160726 Hoseok’s Weibo Post

베이징 고마웠어요 !!! 보고싶을꺼에요 !!😭😭 희망오빠 꼭 다시간다!! #BTS #jhope #防弹少年团

Thank you Beijing!!! I’ll miss you!!😭😭 Hope-oppa is going back soon!! #BTS #jhope #BangtanBoys

Trans cr: Kylie @ bts0726
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160725 M&D fansign

Heechul: Who is your favorite singer these days?

Fans: Kim Heechul!

Heechul: Of course you would say me, but except SJ and I, who else?

Fans: Trax!

Heechul: Except us who are the most popular? I heard a lot these days the popular is Seventeen and – (op didn’t hear)

Fans: GFriend and Twice!

Heechul: Yeah I like them too!

Heechul: In Seventeen there is a friend who looks like me~ Jun

Fans: But oppa is prettier

Heechul: That friend is handsome. He looks exactly like me in his childhood picture 5 years ago, especially (the picture) when my head was shaved

cr: heeunhae

[160725] Twitter Hansol (Compilation)

[HANSOL] My best Beast songs★
When I listen to sunbaenims’ songs,
I really like their uniqueness
that makes you feel like you’re gonna cry any moment
I listen to Beast-sunbaenims’ songs a lot.. ..ah…♥
B2uty Blackjack forever ♥ pic.twitter.com/3XNIrd5d0J

[HANSOL] Oh my, you must be ToppKeuls
I’m a B2uty who is also a Blackjack hehe
Let’s get close
lackjacklackjack b2utyb2uty keulkeulkeulkeulkeulkeul

[HANSOL] They’ve told me I look very similar to a friend called Hansol of ToppDogg hahahaha I’m embarrassed to be told I resemble that crybaby fussy kid haha..
Oh my, I didn’t mean anything by that, it’s not a diss hehehehe ToppDogg oppas are cool. I really liked their song ‘Annie’. I listened to it a lot together with 'O.A.S.I.S’.

[HANSOL] BBCsㅜ The song Tell Me What is so good♥

T/N: He wrote 'What’ in Korean as short for 'Yes or No’.

[HANSOL] You already watched 'Isul Live’, right?
He sang like that, having a drink
But he didn’t get out of breath ah… He’s really so good*

T/N: *=Written like he was mumbling.

[HANSOL] I Am You You Are Me sung by Zico-nim having a drink was so good too

[HANSOL] Why doesn’t Riri have a fanclub name…
Riri…Riri-yah ㅠㅠㅠ… Riri..ㅠㅠㅠ
[Crying sounds]

T/N: 'Riri’ = Rihanna.

[HANSOL] Jabtang is delicious…
The world is full of so many pretty and cool people, how can you like only one person
Just take me freely, make me captivated

T/N: 'Jabtang’ is a dish made of rice mixed with fish and vegetables.

[HANSOL] I calmed down after that short excitement
It’s because there are many people in me, everyone

[HANSOL] We’re flying out soon
But I’m running out of batteryㅠㅠㅠㅠ
ToppKeuls, I got the chance to go see ToppDogg oppas’ performance
You’re jealous, right?ㅋㅋ SydneySydneySydneydneydney

[HANSOL] I’ll give you many fanaccounts
My friends ToppKeuls♥
If I go, he’ll become my oppa, right?
I found that Hansol guy quite ok

Trans: DoggOnTopp

MONSTA X REACTION: To you calling them oppa for the first time (Shownu, Kihyun, Jooheon and I.M.)


“Owaa~ You’re so cute, jagi!”


“You said what?”


“Let’s start the party!”


“Oh! I heard it! What about you say it one more time?!” *almost forcing you to say*

~ADM Misso

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[160725] Key’s Elle Facebook Live Broadcast.

Translation of Minkey’s phone call.

Translation of Taekey’s phone call.

Key: Yes, everyone! You’re on, right? Thank you!! The lighting setting took 30 minutes.

K: I can’t look at normal clothes, sorry designers, it’s not that I don’t like it, I like reforming it to my style. (The top he was wearing in the broadcast was reformed.)

Key did a no-filter Q&A session.

Q: Are you filming in the bathroom?

“I gave up doctors drama to watch oppa”
K: Can’t you just watch both? What’s on my tv….? Doctors hahahahha

Key said he is filming his drama 혼술남녀 (Drinking solo) well.

He said to comment suggestions on what he should make his next content post for elle because he’s a little low on ideas.
K: Oh, I haven’t done a post on my dogs.

K: I was looking at an article and it was one of my Instagram post of me at San Francisco and all the comments said I edited my legs so that they look longer! I didn’t! I just posed (such that) my legs looked long! Who does that?! Well some people do..

Key said he prefers yellow lighting rather than white.

Q: What is your next album concept
K: concept? This (question) is too strong //skips (t/n: Another translation says he said the concept is strong this time. Not sure.)

Q: Concert spoiler
K: concert spoiler! We are preparing right now, hope you success in ticketing, there’s nothing I can do to help.. I want to extend the amount of seats.

Q: Song you’ve been listening to lately?
K: song I’ve been listening to lately..? Songs I have to record.. Are you curious? I know hehe

Q: Recent hobbies?
K: Reading and meditating

Q: Feet size?
K: 260-265mm

Please recommend a book
K: 혼술남녀 (Drinking solo) script

Q: Most important things lately?
K: Concert, comeback, drama, musical etc.

K: I make good deals with my mum, eg buy me a present and I’ll buy you a present.

K: OHHHHH please, change the channel…. Sorry everyone, the drama doctors just showed a cruel scene!

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Youngho Seo !!! IPSUL 


praise the lips i’m not even kidding

johnny seo aka the man of your wet dreams

what? he. is legal dont whine

see this right here? idek if he’s the cutest being on earth

or the daddy of nct/sm rookies


*i’m literally transforming into that heart eyes emoji*

i cri everitim

you can’t wait more sm he’s in training fro 8 years!!!!

my cute and sexy chicago oppa. 

anonymous asked:

Tbh I hate when fans automatically think their bias is straight. I mean, by that I mean they don't think there's a small possibility that their idol is bi/pan/gay,etc. And tbh especially in SM, I don't think fans have a chance with their bias.No hate

Oh please, there’s more of a chance EXO holds massive orgies every night than a fan getting together with their bias from the group. I don’t understand why some people think they have a chance, I mean yes, you do, but it is so incredibly slim it might as well not be there. I’m afraid that’s just the harsh reality kids~

And I have talked about that gay/bi/pan/etc thing before anon, and it pisses me off too. I can’t stand the fact some people automatically assume an idol is straight because “Oppa must love me” or some fairy tale garbage like that. Even worse is when a fan puts down the fact that their bias could be gay or bi or whatever.

Imagine if, well, Sehun was actually gay. Now, imagine him scrolling through the comments on his instagram and seeing a comment that says “Is Sehun oppa gay?” then imagine something under that saying “No!! How dare you say that!!! Sehun oppa isn’t gay! I can’t believe you’d think that about him!!! That’s disgusting!!”

Wow, congratulations, you have just succeeded in making Sehun feel like absolute shit about himself and who he is, what a great fan you are.

We don’t know the sexuality’s of all these idols people, so how about thinking before typing out that comment on insta about how disgusting someone is for assuming an idol is anything other than straight, hm~?

KNK REACTION: To you being way smaller than them

Jihun: “jihun… I need some help” You scream him to help you get some dishes that were high for you.

He’d run to help you, but would stop for while to se how cute you are trying to reach the dishes.

“aigo jagi you’re so cute”

Youjin: He’d always like to watch you from afar and thinking how small and cute you are, which makes him wants to take care of you all the time.

Seungjun: I imagine him freaking out with you, he’d want to hug and squeeze you all the time and would give you a ridiculous amount of nicknames related to your height.

“yah mini-y/n, oppa need your small hands here”

Inseong: this guys would enjoy a lot making fun of your height, Inseong would treat you like a child just to annoy you, but in the end would hug you and say how he can’t live without you.

“aigo jagi, it’s time to baby sleep”

Heejun: He’d protect you all the time thinking that by being smaller than him would be more fragile and when he is in a good mood (almost always) would make some jokes and be a real dorky.

“baby where are you? I can’t see you…”

100% me this reaction, I’m smaller than almost everybody around me and they always do some horrible jokes about my height, ugh.

~ADM Cherry~

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A Little Less Silence

A Little Less Silence

Genre: Fluff / Kinda Delinquent!Jb

Idol: Im Jaebum

Summary: You can’t stand the silence and Jaebum helps with that.

A/N: I’ve been having Jb feels TT.TT JINYOUNG OPPA FORGIVE ME. but I mean can you blame me, look at that fluff ball.

Btw i’m so sorry for not posting yesterday.

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[PHOTO] 160725 Red Velvet’s Wendy made a healthy snack for SM Managers 

[TRANS] kyungjae_wonAs expected from Wendy👍👍👍
She made Yakbab* and gave them out to manager oppas and unnies❤️
#RedVelvet #DoWell #Wendy #SoKind #Yakbab #Snack #Yummy-stagram

T/N: Yakbab is a kind of healthy Korean sweet rice cake made of dried fruits and nuts

Trans. by: warmblue0221

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anonymous asked:

how old are you? i love kookie oppa too!!

I’m a 19 years old baby ✌ I was also born almost 9 months before your kookie oppa , which means that when I was born , his parents were in the process of making him 😂😂😂

Okay well that was way too much details for nothing 😮

anonymous asked:

May I please request a " first time would include" Yoongi and Rapmon please? I really enjoy your blog ❤️❤️

Please note that my request box is closed

Yoongi-ah is right here

Rap Mon

  • Namjuni being thristy af
  • Like he’s been working himself up for days now
  • ‘Thought you’d never ask babygirl’
  • Slowly undressing you
  • Marveling at how beautiful you are
  • ‘Your turn Oppa, please undress for me’
  • Namjoon undressing like he’s a bloody stripper
  • He is so ffing tender, but all the while is holding back from being a bit rough
  • He doesn’t want to hurt you
  • Going down on you like a ffing pro
  • ‘Damn babygirl, you are so fucking wet’
  • Slow deep fucking
  • Deep grunting moans
  • Lots cuddling and nuzzling afterwards