opportunity financial

The year of yes.

Yes to increase.
Yes to opportunities.
Yes to financial breakthroughs.
Yes to transitions.
Yes to new ideas.
Yes to big breaks.
Yes to peace.
Yes to love.
Yes to growth.
Yes to creativity.
Yes to courage.
Yes to strength.
Yes to purpose.
Yes to consistency.
Yes to imagination.
Yes to claiming what’s yours.

This is my year of yes.

Minimalism Meets College: Minimalist Tips

1. Giant Backpack, No More: Put your large NorthFace or traditional styled backpack to the side, and transition to a lightweight, simple oversized tote or purse-type backpack.

In it, include: a simple wallet that carries importance cards and your school ID; (a repurpose DIY) a glasses case as a pencil case that can hold: 2-3 pens, 2 pencils, a sharpie and a highlighter; your day planner or journal (depending on how you keep track of assignments and things-to-do); your laptop and/or notebooks (if your classes don’t permit electronic note taking); and your room and/or car key(s).

2. Take Control of Your Notes, Structure Over Stress: If you’re a visual or kinesthetic learner, taking your notes by hand is helpful. If you’re an auditory learner, try recording your notes. For ease, designate one notebook for each class to make reviewing and maintenance easier (option: color coordinate too for easy identification). Organize your material by going digital. For each class, create a file for writing assignments/essays on your laptop. This makes sorting through past papers easier and decluttering/removal less tedious.

3. Downgrade Your Dorm: Don’t just leave decluttering for your room at home, take it to college with you. The struggle between your social life and academics is never ending; however, having a clean, organized, simple room (with your own special flare and style) can ease the daily stress of being a college student. Having a space of your own—that embodies your minimalist attitude/outlook—allows you to further embrace and practice a minimalistic lifestyle that is genuine to you. Avoid the bad habit of focusing on and adding décor to your dorm to make it feel personal—it only promotes clutter as you’re not in need of all that décor. Being a college student isn’t easy. Take this as the perfect opportunity for a low-budget, room make-over. In addition, if you’re an out-of-state student who moves out of their dorm every school year, doing more with less in your dorm makes storage and travelling a lot less stressful and easier to manage: you’ll pack fewer clothing items, shoes, health and beauty products; you won’t have to pay so much for storage (especially if you share a unit with other students who might need the space); and you will not leave as many items behind for someone who lives nearby campus to hang onto for you. As a bonus, move-in day will no longer be “move-in week”.

4. That’s Money, Honey: As a given, minimalism allows you to save money. Use this advantage to manage your college budget, you’ll be surprised how much money you might save. Your college budget might not be as small as you once imagined. Rather, your budget will prove to be livable and fitting for your lifestyle. Take this as an opportunity to start practicing financial habits that could carry over into adulthood. In addition, renting your textbooks and/or reselling them is a good way to cut down on buying full price textbooks and not accumulate a library of books you’ll never use again. Try to avoid hanging onto books “just-in-case” someone else might need them. Go ahead and sell, or rent to begin with so you’re not left with that load on your hands. For novels and such, try going digital with your books on a tablet or Kindle—or buy eBooks (if permitted by your professor).

5. Recycle the School Year: Feel free to recycle old notes, exams, and/or papers from courses you’re sure you’ll never revisit. If you feel the need to keep a paper or exam (until graduation or end of the year), digitally save them on your laptop for later use then delete them. If anything, general notes for courses can be found online as well, so try to avoid getting too attached.

6. Apply What You Learn: Reduce mental clutter and apply what you learn after you’ve learned it. This can be done by immediately starting on a homework assignment, assigned reading, or reviewing your class notes after your classes. This improves your cognitive retention about the material, reduces stress when it comes to exam time, and promotes healthier learning habits that can result in long-term academic success.

Jupiter in the 2nd house - Cosmic Closet 

The inner world of Jupiter in the second is an atlas filled with ice cream sundaes, sweet silk, golden philosophy, and sensuality. The individual can undertake tremendous indwelling journeys and experience grand delight in the midst of sensory orchestra. The feeling of soft fabric against her skin, the taste of gourmet, the sweet melody of sound in her ear generates a larger than life, ripe, exuberant feeling. Jupiter in the second is like a dream that has been written in real life. There is a high receptivity to pleasure, and this is a real desire to personally experience all of the luxuries the universe has to offer. She can smell the aroma of the moon and hitch a hammock between two daisies as she floats in the wind. The world is her treasure box.

Worldly sensation is tuned into high volume with Jupiter in the second. The wind echoes, clouds sing, grass squeals under her feet, books call her name, and personal reflection is like walking through a rainbow kingdom. There tends to be a spectacular skill for spotting business opportunities and moments for financial growth. This is a favorable placement for enterprise and entrepreneurship. The individual’s security and material needs can become consuming and impossible to satiate. Surroundings are an extension of her self expression, whether this be closets full of designer clothes or a cozy cottage cluttered with collectibles. The dreams that reside within are like playgrounds she can slide and fly through. Jupiter in the second people typically express a good sense of morality and ethics. Feelings of self grandiosity tend to manifest positively. There could be a natural intimacy with spirituality and earthly law and rhythm. Like the seasons that roll or the flowers that wilt and bloom, Jupiter in the second individuals have a good faith in nature’s cycles. They know if they entrust their hearts to the universe it will take good care of them.

It’s like Jupiter in the second people enjoy playing with the universe by lighting candles, evoking light, colour, and sound, and making magic out of material. Creativity is rich, expansive and stirs from the most lyrical and lovely depths of the spirit. The individual may delight in developing a craft, especially of intellectual kind. The higher mind is decorated in bubblegum icing and rose petals, a true palace of spiritual wisdom and scripture. Adventures can take place internally, while the individual is in reverie, esoteric contemplation, or stimulating learning environments. The individual’s style may reflect many cultural or spiritual expressions, and there is a tremendous delight in movement and exploration. The physical body yearns to spiral through the valleys of the earth and sea. There may be a seductive fascination with exotic cuisine, items of cultural heritage, and spiritual artifacts. Charles Carter suggests that the second house psychologically relates to one’s contentment and ability to enjoy life. With exuberant Jupiter spinning the wheel of fortune, the individual’s inner wealth is threaded with gold and caramel milkshake frosting. Like the stars that sing symphonies for her, every sensory material creates a mesmerizing magic of its own.


[artist: jeanne vadeboncoeur]                                                                                       

It’s really sad, because TS4 has so much CC, in the little time it’s been in existence, but it absolutely detests mods, and breaks CC so often, most of the good stuff becomes completely useless in mere months of it’s creation. So you’ll see relatively new creators, come and go, due to pressure.

Custom content is a lotta the reason why people still buy their games, EA is really missing out on a lot of financial opportunities not giving their creators the tools and means ( CAW for example ) necessary to take TS4 further than they’re clearly willing to themselves.

Bethesda managed to release Skyrim again, without much backlash, wanna know how?




Leo: Colonial Portraiture 

Without aristocratic patronage and with limited public interest in the arts, American artists faced a serious problem in finding financial support. Widespread demand for portraits made portraiture the most viable way for them to earn a living, and many artists turned to this form of art. The business and commercial aspects of artistic endeavor were especially conspicuous in portrait painting. Artists had traditionally regarded history painting as at the top of the artistic hierarchy and portraiture as at the bottom. Despite the financial opportunities it offered, artists aspired to higher forms of art, seeing portrait painting as limiting and demeaning, as the artist was often required to sacrifice art to accommodate the subject’s personal vanity.

  • Mars in 1st House: With Mars in the First House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative into personal affairs and self-expression by developing a capacity for action and personal leadership. Self-confidence and courage are gained by active participation in rugged, physical and competitive sport or other similar activity. This position of Mars tremendously increases will-power and you are likely to be motivated by the need to win and to be first in your particular field. You have the capacity to achieve much and generate enthusiasm in others, though you must be careful not to burn yourself out through over-activity. You are, in a general sense, actively searching for a strong social self-image.
  • Mars in 2nd House: With Mars in the Second House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative into business enterprises or other financial dealings in an active search for personal wealth. Capital is acquired through careful investment, sheer hard work and clever financial dealing. Strong-willed, determined and resourceful you enjoy a challenge and thrive on opposition. You may become a financial genius, or a mere spendthrift.
  • Mars in 3rd House: With Mars in the Third House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative in building mental resourcefulness and an aggressive active intellect. There will be a liking for competitive mental pastimes that present an intellectual challenge - such as chess, crosswords, etc. You enjoy learning, argument, debate and discussion and you are likely to do well in school. The need for mental stimulation will ensure further education and eventual mature student status.
  • Mars in 4th House: With Mars in the Fourth House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative within the home and family. The desire for home and roots is strong - your very nature demands a secure home, children and devoted spouse. Much work will be carried out constantly to improve the home environment. At some stage you are likely to experience an inner restlessness that is difficult to describe: if not controlled, this will cause domestic unpleasantness, misunderstanding and disharmony in your home life.
  • Mars in 5th House: With Mars in the Fifth House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative in actively pursuing a rewarding love-life, social amusement and pleasure in general. You have a likeable, competitive and flamboyant temperament. There is a desire for creative endeavour, strenuous sports, athletics, risk-taking pursuits and other forms of muscular exercise - gambling may be a feature. Your children will probably be an important factor in your life and much pleasure will be derived from their spontaneous affection, companionship and development.
  • Mars in 6th House: With Mars in the Sixth House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative through hard, energetic physical work or by representing other workers in a fight for improved conditions within the work environment. Your will to action is applied in putting your own house into order, health and work matters generally.
  • Mars in 7th House: With Mars in the Seventh House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative in active co-operation with others as associates or in partnerships of some kind. You can be aggressive and forceful in intimate relationships, or you may marry someone with this natural temperament. An early marriage is possible and your energy and passion will ensure a happy, demonstrative and rewarding sex-life. You are likely to gain popularity, social success, money or property through your marriage partner. With this placing of Mars it is important to be restrained in all dealings with associates, business partners and the opposite sex. If your aggressive nature becomes dominant there is danger of trouble and loss through public opposition, unpopularity, damaged relationships, female hostility or litigation.
  • Mars in 8th House: With Mars in the Eighth House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative into the quest for personal success, self-knowledge and emotional security. Your energy is channelled through powerful, deep-seated but easily aroused emotions and a powerful sex-drive. There is a desire for leadership within your social and business sphere - involvement with metaphysical or occult groups is a possibility. Your deep interest in finance, big business and a keen, positive attitude to investment ensures success. You possess an intuitive sense that is well tuned when it comes to assessing prospective partners and financial opportunities.
  • Mars in 9th House: With Mars in the Ninth House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative through self-development, travel, exploration, sports, religion, philosophy or higher education, in order to gain a broad experience of life. You enjoy any form of intellectual challenge and should do well in gaining academic qualifications. Having a crusading spirit, breadth of vision and strong religious or philosophical convictions are likely. You will aggressively crusade for worthwhile causes and actively support higher social groups in service to mankind.
  • Mars in 10th House: With Mars in the Tenth House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative by actively pursuing fame and social status. Courage, ambition, energy, enterprise, force, emotional involvement, business acumen and a strong compulsive drive for success may lead to public achievement or professional recognition. You like to see practical results for your efforts and take pride in doing a job correctly. You may become a force to be reckoned with in career and professional life, however your argumentative, aggressive and quarrelsome nature may create difficulties on occasion. Patience, tolerance and a less-hasty attitude to events should be cultivated.
  • Mars in 11th House: With Mars in the Eleventh House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative into friendships, social life and group activities. Friendship is of above-average importance, but this is a sphere of life where you will experience some rocky periods since the aggressive, argumentative side of Mars will tend to cause upsets between yourself and your friends. This will be especially so when others challenge your reasons or motives for certain actions. Leadership qualities are present and a strongly independent personality needs to be developed in order effectively to initiate social or group reform.
  • Mars in 12th House: With Mars in the Twelfth House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative in secret or secluded work or some form of social or humanitarian activities. You have an inherent sympathy for, and empathy with, other people and a desire to work for the good of others. Your refined and sensitive nature is well-suited to artistic, creative and imaginative endeavour - such as religious and spiritual work, music, romantic literature or cultural projects. Energy levels can fluctuate day-to-day, much depends on your emotional state of mind. Frequent periods of quite and solitude are necessary in order to recharge your energies. On occasion you can be devious, escapist, evasive, gloomy, indolent, changeable, irresolute, indecisive and inclined towards self-deception.
Of college, crafts, and other such craziness

Heyyyy, guys! How’s it going? ^-^

I’ve got some really neat things to talk about - EXCITING things that I hope will interest you as well. Aside from my regular artwork and fanfiction, which I will hopefully be able to post on more of a regular basis going forward, I’m going to be very busy with quite a few other projects. 😋

My first topic of discussion is going to be the most important one: college. Starting this week, I’ll be filing for as many scholarships and financial aid opportunities as humanly possible, and I’m looking to officially enroll once the summer rolls around. At long last, starting college actually seems feasible, and I’m aiming to start class in the fall! I’ve discovered an art school that is not only interested in me, but offers online courses in everything from fashion design to game design to ANIMATION. When selecting animation as my major, I can even choose to focus on 2D and stop-motion animation specifically! It’s a dream come true! 😄

Secondly, I’m going to be expanding my handmade plushie collection in the very near future! There are several plushies I’ve made over the course of the past few months that I still haven’t gotten around to posting photos of - the entire Keroro Platoon from Sgt. Frog (which I started on in early 2016 and completed…several months ago; I’m not sure exactly when) and a little dog-suit GIR from Invader ZIM (which I decided to make on a whim over the course of two days sometime back in September or October) - but it’s been a while since I’ve made plushies consistently. I have a ton of fun doing so and would really like to get back into the habit of making them often! It’s great practice, and I’ll continue to expand my giant plushie collection in the process! (You can never have too many plushies. heehee)

So…once I gather the necessary supplies and finish the set I’m currently making for my brother (he requested a Charlie and Lola set so he could use them in an upcoming plush movie series he’s making), I will be making myself the following:

💗 A Soos and a Wendy (so my Gravity Falls plushie collection will finally be complete! YAY! 🎊)

💗 A full set of Invader ZIM plushies (standard-sized plushies of Zim, robot GIR, Dib, Gaz, and Minimoose, as well as life-sized plushies of robot GIR and Minimoose)

💗 A full set of Wander Over Yonder plushies (Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater, and Commander Peepers…I’m hoping to at least have Wander finished before next month’s Trending 27th event! Gotta keep the spirit of WOY alive! 🌟)

💗 Star and Marco from Star vs. the Forces of Evil! 😊 (I may make Ludo in the future, since I love him too, but Ludo is a LOT more detailed, so I want to see how Star and Marco turn out first!)

Thirdly, I’ve got some other news related to my previous ramblings about plushie-making. Not only will I be making plushies for my own personal collection - I plan to make and SELL a few GF and SVTFOE sets! I’d love to start earning some more pocket money and decided that perhaps I should give running my own Etsy shop a try! More details on that once I figure out how Etsy works and get my inventory made. 😉

Finally, once my life-sized GIR and Minimoose plushies are complete, they won’t just be my new cuddle buddies…they’ve got a second purpose to serve…FORRRR…

Originally posted by zedzdeadbabyy

Well, rather, I’m going to BE Zim! For Halloween! 😂

I’m planning to transform regular clothing - namely my black leggings and boots, black gloves, a hot pink/magenta tank top, a pink bandana, and a long-sleeved pink leotard - into the uniform of a proper Irken soldier such as Zim. I’m going to be making my sleeve attachments (you know, the little…pink triangle things…lol), PAK, and antennae by hand, and the life-sized GIR and Minimoose plushies I make will be great additions to my costume!

They shall assist me on my quest to acquire snacks from the ffffFILTHY HALLOWEENIIIIES…

(And yes, before you ask, I do in fact plan to go trick-or-treating at age 20. I don’t plan to give that tradition up for a few more years yet. VIVE LA RÉVOLUTION! xD)

Updates about my costume-making progress will be provided as I work on it, so stay tuned for those!

Well…that’s about all for now. Feel free to let me know what you think about my plans. If you care. 😛

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings, guys, and I really hope you enjoy everything I make in the near future! I plan to obtain all of my crafting necessities by next weekend, so I will be starting on my PAK and my life-sized GIR very soon. ^0^

*hugs you all* 💞

April fools tarot challenge
Day 4

Green Thumb: Find three cards (or more!) with green as the dominant colour. Do the cards’ meanings relate somehow? If differentiating colours is difficult, select one or more cards that mean “growth” to you.

It’s unfortunate that opportunities to improve your financial state often come from already having money. If you want ways to gain more then you have to be stricter with your spending and where you invest it. But be careful because having money can create a greed of it, resulting in a cycle of neglecting other areas of our being in favour of financial growth.


because there were a few last minute dropouts i was offered the chance to do another card for the @kyluxtarot project. this time it’s the page of pentacles.

i struggled quite a bit while trying to come up with a concept for the card but i finally settled on young academy!hux studying plans of the death star in the hopes that one day he’ll be given the chance to build something even greater. (and deadlier.)

(sometimes dreams will come true.)

upright meanings of the card are: manifestation of dreams, motivation to achieve a goal, careful planning and a pragmatic approach, financial opportunity, strong sense of responsibility.

reversed meanings of the card are: lack of progress and planning, short-term focus, inaction, laziness and complacency, full of own importance.

Money Drawing Bottle

*to draw money and financial opportunities your way


A bottle/jar

Honeysuckle: Money drawing, quick abundance

Basil: Attracts money and prosperity

Parsley: Draws prosperity, increases financial success

Almonds (or almond extract): Attracts money and prosperity

Cat’s claw (I use naturally shed sheaths from my kitties): Money drawing

A coin in your currency

Gold Glitter

A green candle (preferably on the smaller side, like a small taper, so you don’t get a mess of melted wax)


1. Add all but the candle to your bottle/jar and shake to mix. Seal up your bottle/jar.

2. Attach the candle to the top of the bottle/jar (I do this by melting part of the bottom of the candle and sticking it to the top before it hardens back up. You could also just glue it).

3. Light your candle and let it burn until it’s less than an inch or so tall. 

4. Charge it using your preferred method of charging.

How to fix the education system

Let’s make a list guys

- push back school start times so teens can get more sleep

- create a necessary class where young people are taught what adulthood is really like and learn how taxes, voting, stocks, fixing tires, cooking, etc. work

- make college cost less, or offer more opportunities for scholarships/financial aid

- make getting into college not seem like the “be all end all”

- teach kids to accept other people and be less judgmental

- teach kids how important they really are

add to it

Natal Charts with good Finances


Venus or Jupiter Dominant Chart (though this is not as important as other factors, because your dominant planet can change significantly depending on what system you are using to determine your dominant planet, as there are a few)

Any planets (especially Jupiter or Venus) at Degrees 27, 28, and 29 especially if these degrees occur in your 2nd or 8th houses.

~Jupiter also in the 10th House indicates gain through Luck in your Career field.

~Pluto in general can also lean towards financial success, but this planet is more concerned with harboring power.

~Jupiter in the 5th House can indicate great luck with winning money through lottery, gambling, etc.


~The Sun in the 2nd House : strong drive for money making

~The Sun in the 8th House: fruitful inheritance and investments.

~Mercury in the 8th House:Money through people; Marriages, donations, legal settlements.

~Venus in the 2nd House : pleasures and easy money.

~Jupiter in the 2nd House: the best placement for making money.

~Uranus in the 2nd House: lucrative collections, financial opportunities ‘pop’ up

~Uranus in the 8th House: amazing gains or losses through other people.

~Pluto in the 2nd House: Risk taker, squandering and selfish

~Pluto in the 8th House: Power over other people gives you gain, best suited to being a boss

For more accurate analysis and astrological advice from a professional astrologer, follow Dreamarchiveshop

Cam Girlz

I found the film “Cam Girlz” to be very interesting and insightful. Most of the time, when people seek pleasure online, we focus on our pleasure rather than those pleasuring us. It was great to see how being a Cam Girl made all of these women feel free and confident about their bodies, their sexuality and their self as a whole. The internet has provided so many jobs and financial opportunities for people; the women talked about how this was their source of income. One of them stated that she wanted a job where she wouldn’t be restricted because of her tattoos and the color of her hair. For those who laud amateur pornography, the process of making homemade porn can represent a valuable opportunity for sexual self-expression (Ruberg, 2016). Another girl talked about her and her husband could survive solely based on the amount of money that she was bringing in – she also stated that she was making nearly as much as her husband who had a full-time job.  

For some of these women, being a Cam girl is a way for them to cope and for others, it is a source of happiness. One of the women recently lost her husband and doing this was one of the ways that she was learning to cope. Another woman’s boyfriend broke up with her because she added a bit of weight and yet when she started being a cam girl, it led her to love her body more and her viewers loved her that way.

When we talk about affect online, we can see that some of the viewers were also included in the video – one of the guys included talked about how watching the girls made him happy because he enjoyed seeing them comfortable in their sexualities. The other guy mentioned that they allowed him to be himself.

This video taught me that self-love can result in a lot of things (including making a bit of money) and when people see that you are confident and you love yourself, they in turn will do the same.

Originally posted by galatarakisi

anonymous asked:

i think a lot about the gangsey finding out about blue's dream school and how she couldnt go and i just imagine them pulling strings so she'll get the opportunity like suddenly the financial aid gets big enough to accommodate the sargents' budget (ronan ! ! ! shelling out some cash for it 'its a belated birthday gift dont think too much of it') and when she gets the news that she got accepted everyone's just so fcking happy for her and theyre all smiling (noah is crying) and shaking her i just

This definitely happens post trk, I won’t hear otherwise

ML Dandelion AU idea

(In case you don’t know what ‘Dandelion - Wishes brought to you’ is, it’s a Korean dating sim with pets who turn into handsome cat boys and bunny boys. It’s an interesting story with good characterization… and some characters who can be blergh at times. But the blond bunny boy is an absolute gift.)

  • So Marinette is a Grande École student who studies business because she lacked the confidence to get into fashion due to the competition there and low chance of success. She only studies what she studies because she was good at it but she has no passion for it whatsoever.
  • Unhappy Marinette finds a cat in her room one day (she lives alone in the Quartier Latin so she could be closer to the school). She’s confused as to how he got in but the cat is sweet so she keeps him. She names him Enzo (cause it’s generic)
  • Now, ‘Enzo’ is actually a cat from another world, where people normally have cat ears and a tail. Two months after adopting him, and after many shenanigans with her cat, Marinette wakes up to see that ‘Enzo’ has turned into a (very cute) cat boy with fancy clothing.
  • She’s horrified and tries to kick him out but doesn’t have the heart to leave him out there to be scrutinized and possibly captured for his ‘unique’ features. And she remembers that this cat is the same adorkable, clumsy cat that she cared for this entire time.
  • ‘Enzo’ has a name and it’s Adrien. He apologizes for being unable to explain why and how he got there but he tries his best to be a good housemate. Ends up causing more disasters than helping. He’s banned from cooking and getting anywhere near the washing machine.
  • After Marinette makes him some casual clothes, and especially a hat to cover his ears, Adrien gets scouted as a model and he jumps at the opportunity to help Marinette financially after freeloading for so long. Marinette is understandably worried but somehow his identity is kept safe and she is mulled over when he receives his first salary.
  • She adores his photos but can never tell him to his face
  • He calls her ‘my lady’ because he respects her greatly for her generosity, and because he’s a sheltered aristocrat who doesn’t know how formal he sounds. Marinette jokingly calls him Enzo from time to time.
  • Adrien falls in love with anime while he’s on Earth. Marinette questions how and he just replies: “Internet”. Cue Adrien being a total dweeb and copying things he really shouldn’t copying.
  • The most important thing. Adrien supports Marinette’s designing. She gave on her dreams of becoming a designer long ago. But Adrien has seen her designs, he wears them too, and loves them. He never fails to compliment each and every one, constantly shows them off to his co-workers, and he encourages her to pursue her dreams after seeing her so unhappy from studying. Marinette is still reluctant after seeing her cousin fail as a designer and she is pressured by her family (not her parents but grandparents, aunts and uncles) to be something ‘respectable’ in society.

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Abundance Candle Spell

The energy of the flame will help draw new financial opportunities to you. Get your supplies together:

• A green candle
• Cinnamon oil
• Vanilla oil or extract
• A large denomination coin

Use something sharp to carve the word “Wealth” along the side of the candle and then anoint the word with cinnamon and vanilla. Put the coin in the bottom of your candle holder, set the candle in over top. Light the candle and let it burn down completely.

When the candle is done, leave the wax-covered coin in a safe place to help bring money into your life.

Note: I’ve also placed a dollar bill instead of a coin under the candle

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles (like the other aces) is a card of new beginnings. A positive new beginning.
The Ace of Pentacles speaks of abundance and the material world. It may be a new job opportunity, new love interest and new financial opportunity.

Keywords: joy, material achievements, satisfaction, stability, investments, savings, fulfillment, ecstasy, gold, prosperity, prosperity, comfortable material conditions, intelligence.

Reversed/Shadow: financial delays, financial blocks, lack of money, loss of money, poor investments, instability, job loss, greed, possessions, materialism corruption.

Elemental association: Earth

Yes or No card: Yes

Love: In a love reading, the Ace of Pentacles indicates things may be going well financially for you and your partner. You can both reply on each other and feel secure for the future. You relationship might turn into something more serious like marriage if it hasn’t already. If you’re single, you may find someone new soon. If the card is reversed or in shadow, it is likely that your financial situation may be tearing you two apart. Maybe one of you is in the relationship because they can’t candle the financial burden on their own, which may lead to feeling trapped (especially if the devil card is near).

Finance: In a financial reading, the Ace of Pentacles indicates good wealth. You are inventing your money wisely and in ways that will benefit you in the future. You may be able to pay off debt and bills that you couldn’t before. If the card is reversed or in shadow, make sure you plan for a rainy day. Be careful on how you are spending your money. If you’re extremely wealthy, don’t be greedy with your wealth.

Health: In a health related reading, the Ace of Pentacles indicates great health. If you can’t afford a treatment right now, the Ace of Pentacles indicates that you will receive the money you need to either afford treatment or pay off medical bills. It is also an indication of getting more active and fit. If the card is reversed or in shadow, it may indicate the beginning of a health problem.

Disclaimer: Please don’t take health related questions to heart. Tarot isn’t always 100% accurate. If you’re really concerned about your health call or make an appointment with your doctor.

'Straight As' Culture

Education is greatly valued worldwide, particularly in Eastern countries. In areas such as the Asia Pacific region, education is seen as the means to a better life, which translates to affluence and a better social status. Many parents make various sacrifices in order to secure the best education for their children. While there is nothing wrong with excelling academically, it is unhealthy when there is an overemphasis on getting perfect results. This way of thinking is called the ‘Straight As’ culture.

It is common for parents of this culture to equate a good education with affluence. A person with money is seen to live a comfortable life. So, parents pressure their children to get excellent academic results. They resort to send their children for extra tuition classes in almost every subject. Some even get personal coaches for their children. Fun activities, which would be a part of growing up, are curtailed to make time for studying. Students are plies with revision books, and many other forms of study material.

When public examination results are released, students who scored straight As are talked about, praised and even featured in newspapers. Friends and family shower them with gifts and cash rewards. More importantly, these students are likely to have more opportunities for financial assistance or scholarships to continue with tertiary education. Their future is clearly carved out. For those who do not get straight As, it is a different story. Not only do they have fewer opportunities, they have to live with labels like ‘average student’, ‘not so academically inclined’ and so on.

Examination results are seen as an index against which a student’s personal worth is measured. There is little wonder, then, that a number of students commit suicide which they find out their results are not up to their expectations. This is happening not just in Hong Kong, but also the United States, Singapore and Australia.

Is getting straight As an indicator of success in life? Certainly not! A string of straight As does not guarantee a bright future. There is more to life than a certificate filled with As. Success in life also requires skills and strengths not tested in examinations. Many successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and even entertainment and sports personalities were not straight As students at school, Bill Gates being a famous example.

It is time we realise that straight As alone does not make a person successful. Only then we can move towards putting end to the ‘Straight As’ culture.

luv it when str8 aces act like they have it sooooo much harder than lgbt+ ppl

speaking as someone who is asexual and a lesbian uhhh aces who don’t experience homophobia or transphobia absolutely do have things easier than lgbt+ ppl

Like? plant jokes and People Just Not Getting It in regards to my asexuality specifically versus the violent verbal/physical(including sexual) abuse and denial of basic human needs i’ve suffered in regards to my lesbianism specifically…………. it doesn’t compare! srry!

cishet aces are literally not oppressed for their asexuality like Do u even know what oppression is…… oppression is systematic and historical and all-encompassing; it is something that impedes your life significantly whether it be thru limiting social/financial opportunities or thru your literal well-being and safety…. asexuals are not violently abused/murdered on a daily basis for their asexuality, asexuals are not denied shelter or medical care or use of public facilities or etc resources for their asexuality, asexuals are not discriminated against on a massive, world-wide, historical scale for their asexuality ! isolated cases of bullying do not equal oppression !! so quit acting like lgbt+ ppl (including lgbt+ aces) pointing out that they do objectively have things harder than cishet aces is “oppression olympics”