Don’t be afraid of love, take all chances that you have and when you lose them make a new ones. 

Tell the person that you love, well, that you love them. Fuck comunity, fuck oppinios, worst that can happens to you is to be rejected.

Whatever happens, just breathe.

anonymous asked:

The problem is not the 'natural' part of the video but when she said with sort of a panicked face that it is not a bait because she knows they will get this backlash. Also the part where they said that the story is already planned and they WONT change it because of the popular oppinio which is kl*nce and sh*th WHICH means 'yeah ship is cool BUT it aint gonna happen in this show' which is cool. We are still getting some kind of a slowburn which still means love story with someone else

yeah but that doesn’t mean that klance isn’t going to be canon??? they have to appear neutral when answering questions like that??? they can’t just give it all away??? yeah, it’s not going to change because of popular opinion because it’s already been planned and written, but like i said, that doesn’t mean klance isn’t possible??? y’all assume that klance hasn’t been planned from the start and idk why. her saying that doesn’t take away ALL of the klance moments we’ve gotten, it doesn’t take away everything that already points to klance. it doesn’t take away their development together, it doesn’t mean klance is dead. i’m getting offline to go hang out at the river, so i’ll answer more questions later today.