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Wait, people are saying Hyuna can't pull off a sexy concept? Are they even talking about the same Hyuna?

LOL right though.  Like Hyuna has been pulling the sexy concept for eons now.  She’s becoming the queen of sexy which also ties in the irony of all of this.  She gets hated for being sexy all the time and called a slut and then when she finally does something cute she’s still getting hate. Hyuna must be side eyeing the fuck out of all this hypocrisy.


Why am I uploading this

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what…….this ena…admitting that Hyuna ruins the song…but…what.

noooooo, I’m mocking all the people that said she ruined the song.  Hyuna’s version isn’t meant to be taken seriously anyway so while people are getting mad that she “butchered” it, I’m just laughing because no1curr.  Overall, Hyuna still remains flawless.