i like to

  • ate ate ate apples and bananas
  • eet eet eet epples and benenes
  • ite ite ite ipples and bininis
  • ote ote ote opples and bononos
  • ute ute ute upples and bununus


New Media art installation from 2011 by Bernd Oppl projects surreal gravity-defying activity in a convincing space (which is actually a rotating model) - video embedded below:

The view is directed to an interior. There is a window, a heater, stairs, which neither lead up- nor down - stairs. You watch a door, which sometimes opens and you notice the empty corners of the room. You don’t see any people. The room seems quiet and still there is movement. There are traces of action, as if the room possessed memory, as if it could remember the ones, which have been gone for a long time with their spirits still being present. Dark shadows, composed of countless pixels, accumulate in the corners, wipe along the walls, seem to escape through the stairs. These pictures are produced by a digital camera. The model of the described room is being rotated around the lens of the camera by a motor. A projector shows the miniaturised room in the size of a real room on a screen. The changing perspective of the camera changes the mood of the projection as well. The atmosphere might remind you of Alfred Hitchcock`s cinematographic panic-rooms. The scary effects in the work of Bernd Oppl focus on movement. Taking a look at the interior reveals a simple reason, watching the screen produ - ces a scary medial effect. Both realities, the virtual and the analog one, fall apart. The weirdness does not dissolve by recognizing the cause. The artist shows the digital translation, the medial leap from the animated model to the moving image and leaves the effect of uncertainness, the observer looses touch with reality. The eye of Bernd Oppl’s camera shows how far human experience stays away from technical perception – and the other way around. (Brigitte Felderer)

More about the work of Bernd can be found here

Why apples are an oppressed society

This was my speech. I said this in front of the class today. As in to get credits. 8,)

Friday night – you’re thinking of having a party. It’s going to be the best, biggest party ever. You set out to invite everyone you know and everyone you don’t know, but you forget one person: Apple. Is it because Apple is red? Is it because Apple is green? Is it because Apple is small, does that mean that Apple doesn’t matter? Well apples are sick of your shenanigans, sick of being forgotten and left out and abused. Did you know that one hundred thirty nine trillion, four hundred eighty seven billion, six hundred fifty million, thirty six thousand apples are slaughtered for the fur industry every day? No, you didn’t because the people making the money off it don’t want you to. Apples go through so much pain, face so many harsh truths, and step on more Lego pieces barefoot than you will in your entire life. In the end, it seems like the entire world is stacked against apple-kind. The least we can do is educate ourselves and try to make a difference.

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While chillin with le mom...

Me: *very seriously* hey…can i ask you a question?

Mom: what is it?

Me….do you like…to ate apples and bananas?

Mom: -_-

Me: or eat epples and benenes???

Mom: ya, no…


Mom: annnnd we’re done…


Mom: *gets up*

Me: wait!!

Mom: now what?


Mom: you’re adopted.