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What is the deal with seagulls, have they always been opportunistic around humans? I live about 15 miles inland and seagulls would always show up at our schools around lunchtime and could get pretty aggressive over the trash and dropped fries for instance. Crows and finches do the same thing, but the seagulls seem like something is wrong with their natural environment that worries me. That or they just know humans have food

Seagulls are a really great example of what happens when you have a combination of habituation and the ability to adapt well to an urban environment. They’re naturally scavengers with good memories and the ability to fly long distances in search of food - now add in human encroachment on their coastal habitat, human habitations that mimic their nesting sites (sheer edges and flatish roofs) lack of natural predators in cities, and the picnics that come with our beach days and you’ve got a great recipe for a species realizing that it’s way more effective to chill out and utilize humans as a source of food. We’re so many generations into that pattern that they’ve learned how to scout for food-rich areas and time their visits. So it’s not really that there’s something wrong with their natural environment, more that they’ve really adapted to cohabitation with us as their new “natural” state in urban areas. 

(…thinking about it, this is actually probably the closest example I’ve seen to how people think proto-wolves might have started the evolutionary journey into becoming dogs. Hanging out around human settlements for the food, slowly adapting across generations for lower flight distance, and eventually learning to utilize us as a resource…)

One essential way I want to see the Banished differentiated from the Covenant is to have them use AI - not the cannibalised ‘associated intelligences’ occasionally used by the Covenant, I want to see them use actual AI.

If the Created are going to be here to stay, at least make them more interesting than another monolithic faction.

AIs all have unique personalities and perspectives, some of them are undoubtedly going to be opportunists who’ll use the power of the Domain to their own ends rather than just wholly devoting their immortal existence to Caricaturtana. That’s the kind of societal complexity that could MAYBE make the Created a little easier to stomach. And have AIs who rejected Caricaturtana’s offer likewise join other factions like the Banished - which’d be a fitting parallel to the Covenant because Caricaturtana is running a theocratic dictatorship.

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did you find wormtail pitiable

No lol his friends were good to him and trusted him wholeheartedly and he sold them out because he wasn’t willing to die for them like they would have done for him. He repeatedly seeks out people who are stronger and more charismatic than him so he can be under their protection and receive their attention. His loyalty depends on what he can gain from being around that person and when he’s backed into a corner he immediately tries to deflect blame or avoid punishment. Peter made his choices and proved he’s an opportunist, and well, a rat.

One of my favorite lines from the books is this:

“You don’t understand!” whined Pettigrew. “He would have killed me, Sirius!”


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What do you think of V-dog pet food? Is it fine to feed my German Shepherd?

So, dogs are what they call “opportunistic omnivores”. Wolves are carnivores, but as dogs became domesticated and scavenged around with humans, their bodies adapted to digesting plant material.

Now, “being able to digest something” and “requiring something” are two different things. Dogs need meat to thrive and be a happy, healthy animal. They can “survive” on a plant based diet, but I’m not sure why you’d choose to just “keep your dog alive” versus giving them the proper nutrition. Even your dog’s anatomy is designed to eat meat. Their teeth, the way they eat, and their digestive system are all designed for meat.

Here is a more in depth article from @why-animals-do-the-thing


the sloppy rhetoric of “no pussy no opinion” type slogans wouldn’t even matter really if it weren’t combined with a total unwillingness to self-criticize and an active exclusion of trans women. i wouldn’t give two shits about a sign that ‘excludes’ trans women if trans women weren’t also actively, physically being excluded. like Raquel Willis’ mic being cut off cuz she’s a trans woman talking about trans issues is a much bigger deal than gender essentialist slogans, it’s just that the slogans are a symbol of a whole attitude that needs to be combatted. opportunistic ppl wanna protest to feel good without realizing that protesting in good faith requires listening to criticism and improving ourselves. and we can still combat the imagery of vulvas as a source of shame and platform for violence against women while also including the policing of and violence against trans women’s bodies in that same conversation because guess what!! both these things are fundamental parts of gender oppression

Tips for examining children

Since I’ve passed paediatrics now I thought I’d share my tips on examining kids! Feel free to add any of yours.

- Engage the child first, before doing anything. If they’re wearing a spiderman t-shirt, ask about spiderman! If they’re in school uniform, ask them what their favourite subject is! Etc.

- Don’t ask ‘can I examine you’, because if they say no and you still have to do it, you lose their trust. Instead say ‘I’m going to examine you’, in a nice friendly way! 

- If you have time, try to show that whatever you’re doing isn’t that scary by doing it on their teddy or parent first

- Again try to engage them in what you’re doing. E.g. some kids will love to listen to their own heart if you let them.

- Be opportunistic. Usually there’s a fairly strict order to do an examination in, that you’ll stick to. This goes out the window a bit with paeds, because kids prefer not to cooperate with you. So if they suddenly become very quiet, swoop in there and listen to their chest! 

- Do the worst thing last. For example in a respiratory/ENT exam it’s usually the throat exam that kids HATE and will start crying at. Don’t do it first and make the whole exam hell!

- And finally, distract them with something if you can

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another thing i wouldn’t have believed if you told me in 2013

President Trump threatens to cut federal funding to a university over violent protests sparked by a twitter opportunist that only got popular via discourse over video game journalism