nobody “allows” themselves to be abused, you think abusers are waiting for the fucking permission? they’re not waiting for anything they’ll jump at any chance to abuse and then fucking pretend nothing even happened! or that the victims deserved it by just existing! victims have a  lot of better things to do than to make sure that in their entire lives nobody gets the chance to abuse them, and it’s impossible too because abusers generate those chances, they make sure the chances are there, they make sure victims are unable to escape or even realize that abuse is going on! victims are victims precisely because they get no control over what’s going on! nobody sure as hell asks them for permission! It’s insane to blame victims for merely existing in a hostile environment where all their energy and time is spent on desperately trying to protect themselves! blame abusers for being predatory opportunist hateful narcissistic pieces of shit and generating that kind of inhumane environment!

Tu as tout à apprendre, tout ce qui ne s'apprend pas: la solitude, l'indifférence, la patience, le silence. Tu dois te déshabituer de tout: d'aller à la rencontre de ceux que si longtemps tu as côtoyés, de prendre tes repas, tes cafés à la place que chaque jour d'autres ont retenue pour toi, ont parfois défendue pour toi, de traîner dans la complicité fade des amitiés qui n'en finissent pas de se survivre, dans la rancoeur opportuniste et lâche des liaisons qui s'effilochent.
—  Georges Perec, Un Homme Qui Dort.

A few more pictures from the game.  Kyle is an opportunistic ass and went to visit his ex-girlfriend while Maudie was at work banging on her fire truck with a hammer. I noticed later when I was doing something else that Kyle was thinking about babies.  I wonder if he snuck off for risky woohoo with one of the sisters when I was not watching? Oh well, thems the breaks buddy! I just farted around the town with them.  Kyle found a cat so I added her to the family.  Nothing serious, just goofing off.

Thoughts on Chapter 24

I think in chapter 24, people are mistaking Sangwoo’s competitiveness with his feelings for Bum or him being protective?! It’s true that he’s treating Bum better than before and doesn’t abuse him physically anymore and such but I feel like when he’s giving Bum his car keys or wants to have the cake, he is more focused on Yoonjae than Bum. Yoonbum and Sangwoo are on the same side and the moment Sangwoo realizes Yoonjae is trying to tease/bully Bum, he is determined to get that cake for 2 reasons. One, because suddenly everything turns into a competition for him and he can’t lose, and two…

…he does not like this guy! Yoonjae is kind of a bully and an opportunist who’s trying to take advantage of Bum’s quiet nature and clumsy attitude. Sangwoo knows people like him very well and you can’t bully Sangwoo! He wants his damn cake and he doesn’t take shit from anyone. So this is more about ‘proving this asshole wrong’ than ‘protecting Yoonbum’. He gave his car keys to Bum to prove Yoonjae wrong. It’s all about winning. He even starts to tease Yoonjae back about their anniversary.

Actually I must add I think he’s angry with Yoonbum the whole time. He’s blaming him for this. When Yoonjae suggests they go to the arcade, it looks like Sangwoo is talking to Bum and Bum is extra nervous because he knows Sangwoo and his expressions pretty well.

‘That’s unnecessary and it’s all your fault, Yoonbum!’

I do want to stress on how well Yoonbum knows Sangwoo now.

To me this looks like a neutral/expressionless face and he even laughs after this, showing how ‘calm’ he is but this is what Yoonbum sees,

So he is angry. He is annoyed with Yoonbum who is clumsy and can never do anything for himself and he is angry with this guy and his childish, sarcastic attitude and he also states how angry he is once they get home so yes, don’t be fooled by his expressionless face and I still don’t believe he was doing any of this solely for Yoonbum.

But he is indeed being nicer to Bum. I think the ‘hit your head on my fist’ scene at the end was a really great scene. It’s not that hard for Sangwoo to beat the shit out of Bum and take out his anger on him and yet he chooses a gentler way to make himself feel better/calmer and at the same time not hurt Bum. That’s a really big development/improvement.

Another thing I want to point out is when he suggested, “If we’re all playing, let’s play something else, something a girl can play too.” I believe he was thinking about Yoonbum, although of course a big part of it was because he wanted them to win.

What’s really funny is that it seems that the same people screaming that “humans are naturally herbivores!!” are the same ones screaming “dogs are actually omnivores!!”

That’s not how evolution works, you ass backward baboons.

Dogs have only been “dogs” for the past couple thousand years. Domestication of them is actually quite recent relative to geological history. Up until a few thousand years ago, dogs were still wolves. They are still pretty much very genetically identical to wolves in the same way humans are very close to chimpanzees.

It takes MILLIONS of years for a species to convert diets like that. Dogs didn’t instantly become “omnivores” the second they were domesticated. It took a our primate ancestors millions of years to adapt to omnivory before becoming hominids. This stuff does not happen overnight.

Dogs are descendent from the wolves who were able to survive off the food scraps the humans left behind, even the plant matter. Surviving is NOT thriving. They got minimal nutrition in order to stave off starvation. It’s not meant for long term diets. They lived longer than the wolves who could not get nutrients from the scraps and had more puppies, which led to more dogs being able to handle plant matter scraps. They didn’t suddenly become omnivores and started thriving off plant matter.

Modern dogs are OPPORTUNISTIC CARNIVORES. They are meat eaters who can eat plant matter and get SOME nutrition from it. It is a survival tactic. NOT a dietary need.

Dogs are not true omnivores. Dogs will “survive” on vegan diets but will NOT THRIVE. Anemia, pancreatic issues, digestive issues, severe peridontal disease from all that starch, and diabetes is what a “vegan” dog can expect.

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ok but with the link. the link didn't originally work - it was an empty, dead link. i think someone watching opportunistically went and got the smarturl to make it direct to tumblr. i don't think that was harry's intention. and it's interesting that it was up for ages... but then was taken down within minutes of the url redirecting to porn. almost like they were watching but then realised someone had taken it too far.

That is fascinating. I do agree that the link was originally dead and then it wasn’t so that was defo something sketchy but the timing is also…interesting…

Some thoughts about the “DC sex trafficking ring” stuff spreading all over FB this week:

You know statistically, it’s very likely that missing kids are runaways/throwaways (50%), or that they’re reported missing due to a simple miscommunication (38%), or were taken by a non-custodial parent, which typically happens as a kinda revenge against the custodial parent (7%). That’s 95% of cases right there.

Underage people who run away or are kicked out have an increased chance of entering the sex industry, but a study conducted in NYC showed that extremely-few underage sex workers are even pimped: for some kids, doing sex work is actually preferable to whatever shitty things were keeping them trapped at home. I don’t wanna argue about the “ethics” of underage sex-working or whatever, it’s just a reality of what some teenagers do to survive in nearly-impossible circumstances.

Which brings me to another concern about how we ignore the systemic, and much more difficult to address, reasons why kids end up missing. It’s rarely stranger-danger, and more likely something like abuse (physical, mental, sexual, etc.), or a broken child welfare system, or queer kids feeling unsupported at home or whatever.

Politicians and law enforcement and whatever other opportunists love to jump on whatever new sex trafficking panic rears its head (which happens routinely in different forms) as a way to crack down on already-marginalized communities (poor ppl, poc, sex workers, illicit drug users). They arrest a buncha of adult streetworkers and massage girls, tossing em into the inherently-VIOLENT carceral system, and get pats all around for “at least doing SOMETHING”.

And ppl point to sketchy-but-more-benign magazine-salesperson recruitment posters and stuff as proof of trafficking (pix of which a number of folks on my feed have been passing around this week), thinking that that’s what trafficking looks like, just out in plain sight like that (believe me ive had some sketchy jobs like that and so have my friends but they were technically legal and non-sexual! There are tons of ways to economically exploit highschoolers that won’t get you thrown in prison bc “free market” n shit).


-a woc friend who is shy and wants to remain anonymous.

but just a reminder: the stats around trafficking are deliberately vagued up by antitrafficking orgs who stretch the definition of youth and the definition of trafficked, but the info we have gives us no reason to believe that sexual exploitation numbers differ materially from sexual abuse and rape numbers; that is, two thirds of sexual abuse and assault are committed by people known to the survivor or even their family.

if you want to support kids and survivors of sexual violence, you need to be supporting the creation and funding of youth shelters, day centers, drop in centers, the renewal of RHYA and the inclusion of LGBT in the population services it funds, and a total overhaul of the child welfare system AND the DHS: adults in foster homes and developmentally disabled adults are exponentially more likely to be sexually exploited and abused than almost any other category of adult.

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in more detail, what do u think about banksy like in general too not just on palestine

Where do I start?

For starters, he keeps hijacking walls that are not his. Not only did he paint and tried to beautify the apartheid wall in Palestine, but he literally went to predominately Black and Latinx areas in East NYC, where art is strictly local, and painted over the walls there.

He has the disgusting habit of normalising and whitewashing struggles. Like how he painted an Israeli occupation solider having a “pillow fight” with a Palestinian or how he graffitied Steve Jobs as a Syrian refugee in order to bring “awareness” to the refugee issue, as if all immigrants have the same privilege as Jobs or that they should be dismissed if they don’t become a version of Steve jobs. He simplifies and glorifies oppressions and struggles.

Which bring me to my next point. He butts into issues that aren’t his and to which he shows little to no understanding at all. Like how he had the nerve to paint a “go back to Africa” in a area of poverty and racial tension, which he thinks is a “satire” that oppressed communities are ought to understand and recognise as beautiful and be happy about it (as if such phrases are not traumatising in nature). He’s basically shoving his way down these communities’ throats as a white saviour whose stencils are going to bring about change and god forbid we say anything against them. He’s been asked numerous times to leave, be it in East NYC or Bethlehem, and yet there he is.

He views himself as this edgy hipster and as a result he does not understand how “complex of a subculture graffiti really is”. His white opportunistic ass is always ready to jump onto issues that are not his own, dominate spaces that aren’t his and in the meantime making profit (some of his work has been valued in six figures) by using our struggles and painting over our walls. He shows no regard or respect to writers and as a matter of fact, he painted over the oldest graffiti in London which made many artists angry.

In short, he’s corny and shallow. His attempts are very lazy, peak liberal and weak and are mainly celebrated by the bourgeoisie. What’s treated by law as “vandalism” apparently only applies when the artists are Black/brown/lower class, yet he gets the police protecting him. And while he can tag walls freely, other artists get arrested for it, and while they hardly get any recognition, his white ass gets coddled by the elitist art scene.

You can go through my Banksy tag for more, I guess.

Pauline Hanson has used the recent terror attack against London to start the hashtag #Pray4MuslimBan. There’s nothing satirical there. She’s a leach. She’s an opportunistic cruel racist. Her brand of politics is the equivalent of a personified vulture swooping down on the victims of a tragedy to caw out racist tirades. Here’s a suggestion: #Pray4PaulineToFuckOff