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Okay, question. Before following you, I hadn't even HEARD of animorphs. And I see it a lot from you. What is it?!

Animorphs is the story of five ordinary teenagers who discover that aliens invading their planet. They meet an alien from a race that opposes the invaders who gives them the ability to shapeshift into animals to fight the invaders and protect their planet. Cue wacky hijinks and cool animal shapeshifting and awesome space adventures!

Except not. Animorphs takes the whole ‘teen superheroes get up, go to school, save the world’ trope and deconstructs it HARD. The kids aren’t even close to equipped to deal with this war; the enemy is huge, powerful, and ruthless. Super-healing comes as a happy side effect of their shapeshifting, which is a good thing because they get into physical combat a LOT and are constantly being disembowelled and having limbs ripped off and soforth. Also, the invaders are body-snatchers, who climb into the heads of their victims and control them utterly, being privy to their every thought and memory, meaning that all the ‘enemies’ whose throats the kids rip out in battle are in fact innocent slaves. One of the kids finds out almost immediately that his older brother, who he loves and respects, is a helpless slave of the enemy, living a nightmare in his own head — and who would kill his little brother without hesitation if he ever found out who he was. The bad guys use the kids’ high school and the local boy-scout-esque community group as tools of manipulation and recruitment, meaning that the kids are surrounded constantly not only by enemies but by innocents being led straight to the enemy and they can’t do a damn thing but watch it happen. A main character tries to commit suicide in book 3 and I think the PTSD nightmares start about book 5. The kids can’t tell their parents why they wake up screaming, of course, any more than they can hug them and tell them they love them right before going into a deadly battle — their parents might be under the control of the enemy, and could kill them at any moment.

As the series goes on, the war gets more complicated. The violent, knife-covered alien footsoldiers the kids are constantly fighting in battle aren’t so violent. The bad guys aren’t so bad. The good guys aren’t so good. And these kids, who are thirteen when this all starts, have to figure that out, because there’s nobody else to do it. Is it okay to use biochemical warfare against the enemy? Is it okay to keep fighting and kill innocents in defense of other innocence? Is it alright to use drugs against the enemy, even if the side effects have negative consequences for their slaves? The Big Bad has a habit of decapitating henchmen who fail, and the Animorphs sometimes need to work against their leader’s enslaved brother… what if the Big Bad kills him? Can they back off, sell out part of the human race just to protect a human they happen to know and love? Eventually, a resistance movement develops among the body snatchers and some of them refuse to take unwilling hosts and will only inhabit volunteers — but where’s the line between free consent and coercion when you’re trapped between opposing forces in a war, when your family is in danger? 

Despite having six main characters (they pick up an alien to join them shortly into the story), the protagonists are as well developed as the grey areas they fight in. The character development is amazing as you watch the war break them all in different ways. The charismatic kid who is nominated leader mostly because he has no glaring flaws prohibiting him from the job has no choice but to take it seriously, and can’t show weakness or fear, so he lets nobody help him as he slowly breaks inside and starts treating people like pawns. The clear-sighted realist and head strategist who deals with tragedy with humour, using jokes and sarcasm to hold the team together and give them roles to hold onto, who gets better and better at planning until he realises that the plans and outcomes are all that matters to him even if they involve the death of people he loves… and thinks of this as a good thing. The brash bombshell with more courage than anyone, who shields her friends with her strength and her body and leaving nobody to shield her, who deals with her fear by doing her job until the anger and rage and violence is all that’s left. The philosophising environmentalist, who entered the war as a force of nature nominated to save her planet and has to compromise on line after line until she doesn’t even know how to protect her friends any more. The neglected orphan with no connection to any human being, who finds friends in the fight and fights for them, not humanity… knowing that when it’s over, he’ll have nothing. The alien cadet who just wants to go home and somehow ended up with the honour of his famous brother and the fate of a planet on his shoulders, who tried to operate under his own people’s laws and moral code in a completely different world. 

It’s really good, basically. And it’s been released online for free here: http://animorphsforum.com/ebooks/

Enough Pressure

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This is one of three fics I will be submitting for @sherrybaby14​ ‘s SherryBaby’s 2k Villain Challenge. The prompt used for this fic was quote 13, ’When a sinister person means to be your enemy, they always start by trying to become your friend’.

Summary: You know how dangerous Peter is. You know what he’s capable of. Still, you can’t control the way he makes your body feels. But you can repress the feelings… at least you think you can.

Pairings: Peter/You

Warnings: Smut. Language. A lil’ bit of breath play. A lil’ bit of blood play. Biting. Blood. Claws and fangs.


Your friends despised him. No one trusted him, let alone liked him. He’d proven time and time again that he couldn’t be trusted. He was selfish, self-serving, conniving and sinister. A killer, someone who wasn’t opposed to mind tricks and traps, not opposed to playing with delicate feelings in order to get what he wants. He was the closest thing to evil you’d ever come across.

You’d heard once that when a sinister person means to be your enemy, they always start by trying to become your friend. Yet, despite the warning, you still found yourself drawn to the beast.

Part of you hoped and prayed that your kind nature and guiding hand would lead him from his ways and help him become a person worthy of your affections. The other part of you relished in the subtle and dangerous bond you and the former Alpha shared.

Peter Hale.

Even his name sent a shiver down your spine, sending pleasant feelings down to your core as you recalled each and every time you’d allowed yourself to play on the edge of that dangerous bond.

Due to your packs feelings you’d tried your best to steer clear of any and all reckless behaviour. You never let yourself fall into your desires and temptations. You fought to keep what little control you had over your human needs and wants.

But if something is put under enough pressure, it’s bound to break.

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oops it’s been two months and i forgot tumblr existed! what’s good!

i had pneumonia for seven weeks but have returned from the brink of death and am finally having lots of fun in japan, as opposed to being trapped in my apartment (oh man it’s almost like you could make a joke about my being stuck at home! please don’t) wheezing for oxygen, sustained only by rice and pocari sweat. 

i know some of you wanted to know when my japan blog went live, and i’ve got it linked in my sidebar if you want to check it out! there’s only one post, because pneumonia, but i’ve got like five more to be finalized when i stop enjoying the novelty of being able to walk outside, and breathe through my nose, and not fear suffocating to death alone in my house during a paroxysmal tantrum. if you’re following me on ig, you’ve already seen a preview of things yet to come, but i’ll get everything properly documented shortly! i’ve got so much to share. life is great, you guys. life is really great. 

I am doing quite a bit better - it was nice to have some relaxation time! Thank you so much for asking and of course you can request this! I’m actually really excited to do an outline scenario just to see if it ends up being something you guys enjoy reading (since they’re a lot simpler to do than actual scenarios and, if you guys like them, are something I might add to my regular rotation of accepted requests)! 

  • It would be Mina who had originally decided on hosting the party and you couldn’t turn her down. Her enthusiasm was just too catching. Todoroki hadn’t been planning on coming but he hadn’t been able to find a way to politely decline and had ended up coming. 
  • Likewise, it had been Mina and Hagakure together that had come up with the idea to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. There had been a lot of opposition - Momo had put up quite a fight, sure she’d end up with Mineta in the closet with her and Bakugou was vehemently opposed to being trapped inside a closet with anyone at all. However, they not only eventually wore everyone down but also got them to agree to a twist on Seven Minutes in Heaven that Mineta came up with - segregating the girls and the boys in separate rooms, blindfolding one of each group and having them lead to the closet so that nobody knew who they were getting stuck with. Nobody knows how they managed it but they did. 
  • It was funny when it first started. You got a kick out of everyone going into the closet and seeing how fast some of them came bolting out, wondering with the other girls on whether the couples were actually kissing in the closet or not and gossiping about who you hoped you’d get in the closet. You had kept your mouth shut on that one, not willing to admit to your crush on Todoroki. Everyone else in the class liked him and you didn’t want to feel like you were competing against any of your friends.
  • It became distinctly less funny though when the number of girls who had gone in kept dwindling and you knew your turn was coming up. The girls who had come out of the closet weren’t even allowed to tell you guys who they’d been in the closet with until the game was over and done with so that nobody knew who was left. You were going in there truly blind and your mind was racing and your heart was starting to beat uncomfortably hard and fast by the time there was only you and Jirou left to go into the closet.
  • You couldn’t even giggle or reply as the girls speculated about who Jirou had in the closet with her and whether she would kiss them. You couldn’t laugh, even hollowly, when they started teasing you about how you were next to go. Your hands balled into fists and your face was red as Jirou re-entered the room. You let Asui tie the blindfold around your eyes though and let her walk you to the closet - she’d been the most trustworthy person to let walk people there or so you’d all decided at the beginning.
  • You’d expected to be able to see at least a little bit of light through the blindfold, just enough to give you a hint of who was in there with you but it wasn’t like that at all. You’d never known such complete darkness before and it was a little overwhelming. You heard the door slam and vaguely felt someone else in there.
  • You moved, trying to figure out the dimensions of the closet only to step on a foot, to hit a warm body and you let out a little gasp that, though not loud at all, seemed to echo around the tiny closet. You were quickly caught in a pair of arms and steadied, even as the person stepped back a bit, muttering a sharp ‘ouch’. You muttered out an apology quickly, once, twice even until they reassured you it was fine. The voice was so familiar and you thought you knew who it was…but no. No, you couldn’t hope.
  • Your name came out in that voice though and you nodded, realizing only a second too late that they probably couldn’t see you. You felt the hands tighten a bit and now it was your turn to get your feet stepped on. You swore softly and backed up, apologizing again, his ‘sorry’ overlapping with yours.
  • “This is so stupid. We’re just going to end up hurting each other’, you heard him say, followed by a rustle of cloth. Oh, the places your mind went. Your mind quieted a second later though as the rustle of cloth repeated and you found the blindfold yanked off your eyes, leaving your staring into the hetero-chromatic gaze of Todoroki. You protested, stating it was against the rules of the game, though your protests held no real weight - you both knew you didn’t mean them and you found the logic in him taking them off. He promised you’d both replace them when you heard people coming and that way nobody would be any wiser and nobody’s toes would end up broken.
  • Awkward silence descended for a couple of minutes before you looked up at him to see him looking down at you. You both looked away rather quickly, both wondering the same thing - should you kiss? Did you want to kiss him? Did he want to kiss you? Neither of you knew and you just kind of flirted with your eyes, silence stretching.
  • You caught your bravery first. Even if it turned out he didn’t like you, at least you could laugh it off as just being in the spirit of the game if a rejection came your way. You lurched forward a little awkwardly, his arms coming up to hold onto your arms as your lips brushed against his. It was a short kiss but you’d never forget the feeling, the mingling of warm and cold, the soft but chapped feeling of his lips.
  • He was glad to hear footsteps after that, hastily helping you put on your blindfold again so that you couldn’t see his blush. He just hoped nobody else called him out on it when you both returned to the party.
Deformation of the Bonsai, Part Two

Title: Deformation of the Bonsai (Part Two)

Pairing: None, Todoroki Shouto-centric

Rating: PG

Word Count: ~1,800

Summary: Todoroki Shouto, growing up and growing angry. Having one’s quirk come in isn’t always easy, either

Author’s notes: Many thanks to my best friend @auspiciouswhiskers, for betaing for me and encouraging me to post. This wouldn’t be here without that support!

Chapter One.

Also on Ao3.

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Anonymous asked: did you ever write Destiel with 7 minutes in heaven? (high school au, if that’s ok)

Author’s note: I have now. ;) 

Castiel was still undecided whether he was currently in the middle of his wildest fantasy, or in the middle of his worst nightmare. He winced as the door of the untidy closet was closed with a loud smack.

Coming to this party had been a stupid move, and participating in this silly game had been an even worse decision. If Meg hadn’t dragged him here, Castiel would have been at home right now, either studying or watching TV. But instead he was here, locked up in a closet with none other than Dean Winchester.

The pros; Dean was the hottest guy in school, the guy that everyone wanted. And ‘everyone’ most definitely included Castiel. It was clear as day that Dean was handsome, smart, and good at sports. Hence the reason Castiel wasn’t entirely opposed to being trapped in a dark closet with the guy.

The cons? Whereas Dean was Mister Popular, Castiel was Mister Average, therefore he couldn’t help but assume that Dean was probably deeply disappointed that the bottle had landed on Castiel of all people.

Castiel swallowed the lump in his throat as he stared into Dean’s extraordinary eyes. Those eyes were the only thing he could actually see in the dimly lit closet, and they were positively hypnotizing. Castiel felt like a deer caught in the headlights, stuck between not being able to move and getting ready to flee. It was oddly silent inside the confined space, the chatter and laughter of their classmates nothing but a distant hum.

“Look, I’m sorry, Dean.” Castiel began, his voice trembling. “I’m sure this wasn’t what you had in mind and-“

One of Dean’s hands was firmly pressing against Castiel’s mouth all of the sudden, effectively preventing him from spitting out more word-vomit.

“You’re right, this wasn’t what I had planned.” Dean said, still not removing his hand from Castiel’s mouth. “I’m supposedly stuck in heaven, with a cute guy, who’s named after an angel, and looks like an angel… And so my plan was kissing, not talking. Yet here we are, talking instead of doing unholy things.”

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I dont know if i want to laugh or cry over that article like "Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are fundamentally different people. With contrasting viewpoints and ideologies, Cap and Iron Man wont need much convincing to fight each other." like. how do we tell the writers that people can be different without wanting to murder each other. how to we break it to them that their excuses for making a movie where superheroes fight is shallow af. hOW DO WE EXPLAIN THAT THE MCU IS NOT READY FOR THIS PLOTLINE

i know right. @marvel why did u ever think this was a good idea. how is ‘tony vs. steve’ not been exhausted for the past 8 years already.

the trend of ‘tony vs. steve’ is suCH A SMALL PART OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP and who they are. even magneto and professor x, the two characters most famous for being diametrically opposed and trapped in a war of beliefs, hAD AN ENTIRE MOVIE OF THEM BEING SUPER GAY AND OTP-WORTHY.

like. how do you look at tony and steve – married in an alternate universe where tony is a woman, have sacrificed their lives for each other on multiple occasions, are two of the founding members of the avengers and the default leaders of any lineup they’ve ever been on, “so steve rogers would be the mother and tony stark would be the father” “or vice versa” – and come away with ‘yeah they’re just sUCH DIFFERENT PEOPLE IT WOULD NEVER WORK OUT’

i almost can’t believe we live in a world where marvel’s most famous superheroes who’ve been best friends for decades are going to be pitted against each other for the 1373958th time. but then again i CAN. bc money. bc hype. bc drama. bc dcu is making superman vs. batman so ofc the only option mcu had was to make their two biggest superheroes go to war.