My Main BTS ships

Namjin: Everyone ships them, it’s like Namjoon and Jin only can love each other, like there are no other ships in BTS with them in it, it’s only Namjin. The mom and dad of BTS. Jin’s the oldest, who takes care of his kids with food and love and Namjoon teaches them how to behave and loves them. They’re so cute. Jin’s my bias but honestly if I could chose for him to be in a relationship with Namjoon or me, I’d chose Namjoon and Jin all the way.

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jikook: Perfect love hate relationship. But it does hurt my heart sometimes how much Jimin loves on Jungkook so much but he hardly gets loved on by Kookie. Of course he does sometimes, but I don’t know about when they’re alone, it’s hard not to ship them when they’re adorable and suit each other well, Jimin’s the fluffy baby and Kookie is the unexpressive, manly, cutie. BUSAN BOYS.

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Taegi: Perfect combo. The excited, tall, tan, child like man who loves to talk with the tired, pale, short, genius man. They work well with each other, Taehyung gives Yoongi inspiration and wears the both of them out. Yoongi keeps Tae company and cares for him so he doesn’t die doing and Tae makes sure Yoongi sleeps and eats, otherwise he wouldn’t. Tae admires Yoongi so much, it’s adorable. They’re opposites but they’re great together. Plus they’re both from Daegu.

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Hoseok and ME: Hobi = Hubby

I literally want him or someone like him to be the father of my children, he’s so precious and kind and funny and cute and everything adorable about everything. After Jin, it’s Hobi, my hobi hubby is so sweet, he’s sunshine incarnate.

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Sex god looking sexy as fuck man. I would pay to have him destroy me.

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He would make the best father and all you know that.

things that (mostly foreign kpop fans) need to stop: [particularly about male kpop groups or idols (particularly particularly talking to ARMY’s]

  • Being crass, disgusting, perverse, overly sexual, rude and all around unnecessary towards idols on a platform where they are allowed to see your comments. I can’t believe this needs to be explained but EXP: you look so good oppa i want to rape you // Fuck me oppa // you’re so sexy i hate you for making me feel this way. // *idols posts picture of them doing a peace sign and smiling* comment: GOD i want to fuck you so bad right now…  this needs to stop especially because some of yall are like 14 years old. Also, this is just tasteless and it’s actually called sexual harassment tbh.
  • Infantising or judging idols for saying things, dancing to things, that are adult or sexual when they are grown ass adults. Like, for example, Jimin & Jeongguk dancing to a song with mature lyrics about having sex basically, and so many comments like; do they even know what this song is omg this song is so sexual, i can’t believe they’re doing this….1; it’s just a song, lyrics don’t even matter, it’s not a big deal. 2; these idols are old enough to dance to whatever they want to without someone telling them they’re too young or assuming that it’s crude or weird or they don’t know. 
    • please note: this does not mean just because they are grown ass adults that you can then proceed to sexually harass them or only comment overly sexual and disgusting things.
  • Commenting the second idols post things on twitter with some unnecessary random ass english bullshit. First off all, even if they could understand over half of it, which Kim Namjoon may just be able to (or other fluent in english kpop idols) they probably don’t want to read so many unnecessary comments. NOTE: this does not mean don’t say: i love you! this means don’t say some shit like: jhope posts a picture: where is taehyung. jimin posts a video doing something random: first 8 comments are shit like: I HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL THIS WAY, why do you always do this, kiss jungkook, where’s taehyung? how is taehyung doing oppa? yall need to learn some manners honestly…
  • PS. please understand that messaging things like: I HATE YOU FOR THIS, for a foreign idol, does not look good and is not advised. Your favs probably do understand the word hate in english, and they do not know it as a good thing. Your weird tumblr or otherwise socially obtained sarcasm does not read through text. it sounds like you’re just yelling that you hate them. Use some common sense and if you’re going to yell at them don’t use sarcasm in a separate language from their mother tongue and a sarcastic, culturally separate from their own at that.
  • stop flooding the VAPP lives with 100000 english comments of a similar nature as well tbh. If you have nothing nice, relevant and simple to say just don’t. or just send a heart emoji. sometimes the level of obnoxious that the foreign fans reach is actually out of this world.
  • show support for whole groups not just your favs. if another member if out on VAPP for instance, please don’t constantly in english ask where your favorite member is, pay respect to the member currently there. This goes for twitter and everything as well…
  • literally stop going onto everything all of the time and talking shit about how it isn’t bts. just stop. like, i feel like i could go to a beyonce video tomorrow and find 4 comments about bts and at least 2 would be like; BTS IS BETTER, and the other 2 would be like ARMY here supporting beyonce let’s stick together, some of all are wild, calm down we already have a bad reputation tbh….i’m not saying don’t be proud to be ARMY or love bts (because i’m sure that’s what people will try to get out of this post and they’d be wrong) i’m saying don’t act like crazy people???
  • have some respect for BTS and all idols, and remember that they are PEOPLE. and if you’re a foreign fan, remember that they do not share the same culture as you. You may not understand their culture entirely, just as they don’t understand yours. Don’t fetishise their culture or their people, don’t fetishise their language. Don’t act like you understand their culture if you don’t. Especially if you’re new to kpop and BTS brought you in, it’s okay that you don’t understand but …at the same time, understand that their culture is nothing like ours. It really, really, really isn’t. Don’t mistake that it is. Learn the culture that you’ve been thrust into and don’t try to bastardize it. 
  • If you see them in your foreign country or town (on vacation especially…) don’t crowd them, chase them, yell at them, try to touch them.