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Keith Ellison isn’t an anti-Semite. He’s the victim of a vicious smear.
Perpetuating malicious attacks against Ellison is tantamount to collaborating with Trump.

Which is the more bitter irony: That the Anti-Defamation League’s specialty should have become defamation, or that its latest target, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), should be among the country’s most important opponents of political anti-Semitism?

Ellison, the first Muslim member of Congress and a prominent Bernie Sanders supporter, is now a leading candidate for chairman of the Democratic National Committee. However, since he is also a measured critic of U.S. support for Israel’s occupation of Palestine, he has fallen victim to the same accusations of anti-Semitism that the ADL has promiscuously dispensed in recent years.

It all happened so suddenly. Two weeks ago, the ADL’s national director Jonathan Greenblatt regarded Ellison as “a man of good character” in emailed remarks to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Now, per an official ADL release, Ellison’s views on the Israel-Palestine conflict are “both deeply disturbing and disqualifying.” What changed? Greenblatt claims the U-turn happened when he became aware of a 36-second clip of taped remarks Ellison made to supporters in 2010. “The United States foreign policy in the Middle East is governed by what is good or bad through a country of 7 million people,” said Ellison on that occasion. “A region of 350 million all turns on a country of 7 million. Does that make sense?”

Jews cannot abide positions like Ellison’s, according to Greenblatt’s statement: “His words raise the specter of age-old stereotypes about Jewish control of our government, a poisonous myth that may persist in parts of the world where intolerance thrives, but that has no place in open societies like the U.S.” Per Greenblatt, Ellison’s remarks raise concerns over whether he could “represent the Democratic Party’s traditional support for a strong and secure Israel.”

But Ellison’s statement was a small clip intentionally taken out of context by Steven Emerson of The Investigative Project on Terrorism, a self-proclaimed expert who claims, among other odious lies, that the Obama administration is in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood. For his efforts, Emerson has earned a spot on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of anti-Muslim extremists, an indicator that one shouldn’t trust his video editing choices. Indeed, when listened to in full, the tape the ADL so strenuously objected to reveals Ellison to have been advising a group of Muslim Americans on how to organize better for political change, despite being a relatively small population, much like American Jews.

What about Ellison’s ability to represent a traditional Democratic position on Israel? In reality, Ellison’s political attitudes toward Israel are no different than that of his party. That some 60 percent of Democrats favor imposing sanctions or other penalties on Israel due to the nation’s occupation of Palestine and 51 percent favor the establishment of a Palestinian state would mean, by Greenblatt’s calculus, that the majority of Democrats hate Jews. But other Jews don’t read Ellison’s comments the way the ADL chose to, and, though his record bespeaks it perfectly well, Ellison has since emphasized that his politics are about “respecting differences, rejecting all forms of racism and anti-Semitism” and “organizing together for economic justice for everyone.”

The mode of condemning legitimate political opinions as affronts to Judaism, which had grown familiar to the point of dreariness before the election, is freshly outrageous in the age of Trump. Even the penchant the president-elect himself has for flagrant anti-Semitism is somehow eclipsed by the record of his chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Under Bannon’s management, Breitbart News became the primary propaganda outlet for ultra-right xenophobic populism, a political niche whose discourse is riddled with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and so his elevation was met with glee from the KKK, American Nazi Party, and other white supremacist groups. Though the ADL rightly condemned Bannon for featuring racist and sexist material at Breitbart, it was careful explicitly to acquit him personally of the offense that makes Ellison a “deeply disturbing” candidate: anti-Semitism.

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Made the mistake of taking a nostalgia trip through the Cullen/Inquisitor tag on AO3 tonight. 

For the life of me, I will never understand why some people seem to think that Cullen would react to being dumped for another man or cheated on by trailing along like an endlessly supportive puppy, composing mental sonnets and begging for scraps of affection. 

As opposed to, say, getting drunk, burying himself in work, beating the shit out of ten different practice dummies, and emotionally detaching so hard and so fast that the Inquisitor would get frostbite.  

Emotional Support And Self Esteem Booster Robot Cullen is probably a cathartic character to write about, but he is not a very interesting one to read about. 

My granny used to bring me Casper the Friendly Ghost comics … I guess we had TV21 and Thunderbirds and the Frank Bellamy drawings and Doctor Who in TV Action and TV  Comic. That was more what I looked at as opposed to American comic books.
—  Peter on his childhood exposure to comics. (SFX)

It confuses me why people are saying that Otabek is a more age appropriate option for Yurio as a love interest, as opposed to JJ. I mean let’s look at it in context Otabek is 18, JJ is 19 and Yurio is still only 15. That’s a one year age diffetence, which is nothing. They’re still both legal adults while Yurio is a minor.

Personally I think you should ship who you wanna ship, but I find the hypocritical nature of shippers is hilarious.

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Do you happen to have a favorite Silm character? Just wondering because i suppose it feels difficult to tell who you like and dislike based on your tags and comments. They're sometimes contradictory.

For the contradictoriness, well, I don’t know what to say about that, except that there are almost zero Silmarillion characters I actively dislike. I mean, I’m very defensive and protective of certain characters’ extremely justified and well-deserved right to despise some characters I love; and and there are certain characters I love but who I know I would hate IRL, and there are some characters where I love them despite disliking a number of things about how they are written. But I’m blanking on characters I actually dislike, as opposed to simply “no interest in trying to defend what they did” or “wish I had a better handle on them.” All I’m coming up with for character hate is Eol. Zero-sum approaches to character preferences are my literal most hated thing in fandom.

Which brings me to the next issue – which is, well, anon, what does “favorite” mean, exactly? I mean, for a story like the Silmarillion, where the extent of some characters’ personality is “two different things they said 22 pages apart”? Where some characters have barely any unparaphrased lines but tons of third-party exposition and some have dozens of passionate emotive paragraphs of dialogue? Where everyone’s personality has gaping holes, often in totally different places from each other in terms of history/traits? And how about characters who appear in the Silmarillion, but most of their likeable/interesting characterization occurs in other works? Most characters cannot be fairly compared against each other because often their particular patchwork collection of things that make up their character have no resemblance to each other or reasonable equal proportions of development in comparable areas, and so this is in a fundamental sense very apples to oranges, a trick question to be quite honest, and so truly there isn’t much of a—–


It’s Finrod.

Thought’s on Arrow 5x09

the episode wasn’t half bad tbh. I enjoyed it.

  • What surprised me the most was that I wasn’t as opposed to Oliver/Susan as I thought I’d be. Don’t get me wrong, I still despise her for her journalistic malpractice and lack of any and all ethics, but it’s kinda nice to know my distaste (understatemement of the year) is confined to that. I’m tired of having people to dislike on Arrow.

  • Felicity showed more emotion about Billy getting kidnapped than she did when Oliver, Thea, Digg and Sara aka her closest friends / chosen family got abducted by aliens. Goes to show you how fucking horrible her characterization in the crossover was.

  • Was Thea’s speech about the clarity that Bizzarro world gave her and how she belongs in the (Queen) family ACTUAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT THAT ROBERT IS HER DAD AND NOT THAT TOXIC ABUSIVE DUMPSTER ON FIRE THAT JUST WON’T FUCKING GO? or am I dreaming?

  • The Evelyn reveal would have been tonnes better had they not spoiled it a week ago.

  • The face Thea made when she found out who Oliver was dating and her following Sass is actually Me combined with Moira Queen from the Great Beyond.
  • Also Susan was right - Thea IS smart. Smart enough to know a shady asshole *cough* Susan *cough* when she sees one. So in keeping with the holiday spirit “you better watch out” Thea Queen is coming to town and she’s gonna wreck ur life if she finds out you’re abusing/using/manipulating her brother.

  • Doing the reveal of Prometheus’ identity like they did was actually smart af b/c by doing it via s1 flashbacks of a previously unseen / undiscussed case on the show it ensured that we - the audience -  wouldn’t be able to piece it together. Then again, it also took away from it because this person is a complete stranger. Unlike Slade for example, whom we’ve seen go through meeting, befriending, trusting and despising Oliver, which only made him all that more Extra. When Slade says he knows Oliver - I fucking believe him. When Prometheus says it… - eh.

  • The fight scenes were really amazing and I really love how Oliver was able to dissern something about Prometheus from the way he fought.

  • Thea having Felicity’s back. That’s MY JAM YO

  • The escalator scene was impressive, but at the same time it reminded me very much of an episode of “Nu Pogodi” where the Rabbit and the Wolf have a face off on an escalator and chaos ensues. I can’t take it seriously because of that @remember3x20 @iloveyourintimate

  • The Curtis/Paul stuff hurt me greatly and annoyed the shit out of me simultaneously, because why IN THE FUCK can’t one hero journey on this show NOT be motivated by loss or tragedy? Why can’t it just be a guy/gall who wants to make a fucking difference? There’s beauty in that too.

  • While I am more than happy with the Olicity stuff we got and the way through camerawork and videoediting we basically got the equivalent of gentle summer breeze to the sails of our ship, I’m also highkey pissed about the idea this episode presents that the only way Felicity can have a relationship that ends well or where her interest doesn’t die (technically Raymond “died” shortly after their breakup, only difference is I wish he would have stayed that way)  is if she’s in a relationship with Oliver. Which is super fucking sexist but also not surprising at fucking all b/c this is what they’ve been doing to Thea since Roy left. Billy was to Felicity what Alex was to Thea. Fuck it all to hell.
  • Like for real! The Felicity/ Billy conflict they set up in this episode was GREAT and for the love of god it could have easily been explored more. What the actual fuck! I also remember now that the last thing Felicity and Billy would have said to each other would have been their fight. BECAUSE FELICITY DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH GUILT ON HER PLATE. LET’S PILE ON SOME MORE. A DOZEN SERVINGS OF FRESH, STEAMING, HOT GUILT coming right up. Oh you only asked for one? - oops. No refunds. Sorry. Plus aren’t you Jewish? isn’t like guilt a way of life? - FUCK THAT NOTION. PUT IT IN GUGGENFUCK’S PIPE RIGHT NEXT TO S3 AND SMOKE IT.

  • Another thing that annoyed me was that upon hearing Billy’s dead Felicity’s first reaction was to comfort Oliver. “It was prometheus it wasn’t your fault” - that in and of itself makes me proud of her b/c she is able to rationalize in such a time but at the same time HER BOYFRIEND WAS JUST KILLED BY THE LOVE OF HER LIFE. SHE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BE UPSET AF OR TO NOT COMFORT ANYONE BUT RATHER HAVE PEOPLE COMFORT HER FOR A FUCKING CHANGE.

  • The way Billy died has got to be the most fucked up death on the show so far. For everyone involved. And damn, if I’m not gonna miss this guy. He was good for Felicity and he was good to her. U G H. They could have killed the annoying af DA but nah son.

  • This show sure does love killing people with 3 arrows to the chest (see: Billy, The Count, Sara).

  • QUIGGLE IS THE BROTP OF LEGENDS. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Also there’s a Quiggle parallel now that involves both my babies being in grave danger and I’m going to need Sara to come in and save Johnny like she did Oliver.

  • It could be the fact that I am visually impaired but is it just me or did the footage blur for the tiniest moment when Oliver first kissed Susan?

  • Speaking of is it just me or is Susan’s apartment the same set as Felicity’s place from s3? Apropos apartments, seems like Curtis and Paul got Digg and Lyla’s set.

  • I don’t even care about the Laurel thing because honestly? KC can’t be 2 places at once so being magically alive and back full time doesn’t make a lick of sense (plus correct me if I’m wrong but she hasn’t been on set since 5x10 and well they pretty much filmed 5x08 / 5x09 in one go so it makes sense she’ll be able to make it). It was a shock seeing Laurel, but not so much in the sense of “omg look who’s back” (like it was with Slade back in the day) but rather a “what the hell? where did this come from” kind of way. But yo, if you wanna believe she’s back full time and that Bizzaro World is gonna become real? - you, do you, Buttercup.

  • RIP Detective Fluffy Lumberjack. You were pure and good and sweet. Therefore you were doomed from the start.

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I mean, I really just wonder how much of this is them actually having fun mocking about classism and pizza and how much of it is larries being upset that Briana maybe flying Freddie to London is another thing they all had on their lists of "this would never ever happen in a million years" like the signed BC and Briana posting a pregnant belly pic. I think this is more a tantrum over her being there at all as opposed to them having a good old time.

Ohhhh it’s definitely a tantrum, but like all their tantrums it’s full of so many revealing projections from them.

Like when they obsess over Briana’s body, sexual behaviors, family, friends, etc, they’re all telling us what they really think about women and mothers.

Same with when the way they talk about Louis being gay.

It wouldn’t occur to me to throw a tantrum laughing over a woman eating at non fancy places but they think it’s so funny a woman would eat somewhere like that.

They’ve shown SO much classism in their handling of Louis and Harry too, in the way they love Harry and his designer clothes and A list friends, and how they constantly have to pretend that in private Louis is just like that and that it’s all a smear campaign that he likes ordinary hometown friends, fast food, cigarettes, normal coffee and sweatpants and things. They have SUCH an issue with working class people and lifestyles. It’s really consistent about them.

“To some people, surrender may have negative connotations, implying defeat, giving up, failing to rise to the challenges of life, becoming lethargic, and so on. True surrender, however, is something entirely different. It does not mean to passively put up with whatever situation you find yourself in and to do nothing about it. Nor does it mean to cease making plans or initiating positive action. Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life.” — Eckhart Tolle

What's wrong with that dress?

The problem with the dress isn’t even that she altered it (although this does drop value, which she should be compensating for, not saying “you can get it fixed!”)- it’s that she did it badly, without understanding how the dress was actually made.
The light skirt (silk & lace) is meant to drape/hang, or else it would be made of heavier material. By adding bustle, Juliet ruined the material’s drape, explaining why it’s so bunched up in every photo. The models of this show that this is not a dress and train that is meant to be light and ethereal, showing the wearer’s natural shape in the best light. The bustle Juliet has added (perhaps to enhance her “butt”/make her waist look smaller) utterly ruins this svelte silhouette- every photo, standing or sitting, the dress looks like bunched up tulle (heavy as opposed to the original silk tulle), as though it does not fit right.
It is also a basque waist meaning it sits BELOW the natural waistline, not ON, as she states in her sales pitch. If the dress is sitting on her natural waist, the dress does not actually fit her. This is further hinted at in how she had to add padding to the bust and have the arms taken in- which, I must say, is an odd thing to have taken in, and as can be seen in comparison with the dress’ model, not intended- the sleeves are somewhat, comfortably loose, whereas on Juliet, I never noticed there were sleeves, the sheer material hugs so tightly.
That she had to add padding to the bust again says that this dress did not fit her. I can’t tell exactly what she’s done to the bodice, if she has done anything. All I could say is that, in adding the padding, she may have had to fix the embroidery in places, but she’s not mentioned that. However, the colour is more brassy on her, and silver on the model, so perhaps she bought a different colour than advertised, or changed the colour? I couldn’t say.
What I can say is that if she wanted a princess silhouette, she bought the wrong dress entirely, since a dress with such a natural and light hang, and such a massive slit, and designed with a body suit that “hugs EVERYTHING”, is not in any stretch of the imagination meant to be altered to have a princess silhouette, that is, a small waist with a large/flared skirt.
I personally do not like the dress, the original I mean, it’s not just a style I think is particularly attractive, except on very tall, svelte people. It was not the dress for Juliet, and what I think has happened, based on how she tried to turn it into a dress it was the exact opposite of, is that she bought online without a fitting, realised the dress did not actually fit, and could not return the dress, either due to time constraints or return policies. Considering she says she had trouble dress hunting, it was most likely time contraints. She most likely not satisfied with the dress, but tried to pass off the fairy tale wedding thing, for the fame of it all, so claimed she loved it, then covered it with the massive veil and crown, which she states she will not sell, and the crazy heels- all of these took away from the dress.
This would explain her eagerness to sell, even though she has butchered the dress. It’s not what she wants to wear forever, probably not even what she wanted on the day. She blew nearly 10 grand on a dress that didn’t fit, that she didn’t like, and then she wrecked it. If the bustle needs to be removed by a professional, then she’s sewn it in properly, and probably damaged the original material, or at least removing it would risk damaging it.
Ultimately, this dress is a bride’s nightmare, and if Juliet was not spouse-beating piece of shit, I’d feel bad for her. As it is, it’s her own stupid fault she’s stuck with a butchered dress that doesn’t even fit her, and considering she has done irreversible damage, like taking in the sleeves, she’s really chancing her arm trying to sell this disaster.

A/N; Thank you for taking the time to explain this. I don’t know much about dresses and altering them. So I had no idea how to explain what was wrong with the dress lol. -N

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question, please don't block me, discussing things is meaningful: why is c*nt a sexist slur, but calling someone a dick isn't? I'm slightly new to this, just trying to find out the opposing opinion and find my own :)

the c slur is an afab (assigned female at birth) slur meaning its offensive to women. (im so sorry im bad at explaining things ugh i wish i could tell more) :(

imindhowwelayinjune replied to your post:     Do you happen to have a favorite Silm character?…                

   “I’m blanking on characters I actually dislike, as opposed to simply ‘no interest in trying to defend what they did’ or ‘wish I had a better handle on them.’” FIVE MILLION HEARTS    

BUT IT MAKES PARTICIPATING IN FANDOM VERY. ANNOYING. It is rather like living in New England while also harboring a violent hatred for having bundles of giant zucchinis stuffed into your hands while trying to have a pleasant chat with your neighbors/classmates/fellow community members. i.e., you drop a lot of interesting conversations in the middle and spend a lot of your time interrupting peaceful evenings with sudden jarring exclamations of NOPE

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is anybody else upset that 8tracks is now a pay to listen site? I had hoped it would've stayed free for awhile, I didn't mind the ads...but now this? Only 1 hr of free music a week? :(

We’ve answered similar questions earlier. :)

That said, it isn’t an hour for everyone, it varies depending on the number of likes you get per week. The range is anywhere from 30 minutes to no limit and a free lifetime 8tracks+ subscription.

 So one potential solution to those who are opposed to getting an extension or mobile app to change their ip address to canada is to make more popular mixes. The irony being that some of the people who were upset about the change in 8tracks made playlists about the limit and now have no limit at all.

Of course, one can always migrate to a less populous mix site: spotify, hypster, soundcloud, apple music, youtube, pleersuan, playmoss, mixcloud, playlist and many others all have playlist capabilities. Crossposting is always encouraged here.

- Kai

headcanon. Children

U guys laugh at Santa Doom but he totally does insure that every child in Latveria receives at least one gift during Christmas eve. Doom has a huge soft spot for kids and yearly goes out of his way to insure that every child in Latveria is safe, housed, cared for, and fed. The laws regarding any form of child abuse are SUPER harsh– execution being a very real possibility. He doesn’t joke when it comes to kids.

Teenagers don’t count though. If you’re old enough to oppose Doom of your own free will then you’re old enough to get blasted. Wiccan is the example of this.

Part of me always feels bad when the Rock comes back to WWE because  The Rock as a character is a huge bully and kinda a shitlord but The Rock as a dude seems super sweet and it seems so opposed.


dndstuck based off this also because this is the dorkiest au and i love it