Drew ♡ Akko

 Only one episode and I’m already enjoying the chemistry between these two. XD

It’s definitely following some traditional standards of shoujo-esque couples, while adding in a few non-traditional ones to make things a little more interesting.

you know what really fucking grinds my gears? the fact that amazing organizations like You Can Play can spend so much time, money, and effort doing their best to make hockey inclusive - they can get players to use rainbow tape, they can have players and coaches release statements, they can encourage players to speak up against homophobia - but all of that means jack shit when a kid can still be watching his favorite team play and see some douchebag like andrew shaw using the f-slur. i know it was a while ago, and i know he apologized, but that doesn’t undo the fact that, no matter how hard YCP works, kids will still see shit like that and think “yeah, it still happens on the ice” or “yeah it probably happens in the locker room.” it’s fucking bullshit that so many people can work so hard just so that people aren’t scared to play hockey and be open about their sexuality, and some dumbass can fuck it all up in .2 seconds bc he didn’t agree with a fucking tripping call.


“okay, so, how many ships do you think we can slip into one episode?” - the gotham writers, probably

pidge is trans

hello im here to provide some of that sweet trans girl pidge evidence from season 4 

firstly this scene 

what i got from this was that ‘pidge’ is most likely a childhood nickname of her birth name and therefore she hates when matt (who probably made it up) calls her it

but because she loves her brother so much and misses him when he leaves for the garrison, she’s come to have a fond association when she hears that name as opposed to the negative one she used to have before he left, so she uses it again 

and then this scene 

this is the second time that someone’s referred to pidge as a ‘he’ (s1 when she gets into the garrison) because! she’s trans and doesnt always pass thanks for coming to my ted talk 

anyway pidge is a trans girl and you can pry these facts from my cold dead hands 

hunk: [gossiping with allura and the mice] so like…i was looking through keith’s stuff, right? and i-

allura: wait, why were you looking through keith’s stuff?

hunk: do you want to know what he wrote in his diary or not?

allura: …continue…

Don’t be ashamed of liking SAO no matter who tells you otherwise!

I cannot stress this enough! I am so sick and tired of people constantly kicking SAO over and over again as if it’s what keeps their heart pumping. Every time I look up SAO on Youtube, do you know what I find besides the scenes and soundtracks? Every anime review on the planet with a somewhat decent following bashing the shit out of it. There’s no mercy, no regret, no apologizes and more importantly no regard for the people who do like SAO. If there is, then it is very, very, VERY little regard. Guys like digibro, mother’s basement and now arcadea are among the many who won’t leave it alone because apparently it’s the worst thing since the holocaust and therefore must be shamed into oblivion. To those reviewers I ask you. If SAO would it have a 7.80 (a C+, not great but still passable for those of you going by the educational grading system) on myanimelist if it was so terrible? would there be as many people as there are cosplaying sao characters at conventions? would there be as many fanfics and fanarts? people who say that sao helped them irl with anger (https://www.reddit.com/r/swordartonline/comments/3bofs8/discussion_sao_helped_me/?), exams (https://www.reddit.com/r/swordartonline/comments/4zlx7h/i_think_sao_helped_me_pass_my_exams/), and autism (https://www.reddit.com/r/swordartonline/comments/4ayaxd/im_glad_i_am_not_alone/, https://www.reddit.com/r/swordartonline/comments/4ddpu6/how_sao_anime_helped_me_to_level_up_irl/) ? would have a few games already made? would be getting an American adaptation? Would it be getting a movie? Would it be allowed to go as long as it has if it was utter garbage? No because it wouldn’t make logical sense. Not unless SAO had enough of a following to stay devoted and keep it so popular. Look I won’t act like it doesn’t have problems. The Aincrad arc could have been expanded a bit longer, the harem aspect probably wasn’t needed, a certain”romance” in the fairy tale arc couldn’t have been changed to something else, sughu is kinda over the top and death gun isn’t necessary a deep character, and the whole Calibur arc probably could’ve been dropped. However this complaints still aren’t enough for me to sway my opinion that SAO, for all its flaws, is still a good anime. A good starting point for people getting into the genre at least. The things people complain about and Hell the things I complained about don’t bother me because I’ve seen it all before. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for seeing something new and different but seeing something I’ve seen before doesn’t bother me either. we all want new things but too many and we forget what we’re familiar with and love. OP main character? Seen it. Harem (not even an anime one)? Seen it. Over the top or boring villains? Seen it. Stories not particularly complex? Seen it. Deus ex-machina? Bitch please, I’ve seen that in spades. All these, while not new things, are things that I’m used to seeing that I just don’t mind it anymore. If I did then there would be a lot of other popular things out there I should hate that I don’t. If we were all like that than we might as well give up on entertainment all together. I know SAO isn’t perfect, but it’s not the garbage fire the sheep preach it to be. If someone hates it, don’t take there word as gospel if you haven’t seen it. If you want to know truly, I believe the best way is to experience it yourself. If you like it great. If you don’t I’m sorry but don’t go around scaring people and saying you have a “moral obligation” to keep people from liking something that is a work of FICTION! If you don’t like it, turn it off and move on! DO NOT berate, insult, or degrade ANYONE for ANY REASON, especially for something that’s not even real and gives people happiness even if you don’t understand it. I know I’m probably gonna be called every bad word in the book just for this post alone. It just proves my point that they don’t have anything better to do than hop on the band wagon of “SAO is shit” with there quick and easy views on there videos of how much it’s anal fire. If you’re one of the people that gain happiness from SAO YOU! ARE! NOT! ALONE! don’t listen to those who say it sucks because they’re either doing for attention or they don’t like it and refuse to understand how anyone could or they do understand and just don’t care otherwise they wouldn’t be passing along the message. however if they insult you are say things to negate your opinion you are allowed if you want to to fight back. No one should be told they’re an idiot ot have low standards for finding enjoyment in something that others don’t and refuse to join the herd. Feel free to let your emotions and thoughts speak highly of the series as much as you want. If the aggressors are allowed to be loud and hurtful than so are those who oppose them because no one should allow themselves or their opinions to be treated as shit. Don’t support those who hate on the series and don’t be afraid to say how much you love SAO. And don’t be afraid to support or at least try out other series that people despise to see how you think of it. It’s better to trust and regret and doubt and regret. At least than you can keep being hopeful and that’s really all anyone ever needs.

Day 2 - Purring

Something was rumbling in her ear. 

Marinette woke slowly, the soft rumble reeling her out of a pleasant dream and the unmistakable vibration of her pillow steadily grounding her in reality. But even when she blinked open her eyes it still took a moment to place the sound. At first she thought it was her phone. 

But then she remembered what had been happening before she fell asleep.

Root beer floats on the balcony. Video games until well past two in the morning. Giggling at a comic book on her bed until no, that was definitely the last thing she remembered. As if in response to this, she became aware of a glossy page plastered to her cheek. Sitting up, she peeled the comic book off and tossed it aside, afraid to look behind her at the other side of her bed. Because if he’d simply left, then what was that suspiciously purr-like sound? Man, they’d fallen asleep on accident again, hadn’t they?

In the darkness Marinette peeked over her shoulder at him, then immediately sqeaked in terror when she saw his bare arm and wrenched her pillow up to press it over her eyes. 

He isn’t transformed. Oh my god, he detransformed in his sleep! 

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