(1) anon request of sangwoo buying victoria secret lingerie for bum… is there even VS in korea? LOOOOL  ♥  instagram version

(2) an au where bum’s stalker tendencies skyrockets and he baits sangwoo in by crossdressing & then somehow abducts him……….. o and sangwoo is just a normal dude that thirsted for the wrong girl LOL also I know bum is older than him and he shouldn’t calling him oppa but come on we know the shit he imagines  ♥  instagram version

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B.A.P as handsome delivery men 😉😎😆💕
➡A moment when all members walked around and handed directly some juices for BABYz! Ooo.. How super lucky them!😍
B.A.P at 2017 ISAC (Idol Star Athletics Championship) 170116
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BTS Reacting To You Wearing Long Sleeves And Finding A Razor Blade

“Bts reacts to noticing you’ve been wearing long sleeves and they found razor blades in your cabinet? Love your blog!!”

Trigger Warning!



Jin would be very upset that you would ever hurt yourself. He would take your razor blades and confront you about it, not rudely, just to tell you that he thinks you’re beautiful and he’s always there for you when you need him. (You are Taehyung… and replace hyung with oppa.)

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Yoongi would be kind of disappointed, but he would understand what you are going through. In his mixtape, he discussed his experience with depression. He would do his best to help you through whatever you’re going through and would also dispose of your blades.

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Rap Monster:

Namjoon would be really sweet about the whole situation. He would get rid of your blades, but he will try not to make a big deal over it, so you don’t feel embarrassed. He would hug you and offer your his shoulder to cry on. “If you ever need anything or need to talk, you can come to me, Jagi!”

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Hoseok would not be able to believe someone so amazing would feel the need to hurt themselves. He would be kind of hurt that you hid it from him, but he wouldn’t let that stop him from helping you through whatever you need. He would assure you that you can tell him everything and he wants to hear everything you have to say. (You are Suga in the gif)

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Jimin would not know what to do with the situation. He would try his bests to get you to tell him why you did it and when he found out what it was, he would reassure you that whatever someone said about you or what you feel about yourself isn’t true. He would hold you the whole time and make sure to tell you how much he loves you, cherishes you, and thinks you’re the most amazing girl he’s ever met.

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Taehyung would be upset with himself that he didn’t notice it sooner that you were hurting yourself. He would get rid of your blades and would not let you out of his arms. He would cry with you, listen to you, and cuddle with you as long as you needed him to because Taehyung would cherish you and would want to keep a happy you around as long as possible.

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Jungkook would be shy about the situation because he wouldn’t want to offend you you hurt you even more. First, he would dispose of your blades, then he would try his best to comfort you. “It’s okay, Jagi. Whatever you need, I’ll give to you. I just don’t want my beautiful, amazing girlfriend that I love so so so much getting hurt.”

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In the end of this month.. [B.A.P 2ND JAPAN TOUR : BE. ACT. PLAY] will be held. Just wanna bringing back the memory of B.A.P 1ST JAPAN TOUR : WARRIOR BEGINS.. This is My One Favorite part.. Acapella version of “EXCUSE ME” with MATOKI OCEAN. A very emo moment ever!😭❤
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Jealousy Ain't Your Color -Kim SeokJin

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Request: Could I have some fluff/agst with Jin where their s/o is getting too intimate with one of the exo members like Baekhyun or Chen?

“Yah! Oppa stop!” Was what greeted Jin when he opened his shared apartment door with you. He furrowed his eyebrows at the sounds coming from the kitchen. He wasn’t expecting anyone over. Especially when he made it clear to his members to not disturb them this evening.

Jin kicked off his shoes before making his trek to the kitchen. Inside there you were and none other than Exo’ very own Kim Jongdae aka Chen beside you holding the wooden spoon above your head triumphantly. You pouted at Chen not noticing Jin until a loud ‘a-hem’ interrupted.

“Oppa! You’re home early.” You squealed running at Jin and jumping into his arms that were all ready to catch you. His arms enclosed around your figure cradling you close to him as he released a sigh.

You pecked his cheek oblivious to the slight irritation that disappeared as quickly as it had flickered through his dark brown irises. You tapped Jin’s arm twice and he gently set your feet onto the cool hardwood, but kept his arms securely around your waist.

“Oppa you’ve met Chen right?” You asked smiling at the two males.

Jin brought a smile to his lips that he mentally high-fived himself for pulling off. “Yeah nice to see you again Jongdae. How’s your comeback going?” Jin kept his arm protectively around you keeping you attached to his side-showing a sign of possessiveness as the dominate male in the house.

If Chen had noticed he didn’t say a word about it and chose to ignore it. “It’s nice to see you too. Our comeback is going great thanks for asking. Wings is going good I presume?”

Jin nodded. “Yeah we’ve outsold the Kpop charts and everyone seems to really enjoy it.” Jin gave a tight smile.

Chen cleared his throat. “Well it’s getting late. It was nice to see you Jin. Y/n are we still on for our plans tomorrow?”

“Chen is the sky blue? Of course we are! I’ll see you tomorrow Oppa!” You broke Jin’s iron grip and hugged Chen tightly. “Drive back safely yeah? Text me when you are home alright? I mean it Oppa! If you don’t there will be consequences!”

Chen laughed and hugged you back tightly after pulling his shoes on flashing you his signature kitty grin. “Of course don’t worry. After last time I learned my lesson pretty quickly. See you tomorrow y/n-ah!” Chen waved and the door shut behind his figure.

You padded your way back into the kitchen to find Jin leaning against the counter with his eyebrows furrowed. “What’s with the face Oppa?” You asked padding up to a stop a foot away from him.

Jin didn’t reply immediately. Instead his eyes darkened, staring into yours intensely. “Come here jagiya.” He whispered motioning you forward with a finger. Once you were in reach his hand gripped onto your wrist and tugged you into his chest with a yelp. His arms locked around your waist pulling you as close as he could.

His eyes bore into yours with different emotions love, passion, dominance, possessiveness…jealousy?

Before you could open your mouth Jin had swiftly picked you up and setting you into the counter to be the same height as him. You stared at your boyfriend wide-eyed as he nudged your legs apart and took hid place between them. Hands were flat against the cool counter on either side of your hips. Eyes capturing yours intensely in their beautiful mystery. 

You stared at one another for minutes in silence before you decided to break it.

“Jin?” You head tilted to the side, the perfect angle for Jin to lean in, but he refrained himself waiting for the perfect moment.

“Oppa? Are you alright?” You asked again as his stare locked you in place. “You haven’t said anything since Chen left.” You continued waiting for a response. You nervously chewed on your bottom lip each second Jin remained silent.

Jin licked his lips slowly, almost seductively. His eyes darkened as his hand reached up to release the reddening flesh from your teeth. His hand caressed your slightly swollen lip and travelled up your cheek to tuck a stray strand of hair behind your ear, all the while he never broke your gaze.

He was staring so intently that you felt your cheeks burn before you broke the gaze that trapped you and looked down at your hands resting in your lap.

You startled at the gentle hand suddenly on your chin directing your gaze back up to meet his stare. Jin’s eyes swimmer with the same emotions from earlier, but more intense and lust seemed to be the dominant emotion.

Without warning Jin yanked you forward with his hand at the base of your head and his other quickly circled your waist pulling you to him with you resorting to having his pug both hands in his chest to stop yourself from falling and legs quickly wrapping around his waist to balance yourself.

Your lips crashed together as Jin coaxed you to respond. Your eyes were wide at the sudden dominate action, but as Jin slowly moved his lips against yours you began to surrender to him. Your eyes slipped shut slowly and you gasped as he suddenly nipped at your lip and took the opportunity to make the kiss deeper.

When he was satisfied, and sure you were out of breath, he broke the kiss panting softly and smirking at your flustered state. He chuckled as your blushed darkened and he leaned in to nuzzle your nose with his.

“You’re mine.” He whispered before bringing you back into a mind numbing kiss once again. 



Hani Oppa  😂 😂 😂


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The New Year’s Eve party isn’t only a reunion for the alumni but also for many of broken hearts, it seems. Even Mr. Enigma’s and The Try Hard’s paths finally crossed. They seemed to be having a sentimental talk but their closure made me wonder what topics need such lack of distance… Is Jiyong hoping for making up or rather making out with his ex-lover?

- Anonymous


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