sober Remus is level-headed for the most part and doesn’t do anything brash without good reason. Drunk Remus on the other hand, is a force to be reckoned with- even by Sirius’ standards. Drunk Remus will shout, and stand on top of tables.

But the thing is, Remus doesn’t usually get drunk enough for this to happen. He only gets like this when he’s so drunk he doesn’t remember any of it the next day. So he, and many other students at Hogwarts think that it’s just a rumor that the other Marauders started.

Sirius on the other hand, knows all too well that it’s true.

Before Sirius and Remus had gotten together, they had attended a party in the Gryffindor Common Room to celebrate Gryffindor winning a Quidditch match. All the Marauders (even Peter) had gotten drunk pretty quickly that night. And Remus started strip dancing on one of the Common Room tables (though he mostly did it because Sirius was watching, and Drunk Remus knows and abuses the fact that Sirius is in love with him).

After they got together Sirius told him about that night. And so, that day Remus Lupin finally found out about what type of drunk he was. (Only after Sirius got the whole of Gryffindor to back him up because Moony thought he was joking)

And that is my opinion on Drunk Remus. Thank you for your time

We’re so young. We’re so young. We’re twenty-two years old. We have so much time. There’s this sentiment I sometimes sense, creeping in our collective conscious as we lie alone after a party, or pack up our books when we give in and go out- this it is somehow too late. That others are somehow ahead. More accomplished, more specialized. More on the path to somehow saving the world, somehow creating or inventing or improving. That it’s too late now to BEGIN a beginning and we must settle for continuance, for commencement.
—  Marina Keegan, from “The Opposite of Loneliness”
  • Yui: Self care is drinking lots of water and making sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep at night! uwu
  • Takeru: *in just his underwear* NO. SELF CARE IS DRINKING AS MANY ENERGY DRINKS AS YOU CAN AND POWERING UP WITH ALL THE NUTRIENTS SO YOU CAN FIGHT ZEUS - BARE ASS EXPOSED - IN A BATHROOM. *downs a whole energy drink as his body starts to shake*
  • Yui: That's... That's the opposite of self care....?

“The law, or the thoroughly realistic formalization of certain conditions for the self-preservation of a community, forbids certain actions directed against the community. However, it does not forbid the disposition that produces these actions, for it needs these actions for other ends.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §204 (edited excerpt).

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