opportunities like this come once in a lifetime

Auston Matthews - Welcome Home

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A/N: Pre-writing some stuff, you’re probably seeing this the day after I wrote it. I’m down to my last few requests, so send in more please!! This one also turned out highkey really lame, so I’m really sorry about that.

Request: “  Hey can I request one with Auston Matthews where you come home from studying abroad for a semester or like while you’re studying abroad?? Thanks!!! “

Warnings: None!

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Hey. I love your work, and I'm so happy you're an intern on steven universe! That's like a once in a lifetime opportunity! Any tips for a future animator on how to get an internship or job there at Cartoon Network?

Thank you so so much!!! ❤️❤️ I will definitely be making a post with advice about getting to studios in a lil bit, I wanna help out as many people as possible!! I’m gonna wait til I’m at least a little into the semester though so I feel like I have more helpful advice to give! So yeah, I promise a post like that will be coming down the line! And thank you all so much for your support, it’s been nothing but kind words and I love you guys so much!!

Prince Charming

A/N: Alright, here we are. This is the Cinderella AU I’ve been talking about and I am 1000% this is absolutely ridiculous because it’s been a wip since early March of last year. Regardless, I hope you guys like it ;u;

Pairing: StevexReader

Word Count: 2344

Warnings: None

“Natasha, you promised that there would be handsome men here and there aren’t.”  I pout. “Did you lie just to get me to come?”

“Now why would I do that?” She smirks at me.

“Well it wouldn’t be the first time you…” I trail off, noticing someone new walking into the ballroom, looking rather lost and more than a little overwhelmed. “Who is he?”

“Who is who?” She asks.

“That gorgeous blond over there who just came in.” I answer, pointing him out to the best of my ability.

“I don’t know, but if you don’t go speak to him, I’ll have to do it myself, and I know you don’t want that.”

“Alright, I’m going. I’m going!” I say, grinning at her before making my way through the crowd.

It takes a while for me to find him, but I manage. I tap him on the shoulder to get his attention and end up startling him instead. He jumps and whips around to see who had touched him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” I chuckle, shielding my mouth with my hand.

“You didn’t,” He says quietly. His gaze lingers on my face for a moment before his eyes widen in surprise. “Your majesty.” He blurts out, bowing awkwardly.

“Please there’s no need to be so formal,…?”

“Oh! Steve. My name is Steve.” He rushes to say, realizing I was asking for his name.

“It’s lovely to meet you, Steve.” I smile and dip my head to him.

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55? For the prompts thing?

Again, I am so sorry for the delay!


“You are my best friend in the whole world, okay?” Beca said pulling Chloe into an even tighter hug. “You’re the person I love more than anyone. And this isn’t goodbye.”

She felt Chloe sniff against her as she gripped tightly at the fabric of Beca’s shirt.

“It feels like goodbye,” she said, her voice breaking.

“I know,” Beca said, struggling to keep her own tears at bay. “But it isn’t. I promise.”

“Beca, I hate this. I don’t want to be apart from you for six months. I don’t even want to be apart from you for six hours,” Chloe said, still sobbing into her shoulder.

Beca ended their hug but kept her hands on Chloe’s shoulders.

“Then come with me,” she said, as if the idea had just occurred to her. “Come on tour with me.”

“As your groupie?” Chloe said, laughing at what she assumed was a joke.

“As my girlfriend,” Beca said.

“You really want me to come?”

“More than anything,” Beca said. “I didn’t ask before because it seemed like a farfetched idea. But saying goodbye to you is too painful. I want you with me.”

Chloe still looked hesitant. In her head she was thinking of all the reasons she’d have to say no.

“Do you want to come with me?” Beca asked.

“Of course I do,” Chloe said. “But what about money? What about my job?”

“You hate your job,” Beca said. “And I’m getting paid enough for the both of us.” She took hold of Chloe’s hands. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I want to share it with you. Say yes.”

Chloe smiled.

“Okay then. Yes.”

Sidney Crosby #4.1

Requested by Anon:  Hi, hope you’re having a good day 😊 Could you please write a drabble in which you’re friends with benefits with Sidney Crosby but it evolves into something more and they decide to call it quits. It makes both of them sad but they’d decided from the start that they would stop if feelings ever blossomed. It’s okay if it’s not exactly like the request, I’m confident it’ll be amazing anyways. Thank you for writing so much for all of us vultures 🙊❤️

*Hii! I hope you like this as much as I do. Thank you so much and of course I don’t mind writing for everyone. Enjoy!*


Word count: 775

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It’s funny how you’re standing here, fully clothed, earrings and necklace in place, but you’ve never felt more exposed than ever. You took in Sidney’s sad eyes and stopped yourself from falling on the floor and drown on your own tears. When you made your mind up last night about this, you never thought it would be this hard.

“This is it,” thank fuck Sid’s used to being in charge or else you’d both just stand here acting all melancholic and sad.

This is it indeed.

The last goodbye.

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Runner Runner (Brendon Urie - Panic! at the Disco)

Word Count: 1,302


It was hard being the younger sister of the one and only Brendon Urie, yes lead singer of Panic! at the Disco was your big brother who was famous and loved by hundreds. You always felt like your own achievements never matched up to your big brothers success over the last ten years. You were five when he was signed and now at fifteen you still lived in his shadow.

However you got on with him great, you loved his wife Sarah who always spoilt you with shopping trips and the rest of the band treated you like their own little sister and helped you prank your brother. But just for once you wanted someone to take notice of you and tell you well done.

You were a cross country star at your high school, you rarely lost but you never got to share the success with anyone because they always seemed to be busy. You didn’t want to interfere in their famous life’s and beg them to come to just one cross country meet, but it would be nice if they took the hints you’d been dropping for the last two years.

The praise of your sports teachers would have to be enough, they came to every race and celebrated with you when you won. Even the rest of your team supported you more than your family and friends, maybe all you needed was them to support you and see you grow with every meet.

Today was another meet, however this one was different because if you won you were going to receive an award for excellence in the sport. It was a big deal but like usual your parents had an excuse not to come and see you run, it looked like you were going to do this alone.

As you lined up with the forty other students from other high schools around the country you dared one last glance at the growing audience. Your eyes widened as you locked eyes with someone familiar, your brother of all people was standing amongst the crowd blending in. He saw you looking and smiled before giving you a thumbs up. Before you could register the start gun went off and you went into running mode.

You started the twenty laps taking your time to pace yourself as not to use too much energy early on in the race. One by one, lap by lap other runners who had gone all out at the start of the race started to slow down leaving you room to break through and take the lead around lap ten.

Looking over your shoulder your next competitor was a few hundred yards behind you giving you some breathing room. You let the fact that your brother was here to support you spur you on, you needed to win the race not just for you but also for him. He had his success and now you wanted to share yours with him.

As you came to the final corner there was no chance of anyone catching up with you. You went all out and sprinted across the finish line to a huge eruption of cheers from all sides. Standing up you took deep breaths to calm your racing heart down. Your sports teacher came up to you with a bottle of water and you happily gulped it down as you waited for the next girl to cross the finish line. It was another good five minutes until that happened and only then did it dawn on you that you’d come first.

‘Congratulations little sis, I didn’t know how fast you could run.’

Brendon came up behind you and hugged you just as you wiped sweat off you and handed the towel back to your teacher. As happy as you were to see him, you were confused as to why he was here.

‘Brendon what are you doing here? I mean I’m ecstatic that someone’s finally come to one of my races, but why today?’

He pulls away and runs his hand through his hair before looking down at his feet.

‘Yeah about that I’m sorry sis. I didn’t think you wanted any of us here, you never asked anyway. I went to mum and dad’s and they said that you were running, I decided that now was as good as time as any to come and support you. You’ve been there for me over the years and now I need to make up for not seeing you stand in the spotlight.’

You shake your head and drink more water.

‘I got bored of asking and no one ever showing up so I just stopped making a fuss. Running isn’t the same as touring around the world for hundreds of fans. I think mum and dad see this as a hobby I’ll grow old of, but I’m really good at running Brendon.’

Brendon frowns before pulling you into another hug; you wrap your arms around his waist and rest your head on his chest as he strokes your hair.

‘You were amazing out there; no one could come close to beating you. This is your passion like music is mine. Can you forgive me for not supporting you more? I will come to every race you do if you let me know, if it’s important to you then it should be important to me.’

You smile and pull back.

‘I would love if you came to more of my meets.’

‘Excuse me miss but are you y/n Urie?’

You turn around to face a woman who smiles at you; she looks in her late twenties.

‘Err yes I’m y/n Urie.’

Brendon lets you go as you shake her hand.

‘I’ve been watching your career since you started running and I’ve never seen someone with such natural skill and drive to achieve success. I’m Maria Lowe and I’m the coach for the American Olympics Athletics team, mainly the track events.’

Your eyes widen as you take in the information overload. The woman stood in front of you was part of the Olympics coaching team; it had always been a dream of yours to compete one day.

‘I’ve had a word with your high school coach and we both see potential in you. How would you like to come and train and audition for the 2020 Olympic games athletics team Miss Urie?’

You were speechless, this couldn’t be happening to someone like you. Running was just a high school sport you didn’t see yourself doing once you left. But now you had a once in a lifetime opportunity to possibly compete for America in the future Olympics, this was a dream come true and you couldn’t turn it down.

‘Wow thank you so much and my answer is yes, this has always been a dream of mine.’

Maria laughed.

‘You’ll make a great addition to the team. Now I better talk to your coach before we make anymore arrangements. It was nice meeting you y/n.’

You waited until she left to start jumping up and down squealing in front of Brendon who looked shocked.

‘My little sister representing America in the Olympics, now that might trump music in our parent’s eyes. Congratulations my little runner.’

Brendon picks you up and spins you around while you still squeal in excitement as to what had just happened to you.

‘I’m so happy you came today Brendon, I wouldn’t have wanted to share this moment with anyone else but you. I love you big brother. Will you come and see me run in the Olympics?’

He nods.

‘I’ll be front row chanting your name. I’ll break out the glitter and make the best banner anyone’s ever seen.’

This day couldn’t get any better for you. It finally looked like everything was falling into place.

Lose Yourself

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: Reader is feeling useless after a hunt, what she does is unexpected behaviour from her. Dean decides to take some matters into his own hands.
Word Count: 1500 (1806 with lyrics)
Warnings: Kinda Angsty at some point nothing too drastic I don’t think.
A/N - This is my entry for @too-much-winchester ’s 400 follower challenge. (Kat’ Playlist Challenge) The song chosen was Lose Yourself - Eminem. I just need to thank @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms for the idea of the story. I know it’s probably not exactly what you envisioned but I kinda got that idea and stemed from it I guess. So thank you for that.

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honestly, i see foggy as like, bisexual, but not aware he’s bisexual, if that makes sense. like, he knows matt is hot, but come on, anyone with eyes can see that. he gets asked what celebrity he’d sleep with, and dead pan responds with a guys name, but that doesn’t mean he likes guys, that’s just taking advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity. and, you know, maybe he gets drunk at some college party once, and maybe he plants one on a random guy, and his heart jumps out of his chest when he gets kissed back, but it’s not that good and the guy is kind of a dick and it’s all around a not enjoyable experience. and that marks when foggy goes from toying with the idea of being into guys to just…writing it off. he likes girls, and he didn’t like that one guy, so he’s gotta be straight. and because of that, all the weird flutters and worry and warmth that comes from matt just all get lumped under best friend feelings.

Limerence [Baekhyun]

{{ noun // the state of being infatuated with someone, characterized with the desire for the reciprocation of one’s feelings }}

You’re basically living in one of those cliché muggle romance novels.

Fluff. Hogwarts!AU. Request. 2,091 words.

x o x o x o x o x o x o

“You’re insane.”

You stare at Baekhyun, completely wide eyed, as he rigs a couple fanged frisbees to hit Kyungsoo in the face when he walks under the doorway during his nightly prefect rounds.

“You think your brother will enjoy the surprise?” Baekhyun winks at you, stuffing the packaging into the pockets of his robes before tugging on your arm to pull you behind a large suit of armor. You stumble behind him, nearly falling before he steadies you.

“Remind me again why you brought me along with you?”

“Because Chanyeol and Jongdae are in detention with Filch, and Kyungsoo would never hurt his little sister.”

“This is ridi–”


The sudden noise of frisbees whizzing around and slight tearing of clothes is heard as Baekhyun is in hysterics next to you.


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Being Peter’s best friend and dating him would include…

  • Helping each other with homework (Meaning you stealing his science papers all the time)
  • Waltzing into his apartment as if it were your own home, because the two of you practically live at each other’s places
  • Stealing his food
  • “Pete, I’m taking your pop tarts, ok?”
  • Being given a spare key into his apartment block
  • Aunt May telling you embarrassing baby stories of Peter, and, even better, showing you pictures
  • “There was this time he got obsessively attached to this teddy bear, he never let it go and-”
    “Aunt May, please stop.”
  • Knowing him better than anyone else
  • Which means you knew he was Spider-man immediately
  • “Peter, you’re a terrible liar. I know that you’re Spider-man, just admit it.”
    “Wha- no… I’m- I’m not Spider-man.”
  • Sassing him all the time
  • Tony taking an instant liking to you when he comes to recruit Peter
  • “You know, Spider-ling. I’m beginning to think about taking your girlfriend to Germany instead.”
  • Peter always being over-protective, even though you’re more than capable of taking care of yourself
  • Constantly scaring him just for the fun of it
  • Aunt May always asking ‘when the wedding is’
  • “Should we have a chocolate or vanilla wedding cake?”
    “Aunt May, please stop.”
  • Being the one to persuade him to fight with the Avengers
  • “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can’t turn it down!”
  • Throwing paper wads at him when he’s doing his homework
  • Hugging him from behind whenever’s he’s stressed
  • Stealing his web-shooters and making random words around his room
  • “Y/n, please stop writing ‘dorkasaurus’ on my wall.”
  • Attempting to try on his Spider-man suit
  • Overall being an adorable couple
A Date Like No Other: Part Two

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Author’s Note: This is just a filler chapter. It’s really boring in my opinion, but I have a few things in stored for you guys if you are interested.

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: none

Previous Part: here

The view out of your hotel window was picture worthy as the sun was held high in the bright, blue sky. A warm breeze blew throughout the city, making the trees dance with the wind. New York City’s skyline was not peaceful but welcoming, as the sounds of millions of people’s lives accompanied the view.

Releasing a content sigh, you snuggled further into the chair you sat in as you watched the New York skyline. You were trying to get your mind off of time, as time ticked by slowly. Chris was supposed to pick you up at 2pm and it was 1:54pm. You were anxiously ready, hands gripping the strap of your purse.

Something about people watching always calmed down your nerves. You saw so many people go different ways with their own intentions. Each one of them had their own stories, their own goals, their own intentions, their own lives. You played with your scarf again, before smoothing down your cardigan.

Your nerves were getting the better of you. This was your second ‘date’ with Chris, and you didn’t want to mess it up. You knew that so many would kill for this opportunity, and you didn’t have alcohol running through your veins to help guide you. You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t realize that time was passing by. Your heart jumped when you heard a knock at your door.

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The Artist and the Model @ goldenevil91

Sometimes we end up missing out on chances. We’re wither aware about them, or clueless until we realized we’re too late to turn back the hands of father time. But other times, destiny, fate, the universe itself, whatever people call it has a way of showing us the second chances we end up getting. They can happen at any time, at any place. It doesn’t matter how long these once in a lifetime opportunities come, but what does matter is how you decide to go about them.

Somewhere in the streets of Los Angles, was a young aspiring Artist who carried an old backpack of art supplies he usually carried around with him. He had just recently moved to the famous ‘City of Angels’ a few weeks ago in hopes of making it big; just like any other artist would want. He wanted to make a name for himself, to discover his true purpose as an artist, and to ultimately stray away from the tall shadows of his family reputation. Back home, his family, known as the Ishtars, were known to be one of the ideal families in the town of Domino City, Japan who had in made in high class society. He could admit that he had a more than generous, privileged life than most people, but even so money and a well known family name was meaningless to have. Especially if it meant your hopes and dreams were to be looked down upon as 'idiotic’ and 'a waste of one’s time’.

Unrequited (Youngjae)

Request: Could you please write a fluff about Youngjae being your boyfriend before he debuted and how you loved each other so much but then he debuted and you had to leave for the U.S. because one of your relatives died and you think you will never come back to SK. Years later you get a chance to study in sk so you make the trip and you decide to go to a GOT7 m&g and you greet him as a fan and you slid him your new number.
Length: 997 words
Genre: Fluff

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Strictly Professional [Part 6]

[Business!Dean x Reader AU Series]

You thought you had everything you wanted in life. You were the boss of a well-established company, you had great friends and family around you and you were engaged to your dream man. Everything in your life felt like it was going amazingly. Until, one night you answer an unexpected phone call which completely changes everything. After that, things just seem to go from bad to worse- will you get another shot at happiness?

Part 6 Summary: You go to dinner with Dick Roman, who gives you an unexpected offer.

Pairings: none in this part

Word Count: +2500

Warnings: angst and it contains Dick Roman?

A/N: This part also contains Dean’s POV, it is all clearly marked out though!:) [Things are about to heat up!]

Tagging: @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki  @spnfanficpond

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 7

The second half of your shift just seemed to drag by.

You were still trying to process the whole idea of being invited to dinner by Dick Roman. Not only was he the father of your ex-fiancé, he was also the owner of Singer & Co.’s biggest competition in the business industry.

You knew the best and the most sensible thing to do would be to just not show up. But, for some reason, you were curious about what it was he wanted to talk to you about. He obviously went to a lot of effort to make arrangements, plus the extravagant bouquet of flowers he’d sent. He clearly had this all planned out and you knew deep down, whatever his true intentions were- they probably weren’t good.

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Short Story: Maybe It’s Just A Glitch, starring Junmyeon ft. YiFan
Genre: Robot!AU, Angst, Romance
Word Count: 6,374
A/N: Here’s a short story no one asked for or wanted! 8’D I was inspired by Christina Perri’s song Only Human (if you haven’t guessed yet by the song lyrics). I hope you enjoy it! Again, I’m no good at angst, but I hope this is exceptional. >.<


() I can fake a smile, I can force a laugh, I can dance and play the part if that’s what you ask; give you all I am…

Kim Junmyeon. That is the name of your master, whom you’ve sworn servitude to since the moment you were booted. You were created on his request; a partner to help him with his domestic life, to advise him and comfort him when he needs it.

That is your purpose, what you were programmed for, yet… there are some instances where you want to do more for him.

Like tonight.

Four nights ago, though, you were in his room with him, helping him get ready for bed. “I just don’t get it, _____,” Junmyeon sighs, sagging onto his bed with slumped shoulders. “I’m doing all I can to advance technology in the marine world, but nobody cares about the ocean anymore.” He complains, fumbling with his tie. When he can’t manage to undo it, he looks to you helplessly. “Can you get this?”

“Yes, Mr. Kim.” You walk over from your spot in the doorway and kneel so that you’re the same height as your master. As you remove his hands and work to loosen the tie, he resumes talking about his work life.

“I mean, people are more interested in robotics, DNA splicing, and the advancement of androids than they are what’s below the surface!” He utters, unable to fathom it. You listen silently, knowing that normal robots do not comment on their owner’s opinions. Yet, he asks, “What do you think about the ocean?”

“I do not think anything, Mr. Kim. I do not have a brain.” You remind him, sliding the tie from around his neck and setting it aside. You stand up, walking back to your post at the door. “But according to the latest articles about it, aside from yours, it is said to be quite mysterious.”

“It is!” Junmyeon agrees, seeming to be pleased with your response despite the lack of opinion on it. It makes your gears warmer, so you turn on your inner cooling system to appear unfazed. It would be inconvenient for Junmyeon to have to deal with an overheated robot. You wouldn’t want to inconvenience him, ever.

After a few more minutes of discussing his future plans about spreading the interest of the ocean, you prepare him for bed. While he’s brushing his teeth, you pull back the sheets of his bed exactly four inches before flattening them out to look neat. Then, you pull up a hologram of Junmyeon’s wardrobe, using your memory card to remember that he has a habit of asking for it before sleeping. The hologram hovers above your wrist, as wide as a T.V. screen and as interactive as a touch screen.

When he enters the room again, looking fresh from a short shower, he beams to see you waiting for him, ready with the hologram. “You never fail to impress me, _____.” He says, and though you know it’s not normal for robots to heat up this much (especially those of your design), but you really don’t know what’s wrong. You scan your systems for something out of the ordinary, but find nothing. You decide it’s not important enough to bring up, since you can’t find the source of the problem yourself.

“Your latest order has yet to come in, but would you like it to be added to your closet anyway?” You ask him as he slides the outfits to the side with his finger, gazing thoughtfully at them.

“Yes, please.” He tells you, and as you import the images into your database, you reply, “You do not need to be so polite to me. I am only a robot and your servant.” He doesn’t glance at you as the new outfit appears in front of him, but he asks, “Were you programmed to say that, or are you saying that?”

You do not know the answer to his question, and you search the world wide web for a response, but come up with nonsensical answers, none of which would make sense for a robot to say.

But Junmyeon doesn’t wait for you to answer, because an outfit catches his eye. “Oh! I forgot I had this tuxedo.” He says, appearing interested. “Would you get it ready for tomorrow morning, please?” He asks, and you nod, closing the hologram and walking to the door. “Oh, one more thing,” Junmyeon blurts, and you stop in the doorway to look at him. “Come here.” He says.

For a moment, you buffer, before rebooting yourself and walking back into the room. Why would Junmyeon need you to enter the room again? Almost instantly you recollect a moment soon after you were turned on, your makers told you that sometimes humans did things that had no meaning to them. This must be one of them.

“Would you bring my closet back up?” He asks meekly, and you do so without protest. He slides the outfits to the side for a while, perusing once again through his attire.

“Are you not satisfied with your previous choice?” You quarry, but he does not answer your question. Instead, when he stops on an article of clothing you do not remember him buying, he smiles shyly.

“Can you see it?” He asks softly.

“Yes, Mr. Kim.” You reply. It’s a velvet a-line dress that would come down to the wearer’s knees, but it strikes you as an odd choice for your master. “This is not how you usually dress.” Is all you say.

“Oh, of course not!” Junmyeon stammers, turning red. You recognize that he is heating up, and turn on the house’s air conditioning to low with a simple thought. “This is for you!”

“For me?” You buffer again, and you wonder vaguely what is wrong with your system today. Maybe it’s because you steamed the broccoli for lunch. “But I do not need clothes. I am a personal android.”

“Yeah, but I’m holding a house party like they used to in the old days.” He says excitedly. “Important business partners will be coming to meet me. I’m hoping they’ll offer some once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” He admits bashfully. “I got you this so you wouldn’t look out of place.”

“Thank you, Mr. Kim.” You reply, closing the hologram. “I’ll be downstairs if you need me. Good night.” As you walk to the door again, you hear your master crawl under his bed sheets and tuck in. You shut the door softly behind you, before heading downstairs to plug yourself in and charge in your room.

Junmyeon is truly excited for his traditional meeting. He asks you to help him prepare things, order things, and decorate his condo, which you finish in the span of two days. On the third, he’s positively restless, having nothing to do.

“I think my aunt’s cousin’s friend is coming tomorrow. I hear she’s really influential in the advertising world.” Junmyeon ponders on the living room floor, where he takes several hours out of his free time to waste on. “I think I’m going to try and get her to like me. Maybe she’s cute, too. And what if she knows how to cook?” He asks hopefully.

“What would I do, then, if she did the housework?” You ask him, simply for conversation. You know from the past year that you’ve lived with him that he appreciates your small comments. To be realistic, you expect him to tell you that you can be sold to another master, perhaps to his best friend, YiFan.

Instead, he says, “Oh… you’re right.” He glances at where you’re sitting from the couch, blinking thoughtfully. “Should I still flirt with her, then?”

“It is up to you what you do with your social life, Mr. Kim.” You reply.

“Yes, but I don’t want my decisions to affect you. I like having you as company.” He says, his gaze moving back to the ceiling. “I can say this because I’m not ashamed, but you and YiFan are the only people in my life that I can trust.”

“Mr. Kim,” You say harshly, so that he looks at you in surprise. “Do not confuse me with a sentient being. I am but a mere piece of machinery designed look after and advise you, not a friend.” You say.

“Wrong,” Junmyeon retorts, sitting up and facing you. “You were built by YiFan’s company on my request, and the only thing I told him was that I wanted–” He stops, thinking something over. “–A friend.” He finishes awkwardly.

You buffer, trying to process this information. This is news to you. When you first booted, you were told nothing other than to serve your master with utmost loyalty and devotion, not to be his friend.

“Maybe, but I am still a robot. I do not understand what a ‘friend’ possesses, therefore, I cannot be one.” You reply.

Junmyeon sits on the floor quietly, watching you with an expression you can’t recognize. In the middle of your scan of emotions, it changes to one of nonchalance, and he shrugs. “Well, if you say so.” He stands up, stretching lazily. “I guess I’ll hit on her, then.” He finalizes, and you nod your head in agreement. When he sees this, he frowns in annoyance and scoffs, turning away from you. “Don’t bother making me dinner tonight. I’ll just order something from Minseok’s.” Junmyeon waves a hand over his shoulder in dismissal as he walks into his room.

“Yes, Mr. Kim.” You say softly.

The night of the meeting, you keep the music to a low hum so that it makes for a comfortable background to conversation. You keep the condo at room temperature to ensure that his guests are cozy. You do all this, yet, you’re currently not in company with anyone but yourself.

Junmyeon instructed that you stay in his bedroom. When you asked him for a reason, he replied that he simply didn’t want you to cause a distraction or embarrass him. When you asked him why he had bought you a dress, then, he turned red but never answered, excusing himself to go greet his guests.

It’s true that you didn’t need to be in the same room to monitor him, since he installed security cameras in every room in the condo, but you still felt that your presence was strongly needed. When you insisted that you should be by his side, he widened his eyes and asked, “Since when do you ever WANT something? You’re just a robot.”

You agreed with him, and that ended the conversation.

Tonight, though, even with your master’s orders of staying in his room, you found yourself doing exactly but that. Through the camera, you see that Junmyeon just finished his speech and was making his way around talking to each individual guest, most likely trying to convince them to support his marine dream. It was when he glanced around, checking for an audience, that you realized who he would talk to next.

Without a reason you could identify, you opened his door and went straight down the hall, into the living room. Some of the male guests eyed you curiously, to which you smiled at politely and bowed. Instead of making a beeline towards Junmyeon, you found it smarter to head to the kitchen, where the sustenance is.

You collected a tray full of fancy wines and bite-size sandwiches before arriving back into the living room and serving everybody. Through the camera, you watch Junmyeon strike up a friendly conversation with his aunt’s cousin’s friend behind your back. Junmyeon hasn’t noticed you yet.

The man in front of you thanks you as he takes a glass, and then asks you which company you own. He must not know that you’re a robot, so you dodge the question by asking him one. You manage to keep the conversation light as you see Junmyeon being pulled into the kitchen with that lady, and you switch cameras to keep watching.

His system is purely for video, and you wish he took your advice for an audio installment so you could listen. The woman touched his arm, and you didn’t realize you stopped listening to the man talking to you. Junmyeon wasn’t showing any signs of discomfort, but he had to be. There’s no way your master could feel safe standing so close to someone who’s leaning closer, who’s smiling at him so seductively, who’s… kissing him.

A loud shattering sound disrupts the silence of the room, bringing your attention to the present. You look down and discover your wine tray, the glasses in pieces and red staining the hardwood floor. The man asks if you’re alright, his voice too loud now. In your concentration, you must have unconsciously stopped playing music. You look at the man, but you don’t respond. You’re too caught up in what you saw. In what you’re doing.

In what you’re feeling..

“Is everyone okay? What happened?” Junmyeon’s voice sounds from the doorway, but you keep your gaze down as he spots you. You instead watch him through the living room camera, where the woman who was just touching him is now staring at you in confusion. “_____? What are you doing out here? I told you stay in my room.” Junmyeon says authoritatively, walking over to where you are.

“Your room?” The woman Junmyeon was with repeats, turning red. You can tell from your scan of the internet that she’s ashamed. “Who is she? Your wife?”

Instead of answering her question, Junmyeon glares at you. “Apologize, clean this up, and then go back to the room.” He demands. You keep your head down.

“Yes, Mr. Kim. I’m sorry, Mr. Kim…” Even though you say it quietly, everyone in the room seems to have heard, because they erupt in questions.

“Mr. Kim? She must be your personal robot!” The man who you were serving says, looking excited. “What’s it like having one? Did you program it to be clumsy?”

“Please ignore what happened,” Junmyeon asks of his guests politely, completely changing his tone from how he addressed you. You silently bend down to clean up the mess, and some of the guests further away from you bend their necks to watch with interest. “I’m sorry for the disruption. Let’s get back to the topic at hand.”

Once you’re finished, you stop tuning in to the cameras and turn to leave. As you take a step, you realize you don’t have the power to move your arms anymore. The predicament spreads lower, to your stomach and legs. You hear Junmyeon say your name behind you, but it’s muffled, like there’s a pillow over his mouth. You try to turn around to answer, but the hallway starts to spin and you–

(YiFan’s P.O.V)

“Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you!” Junmyeon says the second he opens the door. YiFan scoffs, inviting himself into the condo without asking. “What if she doesn’t work again because you took so long?”

“She’s a robot, Myeon. She’s not going to break apart because she’s on standby.” YiFan says, casually removing his jacket and throwing it on a nearby chair. “And to answer your previous question, I was late because air traffic was high. It’s not exactly the best time to call me over.”

“It’s 2:00 AM. There is no traffic.” Junmyeon says, but YiFan just smiles at him.

“Lead the way.” He motions, and Junmyeon hastily brings him down a hall and into a bedroom. There, on the bed, is his most recent invention. “Hey, there,” YiFan says aloud, grinning wider. “It’s been forever since I’ve last seen you. How’ve you been?”

Junmyeon glances at him likes he’s insane. “I thought you said she was on standby?” He asks, and YiFan shoots him a tired look over his shoulder.

“Yes, but it’s similar to being comatose. She can still hear you and understand your words.” YiFan walks over to the bed, crouching and inspecting you. “I don’t see anything wrong with her on the outside, so it must be an internal problem.” He says matter-of-factually, and from his tone Junmyeon knows he’s switched from being friend to businessman.

“Can she be… helped?” Junmyeon mutters hopefully behind him.

“Depends.” He places a hand on your forehead, a sight Junmyeon thought strange. A second later, he yanks his hand back in shock. “She’s burning up!”

“Really?” Junmyeon asks, panicked. He hadn’t noticed when he carried you to the room, and he didn’t touch you since to avoid making the situation worse. “What does that mean?”

“Quick, go wet a towel and bring it to me.” YiFan orders, and Junmyeon doesn’t wait for his question to be answered to do it. When he comes back and gives the towel to YiFan, he says, “Now turn on the AC and make this room cold as hell.”

After the adrenaline and orders stop, Junmyeon sinks onto the other side of the bed and looks at you sadly. “I don’t know what went wrong…” He mumbles as YiFan sets the towel on your forehead carefully. “I did everything you told me to do to take care of her.”

“You made sure she was charged every night?” YiFan asks. Junmyeon nods. “And you treated her respectfully?”

“Yes! I gave her her own room, free time, and always asked her to do things instead of ordering.” Junmyeon, who seemed so set on his reasons, faltered then. “I mean, I used to, but tonight I…” He gets quiet and YiFan waits for him to continue patiently. “Is it my fault?”

“I can’t say.” YiFan admits, turning back to you. The AC worked fast, it’s now cold enough that YiFan wished he kept his jacket on. “We’ll have to ask her when she’s back to normal.”

“So she’ll get up on her own?” Junmyeon breathes, relieved.

“If you keep getting me wet towels instead of losing your head over it, yeah, she will.” YiFan replies, extending his hand to wait. Junmyeon jumps up from the bed and rushes into the bathroom again.

(Your P.O.V)

It’s maybe a half hour after you return to normal, but you remain unresponsive to the two men in the room. Junmyeon tried to ask you questions when you suddenly sat up thirty minutes ago, but you closed in on yourself and turned away from them.

Since then, they’ve been discussing possible problems and reasons of the accident. “Why did she drop the wine glass in the first place?” YiFan asks Junmyeon after he explains what happened.

“I don’t know, I wasn’t there,” says Junmyeon. “Maybe it’s a glitch. Androids can have glitches, right?”

Ignoring this, YiFan asks him, “then where were you?”

“I was… where I was wasn’t important.” Junmyeon dodges his question, but YiFan shakes his head.

“We don’t know that. I need to know everything to figure out what I can do for _____.” This reason seems to defeat Junmyeon’s relentlessness, because he sighs in defeat.

“I was in the kitchen talking to one of my guests.”

“Making out with, more like.” It comes out before you even realize why. When the boys stare at you in shock, you curl even more into yourself under the blankets, hiding underneath them.

“Oh?” YiFan says after a while. “Is that true?”

“No! I–I was only, oh, well, I guess she did kiss me a bit…” Junmyeon stammers, sounding embarrassed. “But we weren’t making out. I was going to push her away, but then–”

“No need to defend yourself.” YiFan interupts, chuckling in amusement. “I understand now. Hey, _____,” He says, but you stay still under the heep of blankets. “Don’t be so shy, come out or I’ll make you.” When he starts walking over, you pull the sheets back slowly.

You share a short stare, with Junmyeon exchanging confused and nervous looks between you two, before you sit up completely and compliantly. “Good,” YiFan approves, sitting on the edge of the bed and sounding like a psychologist. “I’m going to ask you some questions and I want you to answer them for me, okay?” He asks you, and you nod, avoiding his eye.

“Yes, Mr. Wu.” You say.

“Oh, don’t call me that. We’ve talked more times than I can count.” He says, sounding offended with you.

“But Mr. Kim has not given me permission to call you that, so I cannot, Mr. Wu.” You say stubbornly, looking at him. When YiFan rolls his eyes at Junmyeon, he continues his interrogation.

“Fine. Now, have you been getting unexplained heat spells?” You buffer, wondering how YiFan could possibly know what has been bothering you, but he doesn’t wait for your answer because he takes your silence as a “yes”. “That’s what I thought.” He nods thoughtfully. “Well, can you give me a specific time you felt overheated?”

“Yes, three nights ago, around 12:00 AM.” You say.

“What were you doing then?” YiFan asks Junmyeon, who looks startled for being spoken to.

“I think I was just getting ready for bed.” Junmyeon replies, walking over slowly as he thinks. “That’s all I remember.”

“Can you be more specific, _____?” YiFan asks gently, looking back to you when Junmyeon slides a chair over and sits in it.

“Yes. My inner system was while Mr. Kim was showing me his latest purchase.” You tell him. He nods, seeming to understand it more and more while Junmyeon looked more and more confused.

“Which was?” YiFan questions.

“A dress for me.” You motion to the one you’re still wearing.

“I see…” YiFan bites back a smile, which makes Junmyeon glance at him nervously. “Can you tell me another time?”

“Yes. A few hours ago, if my inner clock is still right, I also had another heat problem.” You say, then, more unsure, you add, “But my inner fan still works, so I didn’t think it was important to report–”

“Of course it is!” Junmyeon interrupts, grabbing your arm suddenly so that you look at him. “If there’s anything out of the ordinary with your functioning or computing skills, you need to tell me so this kind of thing doesn’t happen.” As an android, you can’t tell when someone is lying or telling the truth unless you listen to their heartbeat, but even that can be misleading.

Yet, from the strong pulse you feel through his grip, you think he’s being sincere. “But I don’t want to inconvenience you, Mr. Kim.” You say.

“Nothing you do will inconvenience me, _____.” He says firmly, but you furrow your brow.

“But earlier you–”

“I was being immature earlier, but I didn’t mean anything I said.” When YiFan makes a frustrated noise, Junmyeon looks at him, red-faced. “I, uh, told her some insensitive things.”

“Aside from that,” YiFan says, waving it off for later. “_____, can you tell me exactly when this happened? Er, explain to me, in detail, of the events that led up to it.”

“After I made sure Mr. Kim’s guests were comfortable with the temperature, I left the room against Mr. Kim’s orders–”

“He made you stay in the room?” YiFan asks, judging his friend so hard.

“I said I was being immature.” Junmyeon says defensively, though it doesn’t aid his case in the least.

“Sorry, continue.” YiFan says.

“I left the room and served the guests wine and food.” You recall, playing back the memories you recorded. “But my top priority was to make sure Mr. Kim wasn’t taken advantage of–”

“W-Wait, what?” Junmyeon stutters, turning an even darker shade of red. “I’m not a pushover, I can take care of myself.” He says indignantly.

“Idiot says what?” YiFan asks him. When Junmyeon opens his mouth to berate him, too, YiFan motions for you to keep going.

“So I watched him through the security camera in the kitchen–”

“You can do that?” Junmyeon asks in horror. “But when I use the bathroom–”

“You don’t have cameras in the bathroom, Mr. Kim.” You remind him, and he shuts his mouth. “Through the camera,” You continue, “I saw his guest touch him…” You trail off, noticing your body growing hot again.

“Are you okay?” YiFan asks, and you shake your head. “You’re hot again, aren’t you? Just keep talking, tell us everything.”

“Alright…” You say believing in him. “And then she… she did that thing only lovers do, not strangers that just met–”

“She kissed him?” YiFan asks, and you nod.

“I don’t know what happened after that. I assumed I was concentrating too hard on Mr. Kim to remember to hold the tray.” You finish, looking away from them. Even with your cooling system on and the cold room, you still feel too hot.

“Well, Junmyeon, tell me what you think happened.” YiFan says, crossing his arms and turning to his friend. “Or, why _____ went on standby.” He says more specifically.

“She sounds… jealous.” Junmyeon says, and when he realizes his words, he looks at YiFan in confusion. “But she’s an android. She doesn’t– does she?”

“I never told you about her design?” The inventor asks with raised eyebrows. “I guess that’s why you’re so dense all the time.” YiFan sighs, running a hand through his hair. “_____ is the only robot of her kind. No other androids have her qualities or her abilities.” When Junmyeon and you don’t seem to understand what he’s implying, he rolls his eyes at the both of you. “She not only has the ability to learn like a human, but she can also feel like a human.”

You buffer– no, blink in disbelief at his words. “But I’m a–”

“We all know what you are,” YiFan says, “But no one knows how you were made. Besides me, of course.”

“So…” Junmyeon looks from YiFan to you. “You were… jealous?”

“Being jealous requires me to want what someone else wants.” You tell him. “I do not even know what that woman has, so how can I be jealous?” You ask.

Slowly, Junmyeon mutters, “She had.. me.”

“Oh, well,” But you have nothing to say to that, because he’s right. You were jealous of her because she was with Junmyeon when you felt you should be.

Finding himself no longer necessary, YiFan leaves the room to wait downstairs. Meanwhile, Junmyeon is still looking at you with a mixture of feelings, all of which you try to recognize. Amazement, reluctance, confusion, and… glee.

“So you liked the dress I got you, then?” He asks, looking down at this fingers, which were playing with the hem of it. “I thought about it a lot before I bought it, but I’ve never bought a woman a gift before, let alone you, so I wasn’t sure if it was the right choice.” He rambles, not looking directly at you. “And with the risk of sounding like the biggest douche in the world, I wouldn’t have called you 'just a robot’ if I knew you could feel.” He says genuinely.

“It’s the truth.” You say, finding this new information about yourself to be insignificant. “It’s not like it changes anything you said to me.” Junmyeon leans back, furrowing his brow in vexation because you weren’t understanding his point.

“It does, _____. I’ve been… holding back so I don’t feel dumb, but now that I know you can feel the same way, there’s no reason for me to feel stupid about it.” He says.

“About what?”

“I… care about you.” He confesses. “I’ve cared for you since I first met you, even though I thought you didn’t think like me.” He says. “It’s why I never said anything or did anything other than talk with you, because I thought it was dumb that I could fall for someone who can’t even like me back.”

His words are making your gears– well, your insides, spin faster. “Mr. Kim…”

“And I hate it when you call me that,” He admits, meeting your eye finally. “It makes me feel distant and superior, but that’s not what I want.” He says. “Call me Junmyeon, please, and don’t be my personal android anymore. At least be my friend.”

“If you don’t want me as a servant, why did you even ask for my creation?” You inquire, bewildered.

“I told you,” Junmyeon utters. “I asked YiFan for a–” He stops, pausing at the same time he did the last time he brought it up. “–Well, I-I guess I didn’t tell you, did I?” He blushes. “I asked YiFan for a lover.” And, even when he looks away from you, you know that he’s ashamed and embarrassed.

Yet, you can’t help but ask, “Then why not look for a real person? Or why didn’t you do anything romantic with me from the beginning?”

“Because I regretted asking for it. I knew I should be normal and unafraid of social interactions, but I’m… not.” He finishes. “That’s part of why I wanted to do an in-person meeting, to get over it. But, you know how that went.”

“I thought you spoke fine.” You tell him eagerly. “I was proud to be of your household.” When Junmyeon’s blush creeps to his small smile, you say, “I never mentioned this before, either, but… I’m always afraid you might sell me to someone else.” Junmyeon’s jaw drops in surprise, horror, and protest, but you cut him off. “Because I’ve been messing up lately, I was scared you would, and after tonight, I thought…” You grip the sheets. “…It’s why I didn’t say anything when I rebooted. I thought tonight was the night you’d get rid of me.”

“You don’t still think that, do you?” He asks, and when you don’t respond, he grabs your fisted hands and says, “I would have never done that, even if I didn’t know you could feel, _____. I especially won’t do that, because you’re your own person, and I have no right of owning you.”

“But Mr. Kim–”

“You’ve been going against all my orders lately…” He teases, and you cross your arms indignantly. “Call me Junmyeon, please, I won’t say it again. And I don’t want you to just do what I say anymore, either.”

“Then I could potentially keep calling you 'Mr. Kim.’” You say back, and he’s about to scold you for joking around, before he realizes that you were joking around.

“You can be playful!” He exclaims in pleasant shock.

“I guess so.” You reply, equally as surprised.

“And you can guess!” He laughs. “You’ve never used words like that before, is all.” He explains, seeing you frown at him. “Was it because even you thought you were a robot?” He asks.

“Yeah,” You say, realizing it was. “It still feels weird to talk like a human, though.”

“'Feels.’” Junmyeon repeats, chuckling when you roll your eyes. A very human thing to do. “Oh, please don’t take that from YiFan. It’s one of his least attractive traits.” He pleads.

“I’m still not sure when to laugh.” You admit, which in turn makes HIM laugh.

“You’ll develop your own humor eventually.” He decides. “Though, I do wish you’d smile. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.” He waits, expecting you to do it now that he’s mentioned it, but you don’t.

“I’ll do it when I feel like it.” You say, and he pouts. “Oh, I guess I’ve always felt things before, but I didn’t realize they were emotions.” You say, reaching up to poke his lips. “Just now, that made me want to laugh.” You smile.

Junmyeon, who was completely fine before you smiled, turns pink and backs away from your finger. “I’m sorry,” He apologizes, shutting his eyes shyly. “I’m being overwhelmed with nerves right now.” He chuckles anxiously, and you put your hand down.

“Is it my fault?” You ask, feeling guilty.

“It’s a good kind of nerve.” He rephrases.

“Please, teach me the ways of emotions.” You tell him seriously, but he laughs like it’s a joke. “I mean it.”

“I know,” He says, grinning. “But I’m no expert at feelings, either, so if you’re willing to learn from me, go ahead.”

Other the course of the next few months, Junmyeon makes it his duty to spend more time with you. He takes longer breaks away from work, despite your protests and reassurances that you’re fine on your own. He makes sure you know that he doesn’t like you because you’re programmed to have talents and look pretty, though he does think you are. Junmyeon also brought you to his workplace once, but realized after you were standing next to his aquarium that it wasn’t a good idea for you to be next to such big bodies of water.

He doesn’t ask for you to help him get ready for bed anymore, either, but you voluntarily do it. He physically goes to his closet to get his clothes now, and even hired some men to come in and make one for you.

One day, after he comes home from work, he lies down on his bedroom couch and closes his eyes. When you walk in to find him that way, you don’t bother disturbing him, knowing he’s probably worn out and needs rest.

Instead, you take a seat on the floor beside him, watching his features. Sometimes, when you’re not learning from him or vise versa, you’d have silent sessions, where you’d both sit in each other’s presence, but have nothing to say. It was, what do humans call it? Calming. You didn’t have to consciously think of the condition of the condo, or worry about what to ask him.

Right now, staring at his breathing form, gave you a sort of longing to live. Though similar, being sentient will forever be different.

Slowly, you see his eyes open, then look up at you. “I felt you watching me.” He whispers tiredly.

“How do you feel someone watching you if I’m not touching you?” You ask him. “Or is it an emotion?” This makes him smile, and he closes his eyes again before reaching out to pull you closer.

“Neither. It’s… just something you know. You’ll pick up on it, too, when I catch you charging or something.” He murmurs lazily.

“Okay.” You lean your head on the couch, your hair touching the blue shirt on his chest. Junmyeon likes it when you’re together like this. When you asked him why, he said it’s just nice touching someone they like.

“Don’t you feel nice when you touch me?” He asks hopefully, brushing your fingers with his. At times like those, where your system gets hot and you don’t know how to respond, Junmyeon laughs and changes the subject.

“Hey,” He whispers, his hand resting on your shoulder. “What would you do if I died at work?”

“In the ocean?” You elaborate, and he hums in agreement. “I guess I’d try and take care of the condo for you until you were rebooted.” You tell him.

“_____,” He quips, sitting up and forcing you to move your head in the process. He looks down at you sadly, a small smile on his face. “Humans don’t get rebooted.”

“Then what happens?” You ask, frowning in confusion.

“We just stay that way. Forever.” He tells you.

For a moment, you just stare at him, processing this, and then everything hits you at once. “I–” You stutter, clenching your hands. “You can’t– I don’t want that.” You finally get out, and Junmyeon starts wiping your face with wide eyes. “Why are you–?”

“You’re crying.” He says in awe, tilting your head up slightly. “Don’t, it’s normal, and I won’t die anytime soon, I swear. It was just an idea.”

“A very bad idea.” You conclude, making him chuckle airily.

“This is actually a good thing,” He says, smiling down at you as he tugs your arms. You get the hint (it took you almost three months to pick up on his hints) and climb onto the couch with him. “Because now I know that you care about me.” When your insides get warm, he adds, “You know, when you do that, you actually blush.” He says in amusement, pointing at your face.

“I blush?” You repeat, cupping your cheek. “But there’s no blood to rush there.”

“YiFan added some things during your last checkup, didn’t he tell you?” Junmyeon quarries, smiling mischievously. “Tears ducts, for example, to react whenever you’re feeling really sad or hurt.” He says. “And the ability to blush, so I can finally tell when you like what I say or not.” He laughs, making you blush harder. “I’m sure he’s added more things, but we’ll see when we get there, won’t we?”

“Do you think he added the ability to orgasm?” You ask.

“To or– to what?” He stammers, turning pink and dropping his jaw.

“To orgasm.” You say matter-of-factually, not knowing why he’s so embarrassed about it. “You know, that thing when you’re so stimulated during intercourse that you–”

“I know what it is, but why do you?!” Junmyeon exclaims.

“Junmyeon, I know everything regarding the human body and mind. I’m a computer, remember?” You ask, waving your hand around your head. “Plus, I was curious about what you were like as a high schooler and went through your incognito browser history.” You say.

Junmyeon is mortified. “Oh gosh, you did not.” He says, grabbing his hair in embarrassment.

“Should I not have?” When he doesn’t respond, but instead shuts his eyes and slowly breathes out, you ask, “So can I do it or not?”

“I don’t know!” He replies, eyes wide nervously. “I mean, go ahead and find out, but that’s not my business yet.” He flushes.

“'Yet?’” You reiterate. “Do you want to find out eventually?”

“I don’t think you understand what you’re saying.” He groans, covering his face completely.

“Yeah, I do. I mean, did you plan on having sex with me–”

You have a lot of things to learn as a sentient android, and even with these few occasions where he won’t answer your questions, you know that you have Junmyeon to help you along the way. Eventually, you’ll learn everything and start teaching Junmyeon about things, or at least, that’s your goal.

This red-faced man takes good care of you, thinks of you, and gives you his time, which is more than you can ask for as servant gone lover(?).

When Junmyeon looks even more mortified with your question, you laugh.

(The End… or The Beginning?)

Inside your head the sound of glass

And, anyways. Miracles, right?

A companion piece to Especially that, but I should have known

Title from “Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out” by Richard Siken

Okay, so he’s dead.

Okay, so he’s not.

There, it’s easy. Words, magic, miracles, what’s a little resurrection between friends? And, so what if that’s not the right word, friends, so what if it fits strangely in your mouth, in the sheltered space within your ribs where your heart rests, except it doesn’t, because you gave it away; you didn’t mean to, exactly, but it happened anyways, and you’d be bothered by that except you aren’t.

Okay, so it’s bigger than friends. That’s alright. That’s fine. It all worked out in the end. Okay, he’s dead. Okay, he’s not.

Miracles are almost quotidian these days. There’s relief but little surprise; maybe you should stop taking these things for granted.

Keep reading