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➟ Zoolander 2 Movie Storyline
Derek and Hansel are modelling again when an opposing company attempts to take them out from the business.

➟ Zoolander 2 Movie Detail
Release Date : 2016-02-10
Casts : Fred Armisen, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kim Kardashian, Cyrus Arnold, Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Beck Bennett, Justin Bieber, Billy Zane, Olivia Munn, Nathan Lee Graham, Kristen Wiig, Mădălina Diana Ghenea, Penélope Cruz, Christine Taylor, Kanye West
Duration : 100 minutes runtime
Rating : 5.3

Zoolander 2 Movie (2016) Original Title

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➳ Zoolander 2 Movie Storyline:
Derek and Hansel are modelling again when an opposing company attempts to take them out from the business.

⇒ Movie Details :
Release Date : 2016-02-10
Category : Comedy
Casts : Beck Bennett, Fred Armisen, Olivia Munn, Kanye West, Ben Stiller, Kim Kardashian, Billy Zane, Will Ferrell, Penélope Cruz, Benedict Cumberbatch, Christine Taylor, Cyrus Arnold, Justin Bieber, Owen Wilson, Nathan Lee Graham, Mădălina Diana Ghenea, Kristen Wiig
Runtime : 100 minutes

Elizabeth Warren Recalls a Time When Big Donors May Have Changed Hillary’s Vote

At last night’s Democratic town hall, Hillary Clinton challenged critics who describe her as too close to monied interests to name a time when that cozy relationship influenced her policy decisions.

A tweet from investigative journalist David Sirota reminded us that, in a 2004 interview with Bill Moyers, Elizabeth Warren pointed to a time when donors’ interests may have changed Hillary Clinton’s position.

Warren — at the time a Harvard law professor — recounted how, in the 1990s, she wrote an editorial opposing a proposed piece of legislation tightening bankruptcy laws. Warren explained that it would disproportionately hurt single mothers. Hillary Clinton, at the time the first lady, read the editorial, and asked for a meeting with Warren. The meeting went well; Warren said she “never had a smarter student.” Afterward, Clinton returned to Washington and, according to her biography, persuaded Bill Clinton to veto the legislation.

But when Hillary Clinton was elected to the Senate and another version of the same bill came to the floor, she did an about face:

ELIZABETH WARREN: She voted in favor of it.


ELIZABETH WARREN: As Senator Clinton, the pressures are very different. It’s a well-financed industry. You know a lot of people don’t realize that the industry that gave the most money to Washington over the past few years was not the oil industry, was not pharmaceuticals. It was consumer credit products. Those are the people. The credit card companies have been giving money, and they have influence.

BILL MOYERS: And Mrs. Clinton was one of them as senator.

ELIZABETH WARREN: She has taken money from the groups, and more to the point, she worries about them as a constituency.


It took a couple of hours to give a response on Clinton’s challenge. Hillary for President? Are you kidding me?

The one where the physicist tries to shoots himself!

Physicist can go to varying extends to convince themselves/ others that Physics works!

And this physicist certainly knew what he was doing when he tried to shoot himself underwater.

Albeit, this video had mixed response from the community, I personally loved it!


Had the demonstration been done in the ground, it would have fatally punctured him for sure. But underwater, its a whole new story.

When an object tries to move through a medium, it is constantly bombarded by molecules present in the medium. Thereby, exerting an opposing force known as Drag.

PC: howthingsfly

This also has nothing to do with the type of bullet being used. Guns functionality is not altered in air or water. The bullet exits the gun with the same force as it would in air.

But its just that once it is propelled from the barrel, the drag that water offers is about 800 times that of air consequently quickly decelerating it!

Physics works !

Ergo, diving underwater when being chased by the bad guys is probably a good idea and movies were right all along!


But to a ballistic engineer, that’s not great news and paved the way for underwater arms ( How do you fire arms underwater? )

But the worst part of Rubio and Cruz offering this boilerplate baloney is they’re saying god gave us our rights while hoping to take away rights from their fellow (at least in the case of Rubio) Americans. They both want to take away the right to marry whomever you choose—a right fought for by courageous regular people ostracized by their government and fellow citizens because of their sexuality. They both want to make women into public incubators, making health-care decisions for them—infantilizing a huge swath of the American electorate. Both oppose equal pay for women. They each want to repeal Obamacare which has in it the right to not be turned down by your health insurance for a pre-existing condition.
—  Tina Dupuy

hillary is trying to connect w the youth the same way bill did back in the day and is just failing so, so badly


Characters: Rey and Kylo Ren

Series: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Cosplayers: Tiira & Janimal / !nventory

Photography: Jenni Suominen

Editing: Tiira

Desucon Frostbite 16.1.2016

The more romantic pictures were shot at a location only permitted to con staff, and we literally had someone yell at us: “I oppose this ship! It’s problematic”. Haters gonna hate.

anonymous asked:

Hello there! religion/larrie anon here, I just wanted to come back to you with a multi-part ask about more of my thoughts about how Larrie resembles a religion, so this should be long and annoying and I hope you don't mind! Stay tuned while I proofread real quick, haha!

 Ways in which belief in Larry (as opposed to romantically shipping their relationship, this is the steadfast and staunch belief that Harry and Louis are both gay and are and have been in a committed, monogamous relationship for 5+ years) resembles a religion: 

1) There is a canon narrative that describes and explains the story from its genesis (the treatise, proof posts, longer and explanatory blog posts as timeline continues) 

 2) This narrative progresses through to an apocryphal future-state ending, including a paradisical state the followers frequently invoke to keep focused on the path of the faithful (imagining what it’ll be like when H/L are out and can tweet about each other again and are photograhed together and give interviews together and about one another, etc.) 

 3) Deviation in belief from the canon (that H/L might not have been monogamous, that they may have once been but are no longer in a relationship, that they might not be gay but other sexualities on the spectrum, and so on) results in swift reprisal, rebuke, and shunning from others of the faithful. Does not NECESSARILY result in expulsion, but some “sect-making” occurs, splintering off from the main group. (current ex. Larries who accept Freddie exists but continue to doubt his paternity) 

 4) There are saints/apostles/companions of the primary figures of the faith who represent every positive and desirable quality, and powerful opponents who are devoid of such (and who act out of jealousy or being threatened by these qualities, or who are recruited by these opponents: Simon et all, girlfriends/their families, Freddies/non-Larries) Note: some players in the narrative serve as saint/opponent depending on whether they have recently appeared supportive of the narrative. eg. Liam Payne 

 5) There’s a high degree of purity assigned to the actions of the primary figures of the faith; every action is purely intended: any action that could be construed as being impure or “sinful” according to the narrative (one night stands or casual sex, irresponsibility, heterosexual behavior, loss of temper, defensiveness, birth control failure) is swiftly condemned as a lie that is being perpetuated by the demons/opponents of the faith (and their supporters). Impurity is imbued by association. 

 6a) Magical thinking/omniscient thinking: the notion that “nothing is a coincidence,” from clothing choice to facial expression to items held while photographed, emoji use, punctuation use, eyeline with respect to paparazzi (not taking into consideration the power of the zoom lens and unlikelihood of being able to dead-eye stare at someone hiding in a hedge from dozens let alone hundreds of feet away). Nothing is ever an accident. Information or photos do not “leak” without express permission. 

 6b) Everything we see is exactly what the primary figures (or their opponents) want us to see; it is only up to us to interpret it. There is no allowance for the possibility that SOME figure in this belief system does not have full control of the message. Messages that are undesirable are fully controlled by the opponents, while messages that are desirable are fully controlled by the primary figures of the faith. 

 7) Assignment of prophets: there are others outside of the primary figures of the faith who are helping and delivering messages on behalf of the primary figures (frequently interpreted as the primary figures themselves acting using outside forces). These are to be believed over the “real-world” appearance of events, or the primary figures in case the primary figures have been compromised in some way. (RBB) 

 8a) The Reckoning: although all of these events are destined to pass, although the faithful are certain of their timelines and the eventual - sooner rather than later - realization of their paradisical state, it is IMPERATIVE that they continue to fight for this realization and recruit or maintain as many faithful as possible to ensure that the desired state occurs. 

 8b) They do this even though the future state is guaranteed, because when the future state is achieved there will be a Reckoning in which all will be revealed to the unfaithful, the opponents will be punished, and the faithful will be recognized and rewarded for having stayed the course despite the fact that the “real-world” state appeared to be different from the canon narrative.

8c) A sub-category, less obvious, but clear upon examining the core belief system, is that the faithful can canonically have NO REAL IMPACT on the timeline of events, as these are pre-determined, although their behavior and words can easily seem to imply this to the outsider. Their actions are merely to show the extent of their devotion and support to the primary figures of the faith; there is no length too far to go, no act too devotional. Rewards will be granted according to contribution.

9) Hell: The belief that non-believers/opponents of the faith are living in hells of their own making, unhappy, homophobic, doomed to never know or witness real love in motion. They are jealous monsters striving to bring down two bright suns to their sinful (petty, defensive, heterosexual, impulsive, irresponsible) level, or worse - want to bed them themselves. They are destined to burn in this hell watching the primary figures & their supporters thrive in the aftermath. See also above: purity.

Religion anon: ok that was it I’m done /o\

Dear religion anon, first of all let me express how surprised I was after I had left my home for half an hour and came back to have 14 messages in my inbox. :) Secondly, thank you so much for your fascinating insights. You seem very educated in religious issues, so I’m gonna let this stand for itself and not add too much. Parts 8 and 9 are the most intriguing to me as I have been told this many times in the cult I grew up in - we were promised to be rewarded, to finally sit by God’s right side, to rise while others fall. Non-believers were described as leading horrible, sinful, dark and sad lives without the love of God in their lives.

I find it so astonishing how important it seems to human beings to follow some kind of (substitute) religion, even in a mainly secularized world.

Thank you again for your insights. Feel free to message me again to discuss these topics.

How to Protect Your Online Privacy Post CISA - Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015

CISA — or the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (PDF) — was originally introduced to the senate in July 2014, but it did not pass. The goal of the bill was to allow companies to share information with the government and related agencies that would otherwise remain protected and private.

Many advocates of the bill touted its importance for the future of cyber security. Those who oppose it believe it’s too vague and will allow the government to legally acquire personal information from those with no terrorist or unscrupulous ties. More specifically, the bill would allow select parties to gather personal and private data including internet browsing habits, web search history, regular activity and much more without a warrant.



 aight i keep seeing some absolute bullshit from people on the internet being like “standards for sex have sunk SO LOW that girls are identifying with “Demisexual” just for not wanting to sleep with strangers!!!!” and “people just want another made up identity so they can play the oppression olympics!!!!” and it’s like….. you literally have no fucking clue what you’re talking about. lemme break it down for you

people here are getting sexual attraction and sexual desire mixed up. here’s a nice lil summary from  asexuality.org:
attraction is “Seeing someone and not only finding them attractive, but thinking you’d like to have sex with them, like fantasies and such. It’s attraction to another person that at it’s end wants to be physically intimate, as opposed to being attracted to someone in a way where you think, “I’d like to get to know them” or “I want to be their best friend” or “I want to be close to that person”.
desire can be described as “ The desire to actually follow through with sexual attraction. I don’t consider physiological reactions to be part of sexual desire, really, because in my case I know my body responds to sexual stimulus, the difference is that my mind isn’t interested. So sexual desire is another mental thing, wanting actively to perform sexual acts with another person and believing that if you do you will feel gratified.“

so people who aren’t on the ace spectrum are capable of feeling sexual attraction - but that does not necessarily mean they want to act on it!!! that is where DESIRE comes into play, and why someone might not necessarily want to have sex with someone they don’t know well. being demi means that there is no sexual ATTRACTION, to anyone, even if you desire to have sex with someone for whatever reason, unless you have a close bond with them. this is why it comes under the grey area of the ace spectrum.

for example, i personally have been in many romantic relationships over the past few years that have lasted months and months at a time, but only experienced sexual attraction twice over all that time - and they both happen to be the people i’d known the longest. it wasn’t because the others were unattractive, or they were worse relationships, i just simply didn’t have the same emotional bond. that is to say, the lack of attraction didn’t stop me from having sex, but it was a distinctly different experience.

so basically if u still wanna argue that demisexuality isnt real or is a special snowflake thing i will be very happy to direct u to the nearest cactus to go fuck urself with!!!!!

I remember seeing a post somewhere saying that the majority of pta sans was kind of OOC because of how easily he snapped at Linda, as opposed to how laid-back he is in the game due to his knowledge of spoilery things.

Honestly? I think it works.

Think about everything at this point: The world has been SAVEd. The barrier has been shattered. A human united everyone and reminded a soulless creature of love. Humans and monsters live peacefully on the surface. Yes, there are some that don’t quite agree (Helen, Linda, etc.), but from sans’ perspective, everything worked out. The timeline hasn’t reset and Frisk lives happily amongst the monsters.

Makes you wonder just how important Frisk is to sans. I honestly don’t think sans, ultimately the most powerful monster in the Underground and father(-figure?) to Frisk, would let anyone push her around. Be it out of love, or out of rabid fear of a reset, I think he would grow insanely protective over time. Not smothering and sheltering, but a takes-no-shit parent. He’d teach Frisk about the world and pick her up when she fell.

I don’t think he would go full-on Megalovania all the time, especially if Frisk is around to keep him in check, but I think he could whip out the Gaster Blasters and blue eye for show to get someone to fuck off.

Just my two cents, what do you think?

Opening Soon: Join us for “Living Digital Space and Future Parks” this weekend

“What is more compelling than the opposing composites of fire and water? Artists at Japanese techno-cult teamLab recreate both elements with an innovative system of sculptural light particles in their recent projects, Black Waves into Infinity and Light Sculpture of Flames.” 

Read more about the immersive teamLab installations that will be on view tomorrow, Saturday 6 at Pace Menlo Park. Via The Creators Project 

singinginthecar asked:

Hi! I just wanted to ask, what do you feel about Taylor Swift removing her music from Spotify? Do you think that that's the right thing to do? Do you think all artists should do the same? Thanks :)

I think Taylor Swift is in a unique position to make calls that most of us could not make. I support her choices for her own work, but for me I would have my music anywhere and everywhere that would have me.  I do enjoy Spotify myself, so I’m not opposed to it at all.  

happy friday! i’ve been seeing talk about making separate blogs for ooc content and speculation about a possible forum specifically for ooc content and honestly i think its a terrible idea with only potential to go wrong. hear me out.

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I think one of the reasons I HATED the latest episode was because -

they suck at introducing new suspects. Byron came out of no where.

Rather than setting up Byron to be the next suspect over the course of 3 or 4 episodes, he just walks into the episode looking super shady to begin with.

Clues should’ve been dropped BEFORE he looked suspicious. Clues to the murderer that the liars begin finding and then all of a sudden they find that they link back to Byron. As opposed to looking suspicious in his very first scene. It’s just so obvious he didn’t do it, like seriously, it’s season 6 Marlene. We know by now. The instant suspects didn’t do it.

tbh Drake’s probably so happy abt his beef w Meek Mill bc that finally gave him something to rap abt as opposed to the same old “girls are unfaithful and i’m too good for them” he’s being doing his entire career 

I’m a psychology major, and in one of my psychology classes we are currently learning about drug tolerance in relation to the environment. I’m not sure if you or any of your followers were aware of this (because I’ve done a lot of research about drug addiction and didn’t know this until today), but apparently drug tolerance increases when a drug is being repeatedly used in the same routine and environment. There have been many experiments done which shows that people who use the same dosage of a drug that they’re used to in a new environment/new routine are more likely to overdose because their tolerance level of said drug is not only based on the drug itself but also the context of it being used. Many people who don’t know this change in their routine/environment (for example- shooting/etc. in a bathroom as opposed to a bedroom), in combination with shooting/etc. the same amount of the drug they’re used to will increase the chance of an overdose. 

I’m sorry if this at all seems disrespectful because I’m not a drug addict or a recovering addict, and I don’t mean to talk to you about your disease as if I know more about it than you (because I know I definitely don’t). But you also have an amazing harm reduction tag on your blog, and I admire your ability to accept the reality of drug addiction and prevent more deaths from occurring, which is also what I’m trying to do by sharing this information. 

Please post/share to hopefully save someone’s life. 

Good Vibes! 

thank you for this information @xhakuna–matax I appreciate it veryvmuch and in no way did I find it disrespectful I’m grateful that you care enough to tell me this so I can share this with my Friends. I’m gonna do more research on this as well its very interesting. Much love to you 💕💕