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I believe in your Galaxy - A Star for Namjoon [PROJECT]

We will name a star after Namjoon…

I chose the star sign “Canis Major” (Big Dog)

Why did I chose this one? I thought about using the sign “Virgo” since its Namjoons zodiac sign…

BUT: Canis Major has the star “Sirius” in its constellation…

 “Sirius” is the brightest star in the sky… Thats why… ♥

You can also see this star/ constellation in Seoul:

When we give Namjoons name to the star, he will recevie the following:

🌟Star certificate and given name, date and dedication

🌟Star map for the location of the star

🌟5 sheets with information on the star, constellation and celestial mechanics

🌟Representative gift card

🌟CD with free planetarium software

🌟Constellation of the star (in color)

🌟DIN A4 framing of the document

🌟Brass compass        

We need to collect at least 200 € to make this happen!

You can send money for this project to my PayPal account:


Please use “Galaxy” as subject when sending the money ♥

Theres no deadline BUT it would be great if we could make it till Namjoons birthday on 12th September or Christmas 2017! ♥

Please share share share this project everywhre! You can tag me in your posts:

Tumblr: NamjoonsGurl

Twitter: @OpparsGurl

YouTube: Oppars Gurl

Instagram: opparsgurl

“Look up, and we are all looking at the same sky..” -RM ♥

anonymous asked:

I dont know why a lot of people find armys Tweeting for Bts to perform at the Bbmas to be That annoying since I think of it as fans supporting their faves and I didn't really see any disrespect to other artists (id could be missing it tho)

It is annoying if it’s on every tweet that has nothing to do with bts. Or it mentions everyone that has anything to do with billboard. There’s a lot of fans doing this imagine getting 1000+ of the same thing. Like they already get it you can stop at some point. Excess of it makes it look like begging and not supporting your faves. There’s not even an invitation of a “hey ARMYs, do you want bangtan to perform?” And let’s respect that at least. There’s always a proper way to do things.

Even if we feel like we have the best intentions, an excess of it isn’t pretty. A lot of people ain’t even nice about it which makes it ridiculous “Y'ALL BETTER LET OPPARS PERFORM OR THIS AWARD SHOW WILL BE USELESS” like wtf is even that!?!?!? Who hurt all these kids?!?!

What makes you think writing smut for minor idols are okay? Think again, the kids (esp NCT DREAM) acted normal this whole time, like some regular kids in your middle school. So excited for games and foods, playing around and snoring. Dancing cutely, acting cutely. How the hell you guys had a sexual thought about them? Do they grind on the stage? Hip-thrust? No. Show me what ‘thing’ that makes you want to write smut for them, I need the receipt. Other units might have something they do that makes you turn on lol. At least in other units, most of them are legal. But NCT Dream is not legal yet.

Imagine you have a younger brother and you’re a protective sister. If your younger brother become popular and his fans sexualizing him, would you mad at them? Would you say “my brother didn’t born to get sexualize by strangers.”? Oh maybe you will say, “I don’t have younger brother. Sheesh.” I also don’t have a younger brother? I’m the youngest one. But I know it’s really uncomfortable for someone who’s older than them watch people sexualizing this kid like “what the hell man yall nasty. you don’t have enough legal oppar dicks yet? smh”.

just stop yourself and be mature. if you’re matured enough, you know this is wrong.

EDIT: Well I’m sorry if you see this on the tags you are in right now. Report without telling people won’t do anything. That’s why people spreading this. Even we did this, they still write them. But if we didn’t warn then, they will keep doing this. Do you really want those ‘nct scenario’ and ‘nct smut’ tags full with underage smuts only? Think again. There’s a reason why people rant about this in these tags. Instead of complaining that these posts are annoying, how about yall help report those nasty accounts?



Honestly bts/exo aren’t “shitty groups” it’s their disgusting fans that make people hate them. 

I wouldn’t give two shits abt BTS or their fandom if armies wouldn’t be disgusting rats. The whole reason I started stanning rookies was cause drama in the popular groups,(obviously i am/was an exol). I “unstanned” EXO and started stanning rookies almost 3 years ago over this “BTS vs EXO” bullshit, but now there’s literally armies who are harassing me for liking rookies and saying shit as if rookies copy BTS. Like bitch who you think you are??? If you’re about to fight me on this I’d seriously win bitchie, im sick of army doing bullshit like this, like go be a koreaboo with your other koreaboo friends and stop harassing other kpop fandoms and groups!!! 
Don’t get me wrong, there’s NOTHING wrong with BTS or liking BTS, but when you start being an immature fan, there’s something wrong. Anti’s needa get over themselves + their bias groups popularity cause in 5 years ur oppars wont be “#1”.
If you’re that one person who shits on first and second gen kpop groups, honestly recheck yourself. After all the hate groups like Super Junior and TVXQ have gotten is complete bullshit, I get no groups last but they’re senior groups who deserve the most respect from the kpop fandom. And remember without THEM your oppas wouldn’t exist.
I’d just like to add GOT7 to this, if you’re really about to shit on them, you’re a dumb fucking person. The popularity they’ve gathered over Hard Carry, was LONG DESERVED. Everyone slept on GOT7 until Just Right era, but then everyone suddenly hated them again, like tf?? I’m not telling you to like them, but you should at least fucking respect them. Their the ones putting effort in, not you.
Honestly since 2015 kpop has become a shitty fandom, I wish it’d just go back to the way it was 6-7 years ago, imo.
These new kpop fans are annoying as fuck, and need to respect ALL GROUPS & ALL FANDOMS. Fucking GET OVER YOURSELVES or go back to your anime.

+ I get I overuse bts/army as an example but this goes for all of these type of fans, if you can’t respect each other then don’t even bother, you’re just ruining it for everyone and there’s no fucking point

there’s an article on how musical “The Pride” is helping the LGBT community in South Korea to become more accepted etc. and most of the ‘positive’comments are like

“I wonder which kpop idols will come out! Theres going to be a lot!”

“kpop idol so and so must be so happy because she always supported the gays and she’s practically a lesbian herself!!”

“OMG GAY IDOL COUPLES!!!” “SHIPNAME SHIPNAME SHIPNAME” (the shipnames are all for real people)


…how awful can you be?

Cl does support Minzy and y’all keep quiet af about it. The only two faced people I see around are you guys who constantly drag one party to praise another. It’s childish and dumb. CL did nothing wrong she didn’t go to America mid concert preparation and Minzy didn’t had heart failure who only could be cured by a better salary and a solo debut. She didn’t terminated her contract but legally waited for it to run out. And it baffles me how in something as simple as this you see the double standard especially international fans have. Don’t tread girl-groups any different than your oppars. They aren’t snakes just because they are women, they don’t secretly bully each other, and hate to share the spotlight. What some of you do is witch-hunting and it’s disgusting.


Let us all marvel at Oppar’s perfect face.
There really ain’t a not a good angle with this namja, daebak!
Gosh I missed this dork, tbh.

Lee Min Ho on his way to Barcelona to film Legends of the Blue Sea.
Credit to the photo owners please do not crop/ edit.