Stole My Heart

Summary: The five times the universe appeared to be against you when you wanted to ask Peter out.

Word Count: 2,622.

A/N: After reading @bovaria‘s fic, “The Five Times Bucky Picks You“, it inspired me to write something along those lines with Peter instead. Although, I decided to do my own spinoff and give it a slight twist. Hope you enjoy :D

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Them Walking in On You Changing: MONSTA X


He would cough out an apology before quickly leaving the room. Also, he’d never say it, but internally he’d be all: #noregrets


“Oops, sorry Jagi ;)”

Actually the shittiest little shit ever and totally not sorry in any way, shape or form. He would totally spend a moment or two eyeing you before leaving and might bring it up later to make you blush.


He’d burst into giggles at your yelling and embarrassment. He’d apologize (not sounding too apologetic through his laughter) and not-so-quickly take his leave.


You’d think it was an innocent mistake, as he’d seem apologetic and waste no time leaving, but that’s where you’d be wrong. He’d totally have known you were changing, let’s be real, and it wouldn’t be an accident. ;)


*awkward, slightly turned-on laughter*

“I’m sorry, Jagi. I’ll ask you later, then.”


“Lookin’ good, Jagiya. Lookin’ good.”

“Oh my God, get out!”

“I don’t know if I should. I mean, what an oppor-”

“JooHeon, I swear-”


Would probably just blink in shock and then walk out silently, unable to process what just happened.

thetranssherlockworld​ sent me another thing:

It’s a bit of an AU from a movie I love and it’s kidlock. Hope it makes you smile.

KidSherlock(10) always felt a little different and like there was something not right with him. One day him and his family move to a new house and when he goes out to explore around he sees a beautiful boy with blond hair and blue eyes who is sitting alone in some stairs. The boy immediately smile at him come present himself. “Hi, I’m John.You’re new here. What’s your name?” “Sherlock” “That’s a cool name. I never heard of any boys called like that. Or girls for that matter” John laugh. Sherlock realize John just insinuated he thinks he is a boy and before he has the time to think about it he decides to roll with it. “The others kids are gone in the forest if you’re looking for them.” “I’m not… Other kids don’t usually like me.” John frown. “Well this time they will like you I promise. Come with me.” And then beautiful John who is a bit taller than Sherlock, 11 and has a beautiful smile leads him to the other children. He presents him to them and nobody doubts that Sherlock is a boy and Sherlock feel like something important is happening. He is realizing something. The other invite them to play with them and John who is in the other team of their game discreetly help Sherlock win so that his teammates will like him. At the end of the day Sherlock is completely smitten by John and he also realized he loves it when people think he is a boy. He actually feels more comfortable around people.That night his parents are surprised when Sherlock answers their question by saying that he met a boy and played with other children. Sherlock usually never has friends.

The next day when Sherlock goes out to play with the other the other boys are playing football and Sherlock is hesitant to join them so he just watch.When they are playing truth or dare after ,someone dare John to kiss someone on the cheeks and Sherlock is sure he will kiss Molly the shy girl who is always blushing, but he kiss Sherlock instead.He is left completely shocked.All the others laugh and John is grinning, proud of himself and apparently loving Sherlock reaction. Indeed Sherlock face turn slightly red and he feels his heart beating really fast.The next day Sherlock decide to join the other boys playing football and take his shirt off like them,internally thanking whichever gods that puberty hit late in his family. When Sherlock take a break Molly offers him some water and blush when he thanks her. Sherlock thinks he catch John frowning at them, but is confusion as to why John would be annoyed he is speaking to Molly.Molly tell Sherlock they are all going to the lake to swim tomorrow so the next day Sherlock doesn’t come out.They would definitely know he is not a boy if he went.John come knocking to his door and Mycroft is the one to open.John ask for Sherlock and Mycroft look confused.It’s a the first time someone ever came home for Sherlock.John joke and says “I’m not at the wrong house right? You do have a brother called Sherlock?” Mycroft frown and Sherlock arrive at that moment.

When John explain he was worried about him Sherlock tell him to wait for him in the stairs he will join him in a moment. Mycroft look at Sherlock waiting for an explanation. “He thought I was a boy the first time he was me. I didn’t want to tell him he was wrong.” “…Why?” “I…I don’t know. I just like that he sees me as a boy. That all the other children see me as a boy.” Mycroft nods slowly. “Will you tell him?” “No, but he will eventually have to know Sherlock.” “I know.” Sherlock says sadly and Mycroft doesn’t insist.

Sherlock goes to join John and he says he doesn’t want to go play with the other today. He thinks John will just leave him to go swim like everybody else, but instead he propose Sherlock come to his house and play.They go and John put on some of his dad old rock music, pushing Sherlock to dance with him. Then they play doctoc(John wants to be a doctor when he grows up) and Sherlock let John examine him, loving when John hold his wrist to try and take his pulse.

That night when Sherlock come back he looks sad and he decides to ask Mycroft if he knows any way he could go swimming with the other kids.Mycroft think about it and offer Sherlock one of his old swimsuit and tell Sherlock to use plasticine to make sometihing he can put in his. Sherlock try on the suit with the fake penis in plasticine making a small buldge, looking at himself in the mirror and he has a big smile on. “I’m a boy Mycroft!” he says happily and his brother look at him. He is starting to see that maybe this is not just some strange game. Maybe Sherlock really is a boy.

Sherlock goes to the pool the next day and he has an amazing day. John give him his towel when he is cold at some point and Sherlock doesn’t think he could be happier. He is wrong. Later during the day John brings him away from the other children and when they are together in the woods he tells Sherlock that he knows they are two boys and it’s not usual, but he likes him and he would like to kiss him. He is assuring Sherlock it’s ok and they is nothing wrong with kissing someone of the same gender, his sister is fourteen and does it all the time and their parents don’t mind, when Sherlock cut him “I would like to.” John smile and move hesitantly.The kiss last all of the two seconds and it’s very chaste of course, but they both look at each other blushing and grinning after.

Things keep on like usual except that now the other kids sometimes tease John saying he is in love with Sherlock and John never denies it. They kiss two other times and John talk about school starting soon and he can’t wait to be with Sherlock there. Sherlock for his part is getting nervous. He knows the other kids will have to know soon and he is very scared of their reaction. He nows knows he is a boy and he doesn’t want to go back pretending being a girl. He doesn’t want to be seen as something he is not again.

One day a kid meaner than other start to tease Sherlock and when Sherlock reveal that he still pee in bed to everyone to make him stop the boy get angry and hit him. John stop him quickly, but it’s enough. Sherlock lips is bleeding. John thinking it’s the right thing to do tell the boy’s father that his son hit Sherlock and Sherlock is now hurt so he should punish him. The mother of the boy decide to force her boy to apologize to Sherlock and they go knock at Sherlock house. Sadly Sherlock doesn’t have time to anwser before his mother who is confused when she hears the woman saying she wants her son to apologize for hitting her boy. When his mother realize what is happening she let the other boy apologize and then close the door on them, looking at Sherlock furiously. “You told them you were a boy.” Sherlock only nods. His mother slaps him. He is too proud to cry so he just look and her angry and then go back to his room angry. He doesn’t come out of his room again that night.

His father bring him food and act awkwardly with him, but Sherlock just ignore him. Mycroft join him when their parents are asleep and he gets on the bed with Sherlock. Sherlock put his head on his big brother’s chest and let him hold him against him.He finally let tears slip from his eyes. After a couple of minutes Mycroft start to ask him the number of elements on the periodic table to distract. Sherlock get nearly all of them before the brothers both fall asleep together.

The next day their mother fall them both asleep on Sherlock small bed and wake them, sending Mycroft back to his room. She force Sherlock to put a dress on (he has not since he was 5) and tell him they are going to see the kid who hit him to tell him he is a girl and then his friend John. Sherlock hide under the bed and refuse to go, but his mother force him out and tell him if he doesn’t come with her she will take away his microscope and won’t let him out to play with others anymore. Sherlock follows her hinking that he won’t be going out anymore after that anyway.

The first boy is shocked and says very loudly “You’re GIRL?” which make Sherlock want to scream at hims that he is not, but he juste leave and wait for his mother further away. Then the hardest part come. John parents are both there and they recognize Sherlock, but they are confused when they see him in a dress. Sherlock mother explain because Sherlock accepted to come with her, but he didn’t say anything about telling them himself.

John come when his parent call him and Sherlock hear them explain everything to him while he waits in an other room. John come in the room looking confused. He looks at Sherlock, open his mouth and then close it. It’s obvious he is trying to understand, but failing. John looks angry. Sherlock can’t take this and he doesn’t need to hear John reject him angrily. He leaves running and goes into the wood where he trows away the dress he had put on a shirt and a pair of shorts. He sits against a tree and he doesn’t know how many time has passed, but his legs are numb when he get up. He hears the other children near and decide to go hear what they are saying. He sees John sitting slighlty away from them looking sad and confused while the other exclaim loudly and says things like “But it’s not possible. He did…” “You got beated by a girl!”

Sherlock distracted make a mistake and they hear him breaking a branch.One of them sees him and they start calling him. When he runs away they follow him. Sherlock is not fast enough and soon one of them catch him and hold him on the ground. They are all around him and one kid say he still can’t believe it and they should verify he if he is really a girl. Sherlock is trying really hard not to cry when he realize what thar are planning to do. That’s when John finally intervene. “We’re NOT doing that!” She is a girl. Her mom said so and she would know. Let her go.“ Sherlock is thankfull, but he can see John is still a bit angry at him so he just use the opportunity and run away really fast. That night he cries again and his brother come to his room to read him his favorite pirate story.

Sherlock doesn’t speak to his mother for a week and barealy say two words to his father. The only person he speaks with is Mycroft and even then he doesn’t say much. He barely eats and stays in his room, anxious about school starting soon and sad about John.How can he make his parents, John, everyone understand that he is a boy even if he doesn’t have the body they expect of one? It’s not his fault there was a mistake when he was born. After a week at home Sherlock hear a small sound on his window during the day. He goes see and it’s John throwing rock. He just look at him and Shelrock understand he wants him to join him.He goes silently and join John who is standing awkwardly against a tree. John can barely look at him.

“So is Sherlock really your name?”

“Yes. Are you still angry at me?”

John looks like he is thinking about it. “I don’t think so, but I’m confused. Why didn’t you tell me I had made a mistake when I called you a boy that first day?”
“I… you wont understand.”

“I’m not stupid you know.”

Sherlock sigh. Why not tell him? Maybe John will understand and they can be friends again at least. “I didn’t tell you that you were wrong because I am a boy. I know I don’t have the body you have, but I’m still a boy. I know it.It’s just other people who think I’m not, but they’re wrong.”

John look in deep thought. “I think saw someone like that on TV once. Except it was a boy who was really a girl.She knew she was a girl so she changed her body and stuff so people would see her like a girl too. Are you like that?”

“yes, I think I am. Only I didn’t tell my parent yet so I don’t think I could change my body right now.”

John nods. “I’m not angry anymore. I understand why you didn’t tell me.”

“Thank you…are we still be friends?”

John look surprised. “Yes. Of course I’m still your friend.”

“And… the rest?” Sherlock ask timidly, barely daring to look at John.

“You mean the kissing and stuff?” John say blushing.
Sherlock nod.

“I… I would still like to do it if you want to, but… would you be my boyfriend or girlfriend now?”

Sherlock didn’t even know they were boyfriends before that althought he guess he should have known with all the kissing and hand holding. “Boyfriend, if you don’t mind.” he whispers. 

“So you still want me to call you a boy?” John asks.

“Yes, I would like that.” 

“Ok.” John says. “Can I hold your hand now? I missed you.” Sherlock nod enthusiastically.

School start soon and John and Sherlock remain inseparable. John protect Sherlock from the other kids and try to defend him when they tease him or them. When people are confused as to why John says they are boyfriends he simply says “Sherlock is a boy and he is with me who is a boy too so we are boyfriends.” John is genuinely confused as to what people don’t understand about that.

Thanks to Mycroft and John Sherlock is not alone when his mother doesn’t react very well to his coming out. His parents eventually come around and John is still Sherlock’s boyfriend when Sherlock start testosterone at 14 and first start passing all the time. John is buying coffee for both of them in the parc when the old lady ask him “And is boyfriend taking something?"Sherlock who is holding John hand distractly while on his phone raise his head. Usually people don’t comment outloud on him not sure if he is a boy or a girl and not wanting to make a mistake. Amazed he says to John with a big smile "She said I’m your boydfriend.” 

John smiles.

“Yes, I know love.”

What’s in a rival? Jean Kirstein in the Attack on Titan manga versus the anime.

Warning: Anime critical. These are just my thoughts, and I’m always up for further discussion, especially if there’s something I’ve missed! :)

Jean considers his options while grounded by defective equipment, episode 13.

In preparation for season 2, I decided to finally sit down and watch the Attack on Titan anime all the way through. I’ll cop to only having jumped around in the anime before, just watching my favorite scenes from the manga. My initial reason for avoiding the anime was that it’s hard for me to handle screaming and crying, to be honest. Then I read about some of the differences—particularly those regarding Annie—and those departures from the source material were disappointing to me. However, I love the Clash of the Titans and the Uprising arcs in the manga so I’m eager to see what the animators do with them in season two (I am particularly looking forward to: Gesumin, the Ackerman showdown in the saloon, YumiHisu, Ymir’s facial expressions, Jean’s fedora, Connie’s straw hat … and many other such important things xD).

Therefore, I’ve dived headfirst into the anime for the first time this weekend. As of right now I’ve watched the entirety of the Trost arc. 

There are changes I like and those I don’t. As I predicted, the death of Eren’s mom was difficult for me to handle with the addition of sound, although it’s incredibly moving and well done. I love when the “camera” pans out to show the beautiful scenery and the size of the walls; it gives a sense of scale that I think is missing from the manga, while also demonstrating why the denizens of the walls might think they’re truly in a time of peace. The character designs are all recognizable and sometimes prettier (particularly compared to the rougher art of the first few chapters), but I wish they didn’t put lip gloss on all the female characters. The music is awesome. Etc.

However, many of my biggest critiques have to do with characterization. One that I haven’t really seen talked about before (although it could be that I just missed it!) is the anime’s presentation of Jean. I obviously have a soft spot for Jean, so I might be hypersensitive to any changes in his character, but I think the alterations are worth talking about because they speak to an overall attitude shift between the manga and the anime. There are other character redesigns that also bother me (Annie and Hange, to name the two biggest ones) but I know others have already looked at those extensively and I don’t have much else to offer to those conversations.

For this piece I will sum up what I think of Jean’s characterization in the Trost arc in the manga first and then go through what changes in the anime. My thesis is that the anime!Jean is flattened so that his critique of Eren rings more hollow, making him less of a real challenge to our spirited young protagonist. While the manga uses Jean to present the merits of survivalist perspective, eventually arguing that Jean’s value for human life is what drives him to become a strong leader and the moral center of the series, the anime transforms Jean into a naive coward for Eren to convert. 

Jean in the Manga

Shadis’ assessment of Jean in chapter 18.

I think there are three important aspects of Jean’s pre-Trost character in the manga which make him a compelling rival for Eren:

1. Jean is a defeatist who genuinely believes that the titans will kill everyone eventually. His goal of getting into the interior is all about making the most of the remaining life he has left.

2. Jean is suspicious about the government’s motivations for the operation to “retake” Wall Maria and doesn’t like it when the higher-ups toss around words like “hero” when what they really mean is “bait” and “fodder.” Jean’s bluntness comes from his distaste for empty rhetoric.

3. Jean is jealous of Eren’s relationship with Mikasa and Armin. He dislikes Eren’s relationship with Mikasa not just because he has a crush on Mikasa but also because he thinks Eren will lead her to an early death.

Obviously, all of these points are connected. To speak to the first one, when we initially encounter Jean in chapter three of the manga, he straight up admits that he thinks humanity doesn’t have a chance.

Jean, the pessimist: chapter 3.

He then uses the operation to retake Wall Maria to justify his position. As readers we learn this important piece of information about the world from Jean, someone who we’re already beginning to suspect harbors resentment towards the royal government. 

Jean lays it all out for Eren in chapter 3.

This information helps us put Jean’s desire to live in the interior into perspective. He shrugs at Eren’s reminder that five years ago, Wall Rose was part of the interior too. Jean is fully aware that another titan attack could spell the end of humanity, he’s doubtful about their chances of success if an all out attack is launched, and he’s decided he’s going to enjoy what time he has left. His pragmatism is infuriating to Eren, who can’t comprehend why someone would stop fighting. 

Eren’s jibe that prompts Jean’s discussion of the cull, chapter 3.

In this introductory scene we also get hints about Jean’s attitude towards the monarchy which the big flashback in volume four later expands upon. He sneers at using the phrase “human stronghold” to describe the border-town of Trost when—as the reader already knows from explanations of the walls in the extra material—such towns are more accurately titan magnets.

I think the scare quotes say it all, chapter 3.

An explanation of how the border-towns work, volume 3. Jean seems to be referencing this rhetoric in his speech at the graduation party.

We learn later that Jean has pretty much always been suspicious of the government’s posturing and that he’s committed to practicing honesty because he mistrusts people who ask others to lay down their lives for a cause. For Jean, there’s not a significant difference between Eren’s speeches about ending the titan threat and the monarchy attempting to bribe people into settling in bait-towns by calling them “human strongholds.” Something that endeared Jean to me early on in the series is that he calls Eren “eloquent” when he first meets him.

Babby Jean is totally willing to admit he wants to live the best life he can manage, chapter 15.

In deeming Eren “eloquent,” Jean suggests that Eren’s boasts are hollow, meant to mask his insecurities. And at this point, he’s correct: Eren doesn’t know much about fighting the titans yet, and he is indeed posturing in front of the other cadets. At this moment, Eren’s not much of a threat to him personally because he’s already resolved to look out for number one, but his attitude will change when perceives (rather possessively, but that’s a separate post I think) that Eren is taking people whom Jean cares about with him to the front-lines. Jean’s wariness of nice, but thoughtless sentiments leads him into most of his conflicts with Eren, even post-Trost, when he often forces Eren to think about the real human cost of his actions. Based on how Jean’s character develops from the Female Titan arc onward, I would say that Jean sees the value in individual human life and has a hard time surrendering anyone for a cause, no matter how great. After all, is it really better to sacrifice yourself or others when you could all be making the most of what you already have? What’s the point in winning if the individual doesn’t matter? Throughout the series Jean puts a human face on all of the conflicts, making him valuable as a voice of critique for both Eren and the Survey Corps more broadly. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he’s always right or that he is incapable of making sacrifices himself, but his priority is maintaining the sanctity of human life as far as he possibly can. Interestingly, it looks like Floch has taken over this role for Jean in recent chapters.

It’s worth noting that Jean is equally suspicious of Marco’s “It’s an honor to serve the king” rhetoric, chapter 3. All idealists must prove themselves to him, even though he’s an idealist himself. For what it’s worth, I think Marco is actually just naïve. Jean tries to get Marco to break out of his “honor student” role, with limited success. 

I think a lot of Jean’s concerns are also with who the government, the military, and even sometimes Eren ask to lay down their lives for the service of humanity: it’s usually refugees, the poor people in border-towns, and lower caliber soldiers. These are people who are more vulnerable, who routinely must give themselves up for nothing more than empty praise (i.e. what does it mean to be called “the bravest of warriors” when you may not have much of a choice about where you live?). Jean thinks human life is valuable just because it’s human life, and doesn’t appreciate others assessing his worth. So he plays the system, proves himself by arbitrary standards in order to survive.

Jean infuriates Eren by admitting he knows training is a farce but he’s going along with it anyway, chapter 17. Eren actually asks for Jean’s opinion about the type of training they receive here, suggesting that Eren worries a bit about Jean’s perspective. They’re both drawn to testing each other out, worried about how the other can counter their life philosophies.

Along similar lines, Jean thinks Eren is not appreciating what he already has: namely, his attractive and talented friends. Eren’s reckless actions lead them into danger, and Jean resents Eren for that.

Jean envies Eren for his friends, chapter 17.

Jean reminds Eren of both his good fortune and his responsibilities, chapter 3.

Obviously, Jean is being presumptuous in his assessment of Eren’s relationships. Mikasa can quite clearly look after herself and has chosen her role as Eren’s protector while Armin has his own motivations for going outside the wall. However, it gives us insight into Jean’s world view: if you have something good, like nice friends or an opportunity for a cushy life, why waste it? Jean’s own love for his friends eventually trumps his self-preservational instincts and pushes him to join the Survey Corps to protect them, aligning him with Mikasa, Eren, Armin and even Ymir. His growth lies in looking beyond his own survival, but he already has the predisposition towards this attitude, as the Trost arc demonstrates: he just needs a little shove. 

The overall picture of pre-Trost Jean I get from the manga is of a person who is hampered by his own cynicism. He’s aware of his society’s problems but instead of attempting to fix them he’s given himself up to them. While several of the questions Jean asks—why does the government get to throw us away? What’s the point of fighting a losing battle?—are reasonable, they lead him to be self-centered and a defeatist. His method of fighting the system does nothing to dismantle it and is purely about his own survival, but he matures by looking beyond himself to protect others. Additionally, his conflicts with Eren are presented as more of an even fight: Jean is not easily cowed by Eren and forces him to consider how is actions affect his comrades, while Eren–in combination with others–does eventually inspire Jean to take a stand for something beyond his own life.

Jean in the Anime

Jean and Eren meet in episode 3.

In the anime, Jean has the same goal of getting into the interior but his reasoning behind it is much less nuanced. Anime!Jean never expresses the same kind of defeatism he does in the manga, so it seems that he really does think he’ll be safe if he makes it into the interior, rather than just safer. He never mentions the cull, a suspicion of the government’s empty rhetoric, or even his concern for Eren’s friends. Instead he naively believes that he can find security somewhere in the Walled World. Eren sets him straight while Jean has almost no meaningful critique to offer his rival, at least during the Trost arc.

Because the anime presents events chronologically, the first time we meet Jean is also when Eren meets Jean. Their introduction is quite close to how it’s presented in the manga, except that Jean does seem really willing to fight Eren and the tension doesn’t defuse quite as much after Jean apologizes. While Jean does point out that Eren is afraid and trying to cover it up, he does not, at least in the English dub or the English sub, call Eren eloquent. The slight connection between Eren’s speech acts and some of the government’s rhetorical maneuvering is lost. This could be a translation problem (indeed, I’m not sure what the original Japanese manga says either), and it’s a bit of a minor point, but it irks me that the connection between “honest” and “suspicious of your fine words” is missing: instead it’s all about Eren being a scaredy-cat. It sets up their conflict to be entirely about bravery–is it better to be an open coward than someone who pretends to be courageous?–instead of being ideological. Eren has to prove to Jean that he’s not actually afraid rather than proving that he can acknowledge the human cost of fighting the titans.

The theme of bravery colors all of Jean and Eren’s future confrontations in the Trost arc. Take, for example, the fight in the mess hall, which the anime combines with their other fight at the graduation party. In the manga their argument begins with Eren asking Jean why they have this farcical system of training for the right to move away from danger, but in the anime he opens by calling Jean stupid. When Eren points out, “Five years ago this was the interior,” instead of manga!Jean’s infuriating “I know” we get “You got a point to make friend? I’m right here” (for reference, this is episode five, the English dub; it’s not significantly different in the sub). Rather than throwing Eren for a bit of a loop Jean is antagonized by his rival. Over the course of this encounter Jean never mentions that he thinks everyone is going to die eventually because of the results of the operation to “retake” Wall Maria. He has very little critique to offer besides a vague desire to “play the system.” 

Eren realizing everyone is watching his fisticuffs with Jean, episode 4.

Without a clear motivation, Jean’s survivalist attitude turns into simple cowardice. When Eren wins the physical fight, he demonstrates that he is a true soldier. In the manga, Jean gets an extra line about this not being the end of things between him and Eren and Eren teases Jean about almost losing his spot in the MP by getting caught brawling (a neat line to point out Jean still has some fight left in him), but in the anime this encounter effectively silences Jean. He no longer has any meaningful critique to offer Eren.

Additionally there’s no direct conflict between Eren and Jean at the graduation where Jean gets to bring up that Eren is responsible for his friends as well as himself. Instead, Jean sullenly watches while Thomas Wagner tearfully discusses the cull, Eren responds with an equally tearful rallying speech that borrows some elements of his conversation with Jean in the manga, and then runs out in a huff. Jean thinks “Haha, sucks to be you buddy. I’ll be having a great time in his majesty’s barracks!” Eren’s new test is to prove that bravery has a purpose, that it can lead to great success. Eren needs to put his money where his mouth is and Jean is watching him to see if he’ll do it.

Scared Thomas, episode 4. Everyone in this anime is really shiny.

To be fair to the anime directors, the decision to substitute Thomas for Jean might have been to give more import to Thomas’ eventual death in Trost. However, taking away Jean’s most significant confrontation with Eren also lessens Jean’s role as a rival and a critic. When Eren attempts to dissuade Armin and Mikasa from joining the Survey Corps with him after his argument with Thomas, it doesn’t carry the weight of Jean’s words about Eren being directly responsible for “dragging” them into danger, even if it is prompted by a concern for their well-being.

There’s also an additional confrontation between Eren and Jean right before the battle of Trost, where Eren—of all people—reminds Jean of his training as a soldier and that he should be prepared for a battle of this nature. It’s a small addition, but Jean definitely “loses” this rhetorical fight because he stares transfixed at Eren and then goes off to tell Daz to get up and face the situation like a man. Eren becomes the source of Jean’s courage in way that he’s not in the manga, where Jean’s survivalist tendencies actually allow him to be a good leader, to inspire others to fight for their own continued existence. Whereas manga!Jean realizes that his attitude has its uses within the military and that he does want to make a stand and protect his friends, some of anime!Jean’s development stems from Eren taking him to task before the events of Trost.

Additional fight, episode 6.

All of this may seem kind of nit-picky, but it serves to undermine Jean’s original role within the story. In the anime, he doesn’t exist to give a somewhat reasonable voice to the side of self-preservation, one which Eren must seriously consider before refuting. He’s not meant to make the viewer think about the other side of Eren’s arguments, the potential advantages of staying within the Walls. He doesn’t ask us to consider the government/military’s vocabulary. Instead, the military is made to seem fully aware of the sacrifices they ask others to make through the voice of Rico, who reminds Eren that her comrades are fighting for him: it’s the voice of an insider rather than the critique of a someone looking in, who has seen others used by this system (even if we learn later that Pixis does take responsibility for what happened during the cull and that the monarchy and the military are somewhat at odds about this). The test that Jean presents to anime!Eren is the test of winning reluctant hearts and inspiring courage in the cowardly, not of winning an intelligent ideological opponent to his side.

Personally, I find these changes make both Eren and Jean less compelling characters. I guess I’ll have to see where they go in the next arc, but I’m a bit worried. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my analysis!

Thoughts & Predictions: Chap 91

Ahh this chapter. I can’t even lie, after reading it all the way through; I absolutely love it. There is SO much to build off of here and so many directions Isayama could take this in but, knowing how this story is and seeing the subtle (not really) drops of foreshadowing in this chapter has me super excited. This makes for an interesting read because I’m 90% sure these fresh-faced kiddos are in for a very rude awakening when they see the reality of the world they live in.

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother. 


This is one of my favorite questions asked in the series because it perfectly sums up a lot of the picture Isayama is trying to portray in this universe. Where do you draw the line between someone who still retains a glimmer of humanity, and a monster? 

  • Man-eating titans who were once human. 
  • Human’s who can shift into man-eating titans. 
  • Human’s who sacrifice their morals for the sake of victory. 
  • Humans who sacrifice their morals for the sake of power. 
  • Humans who sacrifice humans all to achieve a goal. 

Where in all of this does humanity as a whole fall? Now that we see the state of the world outside of the walls, I cannot help but to think back to this conversation between Eren and Pixis here from chapter 12:

Eren, our “jump-the-gun” protag, calls out all of humanity right there. He see’s a bigger picture and graps it. Not to its full extent just yet but, he’s close.

So, what now? It’s been four years since this scene. The titans have been exterminated, the secret of the walls has been revealed, and so has their true enemy; other humans. So, what will they do? Will they kill everyone who gets in their way or will they finally unite? And if they do… How will that happen? 

Keep in mind that I am not just referring to the walled Eldians here. I’m talking about the ones across the sea as well. 

Will the Eldian people as a whole unite together to take down Marley and finally gain true freedom? Or will they kill each other because they stand at opposite ends of the same goal? 

I think there are TWO reasons Isayama jumped over to this group on the mainland so suddenly. Reason number one being to reveal this big guy right here:

FINALLY WE SEE THE NINTH TITAN! The Jaws Titan. I have no idea what he can do but, I am still super excited that we FINALLY know what he looks like. Let’s all be real, he looks badass. Plus, his role is bound to be an important one.

I believe the second reason Isayama hopped over to the mainland was to make us see the struggle of the Eldian people across the sea just so we would ask ourselves this question: 

Who actually is the “true enemy”

Is it Marley because of how they treat the Eldian people? Is it the rest of the world for waging war against Marley? Is it the mainland Eldian people who fight for Marley? Is it the Eldians of Paradis Island who fight against them and are called demons? 

Truthfully, I don’t think there is a correct answer here even though I’m sure we can all agree that the Marlian government is now the biggest issue. Still though, the lack of balance in this situation makes it all the more difficult to decide which side is right and which one is wrong.

On one hand, we see Eren and his group questioning whether or not killing other people will actually free them. We’ve seen Eren struggle to kill Annie which in turn gave her an out. We see Eren keep an important truth to himself in order to protect Historia’s life. We see Armin struggle with accepting that he shot and killed someone. We see Jean struggle time and time again with killing throughtout the entire series. We see Jean, Sasha, and Connie cry when they think they’ve killed Reiner. But at the same time, we also see what happened to the people of Stohess. We see the lives Erwin sacrificed. The people Levi has tortured or killed. We see what happened with Bertoldt. Killing one to save another and so on. We have SEEN the struggle of those in the walls and how hard it has been to retain even a semblance of humanity in their hearts. 

Then we see these new kids in the middle of a body strung battlefield discussing who’s going to win the opportunity to eat one of their own people and become a warrior. We see them calm and collected on the front lines. We see kids who are more than willing to take human life and who see no qualms in death. These are kids who are outright cannon fodder and they are, for the most part, completely chill about it. These are kids who have obviously also struggled but, in an entirely different way. To them, humans are evil if they are different. They haven’t lived through the struggle of Titans roaming their lands. They have NO IDEA what their distant people have suffered, and they have been brainwashed to believe that people who share the same blood as them deserve that fate. 

They believe they are the better Eldians. That they are the good ones. 

The only remaining people left in this story who could tie such vastly different thinking poeple together and give them a common ground to stand on are Zeke, Reiner, and Annie. 

I don’t see it being Zeke tbh but, I truly believe that ONE of the original titan trio will need to survive in order to make this happen and to also tell their full story, and I (personally) think that person will end up being Annie. It is really hard for me to see Reiner making it back to Paradis Island for a number of reasons. The main one being that the Marlian government is already trying to basically Hunger Games his power off. Annie though, she is already on the island. Still in her crystal and most likely still alive. Hence why she is being guarded underground. Those in the walls still believe her to be a threat and if she is still alive, being in the crystal probably prolonged her life with the titan ability. 

She sympathized with those in the walls. She did not want to carry out the mission in full and that was made very clear quite a few chapters ago. If there is one person from the mainland who can shine light on the entire situation for both ends of the Eldian people as a whole; it will most likely be her. 

However, I am not ruling Reiner out juuuuuuuuust yet. He does have respect for some of those in the walls and if there is one person who can help him get back to the Island in order to escape the Marlian government. It’s Zeke. 

Not only does Zeke have his own reason to escape since they are also trying to tranfer his power to someone else; but he also has a reason to return to the island beyond saving his own life. 

Saving Eren’s (or so he believes). 

I doubt highly that Zeke would leave Reiner to be eaten considering he’d probably need Reiner’s help in escaping. Not to mention that Zeke has already saved Reiner once before. 

What would have been the point of this scene right here if Isayama just planned to have the both of them easily killed off?

Let me go ahead and throw this out there. I DO NOT SEE ZEKE DYING ANYTIME SOON. Not just because of the unfinished plot points shown above but, also because of this extremely important and unfinished plot point too:

There is no way Isayama will just leave this as unfinished business, which brings me back to the kiddos in the trench in chapter 91. 

It’s obvious that the Marley government cannot continue to opporate as it does. It’s also obvious that these kids have seen war and have faced cruelty. But, they don’t know what it’s like to face titans. They probably have no idea what it means to be a warrior because If they did, I doubt they’d be so eagery hashing it out in the middle of a battlefield to gain said abilites. Cutting your life down to 13 years all for the sake of commiting mass genocide for a government that hates you and your people regardless of which land you stand on.

I’m sure that at this point, Reiner, who has lived on both sides, has asked himself what exactly he fought for and has wondered which side was right. Especially when I look back and wonder if the Marlian government ever informed their warriors that they’d only have 13 years left to live after gaining their power. Was it worth it to Reiner? To fight and kill just to be fed off to someone else once he became too weak? 

Was Bertoldt’s death really so cruel when he would have had to face the exact same fate at the hand of the government he faught and killed for once he returned to the home he so desperately missed?   

This doesn’t look like the face of a man who would say “yes”…

Ignorant, hopeful kids that are fighting to become monster’s in order to gain freedom stand on one side of the sea, and newly grown adults that are struggling to remain hopeful and that are fighting to retain their humanity in order to gain freedom stand on the other side. 

So where do you find some middleground?

The only three that remain and can stand in the middle are Zeke, Reiner, and Annie (maybe Armin if he has Bertl’s memories). Humans that can turn into man-eating titans that have seen what it is like on both ends of the spectrum. Beings that are both human’s and monsters. Reiner and Annie have lived it while Zeke is still ignorant to life in the walls. However, I do no see Zeke dying as I stated before.

So, will one of the Marlian warriors help bring human’s of the same origin together to change the world they live in? Will they come together against the common enemy of the Marley government? Or will they be doomed and continue to repeat history and fight and kill each other due to ignorance and misplaced hate?  

I have no idea but, I am hopeful for the Eldian people as a whole. They all want to be free from the prisons that hold them. Whether it be the districts on the mainland, or the Walls on the island. They all just want to fly and the only way they’ll truly be able to achieve that is if they all unite. 

How do you destroy a monster without becoming one?

By keeping your heart and mind open, even in the wages of war. If you want to fly like a bird, you have to be willing to see beyond the cage that holds you and share the sky with others who only wish to spread their wings just like you. 

Rory’s commitment issues and Logan’s proposal

I’ve been wondering around when we fans over analyze the proposal back in the end of season 7. Some of us wish she had said yes, some of us know she had to say no. So I thought I’d give it a shot and write it long to give my opinion on why Rory is still (even in the revival) a commitmentphobe and really wasn’t ready then to marry him. 

Warning: this is going to be long! ;)

I think the proposal shouldn’t have happened because the Logan Huntzberger we know and love from all the previous seasons of the show wouldn’t have proposed without discussing marriage first the two of them, he wouldn’t have proposed in front of a bunch of strange ladies from the DAR on the graduation party thrown by the grandparents, he would have made a grand gesture yes but just for them. maybe using the help of the guys of the LDB but nothing as public as it was. I think it was rushed as a way to break them up and make the focus (forcibly IMO) lay only on the girls. I think that the Logan we know and love would have asked her to go with him yes, but he’d have probably proposed later down the road because he wanted to show her the world, he wanted her to have the world and share it all with her. No matter what, he loved her more than anyone, simple as that.

I’m going to try to break down the main arguments around the proposal and the refusal of it so if you wish, keep on, it’s about to get interesting!

He said he’d go wherever she went how dare he turn the tables on her when he said he’d join her! How dare he take the job in California!
Actually they agreed they would factor each other in but in reality, as Paris pointed out, Rory wasn’t willing or really ready to factor him in (”carry that thought out, would you go with him?”). Yes he said (very clearly) for this one you make your decision based on what you want. That was when she was debating between the projo or waiting for the Reston fellowship. He said clearly “if you go to New York maybe I’ll go live in New York if you go to Providence maybe I’ll go live in Providence”. She got neither, she was up in the air she had NO job and no nothing, no idea what to do next except apply for whatever job that would take her. She initially considered interviewing for San Francisco papers, when they were shopping for her suit with Lorelai, Rory said so, and this was before her interview with the ProJo, having the possibility of applying to the fellowship and having already scheduled the interview with the Providence Journal she was still looking so she wanted whatever paper would have her. Thing is, after she turned down the ProJo and the fellowship didn’t come through, she had nothing, she was up in the air and he got this fantastic offer. If things had been the other way around he WOULD have gone with her, but she didn’t have anything! And is not like he wanted her to come and twiddle her thumbs daily until he got home from work. He wanted her with him so they could find a life together so they could work and live together in the same place. Was it so outrageous that him having a good thing and her having nothing yet, he wanted her to go and try out luck for work there in the same city, with him? Why was it only ok if Logan was the one to do that and not Rory?

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@timepetalsprompts Doomsday free-for-all + @doctorroseprompts Doomsday month other Doctor’s getting involved

Notes: All recognizable dialogue (italicized) taken directly from ‘Doomsday’ as written by Russell T Davies.

But it’s like you said. We’ve all got Void stuff. Me too, because we went to that parallel world. We’re all contaminated. We’ll get pulled in.”  Rose said, her brow furrowed.

That’s why you’ve got to go.”  The Doctor looked at her.  The computer said something, but Rose wasn’t paying it any mind.  “Back to Pete’s world. Hey, we should call it that. Pete’s World. I’m opening the Void, but only on this side. You’ll be safe on that side.”

And then you close it, for good?” Pete.  She’d forgotten that he was there.  Rose briefly wondered when her not-father was going to leave.

The breach itself is soaked in Void stuff. In the end it’ll close itself. And that’s it. Kaput.”  The Doctor explained.

But you stay on this side?”  Always self-sacrificing, always trying to keep her safe.  She’d told him that she was never going to leave, hoping beyond hope that he’d eventually believe her.

But you’ll get pulled in.”  Mickey.  He’d ended up to be friends, of a sort, with the Doctor.  He’d grown so much over the last few years.  Rose knew that she’d miss him desperately, but she also knew that staying with the Doctor was the only thing she could do.

That’s why I got these.  I’ll just have to hold on tight. I’ve been doing it all my life.” For a genius, the Doctor certainly could be thick.

I’m supposed to go.”  Her voice was thick with disbelief.

Yeah.”  His voice was dead.

To another world, and then it gets sealed off.”  He wasn’t going to do this her, not again.


Forever. That’s not going to happen.”

We haven’t got time to argue. The plan works. We’re going. You too. All of us.”  It was Pete.

“No,” Rose said firmly.  “Mum, you go with Pete to the other universe.  Twenty years without Dad, you have a second chance.  To get it right.  Happily ever after.”

“I’m not leaving without you,” Jackie said, affronted.

“Mum, you’ve got to.  I’ve had a life with you for nineteen years, but then I met the Doctor, and all the things I’ve seen him do for me, for you, for all of us. For the whole stupid planet and every planet out there. He does it alone, mum. But not anymore, because now he’s got me.”  Rose turned sharply to face the Doctor.  “And don’t you dare.  Don’t you dare send me away, not again.  I’ve been remembering things, bits and pieces, from the Game Station. You didn’t sing a song to the Daleks and they just ran away.  You died, and it was all my fault, wasn’t it?”

“Rose,” the Doctor gaped.  “We don’t have time-”

“No, Doctor, we don’t.  Tell me the truth.  I was the Bad Wolf, wasn’t I?  All the times those words appeared, it was me, wasn’t it?”  Rose pressed.

“If I say yes, will you go with Pete and Jackie?”  The Doctor asked carefully, his voice flat.

“No,” Rose said fiercely.  “Tell me the truth.  I killed you, didn’t I?”  Her face fell, her hand flew to her mouth.  “I killed you,” she said faintly.

“No, Rose, but,” he was cut off.

“No, Doctor.  Because I remember, mostly.  Jack’s not rebuilding the Earth, is he?  He’s dead.” Rose’s voice broke.  “Jack’s dead, and I killed you.  That’s why you’re sending me away, isn’t it?  I’m too dangerous to be runnin’ about in space and time.”  She waited for him to deny it.  He didn’t. “That settles it.  Mum, you’ve got to go.  I love you, and we had twenty years together and then I met the Doctor. It’s like what I told you before, the last time he tried to send me away.”

Jackie opened her mouth, as if to protest, then closed it, nodding.  “Of course, sweetheart.”  She pulled her daughter in close.

“I love you, Mum,” Rose choked.

“I love you,” Jackie held her daughter a moment longer, then stepped back to Pete. Before anyone could stop her, she’d looped two hoppers round their necks and they disappeared back to Pete’s World.

Systems rebooted. Open access.

Those coordinates over there, set them all at six. And hurry up.”  The Doctor snipped.  She wasn’t supposed to be here.  Time was in flux, he could see new timelines opening up.

Levers operational.

That’s more like it. Bit of a smile. The old team.”  Rose grinned.

Hope and Glory, Mutt and Jeff, Shiver and Shake.”

Which one’s Shiver?”

Oh, I’m Shake.”  The Doctor produced a pair of Magnaclamps.  “Press the red button.”  He was about to say more when a gust of wind whistled through the corridor, accompanied by a faint wheezing.  There, about two feet behind them, the TARDIS was materializing.

“I thought the TARDIS was parked in that loading area,” Rose said curiously.

“She is.” The Doctor frowned.  “Time’s in flux,” he commented, sounding surprised.

A older man stepped out of the new TARDIS.  “Rose,” his voice was distinctly Scottish, “in the TARDIS.  Pretty Boy, shut up -” (“I didn’t say a word,” the Doctor protested.) “and allow me to fix my timeline.

“You’re me?”  The Doctor said incredulously.  “I regenerate into…that.”

“I’d forgotten how vain I was,” the man commented.  “Rose, please go in the TARDIS.  It’s the safest place you could possibly be.”  His face was lined, but his eyes were ancient.  Looking into them, Rose felt the same sensation as when she’d looked into the Doctor’s eyes just after he’d regenerated.

“Hello,” she said, uncertainly.  “Won’t the Reapers come?”

“Time’s in flux.  What was about to happen, what I’ve averted from happening, was not a fixed point.  Which is how he failed to see it coming. Of course, I’m still changing my personal history, but,” he took Rose’s arms in his hands, “you are worth it. Always.”

“Doctor,” Rose looked into his eyes.  “How long?”

“Too long,” was his only verbal response.  “But,” he clapped his hands together, “that’s what we’re changing isn’t it? Exciting, I know, but Rose, you need to stay in the TARDIS.  You’ll be safe there, even if the Reapers come.  And your safety is paramount.  If anything happens to Sandshoes there, he’ll regenerate.  Not entirely certain what would happen to me after that, but that’s not important.  If anything happens to me without something happening to him, I’ll regenerate.  But you,” he kissed her forehead, “you, Rose, can not regenerate and therefore must stay in the TARDIS.”  The new Doctor made eye contact with his younger self.  “When Rose looked into the Vortex, she became the Bad Wolf.”

“I know that just as well as you do.”  The Doctor said crossly.

“Jack’s immortal.”

“I know that too,” the Doctor hissed.  “Why else did we leave him there?  A fixed point in time held inside the TARDIS?”

“You know, but you don’t understand,” the Doctor said, his voice sharpened by his Scottish accent.

“Understand what?  You’ve clearly had ample time to think this over, Doctor.”

“Bad Wolf left herself a key, hidden in her mind, to let her out of the box we locked her in.  It was burning Rose’s mind, so we took it out of her.  But in her wake, she left the potential to change Rose’s brain chemistry, to create a fixed point in time that was constantly in flux.”  The older Doctor finished dramatically.  The Doctor blinked.  “Right now, if you look at Rose, her timeline is in flux.  Bad Wolf saw this during the events at the Game Station and manifested herself a nice little niche in the back of Rose’s mind so that she could come back.”

“We don’t have time for this, Doctor,” the Doctor snapped.  “Any minute, the Cybermen will be here and we’ve got to be ready to dump them into the Void.  It’s our only chance.”

“Quite right,” the Doctor replied.  “It’s our only chance.  Not Rose’s.  And if Rose waits for us in the TARDIS while we deal with the Cybermen, then we can help her.”  He looked past his younger self to Rose.  “But if you lose her to Pete’s World today, then I can’t help her.”

Rose looked from the older Doctor to her Doctor.  “He’s you.  I trust you absolutely.  I’ll wait in the TARDIS, but you had better come back and explain what’s going on.  Both of you.”  She turned to walk back but stopped when the older Doctor called her name.

“In my timeline, I never had the oppor-, I never took the opportunity.”

“Opportunity?  What opportunity?”

“Any of them.  There were so many times that I wanted to do this,” he broke off, placing his hands on her cheeks.  Rose looked into his eyes, knowing what he wanted to do.

“Doctor,” she whispered, closing her own eyes trustingly.

“I’ve missed you,” he said, kissing her forehead.  “Rose Tyler.  Now, TARDIS, go.”  He smiled reassuringly, before turning back to the younger Doctor.  The Doctor waited until Rose had shut the door to his TARDIS to speak.  “Before you say a word, know that I am taking full responsibility for changing my own timeline.  You know that Time is in flux, a fixed point is being altered.  Yes, it was a fixed point in time, but not any more.”

“How did you change it?”  The Doctor asked.

“Spoilers,” the Doctor replied, after a moment of silence.  “The Cybermen will be – ” he was cut off by a Dalek.

“Magna-clamp and lever NOW!”  The Doctor shouted urgently, his Scottish accent thick.  The younger Doctor followed suit immediately.  “Open the breach and the Void will suck up the Daleks and Cybermen.”  The older Doctor threw something to his younger self.  “Tie yourself to the clamp.  If you get sucked into the Void, it’ll cause a paradox.”

“No thanks to you.”  The Doctor gritted his teeth, tying himself up nonetheless.

“I’m changing my personal timeline, doing what you ought to have done in the first place.”

“If this works, you might fade from existence,” the younger Doctor spat.  “Why would you,” he stopped, realization dawning on his face.

“This was the day I lost her.  Because of my own arrogance and thick-headedness, I didn’t think clearly enough to save Rose.  And even though she had a happy ending, a new beginning even, I am far too old and selfish not to save her if I can.”  The Doctor said quietly.  “And as for what happened after I lost her, well, I’ve no doubt that TARDIS will still take you where you need to go.  Where I needed to go,” he said, clearly briefly reminiscing of a memory.  The Doctor knotted a rope to his own magna-clamp, knowing that his lever would slip.  He’d just gotten a new regeneration cycle after all, and he didn’t fancy spending it entirely in the company of Jackie Tyler without his TARDIS.

“How long?” The younger Doctor asked softly.  “Tell me how long it’s been since today for you.”

“I don’t know.  Twenty-four years on Darillium, two thousand years in the confession dial, nine hundred years on Trenzalore… it’s added up.”

“So why now?”

“Because it was only when I saw my wife for the last time that I realized how much I’d truly loved Rose.”  The Doctor admitted.  “I say wife, only because she said husband and it became a habit. River loved to banter, and who was I to deny her?  Not when I was all she had left, because I lost her parents.”  The Doctor looked up and saw the approaching Cyber-army.  “Levers, now.”

The void opened.  Daleks and Cybermen were flying past the two Doctors.  Dalek Sec once more manages to save himself, but the Genesis Ark speeds into the void.  The Doctor knows that the lever is about to slip and tests his knots.  They hold.  He closes his eyes, then lets go of the clamp.  The lever falls.  It takes all his energy to move it upright once more, but he manages.  His rope is taut, and his arms are longer than Rose’s, and he easily reaches the lever, collapsing over it in a heap.  Just as it did for Rose in his original timeline, as soon as it locks in upright, the suction of the Void becomes much stronger. He holds on as the Void seals, collapsing in a heap on the ground.  It’s over. And Rose is safe.

More Dad Might Dad Puns

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Of course Bakugo and Izuku got into a fight. And of course they do it at an aquarium of all places. At least it wasn’t a physical fight.

“Hey!” Toshinori got in between the two of them. “Stop fighting, buoys. We’re trying not to krill anyone here.”

Bakugo and Izuku stared at him blankly.

Seariously, you never know when anemone is going to appear, so you dophinitely have to be ready at all times. There’s no time to be floundering around during those oppor-tuna-ties. You can’t always leave it to salmon else. You reely want to avoid turtle disaster. Hey! Are you two herring me?”

Izuku was groaning about this happening yet again, and Bakugo looked ready to punch Toshinori.

“I know you both want to be fintastic, but you’ve got to scale the fighting back. Why don’t the both of you mullet over, and let minnow when you go apologize to one another when you’re f-eeling gillty.”

“What the hell??” Bakugo finally spouted out.

“If you’re ref-herring to me interrupting your fight, I simply codnot stand by and allow you two to fight just for the halibut. Water you even thinking? It’s shellfish to fight like that. Bass-ically, you’re causing the rest of g-reef.”

Izuku was at least a little bit guilty looking, but Bakugo simply could not stand it anymore.

“Why the flying fuck are you using puns while scolding us?”

“I asshore you that I’m not trying to be fishy here on porpoise.”

“The what the fuck are you doing?”

Whale, I am trying to clam you down, but you don’t ap-peir to be kraken up. Maybe I have to do betta.”

“Okay, that’s it!” Bakugo started to lunge for Toshinori, but Izuku held him back.

Maybe he reely should scale back on the puns.

“Hey! I just want the two of you to sort this trout.” Or maybe not.

Aaaaaaand, Introducing my new parasite character, Disco! He was figured out with the help of @feth !
Disco is just a normal parasite, with no emotions or care for anyone else. He opporates souly on instinct, like Fresh, and cares only about his own survival. He’s manipulative, and kinda a sociopath. Since he’s not a runt, he doesn’t get his hosts powers, but does have his own powers. That being, the manipulation of light, or light magic.
He can turn lights on, brighten or dim lights, even use his harmless magic to manifest a little ball or mist of light in his hands. He can change the colors too, (like a disco ball). :D
Disco LOVES the 80s. He LOVES the music, the fashion, everything! He’s also a GREAT dancer, and will boogie to any fine tune. He loves fashion, he’s always up to date with the hippest threads man.
Disco is a party animal, not like the super wild kind, but like the chill, cool kid kind. He goes to clubs nearly every night just to party and dance. (I should mention Disco enjoys a life of luxury).
Other than partying and all that, Disco is a huge jerk. Yep. He’s 100% A-hole. He’ll kill off a parasite as soon as he finds one, and he’ll even get rid of people who he thinks are just plain useless. (yep. 100% A-hole).
Disco is SASSY, very sassy, and very rude. Where ever he goes he has a cocky energy around him, as if he owns the place. HE IS SUCH A QUEEN, A SASSY SALTY QUEEN.

His theme song would totes be Another One Bites The Dust by Queen (yes that song. I love it) Once again thanks @feth for the help with this character! Fresh and fresh parasites belong to @loverofpiggies Disco and Cherry Bomb belong to me💜

“You know what!?  Screw this!”

“Half of these challenges were rigged in your favor!  There’s no way you’d actually be keeping up with me in a real competition.”

“You’re nothing but a stupid Pearl, too crazy or broken to know what she’s good for.”

“…You know, Peridot, I’d have been willing to let the tie stand.  I’m open to meeting my match, but you know what I really wanted?  A chance to kick your face in.”

“So thanks for oppor…”


“Ah, finally!  I thought this was what we were going to be doing from the beginning!”


“I’m so tired of this!  Of you!”

“Claiming to be my equal!  My superior!  As if a mere toy could out-engineer me!”

“Face it, Crystal Clod: you weren’t built for this, but I was, and that makes me better than you.”

“Idiot!  Coward!  Of course you were built for this!  But were you built for espionage?  Combat operations?  Survival in hostile territory, against overwhelming odds?”

“I’ve seen you do things no other Peridot has dreamed of!  You’re not a fighter!  You’re a systems administrator!  And yet, here you are, long after the damned quartz got her ass dragged to the bottom of the ocean!”

You weren’t built for this either.  And maybe you can’t see what makes me special just yet, but if you can’t see what makes you special, then you can just–”



In the light of recent allegations against Michael, who cannot defend himself anymore, stories like this deserve to be known. Sometimes I wish people would stop for a moment and think how he must have felt being accused. This story is very personal, and I’m grateful to the fans who have made the decision to share it:

He loved more

by Brigitte Bloemen, Marina Dobler, Stephanie Grosse &Sonja Winterholler, Germany

In the beginning we were deeply shocked about everything that unfolded in front of our eyes and could not believe that Michael would indeed have to endure such accusations, slander and pain for a second time in his life!

Although those accusations were ridiculous and obviously fab­ricated, accusing him of such a terrible crime like hurting a child and making the whole world believe it, thanks to incompetent journalists, was the most terrible thing they could have done to him. We knew it literary ripped Michael’s heart apart, especially when he had to realize that so many of his so-called “friends” had abandoned him in this time of need and even many fans were not so sure what to believe and preferred to keep low-key until things would clear up.

However we knew that we needed to do something - anything to show him that there are still people out there who do not believe what was said. So as soon as the date for the first ar­raignment in January 2004 was set, nothing could hold us back from traveling to California to support Michael.

Once in Santa Maria we were shocked to see like an army of police, helicopters flying above the court building supporting the crazy media circus with about a hundred journalists from all over the world and several hundred onlookers that besieged the place. It was a chaotic scenery, to say the least. We were very relieved as we saw familiar faces of fellow fans standing behind crowd barriers with messages of love and faith to mor­ally support Michael on this terrible day.

When Michael arrived and walked into the building, we thought he looked strong, determined and confident and he even ampli­fied our impressions on his way out by greeting fans along the barrier and finally even jumping on top of his SUV for everyone to see him. To be honest, we were elated to see him like that and it indeed eased our worries for him a little bit. Our hearts, however, knew better, they couldn’t be fooled by our eyes’ im­pressions.

After the court proceedings, the crowd headed for Neverland, because word had spread that Michael would open his ranch for the public that day. Thousands of people took the oppor­tunity to finally satisfy their nosiness and enjoyed a day in his amusement park, his zoo, his arcade, they ate and drank as they wished and just took advantage of the opportunity to snoop around Michael’s home. Obviously most of them simply had a great time.

However we fans felt very different. Michael once said: “Nev­erland is me! It represents the totality of who I am”, so to us it appeared as if Michael felt that he needed to strip himself naked, to turn his inside out for the public to see and finally understand him. The feeling we had at the ranch that day was a very sad one and to us Neverland had not much to do with the magical place we had experienced before. The fact that the press was besieging the place did not help much either - helicopters were flying over Neverland all the time and outside waited dozens of cameras as well.

A few days later most fans were on their way home. For some reason that had to do with the price, we had booked our flight home a couple of days later than the others and so we suddenly were the only ones left. Although we made little trips to nearby sights, we came back to Neverland’s gate every day, to at least be closer to Michael for the short remaining time of our stay.

From the outside Neverland was back to normal, however in­side the place had been defiled and its spirit destroyed. Like all other fans who cared, we so badly wanted to help Michael - to make it easier, to make him feel better - but we had no idea how to achieve that. We wrote letters of support, made some cheer-up presents and tried to forward those items to him through his security guards.

One afternoon we were sitting in the grass nearby the gate when one of Michael’s brothers drove out of Neverland. Since we were eating at that moment, we did not pay too much at­tention to him, but when he stopped his car and waved to us, we eventually stood up and walked over to him. We said “Hi” to each other and asked him how Michael was doing. He answered that he was “OK” - according to the circumstances, but we did not miss the sad undertone in his voice.

So we asked if he could hand Michael some cheer-up presents from us, but he simply answered that we could do that ourselves. Of course we were confused now, as he quickly continued that Michael would drive out of Neverland the next day, early in the morning, and if we would be there, he would certainly stop for us. We were speechless to say the least and thanked him for his kindness to let us know about it.

Of course we were very excited now and wracked our brains what we could say or do for him to cheer him up. Needless to say we had an almost sleepless night ahead of us. The alarm clock woke us up in the middle of the night and not much later we were on our way to Neverland. When we arrived there and parked nearby the gate, at our usual parking place, we realized that the security guards were in highest alert at first - because of us arriving there in the middle of the night. They later told us that it was very dangerous out there at that time, especially at night because crazy people, often with racist background or drunk, drove by the gate of Neverland at night and threw or shouted nasty things in their direction. They were scared that one day someone might even shoot at them or try to break through the gate with their cars in order to harm Michael. So it is very understandable that they were very relieved once they recognized us as simply fans.

It was dark and really cold that night and we even had to re­move a layer of ice from the front shield of our car. We had brought many tea candles with which we formed a heart on the side of the driveway, then we prepared our presents, our letter and repeated what we wanted to say to Michael so we wouldn’t forget in our nervousness.

Time went by and nothing happened except from us getting frozen. We already thought that Michael’s brother had made fun of us, as suddenly headlights of a big vehicle, coming out of Neverland, could be seen coming towards the gate. At first we were unsure what kind of vehicle it was, but soon we recog­nized a big bus slowly rolling closer. Only very slowly it dawned on us that this bus might have something to do with Michael. Absolutely transfixed we stood next to our candle heart and saw the bus stopping for a moment before the gate opened.

The two guards walked next to it as the bus rolled through the gate towards us. The next thing we saw was the bus door opened and Michael’s assistant walked over to us and asked us if there was anyone from the press here. After we denied, she told us to come with her. Because of our shock and nervous­ness we hesitated for a moment. Then we saw her going in the bus and as she came back out again, she told us that each one of us could go in - separately.

“Separately!?”, we all spoke out loud. We could not believe all this was real. It was, of course, not at all that we did not want to meet Michael, on the contrary, but we had expected a totally different situation, with him driving by and opening a window something like that. But to walk into a bus, one by one and to have a private moment with him there, was overwhelming for us and each one of us felt unprepared for that.

Our friend Stephanie, who had not heard what Michael’s as­sistant had just told us, came closer to us to hear what was up, and so without a second thought, we told her that she was the first one to go inside to meet Michael. She had no time to disagree…

Stephanie: So I was the first to enter the bus. I climbed up the stairs and with the last two of them I tumbled to Michael’s feet - feeling embarrassed to my bones. While getting up I did not recognize Mi­chael had come closer. When I lifted my eyes, he stood right in my face - nearly tumbling backwards I looked straight into his “eyes" - being in a state of shock all I could say was: “Hi.” He replied with a “Hi” as well and kissed me on each cheek. I was trying to remember all these smart sentences we had come up with earlier and even brought to paper, but they didn’t come back to my mind. Having this silence around us, Michael frowned his forehead trying to figure out what I might be thinking. Feeling caught, I remembered that a few days ago security guards of Neverland had come out to pick up all the presents that fans had wanted to give to Michael to support him, me and my siblings, who are hard of hearing, had made a big ban­ner with a sentence in sign language that said “We believe in you”. This banner had been among all the presents given to Michael a few days ago. While standing face to face with Michael now, I asked if he had got those presents. He confirmed it and so I asked him if a banner had also caught his attention. He thought about that for a moment and slightly something came to his mind: “Yeees”. I jogged his memory by interposing that the banner contained a sentence written in sign language. This made his memory clearer and he re­called: ”Oohh yeees!” I asked him if he understood the meaning of the signs. He simply said: “No”. Of course I offered him the explanation: “We believe in you!”

He directly fell into my arms and hugged me strongly. I took the op­portunity to thank him for being the person he was and being more­over an inspirational influence to so many people, especially to my hard of hearing-siblings. Listening to music is very unusual for them and nothing we can imagine. Everything sounds exotic to them and cannot be compared to noises we can differentiate. We are blessed to be able to enjoy Michael’s music and all noises around us effortless. Being touched by his art and feeling deep love and admiration for him, they trained very hard by listening to his music over and over, focusing on little details and trying to recognize recurrent elements such as single words. Reaching this level of training, it automatically had an influence on their daily life, for example school-life became much easier for them - still today it helps them to orient themselves better in the world of hearing persons. To hear this, Michael felt over­whelmed and we shared another emotional moment by embracing tightly and for a long time. This was the moment when I felt this is no longer a one-sided support from us fans to Michael — he also needed us around him to take heart from stories such as mine. He support­ed my feeling continuing with the words: “Tell all the fans that I love them very much and appreciate their support all over the world. You are all very special to me and I need you. "Regarding the aggravating circumstances of the time, he added that those responsible for him being in this horrible situation “want to destroy me” and that “it is all a big lie and not true!” He intensively appealed to me to come back and support him. I guess there are no more words required to grasp the deep relationship between Michael and us fans excluding barriers and including an equal status as family to him - having this experience on my back, I left the bus a different person.

As Stephanie climbed down the stairs of the bus again, Sonja was to be the next one of us to meet Michael. Hesitantly she walked up the few stairs…

Sonja: And there I suddenly stood — right in front of Michael stupidly saying “Hi Michael”. I tried so hard to remember the questions we had prepared and I had written down to ask him if possible, but now in this very moment, everything was gone. The only question that came to my mind and that would also make sense in this situation was “How are you?”— and so I asked him that Michael just stood there and didn’t answer. He didn’t even look at me, but held my left hand with both of his hands very tightly. He then leaned over and kissed me on each cheek, but still he did not say a word. I was a bit confused and didn’t know what to do. So the next thing I asked him was "Are you fine?” He finally looked directly at me and bursted out, “No!” And he continued while squeezing my hand: “I just pretend to be fine, but I’m not - I’m not.” In the same second, he hugged me very tightly and I realized that he was crying. Oh my God, now I be­gan to understand why he hadn’t said anything before. He had tried not to lose his poise and not to cry, but my questions didn’t help…

We stood there for quite a while just hugging each other. Michael sobbed a few times and I felt that he was shaking, although it was quite warm inside the bus. It took me at least half a minute to really understand that in this moment Michael was hugging me, crying and just showing and telling me his true feelings. Until this moment I had thought he really would be that strong and positive about the upcoming trial, like he had shown the public at the first arraignment a few days before. How naive I was! Of course, he was scared and of course he was hurt as much as one can be, facing these terrible allegations, when all he ever wanted to do was to help this kid, as he had helped so many sick children before and after that. Given these thoughts and feeling him shiver, I also had to fight with the tears. But then Michael kept on telling me that the fans’ presence at the court helped him so much and that we should tell all the fans to come back to the trial and support him. “It means so much to me!” - and he continued: “Go on the internet and tell all the fans that I love them sooo much!” He said that directly into my ear for we were still hugging each other. Although he was still sobbing between the words, his voice sounded so soft and wonderful. I said to him that we will tell his words to the fans and that many of us would love to be there for him all the time, but live in Europe or somewhere else - I also mentioned that we are from Germany - and that it is hard to make it to all court dates. I only wanted to explain, why we or other fans could not be there every day, although we would so much love to and I think he understood what I meant. He just said “I know” and squeezed me very tightly. In this moment I felt that this was the most emotional hug I’ve ever received or given to someone. Now it really didn’t matter who he was or who I was — it was just two people embracing each other. It was amazing. Overwhelmed by emotions I couldn’t contain myself and said, “I love you so much”. After holding this BIG hug for a few more seconds, both of us at the same time finally let go.

I was so confused that I almost went out of the bus without saying or doing anything else, when I remembered that I had a little Bavarian flag on which we had written "Munich loves you” for Michael. So I once again turned towards Michael and said “Oh, and this is for you”.

He took the flag with his big hand so that it almost disappeared in it and answered “thank you’’. Then I finally turned around and tried to walk down the stairs with very shaky knees.

As white as a wall, Sonja came out of the bus and Marina was the next one to climb up those stairs.

Marina: The sight of Sonja had made me feel insecure, not about meeting Michael, but about the emotional toll it might take. I stopped when I saw Michael waiting at the top of the stairs, looking towards me.

Sheepishly I said “Good morning, Michael” to him. At first he just looked at me not moving at all. It seemed he wanted to say some­thing but after a few moments, he suddenly took my hands and pulled me up the two remaining stairs, kissed me on each cheek and embraced me tightly. In that moment all the pent-up tension, all the fear and sorrow for him, all the concern, all the sympathy but mostly all the love for him finally unloaded and tears streamed down my face. “I love you so much, Michael!” were the only words that came out of my mouth. Now Michael could not stay composed either, even though he had tried so hard, and so he broke into tears as well, while saying “I love you so much more”. He embraced me even tighter than before, trying to console me by caressing my head and back.

We both couldn’t stop crying and it seemed to escalate more and more. I felt and experienced in those moments, how totally upset, deeply hurt and broken Michael was by all the terrible things that went on in his life. He was not at all confident, as he had tried to show the world a few days earlier at the court building in Santa Maria. At some point Michael began to tremble from top till toe. It was so obvious that he desperately needed people in his life that he could lean on and trust and who believed in his innocence. For quite a while we simply held each other sobbingly, when he suddenly with a broken voice said ,“…you know they hurt me so much with this, they try to destroy me…” His whole body shivered badly as he said those words and I helplessly tried to console him as best as I could by ca­ressing his back, yet found no words of consolation, because I knew the situation he was in was just terrible and to claim anything else would have been a blatant lie. “I know…, I know…” was all I could stammer and again we both had to cry so much, that we could hard­ly breathe. It felt like Michael was drowning and desperately tried to grasp at straws when he embraced me even tighter, it almost hurt. Yet in this moment of deepest desperation, he now tried to speak again, almost voiceless from all the crying, he croaky whispered in a desperate and beseeching way, “…but we must heal the world and help the children”. The way he uttered those words worried me more than anything, because they held a feeling of “Goodbye” in them, as if he tried to indicate that he would not be here with us for very much longer and needed us (fans) to fulfill his mission.

Instinctively I answered: “Oh, we will - but we will do it together with you, Michael!”, trying to tell him that we all need him so much. By these words he literally broke down again and sobbed so badly that I needed to hold him up, in a way, and keep the balance for us both. Again we cried so much and it took quite a while until Michael sud­denly found the strength to pull himself together. I tried to follow his example and both still shaking and our faces wet from each other’s tears, we finally said Goodbye to one another, before I shakily went down the stairs again, feeling completely worn out, heartbroken and empty.

Brigitte: While Marina had been up there with Michael, I only dared to glance up once briefly to make sure I heard correctly, and indeed Marina and Michael were in each other’s arms and it sounded as if they were both sobbing. It was dark and quiet piano music was playing in the bus. I was still shaking and freezing because of the cold, but also because of being so nervous and not knowing what to expect now. So, I continued trying to distract myself and kept talking to Michael’s assistant, who was standing next to the bus driver’s place. I told the assistant some stories about why we were still here, that we came for the arraignment, but booked our return flight later since it was almost half as expensive.

While still talking, I heard Marina moving in my direction, trying to get past and down the stairs out of the bus. Without saying a word and looking not like herself, Marina pushed past me and almost tripped and fell down the stairs. The state Marina was in and the sound of sobbing I had heard before scared me a little bit, to be hon­est. So I tried my best to play for time, but after I held Marina a bit and helped her out of the bus, it was my turn.

Shyly and slowly I climbed up the stairs towards Michael, still avoid­ing to look up at him. I did not want to look him straight in the eyes, not to embarrass him and myself, so I just held out my hand towards Michael to say "Hi”. But before I could say a word, he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him and immediately hugged me tightly.

I was kind of hanging there, about two stairs lower than where Mi­chael was standing while he was pulling me closer and closer. There was a small barrier in the bus to define a place behind the driver and prevent people from falling down which also had a handle for people going up the last stairs to hold on. And since I could not climb up all the stairs for Michael had grabbed me before, I happened to have this barrier directly in my stomach which was not very comfort­able, especially since Michael was pulling me against it real hard and was not letting go.

Anyway, so early in the morning, being tired, frozen, nervous and confused, your senses are working quite selectively sometimes — so I managed to forget having this barrier pushed into my stomach after mere seconds. It was only after a while that I realized how warm Mi­chael felt and that he tried to warm me up by rubbing my back with his hand. He must have felt me shaking like crazy. The sound that the rubbing on the jacket made finally “woke me up” and I could feel Michael was also shaking a bit and he was weeping on my shoulder. We both stayed like this for at least one or two minutes without say­ing anything. Then, I heard his voice whispering in my ear: “Go on the internet… ”. As I said before, I was not completely myself then and there, and I just heard something about the internet, and was won­dering, what he is talking about. However, after finally concentrating and probably telling my ear to listen, I could hear him go on: “Go on the internet and tell them all, tell all the fans I love them so much and they should come next time to the court! It’s SO important to me!” Having said that, Michael pulled me even harder towards him­self. I could barely breathe, but I responded: “l promise they will come - it meant a lot to us as well” (meaning it made us feel better, too, to be finally able to help and support him and to give back to him after he gave so much to the world for years). After that Michael started to cry again. I felt kind of helpless and confused, I was shaking and sobbing, but could not really cry. It felt more like being in shock, I in­stinctively started rubbing his back as he did before. He hugged and embraced me tighter for a few moments, I could feel him breathing and sobbing - then he finally let go. He stepped back a bit, held his hands pressed together in front of his face and quietly whispered “I love you”. I said “I love you more”, turned around in total shock and almost fell down the stairs I was still standing on. Just before going down the stairs further, however, I saw I still had the three postcards from Munich which we had written to Michael last night in one hand. They were a bit bended since they had been stuck somewhere between the barrier, Michael and me, but I turned around once more, said “oh and this is for you” and gave them to him. He said a quiet “oh, thank you” while still wiping away some tears.

I stumbled out of the bus finding the rest of us staring at each other in disbelief, shaking, holding each other… we were simply lost for words.

The bus kept standing there for another few minutes, the door still open. We all were so exhausted and worn out that we don’t remember exactly all that happened then, but what we do remember, is Michael’s assistant talking to the security guards about what to “do” with us now and Michael telling them to let us into Neverland, to have something to eat and drink - obvi­ously to make us feel a bit better and calm down our distraught state.

We all went closer to the bus door again as we heard Michael’s voice and once he saw all of us again, he immediately walked down to touch each one of us and said “Thank you!” We told him in response to stay strong and keep the faith and that we would be there for him and love him so much. While not let­ting go of our hands, he said in a very loud and deep voice: “I love you more!” Then the bus door closed and the bus drove off, with him still standing at the window waving to us and us waving to him.

That cold January morning changed all of us. It was the most heart-breaking, most hurting experience of our life to feel that someone you love so much is hurting so bad, yet to understand that you are unable to truly help, besides supporting him with all your heart and by simply being there for him. But what im­pressed us the most and made us truly understand who Michael really is, was that even in those darkest and most hopeless mo­ments of his life, Michael’s heart went out to others, to the ones in need, especially to sick and poor children and to our hurting planet! We understood that this is what Michael really was all about! He was about helping and loving and caring for one an­other! And no matter how many times people tried to ridicule, belittle and hurt him and even, like in the last years, tried to destroy him, Michael never lost his ability to love and care and his deep desire to help others! He simply loved more!

- from the book ”A Life for L.O.V.E.: Michael Jackson stories you should have heard before

Down into the pub onto the Knockturn Alley, some were having a good time, dancing, kissing, drinking and some were grumpy, waiting for the party to end or for something to happen so they’d have an excuse to leave. Some of them knew something was keen on happening tonight, but none of them actually knew what would happen. Only the brains of this opporation.

The music was blasting through the bar when suddenly, the door OPENED … no one in sight, but everything became still like all the happiness has been stole, like all they could feel is sadness, they were…not ever going to be happy again. Everybody was confused, wondering what’s happening when TWO DEMENTORS entered- they slowly made their way around the bar, passing some scared withces and wizards ; some ran past the Dementors through the door quickly and some others apparated somewhere safe, some hid behind the table, the counter and basically anywhere they could go.

But the Dementors had two targets; two big fans of the Dark Lord that were suspected for the death of the last two families that have been found dead. Two writers, brother and sister. Wendy and Wilbert Slinkhard - present at tonights’ spooky pub night. She had just realesed a book and was about to do a signing next week. Her brother had another on in works, they were a tight knot. Unlike others, they did not hide- thinking it’s not likely they could be hurt, so they sat side by side besides the bar waiting with a smile onto their face. Until they saw the two Dementors coming towards them and their smile fell, sharing their last breath together. It didn’t take long for their souls to be taken and for the bodies to fall lifeless onto the ground. 

In a matter of seconds, the Dementors were gone, leaving the two lifeless onto the ground and a group of wizards wondering what has happened? Some of them were still cold from the horrible thoughts they had in their mind, some of them were going to be ghosted by those thoughts longer than they thought, and some were just shocked by what has happened: how did the Ministry plan this? Two Dark Lord lovers being killed in front of some many others? This is getting rough. 

Everyone present will be interragated by the Minister himself in a term of a week, what joy!

 ~ story written by Rita Skeeter on Daily’s Prophet latest front page.

THAT MARKS THE END OF OUR HALLOWEEN EVENT, HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT! feel free to continue your event threads, but also start new ones after the end of the event!

NOTE: we know Wilbert had lived in canon, but we changed that a little bit for the plot’s sake! we also chose face claims for them that wouldn’t take you in disavantage. <3


You DO Want This Guy in Your Head

submitted by ficanon

mad king/xray (raywood), slight vav/ash | xray and vav verse

“Finally! I didn’t think you had it in you.“ The Mad King smirked, brushing off his kilt as he stared up at the green superhero, who had a finger on his glasses.

"You won’t get in my head again!” he growled, hunching his shoulders and leaning forward, a red glaze appearing over his spectacles.

Then it happened. Ray didn’t know how, but it just did. His enemy, with his back against the wall on the ground, just raised an eyebrow, and it sent shivers through his entire body. Ever since the ORF incident… he thought he’d suppressed it well enough by now. The burning red light subsided, and he stared down at the Mad King, face burning in embarrassment at how his body was reacting to this.

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REQUEST: Heeey can i request a Bucky story where the reader was with Bucky and Steve all along in CW and she cares for Bucky when they get back to the jet after The fight against Tony?


Could you please do a bucky X reader where they are a couple and it’s set during civil war at the airport and spiderman, sam and Bucky juggle her around and the reader has a terrible fear of hights. Thanks!

Things had never gotten this bad between the team.

The Avengers were literally split in two. Choosing sides was something you never thought you would have to do. They were all your friends. Now you were facing off against them.

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Lexi almost immediately latched onto Cyn when we walked in, while I told her I would catch up with her later on and went on a hunt for Rocky.

I ducked and dodged a lot of muthafuckas that was trying to get my attention. I didn’t know what the fuck they wanted with me, I didn’t come here to converse with any of them so their best bet was to stay the fuck out of my way for the night if they didn’t want to get their feelings hurt.

“Look at this nigga” Rocky said jokingly the moment I found him “Looking like he about to rob somebody, he said I’ma dress like my girl today in all black. Ole I’m going to a funeral ass nigga” he joked

Traci who was sitting on his lap, chuckled “Shut the fuck up Rocky, hi Alex” she shook her head “Why are you dressed like that? I hate Christmas just as much as you do but at least I don’t look it” said

“I really wasn’t trying to leave my house, this was what I had on when Cyn told me to come pick her up and I wasn’t changing” I muttered as I leaned against the fence

They were tucked away in some spot in the backyard.

“Has Leah found you yet?” She asked

“Would I be here if Leah found me?” I asked

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Iron Tumble Weed

I get frustrated when I feel like a “Charity Case” because I am treated to things and I can’t pay for it. I get annoyed when I feel like a “Mooch”, I just want a chance where I can do things on my own so I can stop relying completely on everyone else. I get angry when I get excluded and IGNORED. I will get an opportunity within weeks at the rate it is going as of now. This weekend I get to work on our business a lot more and hopefully get our products in line. I am not patient of a person but I have been pretty good lately. Work Ethic will determine how far I go and how much respect I will receive. I have gotten what I wanted today and Each Day is a Day closer.

Regarding Abigail - Part 22 (AU Tom and Abby)

TITLE: Regarding Abigail
AUTHOR: theothercourse
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: In an alternate universe (of In Formal Wear), a terrible car accident robs Abigail of her recent memory. She doesn’t remember Tom or their relationship. Injured and alone, Abby can only put her trust in a man who claims to be her boyfriend. Tom has a second chance to make Abby fall in love with him - again. (Based on a request from missviolethunter from THIS LIST)
RATING: Mature
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Based on the characters from Upstaged, In His Kiss, In Her Arms, Who Loves You, Baby?, The Road to Something Better, Regarding Abigail, Tom/Abby One Shots, All Tom/Abigail in chronological order  - more notes at the end of this chapter

Book Cover | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7|Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21

Regarding Abigail

“Did you forget I was coming by today?” Luke asked, entering my dressing when I opened the door.

Through clenched teeth, I muttered, “It slipped my mind, yeah.” I rearranged my shirt to cover the telltale signs that I was very much engaged in another activity that had little to do with my career and very much to do with my very (currently) active sex life. Guiltily I shifted my gaze towards the partition to make absolutely sure the woman of my desire was concealed behind. I did it for her, hid her away to protect her dignity.

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