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Dope Road-trip Playlist.

Side A

1. All Night Longer By Sammy Adams

2. Battle Scars By Lupe Fiasco Ft. Guy Sebastian

3. Beautiful By Eminem

4. Buzzin’ By Shwayze

5. College Humor by Mike Stud

6. Counting Stars by One Republic

7. Dark Blue by Jack’s Mannequin

8. Day N’ Nite By Kid Cudi

9. Demons by Imagine Dragons

10. Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia (Cover Alex G and friends)

11. Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift Ft. Ed Sheeran

12. Forever Unstoppable by Hot Chelle Rae

13. Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran

14. I Hate College by Sammy Adams

15. I Wish by Sammy Adams

16. If I lose Myself By One Republic

17. I’m Not Sorry by Mike Stud

18. Island In The Sun by Weezer

19. It’s Time by Imagine Dragons

20. Just A Dream by Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie

21. You Could Be My Girl by Shwayze & Cisco

Side B

1. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

2. L.A. Story by Sammy Adams Ft. Mike Posner

3. Love Is Overrated by Shwayze

4. Man On The Moon by Kid Cudi

5. Mind Your Manners by Chiddy Bang

6. The Monster by Eminem Ft. Rihanna

7. No Faith In Brooklyn by Hoodie Allen

8. No Interruption By Hoodie Allen

9. Opposite of Adults by Chiddy Bang

10. Past Gone by Mike Stud

11. Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi Ft. MGMT

12. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

13. Rap God by Eminem

14. Sail AWOLNATION (Feed Me Remix)

15. Slide by Goo Goo Dolls

16. Soundtrack To My Life by Kid Cudi

17. Story Of My Life by One Direction

18. Up, Up, & Away by Kid Cudi

19. Young, Wild, & Free by Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg

20. #1Nite By Cobra Starship

21. 22 by Taylor Swift

Yup. I think I’m ready to jam. [:


Some younger Idrisahs and Gillies from Runaway to the Stars.

They’ve been friends since childhood, Idrisah’s younger brother is Hard of Hearing and went to the same Deaf school as Gillie. Gillie was a really shy kid who got bullied a lot, Idrisah was a scrappy little thing who would drag Gillie out on adventures into the wildlands of their terraformed bubble. They’re sort of opposites now, as adults… Idrisah is more reserved and Gillie is mischievous and excitable.

They went to different colleges, both studying xenolinguistics, and then met back up as adults and decided to leave their homebubble together (because the political climate was getting more and more rotten.) The sappy little comic I drew is supposed to be their first kiss, they’re both about 20yo in it.

Once Upon a Time's Season 7 'Reset': Seven Burning Questions Answered

By Matt Webb Mitovich and Vlada Gelman / July 15 2017, 4:13 PM PDT

Once Upon a Time‘s mysterious Season 7 “reset” is a liiiitle bit less mysterious now, after the ABC series held court on Saturday at the D23 Expo in Anaheim.

Coming out of the May finale, all viewers knew was that everyone in Storybrooke (as well as the Evil Queen and Robin Hood) received a happy ending — after which the action leaped forward to “years later.” There, a storybook-toting young girl named Lucy trekked to Seattle to introduce herself to her father, a grown-up Henry, and urgently inform him, “Your family needs you.”

In the immediate wake of that jaw-dropper, the head of ABC teased at Upfronts that in Season 7, Hook, the Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin — played by the only returning series regulars, Colin O’Donoghue, Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle — “return but with new identities in a new city, facing a new curse” (plus, this bevy of cast additions.)

New identities? A new curse? And original series lead Jennifer Morrison back for just one episode? Did the happy endings not stick?? Here’s what series co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, plus cast member O’Donoghue, shared about Season 7, which will air this fall, Fridays at 8/7c.

* When asked if departing series regulars other than Morrison — who is set to reprise her role for one episode next season would return, Kitsis remarked “I would be disappointed if we didn’t” have them back, to which Horowitz said, “That means yes.”

* Addressing concerns that the show’s revamp will erase the happy endings that many of the characters got, Horowitz noted that “they weren’t so much happy endings as they were happy beginnings.” Season 7 is not “a complete reset or reboot. It’s a new chapter.” Kitsis then emphasized that they’re “not interested in erasing those six years or [making] people feel like they wasted six years.”

* New series regular Dania Ramirez is playing a “new” version of Cinderella, as shown in photos opposite Adult Henry (played by Andrew J. West). More on that here.

* Might Henry have a half-sibling? “We can’t say whether or not [Emma and Hook] have a child, but we can tell you we will answer that question in the beginning of the season,” Kitsis replied.

* “We meet [Hook] in new circumstances [in Seattle] in the premiere. In the second episode, we really delve into what happened to him,” Horowitz said, adding that “there’s a flashback story that explains a lot.”

* Although Hook is without his love, don’t expect him to embrace a new lady. “I think that Emma is absolutely Hook’s soulmate, as we saw,” Kitsis said. “The Hook that we all know and love, his eyes are only for Emma.”  Added Horowitz: “How could he look elsewhere?”

* As for whether Hook will go bad without Emma, “There’s always the danger of Hook returning to his villainous ways, but I think his good heart [stops] him from going all the way,” Kitsis reassured the audience.


anonymous asked:

I've read and heard stories about people who felt pressure to have a Relationship and kiss people and I must ask... Is that true? Do people in America feel obligated to find someone at 15?Like, I have seen an episode of ICarly where everyone laughed at Freddie because he never kissed anyone. Why can't people mind their own bissness? From I came from no one gives a shit about who you date with (or not) at this age

I actually remember seeing that ‘ICarly’ episode and that it annoyed me. The same went for an episode of ‘Skins’, where the main character made fun of his ‘friend’ be cause he was 17, I think, and was a virgin. And seemed to be obsessed with getting him laid. Like??? Mind you’re own damn business???

What magic land are you from, anon? I can only speak as an American but I think it may be similar in a few other western countries. But yeah, the pressure to have a romantic relationship is real, man! 

It’s kind of gross that we’re all seemingly conditioned to want romance from birth. When you’re a little kid, you can’t play with a child of the opposite sex without an adult saying that they must be your boy/girlfriend. Children’s programing always has the main character have a ‘secret’ crush on someone. Followed by several episodes where they try to awkwardly romance or impress them. Teen programs are practically nothing but romantic and sex drama. Then ‘adult’ shows…Ugh, let’s not even get started. Books, movies, and advertisements aren’t any better, either. The going idea still being that ‘sex sells’ (even though it doesn’t, really), and that everything needs a forced romantic sub-plot. 

The impact of media on children cannot be denied. Kids want to mimic what they see in media. They want to be what is perceive as ‘normal’. I remember being 10 years old and friends would talk about having boyfriends and ‘going out’. As a teen, I’d hear about fights over boys/girls, and cheating, and who kissed who, and see people crying over their ‘One true LOVE’. If you didn’t at least kiss someone by the time you were 18, you were a prude, you might as well be an old cat lady or forever stuck in childhood limbo. :/

Not to mention some parents and media, who pressure people in their 20s-30s to get married and have kids before they’re in their 40s. It’s a very annoying “American Dream” type of timeline that people assume everyone wants. 

Is it any wonder that so many aspecs/arospecs feel like they’re broken?

On a more optimistic note, with newer generations and more ‘untraditional’ lifestyles, the idea that romance is everything is slowly (sloooooowly) changing. Fewer people feel the need to get married or have kids by a certain time and are focusing on other things. So that’s…something.

Sorry for the rant.

Mod Britt <3

Swamp Sounds aka FROGS PLAYLIST 2K16

Congrats to @rushingsnowy for winning my 500 follower giveaway! As requested, here’s a platonic Frogs playlist. This is my idea of what might be on a collaborative playlist that all the Frogs share, and I had a delightful time making it. It’s at least 1/3 chirps. Please share with me who you think added which songs. Track list below the read more. 

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~How to Date a Hockey Player~
  • Memorize all the lyrics to Opposite of adults, all of them
  • he’s always gonna be a bigger beauty than you sry I don’t make the rules!
  • memorize the entire scripts Miracle
  • a g a i n 
  • eat approx 27 pucks per day wash it down w gatorade 
  • tell mommy Im sorry this life is a ~party~ I’m never growing up!!!
  • hit em w the 4
  • be a bender
  • not like that
  • accept you’ll always be the second to his bro™
  • PROMISE to name ur first born Connor Auston McMathews
  • kno all choreography to the dangle snipe celly
  • if you’re not missing your teeth ur a bitch 
  • fight EVERYONE 
  • hockey is just a social construct of the mind
  • worship sitney crossbar
Toronto Maple Messes & Me: A Love Story

So…the Leafs did a thing. You know, the thing that we were too scared to even say because, yes I love my team, and I believe in them, but they’re the Leafs. I have trust issues, okay? But because they did the thing, I can finally say, THEY ARE GOING TO FUCKING PLAYOFFS BABY!!!

I am a newly minted hockey fan. I knew giants played on frozen water, with knives tied to their shoes but I knew next to nothing about the sport itself. Then one day, for whatever reason, my youtube decides I should watch a video from one Steve Dangle. This was about a week before the World Cup of Hockey started, and Steve was talking about why he couldn’t root for Canada as they were the Goliath of Hockey, compared to (my forever and ever team, amen) Team North America, and the slightly insane person in me recognized a fellow lost cause, I guess. So I looked up the schedules and read a little bit about what Team North America was (Canada exists? And so does USA? But Team North America ALSO exists? Why? Who? What?). Fast forward to the first WCH Team NA game against Finland, and these little shits come out with guns blazing. And their goal song….the gimmick team, the one that was going to get schooled by all the Vets…these fuckers decided to play “Opposite of Adults” as their goal song, and I fucking fell, and fell hard. For the team, for the players, but most of all, for the game. The speed, the skill, the strategy, the beauty of every pass, every goal, the cellys, the heart palpitations and the emotional outbursts. I experienced every range of emotions while I watched the game, and I was hooked.

And to a girl who didn’t have any friends or family who were into any sports, let alone hockey, watching a guy on the screen scream back at me every single thought I had while I watched the game, was strangely enthralling. For a while back then, it was the only way to “share” the joy that this game was giving me, and that translated into me being tricked into rooting for Toronto Maple Leafs (Thanks, Steve!).

And my god, what a trip this has been! From the 4 goals by Auston Matthews in his first NHL game, to Mitch’s stunning first goal at the ACC, to Nylander’s dirty fucking snipes, to Hyman’s short handed goals, to Downtown Connor Brown’s amazing amazing season, to Zaits saving the team and my ass every single night, to Sosh’s chippy, fighty plays, to Kappy’s fashionably late, yet absolutely timely fucking first NHL goal. An absolutely ridiculous rookie crop! They broke so many records that the entirety of hockey media had a hard time keeping up with them. When else will you be able to experience such a team again? And I got to do it in the first fucking hockey season of my life. Talk about good fucking timing!

And the Vets were no less, of course. Naz, JVR, Bozie all having career years. Marty, Boyle and Leo, pitching in when needed and keeping the team afloat. Mo (Captain My Captain) jumping in like superman and making those saves. Gards, for all my threats to beat him with fishes, had some brilliant OT winners without which we wouldn’t be where we are. Connor fight me Carrick, with just relentless defense, tiring the other teams out. Hunlak, for as much shit as they catch, had some amazing moments towards the latter half of the season as well. And of course, Marchenko with that goal against his old team proving that it’s not just ex-Leafs that get that chance. Marincin, filling the defensive gap when needed. Leivo, taking every measly chance he was given to help this team out, and prove why he belongs on the team. And Fehr, of course, giving us a fehr chance against CBJ, maybe winning us that game, even.

And last but by no means least, Andersen and McElhinney. By his own team’s admittance, Freddie has been the heart and soul of the team, and I have no doubt that they wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for how absolutely amazing Freddie had been this season. Goaltending, so many times, is such a thankless job. You don’t get the recognition you deserve sometimes when your team keeps winning, but as soon as the tide turns, the entire focus is on you, but Freddie faced that challenge and fucking stared it down, and in the process won all our hearts. And Mac, put in so many challenging situations, called to relieve Freddie twice, during make or break games, asked to start in games that could have sunk us, and coming through for the team.

This was a team that wasn’t even in the conversation for playoffs when the season started. They defied expectations, they fought tooth and nail to get where they are, and I for one, am so so proud to be a fan of this team. And I cannot ever express how wonderful and lucky I feel to be a part of this amazing season that this team has had. This, I firmly believe, is once in a lifetime experience, and I am terribly glad I got to experience it first hand. No matter what happens in the playoffs, I am proud to calling this mess of a team mine.

PS: Callout to all the Leafs GC gang and the friends on tumblr for giving me someone to scream with, and making the experience that much more amazing and memorable!

70 songs for 7 days on the road. A mix inspired by and curated for 7 Days On The Road. Check out what they’re doing [x] 


01. Alive - Empire On The Sun // 02. Monogamy - Cherub // 03. All Night - Icona Pop // 04. Two Weeks - FKA Twigs // 05. Your Graduation - Modern Baseball // 06. My House - Pvris // 07. Hunger - Sam Sure // 08. Only One - Sammy Adams // 09. Weekend - Priory // 10. The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy // 11. Satellite - Mew // 12. Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) - AWOLNATION // 13. Pass Me By - R5 // 14. Gold - Imagine Dragons // 15. Ride - Twenty One Pilots // 16. bodyache - Purity Ring // 17. Santa Monica - Everclear // 18. A.D.H.D - Kendrick Lamar // 19. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant // 20. Miles Away - The Maine // 21. Fitzpleasure - Alt-J // 22. Maya - We’re No Heroes // 23. Right Here - The Story So Far // 24. Treat Me Right - Keys N Krates // 25. The Taste Of Ink - The Used // 26. Kisser - Step Rockets // 27. Anthem - zebrahead // 28. Young Blood - The Naked And Famous // 29. Erase Me - Kid Cudi // 30. Little Games - The Colourist // 31. My Number - Foals // 32. Tightrope - Walk The Moon // 33. Wild And Young - American Bang // 34. Cinema - Benny Benassi // 35. California - Radical Something // 36. Let’s Go - Cartel // 37. Cheerleader - OMI // 38. The Hills - The Weeknd // 39. Robbers - The 1975 // 40. Simple Life - Casey Abrams // 41. Nonsense - Madeon // 42. Dreaming - Smallpools // 43. Time Of Your Life - Kid Ink // 44. Sun Shy - Dresses // 45. Knee Socks - Arctic Monkeys // 46. Floats My Boat - Aer // 47. Young Hearts - Strange Talk // 48. Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind // 49. Vagabond - Wolfmother // 50. Lay Me Down - Dirty Heads // 51. My Heroine - The Maine // 52. Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls) - Foster The People // 53. Love Is All I Got - Feed Me // 54. Riptide - Vance Joy // 55. No Interruption - Hoodie Allen // 56. Elevate - St. Lucia // 57. Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood // 58. Nine In The Afternoon - Panic! At The Disco // 59. Harlem - New Politics // 60. Stars (Hold On) - Youngblood Hawke // 61. Fast In My Car - Paramore // 62. Haven’t Had Enough - Marianas Trench // 63. Fine China - Chris Brown // 64. Higher - Parachute // 65. Lady Killers - G-Eazy // 66. Welcome To The Sky - Slow Kids At Play // 67. Beware The Dog - The Griswolds // 68. Summer Paradise - Simple Plan // 69. Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard // 70. Opposite Of Adults - Chiddy Bang

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this life is a party, i’m never growing up: songs about ot5 part 2 (part 1) - click each boy’s name to listen


moonlight - ariana grande ✌️ me too - meghan trainor ✌️ i lied - fifth harmony ✌️  walking in the wind - one direction ✌️ red - taylor swift ✌️  they just don’t know you - little mix ✌️ where did the party go? - fall out boy ✌️ memories - panic! at the disco ✌️ tonight you’re perfect - new politics ✌️ jesus christ - brand new ✌️ far too young to die - panic! at the disco ✌️ toothbrush - dnce ✌️


dope - fifth harmony 💕 everyday - ariana grande + future 💕 can’t stop the feeling - justin timberlake 💕 what a feeling - one direction 💕 nothing feels like you - little mix 💕 death valley - fall out boy 💕 into you - ariana grande 💕 river - bishop 💕 opposite of adults - chiddy bang 💕 snapbacks and tattoos - driicky graham 💕 fool for you - zayn 💕 stuck on you - new politics 💕 seventeen - alessia cara 💕


lush life - zara larsson 🎆 magic - one direction 🎆 costa rica - vince vaccarro 🎆 oh my love - the score 🎆 starlight - taylor swift 🎆 thinking bout you - ariana grande 🎆 grown - little mix 🎆 harlem - new politics 🎆 proof - paramore 🎆 avalanche - walk the 🎆 the life - fifth harmony 🎆 golden - zayn 🎆 i took a pill in ibiza - mike posner 🎆


thunder clatter - wild cub 🍑 rear view - zayn 🍑 fourth of july - fall out boy 🍑 when the day met the night - panic! at the disco 🍑 wiggle - jason derulo + snoop dogg 🍑 home - one direction 🍑 clique - kanye west + big sean 🍑 sic transit gloria…glory fades - brand new 🍑 twin skeletons (hotel in nyc) - fall out boy 🍑 do something good - zayn 🍑


superlove - charli xcx 🌈 milf $ - fergie 🌈 wild - troye sivan 🌈 american money - børns  🌈 just a lil thick - trinidad james 🌈 alone together - fall out boy 🌈 wild things - alessia cara 🌈 irresistible - one direction 🌈 holy ground - taylor swift 🌈 kaleidoscope eyes - panic! at the disco 🌈 jenny - walk the moon 🌈 riptide - vance joy 🌈 black magic - little mix 🌈 7/11 - beyoncé 🌈

The one thing i never thought I’d experience after coming out as lesbian at work was the amount of male coworkers who suddenly wanted to be friends with me. I get along great with men, always have, so this was an excellent turn of events. None of them have ever made me uncomfortable by questioning my sexuality. These men are respectful, kind, and genuinely fun to be around. But i know they never would’ve sought my friendship if they thought i was straight – or if they would, it would’ve taken much longer. It’s obvious they trust me because I’m gay – because I can see them for who they are, on practically an equal playing field. I don’t expect anything from them. They’re emotional around me, they’re affectionate around me. They’re softer, their walls come down.

Just like women are caught in this trap of compulsory heterosexuality, men are trapped in their toxic masculinity where they are wary of getting close to women who may expect something sexual from them. Men don’t dislike the concept of female friends, they just are taught to be a different version of themselves around straight/bi women than they are around gay women or straight men. That pressure must be overwhelming, so much so that many men don’t see the point of maintaining female friendships – and i don’t blame them. But you see, the genders, the sexes, aren’t the problem when it comes to friendship – It’s the expectations that come along side entering into that social contract, expectations shoved down your throat by your friends, family, the media, and literally everyone you ever encounter. Preschool children do not have trouble making friends of the opposite sex. Only adults have trouble with that.

List of songs that most people recognize and could be looking for but don’t know the name:

Alt J - Breezeblocks
MGMT - Kids
Chiddy Bang - Opposite Of Adults
Flume - Insane (featuring Moon Holiday)
M83 - Midnight City
Woodkid - Run Boy Run
Rjd2 - Ghostwriter
Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive
I Monster - Daydream In Blue
Chase And Status - Blind Faith (featuring Liam Bailey)
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra - Kiss The Sky
M83 - Outro
Woodkid - Iron
Pixies - Where Is My Mind
Gary Jules - Mad World
Plan B - She Said
Chase And Status - End Credits
Jay - Z x Kanye West - No Church In The Wild
Stromae - Papaoutai
Childish Gambino - Heartbeat
Rizzle Kicks - Skip To The Good Bit (Mainly UK People Will Be Looking For This One)
Jai Paul - Btstu
Coolio - Gangstas Paradise
Rizzle Kicks - Miss Cigarette
Disclosure - You & Me (Flume Remix)
The Verve - The Bitter Sweet Symphony
The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
Edward Maya - Stereo Love
Kanye West - Power

Feel free to add your own. Perhaps if they’re extremely noteworthy I’ll make an edit section to this comment. Also, if there’s a song you’re struggling to find, perhaps try describing it and I’ll see if I can help you out.

—  YouTube

Era la tercera vez que revisaba su teléfono móvil buscando indicios de algún mensaje sobre los gemelos que los hiciera dar vuelta atrás y tenerse que evitar aquella reunión, si había estado entusiasmada cuando la invitación había llegado ahora estaba lejos de estarlo, no le gustaba recordar sus días de preparatoria mucho menos aquellos recuerdos que rondaban por los pasillos. “Los niños estarán bien sin ti por una noche, tranquila.” Escuchó a su esposo decir mientras apretada su mano sutilmente tratando de confortarla lo que ocasionó que la fémina le dedicará una débil sonrisa, no era eso lo que la atormentaba pero él no tenía idea de lo que pasaba por su mente. 

Una vez que llegaron donde se estaba realizando el evento se adentraron al salón saludando de inmediato a todos sus compañeros, sonrisas, cumplidos y preguntas acerca de la vida de cada uno fueron pronunciados durante las conversaciones que sostenía, querían saber sobre su trabajo, sus hijos y uno que otro sorprendido cuando se percataban que estaba casada con Richard y callando abruptamente cuando estaban a punto de pronunciar un tema que tocaba aún sus fibras sensibles. Su marido se había quedado hablando con sus viejos amigos y ella tratando de liberarse de un grupo de mujeres que nunca habían sido de su total agrado fue en busca de una bebida fuerte si quería seguir soportando el resto de la noche. En su camino alguien la llamó por su nombre provocando que al momento de voltearse curiosa de saber de quién se trataba su anatomía impactó contra otra, inmediatamente se volteó para pedir un disculpa pero lo que sus irises observaron ocasionó que su ritmo cardíaco aumentara y su respiración se entrecortara antes las desconocidas pero a la vez tan familiares facciones masculinas. “Daniel.” Acarició aquel nombre en su lengua como si su mayor secreto fuera dicho.                                                                                            ⊰ @lostxstcrs⊱