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what psychology books would you say are essential/ones that have had an impact on you?

To be honest, most of a psychology degree involves reading articles opposed to books because by the time books are published, there’s new research and the books are already out of date, so it was really drilled into us to use articles instead of books. However, here’s a list of some psychology books that might interest you:

  • The man who mistook his wife for a hat (Oliver Sacks)
  • Hallucinations (Oliver Sacks)
  • Thinking fast and slow (David Kahneman)
  • Drive (Daniel Pink)
  • The Invisible Gorilla (Chabris and Simon)  
  • Stumbling on happiness (Daniel Gilbert)
  • The branded mind (Erik Du Plessis)
  • Obedience to authority (Stanley Milgram)
  • Moonwalking with Einstein (Joshua Foer)
  • What is madness? (Dorian Leader)
  • When prophecy fails (Leon Festinger, Henry Riecken, and Stanley Schachter)
  • Bad science (Ben Goldacre)

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during that bet event black girls rock i guess it was a trending hashtag or whatever and nev tweeted something like #blackgirlsrock it’s true they also catfish a lot…it was like ?? why would u say that lmao?? he apologized and acted like he didnt know it would be offensive but like…what’s not offensive about slandering black girls especially on a night dedicated to uplifting them?? i cant imagine seeing that # or watching the event and thinking 🤔how do i tear these happy women down?

Haida leader asks B.C. premier to stay away for royal visit
Premier Christy Clark says she told the Haida her hectic schedule would keep her from Haida Gwaii anyway

After a week of trailing the royal couple, B.C. Premier Christy Clark was asked by the Haida Nation not to come to Friday’s event.

The community is opposed to the controversial Pacific NorthWest LNG project that received approval from the federal government this week.

“We have some outstanding issues with the premier in regards to a lot of issues. We believe the respectful thing to do would be to resolve those issues before coming in on the heels of the Royals,” said Peter Lantin, president of the Haida Nation.

“If you want to deal with the real issues, deal with them in real time and not on a day that is so important to us.”

Clark was not part of the events Friday on Haida Gwaii. The premier’s office said Clark called Lantin on Wednesday and told him she was not going to be able to come to Haida Gwaii because of her gruelling schedule, not because she was asked not to come.

In addition to touring across the province with the Royals, Clark has also been part of media events surrounding the federal government’s approval of the LNG project and delivered a major speech to municipal leaders at the Union of B.C. Municipalities’ annual general meeting praising the project.

Part of Friday’s events included the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on a Haida canoe at the community’s cultural centre. As a form of silent protest, all 10 of the paddlers in the canoe with the couple wore blue “No LNG” shirts.

“We waited to take the opportunity to show our perspective on development on the coast with frack gas and our opposition to it,” said Haida member and rower Jason Alsoe.

“It was also a chance to do a respectful, silent protest.”

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I try not trash opposing teams because it’s not my thing but like are the Phillies even trying orrrr….? 

You know it’s bad when the ball tags the base it’s damn self to get a runner out. XD

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Why are you so adamantly opposed to people liking the ending? Why do you insist that this is a sell-out move, and anybody who supports it simply 'doesn't understand what Danganronpa is about?' You don't have to like the ending, that's fine, but you're giving the games way too much credit if you think that they had much better endings than this. (besides this is better than the endings to homestuck and zero escape)

I don’t have a problem if people like/enjoy the ending, but I do think that anyone who thinks a murder mystery series about making the best of a bad situation and not thinking in binary terms should finish by bringing fan favorites back to life and having all the characters dance around a maypole while skirting any kind of consequence is missing the point.

I do think that people complaining about how they were “owed” a deliriously happy, pandering ending because there was killing and despair in the series, despite that always being part of the deal, is missing the point.

I think people who believe the happy but bittersweet endings of the games are the same as an ass-pulled deus ex machina to engineer a “perfect” ending that ignores huge swathes of the fanbase is missing the point.

There are plenty of other franchises that end with a utopic escapist fantasy–why couldn’t people looking for that go get their fix from those series? Would you have liked the original games if everyone had just appeared at the end alive again with no explanation? I highly doubt they’d have become as popular as they did if that was the case.

Good writing stays with people. Fanservice does not. I’m sad and frustrated that a franchise I love a hell of a lot had to end on that note.

You don’t have to agree, and I tag my posts about this as #DR3 negativity so you can avoid them if you want. I’m not going to send anyone messages judging their taste. But I’m not going to pretend like Kibou-hen didn’t flip me off as both a fan and a writer.

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Are you looking for a relationship? Or happy being single?

Both I suppose. I’m definitely content with doing my own thing, but I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to a relationship with the right lady

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Hello! If possible, could you help me find a fic? It's during hogwarts, before the war, and I think Harry and Draco start dating and people oppose it, so during one summer they move into the muggle world, and like become like really punk and stuff and get like tattoos and piercings and stuff and they go back to hogwarts and everyone's really shocked? I don't really remember what happens next but I remember I really liked the fic. Thanks! x

I don’t think i recognize this one. Maybe one of my followers can help?

actually i have this like World Of Batman book and it clarifies that batman has the cape to obscure his figure and make it harder to shoot him and in iterations where he has the yellow outline on his chest it’s purposefully to draw gunfire towards his more protected chest as opposed to his very much unprotected head

Maji Love Legend Star Predictions List! (revised)

The idea was originally @very-bored-anon​ ‘s. Last post reblog here

from the ask:

  • Yamato is taller than Natsuki
  • Eiji has a brother complex.

my own:

  • Nagi is at least implied to have depression
  • Eiichi is trying to be a good leader (amount of success irrelevant)
  • Kira should not be trusted
  • Yamato and Ryuya fix whatever their problems are
  • Raging and Shining collaborative troll everyone (as opposed to trolling each other back and forth)
  • Each STARISH member is going to bring to light an aspect of their respective HEAVENS member that could only have come about because of their specific personality dynamic.
  • STARISH is still gonna win the competition
  • Ringo is going to make some sly comment comparing the Hyuga brothers.
  • Quartet Night is going to have to deal with helping twice as many kouhai
  • Tomo is going to have more screen time.
  • They are going to gloss important details over again.
  • Lots of Eiji and Eiichi development
  • Hints at certain STARISH member’s parents
  • Shion aggressively defends HEAVENS at least once
  • Eiichi is blind af w/o glasses
  • Nagi jealousy somewhere somehow someway.
  • Instruments become relevant for at least awhile because we get introduced to what the HEAVENS boys play
  • a sleepy/sleeping HEAVENS scene
  • a sleepy/sleeping QN scene
  • general HEAVENS Drama and Discourse.
  • more STARISH Discourse.
  • QN Discourse.
  • Shining / Raging Discourse. 
  • Discourse between relatives

@blankie-greenie-anon​ :

  • Statsuki returns and fist fights Yamato

@amisbro​ :

  • Kira has a cook-off with Ren and Masa because he needs to prove that he is the cook of the group
  • Kaoru shows up FINALLY
  • Shining and Raging go behind everyone’s back (again) and this time hire a male composer for HEAVENS to counter Haruka
  • In the next season the Composer makes a challenge to the QN that states if HEAVENS wins then she officially becomes their property until they can win her back
  • Eiji gets sick of his brother trolling STARISH and after his episode he becomes “brothers” with Tokiya
  • Nagi shows everyone he’s a lot smarter than most would probably give him credit for.
  • QN get jacked over on screen time because of the duet series (and will properly piss me off but I got HEAVENS so all is well…kind of)
  • HAYATO makes an “accidental appearance” when Tokiya is talking to Eiji and his voice hits the pitch he used to use for his “twin brother
  • When the Season ends (provided they don’t go with the Male Composer gig) Haruka vows to try and help HEAVENS become as good IF NOT BETTER than STARISH by the time she is done with them 

@thatonepersonwhoisalwaysconfused :

  • Tomo’s composer makes an appearance
  • He then get’s set up by Shining and Raging to help HEAVENS

Thanks to everyone who pitched some ideas in! 

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yoooo kendell. so. barisi and pets. i used to think carisi was a dog person and barba was a cat person but now i can't decide. thoughts? -Sav

I feel like Barba is just not a pet person in general, lol. Of course, unless persuaded by a tall, lanky detective and their daughter (oops forget I said).

Sonny is for sure a dog person, though. How could he not be? He is literally the human equivalent of a golden retriever. But, he’s also not opposed to other types of pets, including cats!

My pastime: getting protective over people who absolutely do not need my protection in the slightest and making extremely mundane and nonthreatening threats against all who oppose them.

Since it’s kind of hard to read, here’s what the image says:

You just have to;
Express an unpopular opinion
Wear the wrong clothes
[On the chalkboard: teacher is a fag]
Have a student angry at you
Hug a fellow teacher
Defend a gay friend
Hug a student
Speak out on human rights

The list is endless


This was in response to California Proposition 6, an initiative from 1978 known as The Briggs Initiatve, which would have banned gay men and lesbians from working in California public schools.

Harvey Milk, the first ever openly gay person to be a major politician in an American city, was instrumental in fighting the initiative, and Ronald Reagan (then governor of California) and Jimmy Carter (then US President) both opposed it, which helped sway public opinion.

Mıяяσя Mıяяσя

From the moment McCoy’s first boot stepped off the transporter pad he knew something was off. He could feel it in his bones for he knew the ISS Enterprise like the back of his hand and this—this wasn’t it. With a stoic face, the doctor didn’t even glance at the transport room crew as he started to leave through the door, but was halted by voiced concern behind him.

“Dr. McCoy? Are you alright–what happened to your eye? Should I–” the man literally choked on his words as he was cut off by a cold stare that could silence a room. A single hazel eye stared out with an icy intensity but it was the opposing, the eye on the right, which had the technician choking on his speech. A horrid gash, slashing upwards from mid cheek-bone, just a hair closer to his nose than his ear. It reached up across his eye, the iris grey and deadened, and ended about an inch above his eyebrow. The wound had clearly healed but still had yet to have aged, the forming scar still pinkened from blood still rushing to the surface. He’d not had it very long after all. Satisfied that the infernal questions ended before they could begin, McCoy turned his head back towards the door exiting out into the corridor. The doctor slipped his hands behind his back, steady fingers curling around his wrist to keep them there before calmly leaving the room without uttering a single word.

A glance to the left, a more exaggerated head turned to the right as that eye was useless to him, McCoy started to gain his bearings. This looked identical to his ship, his Enterprise–and yet–he just knew it was far from it. Lifting his foot out straight in front of him, McCoy balanced on his back foot, seemingly deciding which way to venture first. With a disinterested, brief perking of his brow the man simply leaned a bit to the left. Hips swung ‘round to straighten himself out and his foot touched down to step right into a walk. His steps were precise as he traveled down through recognizable corridors, passing various parts of the ship that reassembled his own. Yes, the layout of this ship was the same because in a matter of minutes he had found ‘his’ quarters. As soon as the door whooshed shut behind him, the doctor’s gaze panned across the room. Nearly identical to his own, aside from some differing choices of decor.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out he’d somehow ended up in some alternate universe, one painstakingly similar to his own. There was little use getting panicked at this revelation, who knows, this place might prove useful. Clearly there was another version of himself and he was twistedly curious about what he must be like in this universe. He’d have to learn if he wanted to stay under the radar, for calling attention to himself could prove most—undesirable. Oh, he was opportunistic, he’d wait it out as long as he needed to. The eye could be explained away somehow and he’d easily be able to lie his way through any other questions that might come up with any ways he differed from the Leonard McCoy of this universe. He’d wait, he’d fit in long enough to observe if any resources or knowledge here could prove useful back home, if he got back home that was. His motives were clear.

Long live the Terran Empire.

Small PSA

((Just a small request/reminder to the RP community:

There are people here who are incredibly busy. I myself am a full time student with two jobs, four blogs, and a myriad of other activities.

If you start discussing rping with someone and then change your mind on wanting to rp with them at all, PLEASE let the person know as soon as you know so you are no longer taking their time.

It shows a lack of respect for the other person’s time if you keep this information to yourself and leaves a really bitter taste. Trust me, most will be very appreciative if you tell them as opposed to letting them find out on their own.))

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I'm pretty sure you can't be both anti gender roles and transphobic.... I have a lot of transgender friends honestly and it makes me feel kinda nauseous reading this page. I hope you can learn more about the world someday.

@almondmilk-official I’m pretty sure you don’t understand the issue. It is very easy to oppose both transgenderism and it’s deluded ideology/politics and oppose gender roles. It is so easy because transgenderism and the genderspecials rely on pre-existing gender roles to base their ~identities~ on. If gender roles weren’t so restrictive or better yet didn’t exist people wouldn’t have dsyphoria which would mean transgenderism and genderspecials wouldn’t need their coping devices and phases.

“Transphobia” doesn’t really mean anything it just a word you throw around to smear the people who believe in the trans bullshit.

I have a lot of dysphoric/detransitioning friends and honestly I feel embarrassed for you. I hope one day you stop the unquestioning adherence to trans ideology and actually engage with women who disagree and oppose it instead leaving stupid message in their inbox to make yourself feel better.