oppa ya~~

[TRANS 160813] Put ‘Em Up - Bundang Fansign Fanaccount Compilation (Part 2)

Part 1 can be found here

Please teach me some Busan satoori that will make Himchan’s heart throb!!
DH: Oppa-ya, I love you

DH: *teaches fan how to pronounce it* You’re good! Good luck!
*Fan moves to next member; Himchan*
Fan: (to DH) Say it together with me!
DH: *serious face* No, I don’t love him!

(cr: himchanfu)

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  • girl: *dates person's bias*
  • person: nooo, oppa is mine!
  • me: ya'll are crazy, we should just let them date, damn
  • girl: *gets less than 5 miles away from my bias*
  • me: um excuse me, who do you think you are, back the fuck up, your too close, hands off the merchandise, that boi is not for you, exit the premises, you're disrespecting me rn, bye.
[TRANS] Sandeul apologizes to a student?

“Eunji-ya, Oppa is sorry~ You had a hard time because of me right?”

B1A4′s Sandeul apologized publicly to a female high school student, and it has become quite a topic. The reason for Sandeul’s public apology has to do with the high school student’s mother~

It turns out that student Yoon Eunji is troubled due to her mother’s intense love for Sandeul.

She even says that there are more photos of Sandeul than family photos in their home! Sandeul here! Sandeul there! Sandeul everywhere! 

Eunji’s mother even chose Sandeul as her daughter’s desired wedding partner. 

Sandeul came to meet Eunji who is struggling because of her mother’s Sandeul obsession.

With a sweet video message and even a surprise present for Eunji and Sunghwa Girls High School! Sandeul and Eunji’s meeting will be revealed on Golden Bell Challenge!

Source: bambolmiso / kbs
Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
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kpop fans suddenly care so much about social justice and racism when it revolves around an asian but when any other ethnic minority is facing racism suddenly “y'all are too sensitive” “that’s not racism” “everything is racist now gosh” it’s so transparant it’s CLEAR that the only reason you care about racism against asian people is because of ya oppas and unnies and you can’t convince me otherwise


150804 채널 소녀시대/Channel SNSD Ep3 Preview :

Yoona’s mission was to hear ‘why are you so cute' 

Hyuk : hello 

YA : oppa 

Hyuk : what 

YA : how do i look?/aegyo/ 

Hyuk : i’ll hang up now 

YA : oppa ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

Hyuk : what are you doing 

YA : /try again/ 

Hyuk : are u drunk? 

YA : lol he asked if i’m drunk 



/mission failed/ 

sooyoung: she was supposed to make you say “why are you so cute” ….. 

hyuk: ah, then what she did was definitely fail.. (for hearing 'why are ypu so cute’) you shouldn’t have done that. Seriously i… i was really frightened (c)