opportunities like this come once in a lifetime

honestly, i see foggy as like, bisexual, but not aware he’s bisexual, if that makes sense. like, he knows matt is hot, but come on, anyone with eyes can see that. he gets asked what celebrity he’d sleep with, and dead pan responds with a guys name, but that doesn’t mean he likes guys, that’s just taking advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity. and, you know, maybe he gets drunk at some college party once, and maybe he plants one on a random guy, and his heart jumps out of his chest when he gets kissed back, but it’s not that good and the guy is kind of a dick and it’s all around a not enjoyable experience. and that marks when foggy goes from toying with the idea of being into guys to just…writing it off. he likes girls, and he didn’t like that one guy, so he’s gotta be straight. and because of that, all the weird flutters and worry and warmth that comes from matt just all get lumped under best friend feelings.

The Artist and the Model @ goldenevil91

Sometimes we end up missing out on chances. We’re wither aware about them, or clueless until we realized we’re too late to turn back the hands of father time. But other times, destiny, fate, the universe itself, whatever people call it has a way of showing us the second chances we end up getting. They can happen at any time, at any place. It doesn’t matter how long these once in a lifetime opportunities come, but what does matter is how you decide to go about them.

Somewhere in the streets of Los Angles, was a young aspiring Artist who carried an old backpack of art supplies he usually carried around with him. He had just recently moved to the famous ‘City of Angels’ a few weeks ago in hopes of making it big; just like any other artist would want. He wanted to make a name for himself, to discover his true purpose as an artist, and to ultimately stray away from the tall shadows of his family reputation. Back home, his family, known as the Ishtars, were known to be one of the ideal families in the town of Domino City, Japan who had in made in high class society. He could admit that he had a more than generous, privileged life than most people, but even so money and a well known family name was meaningless to have. Especially if it meant your hopes and dreams were to be looked down upon as 'idiotic’ and 'a waste of one’s time’.

Good Luck Charm {Part 2}

I would just like to say. Thank you so much for the amazing support I had from Part 1. I couldn’t believe the amount of support I was receiving! Thank you all so much <3


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Imagine Jensen is single in this. No hate towards Danneel and JJ and they’re *coming soon* additions, love them all. This is just for fun. This was saved in my draft, unfinished. Decided to finish it. Hope you guys enjoy.

Jensen X reader

word count;  2134

Summary: The reader attends her first Spn convention, expecting it to be it to be her once in a lifetime opportunity to finally meet her favourite TV stars. The cast of Supernatural. But is her good luck charm more than just a silly good luck phenomenon or is it density.

All the way down to the lobby, You stood there in the elevator, stunned, unable to move due to the previous overwhelming event. You tried so hard to move or to even say a word. Nothing. Mouth Dry. The muscles in your body weren’t responding. You felt numb. You just met Jensen Freaking Ackles. He just gave you his Shirt! And he called you Beautiful. You kept replaying that memory back in your head. Making sure you were never to forget this moment.

It also seemed that you were in a dream,-  for example, you know how TV shows or movies portray a dream, with all the bright lights and what not, well this was exactly what you were experiencing -  ( and plus, the lights in the elevator wasn’t helping much either. Bright as Heaven, they were )

You were lucky that the elevator ride was a long one. This gave you enough time to gather yourself and to return yourself to you normal state. If “ Normal” Meant being a crazy fangirl, then yes, Back to your normal state.

The door to the elevator slid open revealing a very happy (Y/F/N). A huge smile was drawn across her face. She stood there like she needed the bathroom, Fidgeting - she was more or less, Hopping in one place - her knuckles clenched.

In your mind, you were trying to figure out what triggered her to release this, active and jumpy side of her. ( Any bets it was “Her Dean”, the boy she ditched you for) .

You stepped out of the elevator, With a very confused and a *go on, tell me face*, to be honest, she wasn’t giving you much to work with here, the only thing you were getting from her was whether she needs the toilet or not.

‘Do you need the toilet or….’ You trailed off, waiting for her to fill you in on the details .

Waiting for her response, Her smile just got bigger and bigger, while also her fidgeting become more of an explosive jump. Jumping straight into your arms, she wrapped her floppy arms around you. Giggling like a little school girl.

'Woo! Something has definitely set you off!’ You laughed furrowing your eyebrows.

'Dean…I mean Sam!…..’ she began (already you were lost ) 'The guy that I ran off with…The one dressed up as Dean…..His name is Sam, Ironic really, you would have thought he would have gone as Sam….But anyways ways, we hit it off so well! And….’ She stopped in her tracks 'Oh my god, I can’t believe I ditched you for him, I am so sorry! I know, I know Sisters before Misters’ (Y/F/N) apologised.

She was really the type of character that was all bubbling,  energetic, all sunshine and rainbows.

'Hey! It’s okay, Plus if you hadn’t ditched me then I wouldn’t have met….Um, Jensen Ackles’ You lingered on making it seem like it was any casual meet up, but really you were just messing with her, you were honestly still freaking out inside. Her ears seemed to twitch as if she was a deer detecting danger. She followed you like a stray puppy to the hotel’s restaurant  . You turn back to catch a glimpse of her reaction. She was hunched over, her arms dangling in front of her and her mouth wide open, her eyes were darting all around your face.

'You, You, M-Met, Jensen Ackles she stuttered. Her voice rose to an octave when saying his name, practically a squeal.

'Yes, I met “Jensen Ackles you mimicked her reaction

'How are you holding up so well? This wouldn’t be your normal reaction’ (Y/f/N) pointed out. I mean she had a point, usually,  by now you would have probably  exploded into space due to how hyper you would have been.

'Let’s just say, the ride down the elevator was long, giving me enough time to extract all of my *internal fangirling* so all the fangirling I did Was on the inside And trust me, I  was a freaking mess You chuckled  and to be honest, It was hard!, internally fangirling was not easy, to be able to contain yourself when in the face of your beloved actors.

You pretty much used up all your fangirling juice the whole time you were with Jensen. But there might be some after efforts, like a little giggle here and there. Nothing too crazy.

(Y/F/N) and You both made your way to the Hotel Resturant. Settling down with your food, you told the whole story to her, from the very point where Jensen Spilt he’s coffee over you, down to the point where he gave you his “Batman” Shirt! Which (Y/F/N) was really really Jealous about. She asked if she could touch it and smell it! Yep, that’s (Y/F/N), good old creepy fan girl! After you told her the story she said and I quote “This is some Tumblr Fan-Fic shit right here” those 7 words set you off like a waterfall! You couldn’t help yourself but laugh. Tears of laughter were rolling down your cheeks. Man, I guess she was right, It does sound too good to be true! But you already checked….This moment, this life…All real!

'Now hurry up, We don’t want to miss tonight’s Karaoke, now do we?’ You asked, not really needing an answer, as your question was already answered due to (Y/F/N) devouring her steak in rapid time.

In under 2 minutes, (Y/F/N) was done, Yes you timed her! And it was her personal best too! You and (Y/F/N) headed your way to the hall! You were waiting in line for the hall to be opened up.

You were Facing a - now - very very Jumpy (Y/F/N), - oh god, something has set her of again! - You rolled your eyes playfully, nodding her off!

'No, No, don’t you dare Nod me off (Y/N)(Y/L/N), Not before you see this!’ You were confused to what she was indicating to.

She turned you around so you were facing the other side of the hallway you were waiting in and there he was. Jensen Ackles! Standing on the other side of the room chatting with Jared! So perfect! (Y/F/N) didn’t really help much as she made you noticeable as hell, with her hands waving about everywhere direction known to man, she finally caught the attention of Jensen and Jared from the corner of their eyes. Jensen’s Smile grew bigger when he finally noticed it was you. You gulped, your body started to shake. It was hard for you to keep still, Every body part twitching. It was also hard to break eye contact with Jensen, with every passing second his gaze would dig deeper into you, making it harder to resist .  You were mesmerised by his smile to even notice that (Y/F/N) was actually tapping you on your shoulder for your attention. His smile gave you a feeling that would trigger every muscle in your body to flutter. The laughter lines that were visible to see were starting to appear, something you found very cute. You were again in your Dream like state, everything around you felt lighter, you felt like you were drifting among clouds. The only thing that brought you back to reality was the feeling of (Y/F/N) violently shaking you!

'Heyy!!!!! What I was saying is……Jensen is looking at you’ You turned back around to face her once again. Man, you loved (Y/F/N) but sometimes she could be a bit slow

You just stood there, giving her the biggest smile ever! Well, if it wasn’t for her then you wouldn’t be here in the first place!

You twisted back round to where Jensen and Jared were. Jensen must have whispered something to Jared as it cause him to look up and smile directly towards your direction,  followed shortly after by a wink from Jensen. Okay, so at this very point your insides were bursting with butterflies and fireworks. After having the boy’s mentally abuse your mind,- how did they abuse you?- well, the intense stares from Jensen didn’t make you relax, it only caused you to think unholy thoughts and the fact that Jared was Teasing Jensen about you wasn’t helping either. But, lucky a bodyguard poked her head round the door to take the boys in. As they departed, you let out a sigh of relief, you were finally able to breathe again.

Walking into the great hall, your seats were located in the front! And to (Y/F/N)’s luck also Sam (Her Dean to her Castiel) was also in the front row! Get ready for some cheesy flirting, ladies and Gentlemen. 

The hall was starting to fill up fast and also, your excitement was starting to build up! Your foot began tapping on the floor, normally this meant that you were nervous as hell, but that’s the thing, why were you nervous? It was only karaoke, You just felt something else was going to happen, this being said, you were also stroking your good luck charm! this calmed your nerves down a bit.

(Y/F/N) noticed ,of course, - being the concerned and the over protective friend she is!- 

‘Hey! Its fine, I’m here!’ She gave you a sweet smile ‘And if that doesn’t make you feel any better, Jensen is just over there!’ she pointed out near the end of the stage. Not wanting to follow her direction you gave her an *I can’t believe you look*

‘Really, you had to go and ruin a perfectly sweet BFF moment’ you snickered

‘I wasn’t ruining it! I was making it better! Like I’m going to make it better again! Because here comes Jensen!!…..And he’s got his freaking Guitar!’ instantly after she jumps from her seat and started cheering like mad, moments later you joined her and the rest of the room.

As Jensen made his way to the stage, all you could hear were roars and cheers coming from every direction, You screamed your lungs out! ( resulting in your voice being sore afterwards)

Jensen chuckled due to the overwhelming support he was receiving, mouthing the words ‘Thank you’

‘Hiya, Guys! Wow! Thank you so much, It feels amazing being here! being in the presence of you guys is just incredible!’ an explosion of ‘Wows’ and cheers waved through the room. ‘Now this first song, this was a last minute thing, but I’m going to be singing ‘Crazy love’ *shit did he just say, Crazy Love, * a thunder of applaud bounced through the room. Everyone in the hall started to sing along to the lyrics.

You looked up from playing with your fingers and all you could see was him giving you a soft loving smile, you could almost see the twinkling in his eyes. Other than him, you didn’t take in anything else, the cheering of the people around you, it was all a numb sound. Time stood still but you and Jensen Still carried on going. The time you spent during the song, Exchanging stares, sharing smiles, Jensen almost forgot his words when you started biting your lips. The experience was delightful! You didn’t want it to end…But sadly things must come to an end. As Jensen finished his song one more finally applaud rang through the room.

‘Thank you, all so much, And I’ll see you tomorrow!’ he waved as he departed from the stage, giving you one last look.

The rest of the evening was then handed to the ‘Kings of Con’ Rob and Rich. Besides Jensen, Jared and Misha, they were your favourites

‘Hey, Rob! I would who that lucky lady was that Jensen was Eyeing up!’ Richard spoke confidently through the mic

‘Well, whoever it was, you lucky shit! I had dibs’ This gained a huge roar of laughter from the audience and yourself.

The rest of the evening was filled with laughter and enjoyment, as you sang along to some ‘Supernatural Impala Hits’ …That’s how Rob described the songs. Many of which was ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ Which by the way was one of your favourite songs of all time, so you were practically belting out every single word, you weren’t only singing the words but also humming the beat and singing the backing vocals and guitar solos. To finish off the night. We all sang the fandoms Anthem ‘Carry on my wayward son’ To be honest, this moment was actually really  emotional, that fact that everyone in the room had such a strong love for the same interest as you, it blew you away. Everyone united in a family! What you loved most about this Fandom.

Making your way up to the room, you couldn’t get the picture of Jensen’s smile out of your mind, not that you wanted to anyways. The way he looked at you, with soft eyes, laughter lines that would appear every time he smiled. The way his eyes would light up whenever you looked at him, or the time he would hang his head shyly whenever he got a response or attention  from you.

So you laid there in bed, replaying! All of what happened today just one more time before you slowly drifted off to sleep, wondering if Jensen was thinking about you too! And he was.


Sorry, this was such a boring chapter! I promise that they’ll be more excitement in the next chapters to come - plus I’m really tired haha! It’s coming up to 1 am here! Lol. Hope you enjoyed! Love you all x

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5 Days Left to Chicon!

This is the seventh in a silly, smutty little series of drabbles written for my @oriona75 as we count down to Chicon. It’s a single!Jared and single!Ori au and is totally just for fun.

12 Days    11 Days   10 Days 9 Days 8 Days 7 Days 6 Days

Ori can feel Jared pulling at the layers of fabric under her dress. The petticoat gives it that perfect, vintage pin-up feel, but it’s not exactly easy to navigate. Jared pops back out a few seconds later, laughing, making Ori laugh too. “I feel like a virgin again. How do I get through your dress?”

Ori stares down at him, hands running up her bare calves, cheeks flushed, hair in his face, looking equal parts adorable and dangerously sexy. God, he’s perfect.

In a moment of boldness that comes from nowhere other than the fact that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, she stands up turns her back to Jared.

“Unzip me.”

He does, and Ori lets the dress fall to the floor before turning around, stripping out of all the layers underneath. It’s just her now, in her bra and panties, and she manages to keep looking him in the eye despite how badly she wants to blush.

Jared opens his mouth to speak, then decides against it, choosing instead to saunter over to her, bare feet padding across the soft carpet. His hand is so big that it cradles the entire back of her head when he kisses her again, the other hand easily opening the clasp of her bra. It falls to the ground, and Ori wraps her arms around his neck, lets him pull her back to the bed where she falls down.

He has no more trouble getting her naked, sliding her panties off quickly, then pausing to take his own t-shirt off. Ori stares up at him blankly, struck dumb for a moment by the sight of him.

He really is a Greek god, she thinks to herself, fingers itching to touch all that tan skin. But Jared has other plans, and his tongue, that long, perfect tongue, is running up her thigh. Her legs fall open, and she’s gone, lost in the way he’s teasing her, licking and kissing everywhere but where she really needs him to.

She tries to be good, tries to wait him out, tries to enjoy the build because it’s so good, but eventually she can’t take it. She needs more. Grabbing a fistful of his hair, she tries to move him, but one of his large hands clamps down around her wrist.

“Don’t be greedy,” he smirks, and there’s a new hardness in his voice now that sends a shiver through her.

Fuck, she thinks. She’s not going to survive him.


Festivus may be a few days away, but @hulu is starting the celebration early with their totally spongeworthy fan experience “Seinfeld: The Apartment!”

If you’re in the LA area, head to 8445 Melrose Ave. between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday for the once in a lifetime opportunity to walk around in a painstakingly detailed full replica of Jerry’s apartment, get up close to iconic props and memorabilia from the show, and hang out with other Seinfeld superfans like yours truly! Admission is absolutely free, so come hang out with me in apartment 5A tomorrow!

BTS REACTION: When you fall asleep on his shoulder

Namjoon- “Don’t you dare move Namjoon, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Appreciate it while it lasts.” *has to use the bathroom*  “YOU HAVE TO STAY STRONG NAMJOON”

Seokjin- *Admires how beautiful you look while you’re asleep*                                            “She’s so pretty”

Suga- *Falls asleep with you*

J-Hope- “How did I get so lucky? I can’t believe she fell asleep on me.”

Jungkook- “How did she even fall asleep? We’re watching a horror film.”

Jimin- “This is a dream come true.”

Taehyung- “This show is really good isn’t it? I really like the characters. Who’s your favorite? Jagi, jagi?”

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Please send in any ships or reactions!

Team Jacob

Blood ran, hot and thick down his arm from the deep bite on his wrist. Stiles watched it drip, drop after drop of precious lifeblood faling to the forest floor. His eyes darted up, flickering to the man whose clawed, yes fucking clawed, hand gripped his arm, Stiles’ own blood still smeared across the man’s mouth and fang-like teeth.

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I’m #FeelingTheBern because I’m tired of having to choose between the lesser of the two evils. Once in a blue moon comes a politician like Bernie, one who’s the voice of middle class America, a politician #NotForSale. Bernie is a once in a lifetime opportunity; let’s not mess this up.

REVIEW: ‘Victoria’ is a One Shot You Can’t Miss | Roland Alaniz

Joining a small group of one take films (Russian Ark, Timecode-ish, Birdman-ish and Rope-ish) Victoria is the latest movie to throw its hat in the ring from German director Sebastian Schipper. Does it stand up in this unique series of films? Well pun very much intended, it has one shot, hopefully it does not miss this chance to blow, and opportunities like this come once in a lifetime. Yo.

The plot revolves around a young woman from Madrid whom, very early on like just about probably you to a degree and everyone you know (including the fellow writing this) she seems really lost. Just in her head, not knowing what to do, even if there’s nothing at hand. This is 1 of 2 fantastic lead performances we get in the film, the title character here played by Laia Costa. She stumbles in and out of a few places before meeting our other main characters of the story. Of these 4 characters she meets she grows closest to our other great performance, Sonne, played by Fredrick Lau. It is the believability of Victoria & Sonne’s relationship that is one of the main strong points of the film and you’re in it all the way to the end. Because the movie ends. I didn’t say they die or anything. Alright, forget that last part.

Instantly you see these characters colors as we with Victoria spend the next couple of hours with them. These guys aren’t bad, sure maybe a checkered past, but getting to know them you see the real humans in these people. Eventually, during this groups activities something comes up they have to take care of, and Victoria is roped in with them.

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An Opportunity Like Bernie Sanders Comes Along Once In A Lifetime!

It May Begin On-Line and At The Polls, But It Will Have To Be Finished With Bodies-In-The-Streets, Marching, Shutting Down The System Peacefully, Forcefully, with Protection from Establishment Violence by The Status-Quo, Against The Inevitable Change!  Are YOU In?!