How do I make an instagram edit like this one below?

I tried to make this as simple as I could so you can make a ig edit even if you’ve never touched photoshop before. You’re gonna need photoshop some patience and follow my steps. I will explain everything under the cut: 

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anonymous asked:

I really can't draw on a computer. It just seems impossible. It's like I have the skills of a 4 year old. On paper it goes well, but then I wanted to try it on the computer and it's actually horrible. What can I do to improve? I can't even get the lines straight. I'm sorry if I bother you with this.

I get you man. It took me years to get comfy with drawing digitally (to get used to the tablet +program). I dont really have any specific advice other than to keep trying! Because thats how I got used to it.

Its still easyer for me to draw traditionally than digitally tho. My hand also hurts less if I draw traditionally :/

Here are some ideas on what you can do to get more comfortable drawing digitally (faster than I did back then oTL):

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