Clouds rolling over Mount Tamalpais State Park, California

nicholassteinbergphotography“Cotton candy Waves”

Here’s a time lapse from my shot Cotton Candy Waves. As opposed to a long exposure, this was shot with successive shorter exposures to show movement and texture. Love how mesmerizing the fog is.


“Quintessence is, as we know, a manifestation of life itself, as seen in various forms… while the most common is life force in its rawest state, a dark matter (assumed to be the fifth alchemical element, or essence, after earth, air, fire, and water) postulated to explain observations of an accelerating universe…”

“The highest levels are found in the heart, primarily due to the function of distributing… life, essentially, to the rest of the body; In fact, some studies have detected larger activity waves… during times of heavy stress or emotion. The most curious finding, however, was the discovery of matching signatures emanating from two separate life forms;”

“The opposing signatures appearing first, of course, directly over the heart.”

Fireproof // Part 7

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six

Summary: Supernatural Half Blood Boarding School AU where students are paired with a human counterpart to help them adapt to the human world outside their supernatural communities.

Shawn shakes your shoulder, knowing you were already waking up. It’s the day you would drive back to school and you don’t want to get up yet. The last two days had been the best you think you’d ever had. Shawn was playful, loving and attentive to you. For two whole days both of you laid in his room and lazily made out, explored each other with clothes on, and watched movies while talking about your lives. Sometimes things almost going too far when his hands would slide down your sweatpants and he’d make you melt under his touch.

The clock on his nightstand says it’s 4:45am. Way too early for you to even consider getting up. But Shawn’s hand on your side is persistent. It’s dark in his bedroom save for the dim ambient light from the moon shining through the large windows and patio doors on the far wall.  You roll over to face him as he shakes your shoulder persistently. “What is it?” you groan and he pulls the blanket it off your body.

“Get up with me. I want to show you something,” he whispers, holding your blanket hostage so you can’t turn over and go back to sleep.

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okay so there was the sun/moon nodal square

now there’s a mercury rx coming

basically the end of the year has and will continue to throw the past in your face 

the full moon of early december is in t-square with neptune in pisces and we will need to be careful not to misrepresent everything that’s been washed ashore   

our judgement will be intensified as mercury in rx conjuncts saturn 

we could end up doing everything in our power to break free from these harrowing thoughts with mars in libra opposing uranus in aries 

its the perfect passage to lead us into saturn in capricorn really; we’ll lawlessly act out these thoughts in an effort to prevent ourselves from experiencing the deprivation of our reality, the truths of the past, all the assumptions we continually fall back on

we won’t feel full afterwards, it will have been nothing but meaningless demands that lead us nowhere and we’ll feel that inevitable disappointment that we tried so hard to avoid; maybe instead of doing what is ‘right’, we merely bend ourselves to allow as much we are willing to accept 

but saturn in capricorn has a plan, saturn in capricorn knows the destination, and saturn in capricorn welcomes trial & error

anonymous asked:

What are some dead giveaways that someone is High Ti?

1) questioning everything. constant “why” to the point where it gets almost annoying

2) probably likes to explain things, may have a lot of knowledge on certain specific topics but it’s all interrelated - depth of knowledge rather than breadth

3) enjoys low-key arguments or debates. may seem like they’re testing their logic on you, or like they expect you to test yours on them. may intentionally poke holes in everything you say, this also gets annoying

4) doesn’t respond well to being asked things like “but how do you know that,” may answer “it’s just common sense” or “it just makes sense because [explains their paradigm for ten minutes]” 

5) tend to have a very problem-solving approach as opposed to high Fe users, don’t expect them to just offer sympathy when you vent to them. if they care about you, they’ll listen patiently if only to get it straight in their heads what you’re dealing with, and then you should expect at least a few ideas on how to solve the issue, or just general advice in the form of them talking about their understanding of the problem itself. 

6) doesn’t like making absolute statements like Te users do, everything is “this is probably this way” or “it makes sense that…” seems to acknowledge their own logical subjectivity and doesn’t really care much about factual statements or evidence. they probably see these things as boring or “a given,” and are more interested in theoretical aspects - extrapolating the meaning of something or relating this meaning to something else they know. that’s why, even if they have Sources tm, they won’t reference them directly, because it’s more about the meaning of something than the literal facts. they see thinking that doesn’t build on itself as boring, unoriginal, and somewhat stupid, so there’s a high chance they’ll make fun of you for constantly referencing sources, and watch out if your sources contradict each other because they will notice, and they will point it out.

7) annoyed by inconsistency of any sort, and if you can point out where they’re being logically inconsistent, they’ll immediately modify their stance - or, alternatively, extrapolate another way they could be correct and your argument is invalid, even if it seems like they pulled it out of their ass (aux Ti is guilty of this, dom Ti not so much)

anyone else feel free to add on

dude bill and ben are boyfriends and richie and mike are boyfriends and they set aside their saturdays for double dates at the arcade and bill and mike go head to head at the air hockey table while their boyfriends cheer and richie refuses to share his popcorn with ben because they’re “on opposing teams. get your own popcorn, haystack.” when mike wins, richie jumps on him and wraps his arms and legs around him and covering him in kisses and bill laughs and shrugs and ben presses a shy kiss on bill’s cheek and it makes HIM feel like the winner wow wow


Summer was arriving in Hawkins. The days were getting longer and warmer. Jim Hopper sat outside of his cabin, and took a long drag of a strong cigarette. He liked Summer more than Winter - where everyone was more laid back, and he didn’t have to put on multiple coats just to survive a car ride to the station. He looked up at the setting sun, which painted the sky with golden orange hues, streaking across the tips of the bright green leaves on the trees which stretched higher than ever. “Perhaps it’s time,” he thought. He took one last drag of the cigarette, before crushing it underfoot as he walked back into the cabin.

He immediately went down to the storage room below the floorboards. After El had come home from her search for her mother, he decided they should clean it up, and actually use it for storage. He kept all his old stuff, at least all that had survived from his childhood, neatly organised down there in stacks, along with his case files, and other small things he had accumulated over his life. He went into the far corner, and dug into a pile of books. He pulled out a dust covered hardback, emblazoned with drawings of constellations. It was technically a library book, but he had forgotten to return it, and had just kept it for years. His daughter’s name was written in felt pen on the blank first page. It still choked him up to think about her, but at least he had El now. He had another chance.

He came back up, and closed the trapdoor. He saw El through the opening to her room. She seemed happy, bobbing along to a jingle from a commercial for something or another. He liked how she took pleasure in the smallest things. “Hey kid”. She turned around, and smiled at him. “Get your shoes, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

El loved surprises. She loved when Hopper would bring home eggos, or ice cream. Particularly strawberry. Strawberry ice cream was her favourite. She liked when Mike came over, out of the blue, because he just had to see her. She liked spending hours simply sitting side by side with him, the pure fact of him being there after they had been apart for so long. She liked when Dustin would bring her new candy bars, so they could try them together. She loved when Lucas and Max would invite her to go exploring in the woods. And she loved when Joyce would come to see Hopper, because it meant she could see Will, and they could spend all afternoon doodling together, and listening to whatever music was cool. She didn’t know what Hopper had planned for her, but she knew to be excited. She walked just behind him as he trekked through the woods, humming to herself, content.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“We’re here!”

Hopper set his bag down in a clearing in the woods, with El following just behind him. The trees bent around a lush patch of grass. The sun had gone down, and twilight reigned above them, the sky a pastel purple. Hopper began to unload his bag, and unfurled a large blanket on the floor, along with a couple of pillows, and motioned for El to sit down. Finally, he brought out the book from the cellar, and sat down next to El.

“Look up at the sky”. Hopper pointed upwards, and El turned her eyes upwards. “Pretty,” she responded. “What are those sparkly things up there?”

Hopper replied earnestly. “That’s why I brought you out here - it’s nice and warm out, so I thought I’d show you the stars.”

“What are stars?” El appeared quizzical, but enraptured by the shining lights which pierced the evening sky. Hopper always loved that expression on her face. He loved how she always wanted to know more about the world, and everything around her. “They’re big balls of gas, and fire,” he said. “The sun is one of them, but when we turn away from it, we can see so many more. They’re so far away, but so bright, that we can still see them.” El smiled, taking them in. She liked the bright lights in the sky. And now she knew what they were.

Hopper then showed El the book, beginning to tell her about all the patters of the stars in the sky, about all the shapes they formed. He particularly enjoyed telling her about Orion, laughing while she struggled with the idea that there wasn’t a large man in space with a belt of sparkling stars, but that it just looked like one. He felt more peaceful than ever, looking up at the lights in the sky, and the mirroring twinkle in his new daughter’s eyes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wow um ok this was my first attempt at writing a fic of any kind as opposed to just small headcanons so this is wild (I hope it’s not trash). I just love Hop and El’s family life so much it’s adorable. Imma just tag @stevemossington and @maxmayfield in this cause they’re like my tumblr writing idols even tho they’re probably hella busy and won’t see it and ahhh this is exciting that I’ve just written something. Hope y'all like it!

Types of Kisses - Dunkirk Cast Preferences

Summary: I think the title speaks for itself.

Preference includes: Aneurin Barnard, Barry Keoghan, Cillian Murphy, Fionn Whitehead, Harry Styles, Jack Lowden, Tom Glynn-Carney and Tom Hardy

AN: Thankfully there are more gifs of the cast kissing as opposed to hugging. Less thankfully, there isn’t much diversity in these gifs, my apologies.


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An addendum to my previous post detailing Trump’s ability to pick the least qualified people possible for government posts.

Today we have Kathleen Hartnett White who he wants to lead The Council for Environmental Quality.

Now, I don’t say this lightly. This woman is one of the stupidest people I have ever seen testify for a confirmation hearing. Her background is not scientific at all. She went to school for religious studies. She is now a mouthpiece for the energy industry. She proclaims fracking is harmless. She encourages people to increase fossil fuel production. Meaning she wants to drill anywhere in the United States that might have even the slightest drop of oil. Protected lands and fragile ecosystems alike. She claims that CO2 isn’t a pollutant because it is a nutrient for plants. Though I’m not sure she has ever tried to breathe in a healthy dose of carbon dioxide.

Her most heinous sin is how terribly uninformed she is. When testifying she demonstrated that she had almost no knowledge of the science behind climate change. If you are going to fervently oppose something, it seems logical that you would need to know at least the basics of the thing you oppose. And if you are going to take a position of leadership pertaining to the environment, you should actually know a thing or two about the environment. It’s like applying to be a mechanic even though you can’t change a tire or replace the blinker fluid. Or know that blinker fluid isn’t a thing. Much like Rick Perry with the Department of Energy, I guess she thinks she can just learn as she goes along.

I just don’t understand how anyone can support Trump’s decisions to appoint these people. He bragged about wanting to drain the swamp. He seems intent on just setting the swamp on fire.

If you wish to feel infuriated, I invite you to watch a few minutes of her testimony in the video above.


The #Annunaki taught humans the secrets of #levitation(#antigravity). You can see this Annunaki #giant in this famous#Sumerian #cylinderscroll that has been analyzed dozens of times by scholars, but the #secret eludes them. You need 4 things to reverse the magnetic polarity in an object.
1. #Magnetic field generator. The Annunaki king is sitting on that device. Notice the Lions on the box facing opposite each other. That represents the opposing #magneticfields.
2. #FieldAmplifier. That’s the technology device in the Annunaki kings hand. He uses that to control and modulate the magnetic field.

3. #Cymatic frequency generator. The #cymatics are the most important. You must place the cymatic frequency directly on top of the object that you want to levitate. You can generate a cymatic frequency using a home stereo speaker and amp. Research cymatics in your free time.
4. A loud #whistle. Notice the 2 men #whistling behind the man lifting the stone table with 1 hand. The whistling tone interacts with the magnetic field and the cymatic frequency and the atoms in the stone table reverse polarity greatly reducing the tables gravitational field.
If you have been following my page for a while, you would have seen a post that I made about my visit to the #CoralCastle in #Miami Florida. It was built in modern times by a 4 foot 11 inch tall man named #EdwardLeedskalnin. He claimed to have rediscovered the secrets of ancient #Egyptian stone building and Stone levitation. He worked alone and could often be heard whistling. Edward used a very similar device as shown above in this post.
All matter in the #3rdDimension can be completely manipulated because matter is only a #frequency condensed into a slower #vibration. Everything is vibration, sound and frequency emanating from electromagnetic waves. (In the beginning was the Word = Frequency and vibration) Let That #4biddenknowledge Marinate. Good night.

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I talked to the McElroys for 15 goddamn minutes and Griffin told my parrot to go fuck itself

Buckle up kiddos, this is a story for the ages

Last night, I went to the Chicago live show, and in short it was one of the best nights of my life. I laughed so hard I choked on my Fancy Theater Sprite™. Cosplayers frolicked amongst people in Shrimp Heaven T Shirts amongst people in their Sunday best.

Towards the end of the show, the boys traditionally asked for questions from the crowd, and immediately over 1000 hands shot up. I was up in the balcony, but I raised my hand anyways for kicks. No waving, no movement. My hand was a beakon, a goddamn lighthouse in the middle of a swarming see of desperate fans. Travis and I locked eyes. I felt my stomach drop.

“The person in the…purple hoodie?”

“You mean this?” I said as I stood and my crimson cosplay robe fell around my shoulders.

“Yeah!! Come on down!”

In a blur I made my way to the aisle as quickly as possible, people clapping me on the back and whispering “don’t mess up” all the while. My hands were shaking so bad that I couldn’t hold on to the railing as I climbed down three flights of stairs and walked down the aisle to the microphone.

And immediately caused someone to face plant into said microphone out of our combined clumsiness and panic (she was ok but boy shitting howdy do I feel bad). I waited for my turn slowly being consumed by blind terror. Everything I said was going to be forever embedded into podcast history for all of eternity. I Could Not Mess Up.

As they called me forward I mustered up every drop of comedic timing within me, every tactic of improv I could remember. I stepped up to the microphone. “So a little over a year ago, we bought a parrot, and it was, like, a cool pet…”

“yeah, AS OPPOSED TO THOSE SHITTY DOGS, RIGHT?” Griffin interjected. The crowd roared for what felt like years, until it was finally quiet enough for me to continue. Dead silence.

“Boys, now I have 7 parrots. Please help.”

In all my years, I will never forget the look on Griffin Andrew McElroy’s face as the realization hit him. It was like he was hit by a motherfucking monster truck, and the monster truck was being driven by my seven birds of the apocalypse.

For the next 15 minutes I talked to three of the coolest people alive as all four of us ragged on my 7 horrible, horrible birds. Highlights include:





It was the best night of my entire life and I physically cannot wait until the episode comes out.


Drew ♡ Akko

 Only one episode and I’m already enjoying the chemistry between these two. XD

It’s definitely following some traditional standards of shoujo-esque couples, while adding in a few non-traditional ones to make things a little more interesting.

you know what really fucking grinds my gears? the fact that amazing organizations like You Can Play can spend so much time, money, and effort doing their best to make hockey inclusive - they can get players to use rainbow tape, they can have players and coaches release statements, they can encourage players to speak up against homophobia - but all of that means jack shit when a kid can still be watching his favorite team play and see some douchebag like andrew shaw using the f-slur. i know it was a while ago, and i know he apologized, but that doesn’t undo the fact that, no matter how hard YCP works, kids will still see shit like that and think “yeah, it still happens on the ice” or “yeah it probably happens in the locker room.” it’s fucking bullshit that so many people can work so hard just so that people aren’t scared to play hockey and be open about their sexuality, and some dumbass can fuck it all up in .2 seconds bc he didn’t agree with a fucking tripping call.


“okay, so, how many ships do you think we can slip into one episode?” - the gotham writers, probably