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Opposite Sign Couples in the Early Morning

Aries & Libra: woke up to run and exercise together

Taurus & Scorpio: in bed on their phones, toying and being sarcastic to each other

Gemini & Sagittarius: at a coffeeshop together chatting

Cancer & Capricorn: having breakfast at their favorite little hole-in-the-wall

Leo & Aquarius: on the couch watching TV in their pajamas

Virgo & Pisces: still laying in bed together, snuggling and kissing and dozing off; they probably won’t get out of bed today

Hi! I’m a new SNS art/fic/???/… blog! An amateur artist (as you can tell from the pic above lol) and cringe-worthy fanfic writer(i will NOT expose my loser AO3′s identity). I’m here to give these two idiots and the fandom as much love as my cold heart can.  ❤️

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Opposite Sign First Date Ideas
  • Aries & Libra: bowling, where you can have some friendly competition
  • Taurus & Scorpio: theme park, where you can have fun without a whole lot of pressure
  • Gemini & Sagittarius: coffee, where you can both babble on for hours
  • Cancer & Capricorn: dinner and a movie, tried and true like you two ;)
  • Leo & Aquarius: beach or park, where you can wander and explore and get lost
  • Virgo & Pisces: museum, where it's quiet and you can talk but you don't have to
Versatility of RusAme

I just want to share how dynamic and versatile these two characters are when portrayed as couple:

1. Cheerful Extrovert Alfred x Introvert Ivan : Fluffy opposite-attract domestic couple

2. Cheerful Alfred x Cheerful Ivan : That couple which would contain their youthful energy even after decades later. Will make a good comedic sight in any party with their light bickering.

3. Sarcastic Alfred x Sarcastic Ivan : Bickering couple whom you shouldn’t mess up with

4. Psycho Alfred x Psycho Ivan : Mad couple whom you should NEVER mess up with

5. Melancholic Alfred x Melancholic Ivan : Angsty Couple with lots of hurt comfort

6. Space Geek Alfred x Space Geek Ivan : Space duo lovers. Would stargaze any time they can and geek over tons of astronomical facts or new breakthrough in space exploration missions.

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And so many more. You could also mix and match their personality such as Sarcastic Alfred x Introvert Ivan, Cheerful Alfred x Melancholy Ivan, etc and will get another interesting dynamics! And just like other hetalia pairings, there’re also nyotalia, nekotalia, and 2ptalia to make the mix and match more various.

This is why I don’t get bored with this couple even after few years shipping them. They’re the farthest couple from the “boring” definition.

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  • Virgo: *spends all afternoon making dinner*
  • Pisces: *comes home and is totally happy and surprised by the wonderful meal*
  • Virgo: *quietly smiles and listens to Pisces talk about their day while they eat*
  • Pisces: *helps Virgo clean up and snuggles with them on the couch afterward to listen to music*
  • Virgo: *cannot refuse Pisces when they want to dance to something they love*
  • Pisces: *buries their head into Virgo as they slow dance about*
  • Virgo: *kisses Pisces when the music finally stops*

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Omg I love your writing !!! Could you please write a soulmate fic where the characters only see the world in black and white until they meet their soulmate. The events of the first episode are the same except it jughead that was new to riverdale not veronica. Archie introduces his friend jughead to the gang and bettys world is changed forever :) please if you could :)))

I love this! Thank you so much!

Running her fingers over the soft cashmere cardigan she was holding, Betty frowned. Suddenly a hand was on her shoulder,

“It’s yellow, it’s really pretty and it matches your hair. Yellow is happy.” Veronica said softly, helping Betty put her arms through the sleeves.

Giving Ronnie a weak smile

“Maybe I should go with something of a different color, I’m not feeling too happy today.”

Veronica frowned as Betty walked towards the table.

She felt for her best friend, she couldn’t imagine having to still live life without color. It was such a sad way to live.

Suddenly the reason for the color in her life was standing in front of her, ducking to meet her eyes.

“What’s got you frowning darling?”

Archie Andrews, love of her life and her soulmate.

“I just wish Betty would find her soulmate ya know? , she deserves to see your bright red hair, and how sparkly green her eyes are. it makes me so upset that she may never be able to see color.”

His hand went to squeeze hers.

“She will Ronnie, give it time, not everyone can be as lucky as us.”

“Hey lovebirds. Lunch is getting cold and I’m surely not sharing my creme brûlée.” Cheryl blossom shouted from her place at the table.

The couple walked over and sat down, Archie resting his hand on Betty’s shoulder, she was his best friend too and it sucked, but she would find her soulmate, she just had to be patient.

Betty picked up an apple in her hands, frowning she reached across to Cheryl, gently tapping her hand her blue eyes turning to hers.

“What’s up B?”

“It’s bad isn’t it? The apple. It’s bad? I can’t tell.”

Cheryl grabbed the apple turning it over, frowning as she saw the brown, rotted piece.

“Imbeciles I swear to god. Here take mine, I didn’t even want it.” Cheryl squeezed her hand smiling gently.

Cheryl had found her soulmate in dilton doiley, the two complete opposites made a beautiful couple and it always made her happy too see them together.

Suddenly Archie was jumping up, holding his phone up with the biggest grin she had ever seen.

“I’ll be right back guys, and I’m bringing a friend.” He practically tripped over himself as he jumped the table.

Betty scanned the courtyard, there were flowers and they smelt beautiful, Veronica had told her they looked even better.

Sometimes Kevin would tell her, her eyes matched the soft grass she was constantly running her fingers through.

Kevin and Joaquin met at the movies and were inseparable since. Now Kevin wore much more intricate sweaters, she knew they had patterns but she wished she could see the colors.

“I’m back and look what the cat dragged in! Jughead jones meet the gang.”

Turning to smile at the new comer, Betty was instantly shoved back by the bright light hitting her eyes.

After steadying herself she opened her eyes.

It was so beautiful she could cry.

Quickly glancing around. She took in everything, the sky, the grass, the dark black almost purple of her best friends hair. When her eyes landed on Archie, she couldn’t help the giggle that came from her mouth. His hair was the oddest color she had ever seen.

Everyone was staring at her confused, and Archie reached up to scratch his neck, looking embarrassed as Betty nearly collapsed in a fit of giggles while staring at him

“What’s so funny?”

She couldn’t manage to even get a word out, she couldn’t stop laughing.

Suddenly a voice beside her broke the spell

“I think she’s laughing at that mop of color on top of your head, you call that hair?”
Jughead joked, his expression dazed as he turned to stare deep into her eyes.

They hardly heard the gasps of their friends behind them.

Jughead reached a hand out to grab a piece of her silky hair.

“It’s the color of the sun.” He said looking up and smiling

She giggled

“I guess it is, you wear a lot of black.”

“I used to, I guess I’ll have to incorporate more colors into my wardrobe.” His fingers went to rest on her waist.“I’ve been waiting for you, I’m sad to say my imagination failed me. What did I do to deserve the most beautiful soulmate in the world?”

She blushed bright pink.

“I like that color too.” His hand stroked her cheek.

Suddenly her eyes caught on to his, and wow if she thought the sky was beautiful, his eyes were from another world.

“Blue, I love blue.” She whispered their faces inches away.

“How convenient, I happen to love green.”

Suddenly his lips were on hers, and she couldn’t help but think.


The opposite signs as historical couples

Aries x Libra: Bonnie and Clyde

Taurus x Scorpio: Tristan and Isolde

Gemini x Sagittarius: Paris and Helen

Capricorn x Cancer: Romeo and Juliet

Leo x Aquarius: Cleopatra and Mark Anthony

Pisces x Virgo: Orpheus and Eurydice

Dean and Sami’s promo together on this upcoming Smackdown is so amusing, that I wanted to upload it here by itself. I love Sami being the prudish, nerdy, and somewhat serious guy to Dean’s loose cannon, dirty persona. They are total opposites trying to find common ground, and it’s really cute!!

Fates Supports In A Nutshell: Royals Edition

If these go over well I may do some more. These were fun to make. [Long post ahead]

EDIT: Version 2 is here! (opposite couples)

Takumi + Elise

-C support-

  • Elise: Play with m–
  • Takumi: NO.

-B- support-

  • Elise: Are you sure you don’t wanna look at–
  • Takumi: NO. NO. NO.

-A support-

  • Takumi: Last time, I was kind of a jerk, so sorry or whatever.

-S support-

  • Elise: Takumiiiii let’s hang out!

Ryoma + Camilla

-C support-

  • Camilla: This is awkward.
  • Ryoma: Indeed.

-B support-

  • Ryoma: You’re smothering Corrin.
  • Camilla: I’m going to ask Corrin to decide whether or not that’s true.

-A support-

  • Ryoma: You know what, let’s forget everything that happened before.
  • Camilla: Couldn’t agree more!

-S support-

  • Camilla: Sex now, talk later.

Leo + Sakura

-C support-

  • Sakura: I hate fighting.
  • Leo: Stay off the battlefield then.

-B support-

  • Sakura: Let me in your club.
  • Leo: No.

-A support-

  • Leo: You’re a nervous little hamster but you’ve earned my praise.
  • Sakura: T-Thank you…

-S support-

  • Sakura: Oh Prince Leo, I love you too!
  • Leo: Great let’s go for a walk.

Xander + Hinoka

-C support-

  • Hinoka: Help there’s a thing.
  • Xander: You don’t know nothing, you didn’t see nothing.

-B support-

  • Hinoka: I freaked out for no reason! Nothing happened!
  • Xander: I will gladly sit here and listen to you !@#$%^&* about it.

-A support-

  • Hinoka: You’re an awesome dude. Wanna ride my pegasus?
  • Xander: /GLORY TO NOHR intensifies/

-S support-

  • Xander: You, me, food, marriage.
  • Hinoka: Let’s do this!
Opposite Sign Couples at Night

Aries & Libra: having a pillow fight

Taurus & Scorpio: not sleeping ;)

Gemini & Sagittarius: talking and giggling

Cancer & Capricorn: sleeping together all cute like

Leo & Aquarius: stealing the covers from each other

Virgo & Pisces: cuddling like two baby koalas

You might not realize it, but in-your-face displays of heterosexuality are everywhere — the family photo on a desk, the man and woman holding hands on the beach, or an opposite-sex couple kissing in a bar. No one accuses these couples of “flaunting” their sexuality, but make it two men or two women in the photo holding hands or smooching, then we’ve crossed the line. That’s the double standard.
Opposites Attract

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“How is the most beautiful girl in all the world?” Kiseok smirked knowing you would overreact for the simplest things.

You blushed hearing the compliment. It wasn’t the first time he had told you this but it never failed to get a reaction out of you. “Who are you talking to” you covered your cheeks with your hands trying to avoid him.

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Okay but Betty & Jughead are the most perfect interpretation of the “Opposites Attract” trope???? On the surface you have this pastel, sunshiney, seemingly perfect girl next door on one hand and a disheveled, sardonic, gloomy writer on the other. They appear to be complete opposites.

However, unlike most “Opposites Attract” couples, Betty and Jughead are already established to be good childhood friends. They don’t start the show on the wrong foot, or hating each other, or clashing because of their differences. There’s already this level of closeness and understanding and even intimacy. Betty calls him “Juggie” and Jughead calls her “Betts"—they’re affectionate with each other. The groundwork for their friendship and later romance was laid years before the beginning of the show.

Additionally, underneath the glossy exterior, they’re actually really similar underneath. Both seek the truth. Both have dysfunctional family problems. Both are struggling with insecurities and other underlying emotional issues. Betty isn’t as perfectly put together as she seems, and Jughead isn’t as closed off and guarded as he seems. Both use writing as ways to deal with what’s happening all around them. They’ve become journalists, investigators, partners. Jughead’s allowed himself to be vulnerable with Betty because she’s opened up and confided and been vulnerable with him. Betty trusts Jughead with her family issues and the secrets they’ve uncovered. Lili Reinhart even said that they kiss they shared brought Betty such a moment of clarity that she was able to remember a crucial clue.

Betty and Jughead are so phenomenal together and it’s only been 6 episodes.

Wearing His Heart on His Sleeve / Jughead Jones

So this went in a ‘little’ bit of a different direction than what I wanted…it’s definitely not my best work but hopefully it’s still okay

Words: 1407

“Look at you all grown up and in love,” Archie teases with a smirk.

Jughead rolls his eyes, his grip on (Y/N) growing slightly tighter. “Whatever,” he mumbles. (Y/N) frowns and casts a look in her boyfriends direction, taking in his expression. 

She could easily see through his seemingly impassive face. Her hand subtly moves from the table to rest over his that was placed on her thigh. 

“Seriously,” Archie laughs, “it’s funny to see Jughead like this. It’s so unlike him.”

Veronica agrees eagerly with a nod, “Completely. But can they get any cuter though?” she asks, turning to the blond beside her. “It’s so obvious how in love they are. It’s written all over their faces.”

(Y/N) and Jughead had been a couple for only a few months but since the dark haired boy had announced their relationship to his friends he had been relentlessly teased. (Y/N) knew they meant no harm but Jughead found it unsettling at times. 

Betty offers them both an apologetic smile. She was the only one in the group who had caught on and understood how Jughead was feeling about their jokes. “Did you guys hear about-”

(Y/N) tunes out from the conversation, grateful for the distraction. “You okay?” she asks Jughead quietly as she squeezes his hand, not wanting to grab anyone else’s attention. 

He nods slightly, turning his hand under hers so he could entwine their fingers. “I guess.”

She frowns at his words, “You guess? That doesn’t sound too reassuring.”

Jughead smiles and brings their hands to his lips, pressing a soft kiss against the back of her hand. “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it,” he comments. 

(Y/N) only rolls her eyes, “Of course I’m going to worry,” she counters. “I want you to be happy,” she tells him.

“You make me happy,” he smiles. 

She wants to tell him how cheesy he sounds but his words make her heart skip a beat. “You’re an idiot,” she chuckles, using her other arm to wrap around his as she slides closer to him, pressing her side against his. 

“What are you two lovebirds mumbling about?” Archie announces, turning the conversation back to the couple opposite him. 

(Y/N) sticks her tongue out in response to him but Jughead’s smile was long gone as a frown fills his features. “Nothing you need to know,” she tells him. Jughead tries to loosen her hold of him but she only grips his arm tighter, shooting him a daring look. He sighs and falls back against the seat, taking her with him. 

“Did you two want to come with us?” Betty asks before taking a sip of the drink in front of her.

“Where to?” (Y/N) asks, completely lost.

“To Veronica’s place,” Archie informs them. 

(Y/N) looks up at Jughead to get a read on his thoughts. She gives him a kind smile and gently shakes her head as a reply to her friend. “Nah, I think we’ll stay here,” she says turning back to them.

Archie’s smirk returns as he wiggles his eyebrows which causes (Y/N) to chuckle. Sensing her boyfriends gaze she quickly smothers them by covering her hand over her mouth and tries to play them off as a cough.

“Alright then,” Veronica says, rising to her feet as she slides out of the booth. Betty follows her and moves to stand by her side. 

“We’ll see you later then,” Archie declares, finally getting up. “You two kiddies have fun,” he laughs, gripping Jughead’s shoulder as he walks by them before exiting. 

The two girls standing offer their goodbyes before following the redhead out of the diner. 

Jughead releases a groan and rests his head against his forearm that was across the table. “I’m so over this,” he mumbles.

(Y/N) smiles at her boyfriend and removes one of her arms from his to his back. She gently rubs comforting circles over his shirt and he soon releases a sigh of content.

“Why can’t it always be like this?”

“Like what?”

“Where it’s just you and me,” he says. “I would much prefer that a lot of the time.”

(Y/N) snorts at his words but nevertheless nods in agreement. “Sometimes I wish for the same thing.”

“Only sometimes?” he questions, peering up at her from the table.

She shrugs, “Other times I do enjoy their company a bit.”

Jughead scowls, “I’m not enjoying their company now.”

(Y/N) pokes his back to gain his attention once more, “If Archie’s really getting to you, just tell him to stop. You know he will, you just need to let him know that his words are bothering you.”

He shakes his head, “There’s no point. It will blow over.”

(Y/N) clicks her tongue, “That’s what you said last week, Jughead,” you say seriously. “You really should say something…you’re clearly not okay with it.”

“Maybe,” he sighs. She doesn’t say anything in reply, only continues to run her fingers along his back.

The couple weren’t that affectionate in public to begin with, but any sign of Jughead being remotely open about his feelings for (Y/N)-and Archie was there with some form of a comment or smirk. 

(Y/N) loved when he expressed himself and it made her upset that he was more reluctant to now around other people because of his friend. It made her more upset that he wasn’t being honest with Archie. She knew how the supposedly innocent banter was all in good fun-but she hated to see Jughead so tense around his friends.

“Come on,” she whispers finally, removing her hand off him.

“Where are we going?” he groans. 


Jughead moves back so he was sitting up and turns to face her. “Your place?” he questions, his forehead screwing up as his confusion fills his features. 

(Y/N) smiles and nods, reaching her hand out to stroke his cheek gently, “You ready to go?” 

Jughead pulls away so he could stand, he holds a hand out and (Y/N) takes it with a grin before guiding him out of the diner and towards her house. 

Entering the student lounge, (Y/N) let out a sigh of relief as she caught sight of her boyfriend standing against the wall. Without hesitation she makes her way to him and wraps her arms around him, hiding your face in his chest. 

Conversation around her faded but she didn’t pay attention. (Y/N) only wanted Jughead. His arms wound around her waist and he held her until she pulls back to look him in the face.

“You alright?” he asks, moving the hair out of her face.

(Y/N) shook her head, “I am going to fail,” she mumbles.

Jughead smiles softly and one of his hands moves up the length of her body until it rests on her shoulder, “I’m sure it wasn’t that bad. But if you need help I can go over the work with you.”

(Y/N) didn’t get to reply. Archie had spotted the pair as he entered the room and made his way towards them. “Morning you two,” he says. “And what is my favourite pair up to now?”

(Y/N) moves slightly, taking a step closer to her boyfriend who’s hands had dropped from her. “Nothing,” she smiles softly. “What’s up?”

Archie crosses his arms as he leans against the wall beside his dark haired friend. “Not much. Betty wanted me to ask you two if you wanted to join us outside.”

Jughead shakes his head, “We’re going to head over to the library,” he informs him. “We have some studying to do.”

“Studying, huh?”

The boy rolls his eyes, “Yes. Actual studying.”

“Alright then,” he says, his tone sounding as though he didn’t believe Jughead. “As you were then,” he smirks, pushing off the wall and moving away from them.

Jughead releases a sigh before wrapping an arm around (Y/N)’s shoulder, “If you think I’m actually going to study this…atrocity you are deeply mistaken, my love,” she declares. 

“I figured. But we will work on it soon. We can’t have you stressing over it.”

“Why did you tell Archie we’d be in the library then?”

He shrugs and pulls her closer to him again, resting his chin on her head as she too wraps her arms around him. 

Jughead rolls his eyes at his redheaded friend who sends a wink in his direction followed by a small smile, which expressed all the happiness and pride he had for his friends, before leaving the lounge. 

They were like fire and ice; complete opposites. He had an outgoing personality lighting up conversations like flames. She was an introvert; soft spoken and comfortable staying at home avoiding small talk. They loved each other nonetheless because even if they were completely different; they had the same heart for one another. They balanced out their strengths and became their weaknesses. Their connection was a love that could never burn out.
Warm Me Up ch. 38

*Note: if you can’t read the full thing, go to the OP. Mobile doesn’t show the read more link for some reason. 

Extra note: Everyone is free to stop reading any time they don’t feel comfortable :)

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Over the last couple of days, Nico hadn’t told Will many details about how his reunion with his father went. When Will got home, he found Nico listening to music, writing in his journal, his eyes puffy and bloodshot. Despite it, there had been a small smile playing on his lips and a kind of serenity in his eyes. He had looked at Will, smiled, then continued to write.

Will had showered and laid beside him, asking if he was okay, leaning against him as he wrote. He didn’t want to press if Nico didn’t want to talk. The best Will could deduce was that their talk had gone decently well.

Now, two days later, Nico seemed distracted as he walked around the house, mindlessly picking at small things- arranging the drapes, twisting the blinds open or shut a little, moving the salt and pepper from the table to the counter to the stove and back, and rearranging pillows or couch placements. Meanwhile, Will was catching up on Once Upon a Time. The most surprising thing had been the fact that Nico hadn’t snorted or made a sarcastic comment yet.  

Suddenly, Nico plopped down beside him. He didn’t say anything, but Will grabbed the remote and paused his show. Then he turned to Nico and raised an eyebrow. “What?” he asked.

Nico’s legs started bobbing up and down anxiously until he pulled them onto the couch and folded them beneath him to sit cross-legged. “I want to do something.”

Will furrowed his eyebrows. “Okay.”

Nico took a breath and began fidgeting his hands. “When I went with my dad, it was really awkward. Then we got back here, and I started arguing with him. There was… a lot of crying and yelling…. He apologized a lot.” Nico frowned and looked down. “I don’t know if I want to forgive him just yet. I feel like I have to figure out if he means it.” He glanced up with ebony, mysterious eyes right into Will’s soul, leaving him breathless. “I want him to meet you. As my boyfriend. And if he’s okay with it, I’ll start forgiving. I’ll let him try again. If not…. I don’t want him in my life.”

Will’s eyes widened and he twitched back in surprise. The reality of what Nico had said settled and left Will as anxious as Nico had been all day. He was going to meet Nico’s father?

“If you’re not comfortable, it’s okay,” Nico assured. “I just… I figured this was the best way to figure out if he truly wants to try to be a good dad for me.” He shrugged, eyes downcast, hands weaving together and coming apart nervously.

Slowly, Will lifted his boyfriend’s chin and smiled. “Okay,” he said with more strength and certainty than he felt. “I’ll meet him. When?”

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