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Who’s Going to Teach you?




Word Count: 2,223

“I don’t need help.” You grunted.

“It seems like you do, you’re dying.” Jimin laughed.

You had decided to play overwatch after the

influence of Jungkook and Taehyung. A few nights ago, and the boys had called you over to their apartment to hang out since they knew you weren’t working that day and both of them didn’t have any extra schedules to attend, unlike the other members. Although the whole time you were there you were just observing them rather than them teaching you, but nonetheless you still wanted to try it out. You didn’t know any of the controls/rules whatsoever, but still you just decided to grab a control and start playing.

“Here let me help, Y/N.” Jimin giggled while trying to grab your controller.

You avoided him trying to grab your controller, but continued to keep your eyes glued to the screen. He was right, you were dying, but you weren’t going to give in so easily, especially in front of him.

“Ya~ Oppa will help you. Give it to me.” He laughed.

“No.” You growled as you stood up, making your way behind the sofa to avoid any more distractions.

Jimin rested his head on the back of the couch, so he could see you from the top. He gave a little chuckle before standing up and following you to where you were. He stood behind you and snaked his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You felt your whole body warm up with his presence, and you could smell a soft scent of cologne that surrounded the both of you.

“Let me show you how it’s done.” He whispered into you ear, causing your hairs to rise.

You felt his fingers trail their way to your hands. He rested his chin on your shoulder and guided your fingers on the controller. You bit your bottom lip and gulped.

“Like this.” He whispered with a low voice.

You could feel his breath against your skin, as he whispered hints in your ear. Your focus beginning to shift to him, and no longer paying attention to the game. You had to admit, although the boys and you were great friends, you always had a little crush on Jimin and he knew it. He would purposely walk around shirtless whenever you were around or sit next to you just to see you squirm. He was hot as hell, and he knew exactly what to do to get you turned on.

“Do you get it now?” He asked you.

You nodded your head and tried to escape his embrace, but he had you trapped, both his arm between you. He took note of your action, and began to chuckle.

“You’re so cute, Y/N.”

You could feel your cheeks getting flushed with nervousness, hoping he wouldn’t notice you lowered your head. He moved his arms away, and watched you make your way back to the sofa. You shrugged off what he was doing to you before, and continued to play games after the “help” you recieved from him.

“Looks like you weren’t even listening to me.” He chuckled.

“I-I did. I just..maybe I’ll just ask Taehyung for help, since he’s in a higher level and has played longer than you have.” You replied.

All of sudden Jimin was in front of you, blocking the tv. He raised his eyebrows and his mouth curved into a smile.

“Taehyung?” He said lowering his tone.

“I-I’m playing games right now, Jimin. Move, I’ll just ask Taehyung.” You stuttered.

“After teaching you, you’re just going to ask Taehyung?”

You quickly shushed him, trying to avoid answering his question. He noticed your actions and decided to grab your controller away from you, waving it up in the air. He had gave a side smirk and licked the bottom of his lips.

“No, no, no. Answer the question first.” He laughed.

You frowned at him and sighed.

“Give it back. I’m going to get killed!”

He lowered his stance, closing in on the distance you both had from each other.

“Make me.” He winked.

You leaned in as well, deciding to play along with his little antics, and frowned.

“Stop it, Jimin. Just give it back, or else.”

He lowered his arm, whilst holding onto the controller still, and a devilish smirk began to form on his face.

“Or else what?”

“I’ll..I’ll hit you.” You smiled.

Not giving up either, he leaned in further, lips just inches away from each other.

“Hit me.” He grinned.

You lifted your hand, getting ready to punch his shoulder. You swung your fist back and then accelerated it towards his shoulder, but Jimin dodged and grabbed your wrist, pulling you into his chest. He looked into your eyes and grinned.

“God you’re so hot when you’re mad, Y/N.”

“Let go of me.” You groaned.

“What if I don’t want to? What if I want to do this?”

He leaned in and met his soft, plump lips with yours. He had taken you by surprise, not even giving you time to close your eyes. You pushed him off and touched your lips.

“Don’t act all shy with me now, I know you wanted to kiss me too.” He bit his bottom lip, “None of the members are home anyways.”

“So what if they aren’t? We’re just friends, Jimin.” You replied.

“So you wanted to kiss me then?” He smirked.

You hesitated before answering him again. It’s true you wanted to kiss and touch him, but you shouldn’t. You two were friends. Just friends, and you didn’t want to ruin that.

“I don’t want things to change between us.” You responded.

“Things won’t. I promise. So stop worrying and kiss me already.”

He placed his hand behind your neck and leaned in, placing a soft kiss on your lips. The kiss began to deepen, as he moved his hand from behind your neck to your waist, pulling you closer to him. He softly moaned and gently pushed you down on the sofa letting you lay on the edge, while climbing on top of you. The same soft scent of cologne following his movement. He smiled and moved a piece of hair away from your face.

“You’re so beautiful.”

You blushed at his compliment, not knowing how to respond. You turned your head away from his intense gaze, to which he took notice of.

“Look at me, Y/N.”

He placed his hand under your chin and moved your head back to face him. You looked at him and smiled. He tilted his head and winked, leaning in again to kiss you. You could feel him harden against your body, his tongue making an entrance in your mouth, aggressively playing with yours. He then started to lower his kiss to the nape of your neck, softly sucking your skin. His hands sliding down to the hem of your shirt, grabbing it and pulling it up over your head, leaving you shirtless. He sat up and smirked at the sight of you.He crossed his arms and grabbed the end of his top and took it off in one go. You were used to seeing him shirtless since he would usually walk around, but even so you were amazed every time.

“You should be used to this, right? I know you check me out all the time.” He smiled.

“Shut up.” You laughed.

You sat up and held onto his hips for support. You gave him a soft kiss on the lips and then made your way to his neck, then to his shoulder, your fingers tracing the outline of his back. Then you abruptly stood up from the sofa and placed your hands behind your back, grabbing onto bra clasp and unlatching it. Slowly revealing your breasts, in which Jimin turned his body to face the you, admiring your body.

“Fuck..” He groaned.

You got on your knees and spread both his legs apart. Unbuttoning his jeans and slowly stripping it away, and throwing it to the corner of the room. You rubbed your hands against his thick, muscular, thighs, earning a soft moan from Jimin. You made your way to the growing bulge in his black briefs, wrapping your fingers around his member and slowly stroking it. He rolled his head back and bit his lips. You rolled off his underwear, revealing his hard, thick cock. You had pictured he was big, and seeing it satisfied your imagination. You softly gave it a squeeze and stroked his length, rubbing the pre-cum with your thumb around the tip, then placing your mouth against his dick.

“Your lips feels so nice on my dick.” He moaned.

You then stuck out your tongue and gave soft kitten licks on his tip at first, then his length, then down to his balls. You stroked him while you sucked one of his balls in your mouth. He closed his eyes and pulled on your hair. You lifted up your head and licked your way back up to the tip, where you inserted his cock in your mouth.

“Shit…like that.” He moaned.

You first began to bob your head up and down his shaft, then bobbed back up to swirl your tongue against the tip, his hands gently pulling onto your hair, while softly moaning. Then lowering yourself deep into his cock until it reached the back of your throat, your eyes beginning to blur with tears. Jimin notices and takes control, thrusting his hips up and down against your mouth. He continues this for a bit until he whips out his cock from your mouth and grabs both your legs, wrapping them around him, and carrying you into his bedroom. He throws you on his bed and practically rips off your shorts and underwear. You see the same devilish smirk he made before, as he climbs on top of you and throws your legs over his shoulder and lowered himself down, while softly biting and sucking your inner thighs

“Ah..Jimin.” You bit your lower lip.

“Was that too rough?” He laughs.

You shook your head no and he continues his work. Licking his way along your slit, and massaging your breast with one his hands.

“You taste good, baby.”

He then starts to flick his tongue aggressively against your clit, which causes you groan. He continues this for awhile and you could feel yourself close to orgasming, your hands running through his soft, fluffy hair. Your moans becoming louder.

“Don’t stop.” You cry.

With that command, he continues his motion. You wrap you legs around his back, thrusting your hips against his warm tongue. He then abruptly stops and crawls up to you, letting you taste yourself with a passionate kiss.

“I need to fuck you first, before you cum.” His eyes filled with lust.

He pulls out a condom from his drawer and rips the package with his teeth, he adjusts himself into the rubber latex. Then making his way in between your legs and rubs his cock against your slit.

“Fuck, you’re already so wet, baby.”

You both moan as he slips his tip into your entrance. He inserts himself halfway in, causing your whole body to feel weightless.You held onto the bedsheets as you felt the walls of you cunt being filled with his thick cock.

“God, you’re so big.” You moaned.

“And you’re so tight.” He replied.

He hovered over you and used his hips to thrust himself deeper. He leaned in, planting a kiss on your lips and then rested his head against the nape of your neck, breath against your skin while continuing to fill you up. You clenched the walls of your around his member, since he suddenly stopped before, your were already ready to cum. You breathing got heavy as he continued his pace.

“Jimin..don’t stop.” You moaned.

He accelerated his speed, in which you took notice as him getting reaching his orgasm too. He quickly sat up and grabbed your hips, grinding them against his body, while staring into your eyes.

“Fuck, you’re so fucking beautiful. Cum for me, baby.” He moans.

You could feel yourself tightening, you roll your eyes back, while squeezing the bed sheets. Your body tingling with an enormous amount of sensation as you came over him. Soon after, Jimin sped up, skin slapping against each other, he bit his lower lip and pushed his hair back.

“I’m cumming, Y/N. Fuck.” He moaned.

You held onto his hips and helped him ride out his orgasm by controlling the rhythm, thrusting yourself into his thick cock.

“Yes, baby! Like that!” He moaned.

Listening to him, you continued, he began squeezing your breasts tightly together, which you didn’t mind, until his lower body twitched with pleasure. His breathing unstable, he ran his hand through his sweaty hair, and smiled at you.

“Who’s going to teach you?” He smirked while raising one of his eyebrows.

“Definitely not Taehyung.” You smiled.


Lol!​ ​This​ ​was​ ​my​ ​first​ ​time​ ​writing​ ​smut!​ ​Kekeke​ ​I​ ​felt​ ​so​ ​wrong,​ ​but​ ​even​ ​though​ ​Yoongi​ ​is​ ​my ultimate​ ​bias,​ ​Jimin​ ​be​ ​getting​ ​me​ ​shook​ ​sometimes,​ ​like​ ​boy​ ​stop.​ ​Hope​ ​y'all​ ​liked​ ​it!​ ​Feel​ ​free​ ​to send​ ​me​ ​requests​ ​for​ ​one-shots,​ ​reactions,​ ​MTL,​ ​etc​ ​etc or even if its just some comments!​ ​Xoxo​ ​until​ ​next​ ​time​ ​❤


“Choose Me” (ft. BTS)

“Oppa!” you exclaimed when you Jin in his black gown and cap. You tried waving at him, but your hands were full. He beamed at you and jogged over. “Congratulations!”

He laughed and hugged you tightly before pulling you to his side. “어, 고마워 우리 귀여운 동생이~”

You beamed at him and handed him a bouquet of flowers and small box of coffee. “Congratulations for graduating, oppa! You finally graduated!”

“Ya, what do you mean finally?” he scolded as you linked arms with him and began walking. “For your information, I was only delayed by a term.”

You nodded along, “Okay, okay, it’s your graduation. I will laugh at all of your jokes during your speech later.”

He frowned at you and you only laughed again. “But seriously, congratulations. I’m kinda sad that you’re leaving.” your grip on his arm tightened unconsciously. “I mean, you’re like my real brother, I’m going to miss you nagging at me.”

“Wa…” he let out in disbelief. “..you must be so happy.” Jin noticed that you had another bouquet tucked between your arms, so he nodded towards it. “Who’s that for? The other guy?” 

“Yeah, his name is not banned anymore, you know.” your wrinkled your nose at him. “He’s graduating too, so I’m here to congratulate him. You know that he doesn’t have a great relationship with his parents.”

Jin shrugged in response. “Fair enough. Are you happy though? Will this make you happy?”

“Hmmm…” you thought for a second. “You know, by now, I thought I’d still be confused and sad. I thought I’d regret the decision I made, but strangely, I’m just… fine. I’m not jumping for joy everyday, but I’m not crying either. It’s really weird, I guess time really heals all wounds.” 

Jin glanced down at you and patted your head. “That’s great, that makes me feel relieved. You know what, no more boys! Boys just suck the life out of you.” you giggled, shaking your head. “Don’t tell me… Wait, it’s still him? After all these time? I thought you didn’t want to…”

“I don’t know. Maybe? Now that I took a step back from all of them, I finally realized the true answer. After all the trouble it took to arrive at that answer, I just want to take my time and heal. I’m letting the story unfold by itself.” you two started to walk more slowly as you approached the graduation hall. 

“What about all that talk about choosing the one you love?” Jin raised his eyebrow at you, but you only looked ahead.

“It’s not that I’m not choosing him, it’s just that I’ve waited such a long time to make this choice that I don’t want to ruin it just because I rushed into things.” you let out a huge breath, feeling as if you had just unloaded a heavy burden off your back. 

Jin broke free from you and held you within arm’s length. “Look at you, eo? Look at where you are, look at where you started… You’ve come so far and you’ve grown so much.” 

You easily felt the tears well in your eyes. “I couldn’t have done without you being there for me. Thank you so much, Seokjin-oppa.” your lower lip jutted out as you tried to hold in your tears.

Jin laughed boisterously, his infamous ahjae laugh that didn’t suit his face, and ruffled your hair. “Aigoo, you’re still a crybaby. You’re a big girl now, you don’t need me anymore.”

You smacked his chest and headed inside with him to the graduation hall. He gave a splendid speech as the outgoing student council president and brilliantly turned an ahjae joke into an inspiring quote. 

“Why did the chicken cross the road?” he asked and everyone was prepared for the punchline. “…because it wasn’t afraid to take risks.”

The crowd exploded in cheers and you clapped along. 

When the ceremony had ended, you searched through the crowd, looking for one person. Somehow, it felt like deja vu. You were always the one looking for him and today, you were looking for him as well.

Finally, you spotted him with a number of girls congratulating him and his thesis mates taking pictures with him. You watched from a considerable distance quietly. You waited for him to notice you and when he did, you waved the bouquet at him.

Min Yoongi, with his black hair and perfect skin, always looked good in black, but seeing him in his graduation robes somehow made your heart swell with pride, but with such surge in emotions also came memories of that night six months ago…

“I don’t know.” You sighed, answering his question by another, “Someone once told me that you can choose who you can fall in love with. Do you believe that?”

“No.” he paused. “Well, actually… I don’t know.”

“Why? Why not?” you pressed, trying to meet his eyes which were looking at your hands.

“I’ve never loved anyone but you.” his gaze was sincere and warm in contrast to his cold touch. “Y/N, you’re my best friend and it took me a while to realize, but I know it now. I made you wait for such a long time, but we’re here now and you don’t have to do anything, I will come for you this time.”

You inhaled with closed eyes, his words brought back the answer that you lost, “Jimin… He… He once said that we all do unfair and selfish things for love. Do you also believe that?”

“Yes. If I didn’t, you wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be saying all of these if I didn’t think that I don’t deserve a second chance.” Yoongi pleaded you with his eyes, something that you were seeing for the first time in your life.

You were quiet for a very long time because you sorted out all the possible answers that you could give Yoongi until you realized… he didn’t need an answer. “Exactly.” The word was out before you knew it and you could see Yoongi’s pupils shaking, trying to search your face for explanations. “You see, I don’t believe that. Love should be selfless… I just, I don’t why you’re doing this to me!” your voice shook until it died down to a whisper. “왜, 윤기야? 지금 왜? Why didn’t you hold onto me when I was giving myself to you? Why are you trying to get me back now when I finally moved on from you?”

“I…” Yoongi was flustered, it was obvious that this was not the answer he expected. “I…didn’t have a choice.”

“Bullshit, Yoongi.” you spat out and shot out of the chair. “You always have a choice, I had a choice… a choice that led me to you a long, long time ago.” The image of the picture on your table suddenly crossed your mind. “I decided to love you and I spent years doing that because I thought that once I made my decision, I couldn’t change my mind, but now…” you tried to catch your breath. “I think I can, so I’m choosing for myself. I choose me. Believe it or not, in the past few months that I wasn’t with you, I learned how to live. I stopped waiting for you the moment you chose to look the other way. More than anything, I chose to move on. Thank you for loving me and letting me love you all these time.”

You took slow steps towards him and he looked at you with a lopsided smile. “Did you get me flowers?”

You chuckled at his mocking tone, glad that you were able to talk to him like this again. “No. Jimin got you flowers as an apology for not being able to come since he’s performing for that end of the year thing tomorrow. He’ll try to catch us at dinner though.”

He shrugged and accepted the bouquet nonetheless. “Thanks anyway.”

“Congratulations on graduating.” you smiled genuinely at him and he received it graciously with a slight nod. “Come on, I’ll buy you jjajangmyun.” you turned around to leave and Yoongi caught your wrist.

“나 진짜 안되겠니?” The way he enunciated each word already told you how much he hesitated to ask.

You turned slightly, just enough to look him in the eye. “나도 모르겠어. 미인해. But I’m here, I’m still going to be your best friend. Nothing’s ever going to change that.”

석진오빠 - Seokjin-oppa

어디에요 - Where are you?

왜 - Why?

ㅎㅎㅎ - H h h (Hahaha?)

어, 고마워 우리 귀여운 동생이~ - Eo, thank you, our cute dongsaeng.

왜, 윤기야? 지금 왜? - Why, Yoongi-yah? Why now?

나 진짜 안되겠니? - Can’t it really be me?

나도 모르겠어. 미인해. - I also don’t know. I’m sorry. 

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama/Romance/CollegeAU

Pairing: ReaderxYoongi/ReaderxNamjoon/ReaderxJimin/Readerx?

Summary: It’s the number one rule: you should never fall in love with your best friend or worse, Min Yoongi. With love in the equation, it becomes much difficult to find the right answer. Is it really true that you can’t choose who you fall in love with?

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen SixteenSeventeen Eighteen Nineteen Nineteen Point Five Twenty Twenty One Twenty Two (END) Epilogue

a/n: this also deviated a lot from my original outline AND SCRIPT. Which is ultra rare, but I liked how it came out. YO AT THAT HAMILTON REFERENCE THO and yay for more Seokjin! and the jjajangmyun reference. come on. But honestly, who got scared that it was going to be Y/N and Jin? hahaha send me a #TeamSeokjin in the ask!


[Zelo gets tattooed]
Rated: Mature

You sighed heavily turning the page of your book. You’d been bored out of your mind lately. A lack of motivation and inspiration was going to be the death of you. It was like you wanted to tattoo, but you just couldn’t find the right client.

You needed a new muse.

Sleepy walked up the narrow staircase holding a bag of from your favorite street cart. “Hey, I brought ya somethin~”

“Oppa!” you grinned seeing your older brother make his way inside “You can be amazing when you wanna be” you chimed reaching out for the bag. “Gimmie”

“Ah- say please” he held the bag just out of reach.

“Yah, Sleepy-Oppa! Give me my food you tree”

“Alright here” he set the plate of tteokbokki in your hand. “You really should consider eating something other than tteokbokki”

“Give me one good reason why?” you pouted, shoving the skewer in your mouth. “If you’ve already found perfection, why seek anything else?”

He groaned, raking a hand through his hair. “Why are you like this?” He made himself at home, flopping down on the tattoo bench, and resting his arms behind his head. “Where is everybody anyway?”

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How To Change A Fuqboi (Jungkook)

Word Count: 2,917

Loosely inspired by the song “Fuqboi” by Hey Violet

Rated M (language and suggestive content)

Originally posted by donewithjeon

How to Change a Fuqboi

Volume 1: Happenstance (Jungkook)
Volume 2: For-Getting His Attention (Jimin)
Volume 3: Boning and Binding (Taehyung)
Volume 4: One and Done (Yoongi)
Volume 5: Unintentional Liar (Seokjin)
Volume 6: To Be Loved (Namjoon)
Volume 7: Checklist (Hoseok)


Step 1) Get acquainted*

Obviously, first you need to find him, that “Netflix and Chill” guy who thinks it’s cool to recycle pick up lines from pop songs, ask for “pics” within the first five messages of a conversation, and has the nasty little habit of borrowing his mom’s earrings. They’re everywhere, so really, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

You retrace your steps carefully, gaze glued to the ground. It has to be around here somewhere.

Of course the day you convince your father to let you wear your late grandmother’s silver bracelet, you’d go and lose it.

Maybe it’s along the path you take to your car. Maybe it’s back in your oceanography class. Maybe someone found it and…

Anxiety rips through your veins.

No, it has to be somewhere- you just need to remember where it fell off. Your feet stop carrying you forward as they reach the classroom, bracelet still nowhere to be seen. This is your last chance, so taking a deep breath to futilely fend off the disappointment and subsequent panic, you push open the door.

The professor has long since left and the next session, which you think might be a discussion class, probably won’t start for another half an hour, thus you are mildly surprised to find a student lounging in your exact seat, scrolling through messages on his phone, but also idly fiddling with a VERY familiar piece of fine jewelry.

“Hey!” the rude cry escapes your lips before you can stop it.

The boy looks up, immediately making eye contact and freezing you to the spot. Calling him attractive would do this masterpiece no justice. His muscular shoulders and arms fill out his black t-shirt beautifully, matched with a pair of perfect legs complimented by ripped jeans. And his FACE… his sultry eyes are partially hidden behind sun kissed bangs, hair messily parted slightly to the side in a way that makes it WORK and a jawline so sharp it could split thread.


You immediately know what he is, the coil in your stomach makes it clear, a heartbreaker- nay, a fuck boy. You firmly believe in the live and let live policy, but after the last time, you don’t think you could handle another emotional roller coaster.

It’s almost painful to maintain his gaze, so you drop yours to your feet, voice wavering, “I’m sorry…I… I think that’s my bracelet.”

“Is it?” his voice is the auditory equivalent of tasting thick cake frosting and a smirk quirks the left corner of his lips upward.

“Yes,” you affirm, though sound anything but sure.

“How do I know you aren’t just trying to steal it?” he arches an eyebrow, pinching the bracelet between his index finger and thumb, lifting it for inspection.

You run your fingers through your hair, finding the courage to look at him again, half flustered, half frustrated, “It’s my grandmother’s. Please.”

“Well anyone could say that,” he shrugs, either doing a stellar job at feigning concern or actually (albeit stereotypically) breaking character by showing interest in something that isn’t related to his pleasure, sexual or otherwise.

“Then how can I prove it to you?” you know you sound desperate now, but what else can you do? That’s REAL silver he’s holding.

His smile widens until he’s flashing you a perfect set of pearly whites, “First off, you can tell me your name. I’m Jungkook, by the way.”

*Addendum: acquainted, not to be confused with “friendly” or “intimate.”

Step 2) Keep everything on your** terms

Conversations are, obviously, give and take, push and pull, but try not to lose ground whenever possible. Give a fuqboi an inch and they’ll shove it down your pants.

You waste no time answering his question and Jungkook bobs his head in acknowledgement, a rich hum leaving his throat before he replies, “Alright, nice to meet you. Why don’t you come take a seat so we can talk?”

His suggestion is friendly, innocent enough, and he hasn’t tried anything so far, but hesitation still laces your movements. The seat is cold against your skin, thighs slightly exposed as your skirt settles awkwardly. You pull at the hem, trying to save your decency, cheeks burning for reasons you can’t fathom (or choose not to), voice hoarse, “Can I have my bracelet now?”

“Do you have proof yet?” his tone is teasing.

“Touché,” you sigh, glancing at the clock. Twenty five minutes.

“I think I should keep it safe until I’m sure,” the coyness in his tone is nauseating, “We could-”

On an impulse, tired of this bullshit song and dance, you lurch forward, making a desperate grab for the prize, but Jungkook seems to be one step ahead of you as he, in one motion, collects the silver chain and hides it in his fist.

“Ah, getting antsy are we?” he chuckles. Yes, chuckles. You attempt to withdraw immediately, cheeks coloring, but he catches your wrist with his free hand, “Maybe I won’t think about it so hard if you, say, give me a kiss?”

Jungkook doesn’t fight as you pull away like he’d burned you. It’s not a secret that you REALLY want that bracelet; yet you have NO idea where those lips have been. If you’d been friends- heck, if you had known the guy for more than five minutes, it would have been a POSSIBILITY, but you’d only met… well okay, seven minutes ago.

Still, what other options are available? You can’t really ask a third party for help because as much as you hate it, he’s right. You’ve got NO proof that the bracelet is yours. Jungkook has all the cards and he knows it. The worst part is, he probably knows you know he knows it.

“What if we start by exchanging numbers?” you offer, tearing your gaze away from his hand to force a smile at his face.

His amused grin easily sinks back into a cocky half-smirk, “Sure. Give me your phone and I’ll take care of everything.”

“What? So you have my phone AND my bracelet?” you can’t help yourself.

Jungkook leans forward a bit, resting his cheek against the heel of his palm, sharp gaze boring into your eyes, “Verses giving you my phone and risk letting you hold it hostage until I give you the bracelet?”

He has a point.

With a guttural sound of uncomfortable irritation, you pull the device from your pocket and thrust it at him.

“Thanks babes,” the pet name rolls off of his tongue easily and Jungkook wastes no time slipping his number into your contact list and shooting himself a text. The audacity of some people… well, at least it’s on your terms, not his.

Twenty more minutes-

The door opens, shattering the illusion of isolation. You startle subtly, turning to glare at your newest companion and the fresh hell that’s sure to ensue, but you’re genuinely surprised to find a middle aged woman toting a rolling backpack behind her.

“Hello, professor,” Jungkook gives a chipper greeting that grates on your nerves.

“Hello, Mr. Jeon,” she gives him a smile of acknowledgment before turning on the projector and setting up her computer.

I guess you were a little off on your estimation of thirty minutes.

Your gaze flits to where you know the piece of fine jewelry lies, which is still secured tightly in his fist, “Please, Jungkook. Just give me the bracelet.”

The smallest amount of hope blossoms in you that, in front of his teacher, he may show mercy. But it dies immediately as he slowly shakes his head, tapping his cheek, “Only if you give me a kiss. Doesn’t even have to be on the lips.”


“No,” you insist, standing. “I guess I better leave then.”

“Oh c’mon,” Jungkook practically whines, though the amusement is still heavily present in his expression, “Don’t be like that…”

Without another word, you take your leave, deciding that as long as the bracelet is “safe” with him, you’ll be able to live with it; but for course, only until you figure out how to steal it back.

**Clarification: not “YOURS” exactly, but he should not have complete control of the situation.

Step 3) Don’t fall for his silly*** tricks

These often include but are not limited to intensive verbal flirting, lingering touches, and intentionally prolonged eye contact.

It takes less than ten minutes for your phone to light up with the first text message.

jKoOk OppA: miss ya arleady babes~

It seems as if autocorrect can’t even cover up his douche-ness, though the contact name he input is enough to force a shudder run down your spine.

Me: …?

jKoOk OppA: [(1) Attachment]

Your lips purse in concentration as you contemplate not opening it. With the kind of guy he is, there’s no telling what it could be. Then again, he’s in class so there’s a very limited amount of damage he could do.

Your thumb presses down with only mild hesitation and a picture pops up of your dangling silver bracelet. You sigh in relief. Okay, maybe he’s blackmailing you- or is it blackmailing? He’s holding a piece of YOUR property hostage and demanding… demanding what? This far, a kiss, but that was a joke, right?

Whatever the case, it could be much, much worse and you decide that MAYBE he deserves a chance. After all, he hasn’t done anything TOO bad. Yet. So you decide to play along with his little game for now because what’s the harm?

Me: Did it really have to be “oppa?”

jKoOk OppA: yess ;)

And of course you just really, REALLY want your bracelet.

A few days pass, during which you fervently try to keep the conversation going in order to get this boy’s approval, but the only progress you seem to make is finally changing his contact name. Jungkook just seems to be interested in flirting (big surprise), but stays somewhat on topic by sending you pictures of your stolen possession every day.

This morning, you even get him in the shot, lips pursed, one eyelid dropped in a wink, and this thoughtful message attached:

Kook Boy: mayb you could retrun the favor today??? ;)))

You decide to not grace him with a response, but you can’t help the stupid smile that pulls at your lips. Okay, at this point you can’t deny the fact that you like the attention and sometimes humor him by flirting back. Jungkook always says (or types, as you haven’t really spoken since meeting him because, no matter how long you wait, he seems intent on not showing up for his class on time) the right things, making you blush. And obviously, he’s HOT, for lack of better words.

But the thought that he’s probably saying those very things to ten other girls, making them blush too, is always present at the back of your mind. You’re not special. He just happens to be holding something of value hostage. For all you know, that’s his strategy and…

This argument has been running your mind in circles for about sixteen hours straight now, interrupted only by your sad attempt at four full hours of sleep. It’s so distracting that you use it as today’s excuse to not pay attention to the oceanography lecture, taking precedence over worrying about that essay you’ll need to power through tonight in order to turn it in tomorrow morning.

It would be so easy jut to give in to his demand. A single kiss, “not even on the lips,” and the bracelet would be yours, but then you’d have no reason to talk to him- unless you’d be willing to break your “no more fuck boys” rule.

This seems simple enough, but you deserve better.

It is around this metaphorical mental lap that your phone decides to give off that special vibration, the three staccato hums that you set specifically for THAT number.

Your hands shake as you reach for the device to subtly glance at the message below the desk.

Kook Boy: Hey babes, wassup??? ;D

Me: Boooored in class ;-; wbu?

Kook Boy: ^^ thinking…

Me: About what??

Kook Boy: :’)

Me: Mmmm I’ll take a guess. Me?? lol

Kook Boy: Maaaaybe

Me: Good thoughts? O_O

Kook Boy: [(1) Attachment]

“But he’s already sent me the hostage picture of my bracelet…?” is exactly the line of thought that indirectly leads to you dropping your phone with the loudest fucking clatter ever, interrupting your teacher’s carefully designed powerpoint about tide cycles, and exposing the dick pic to the entire class.

Any affection you might have had for Jungkook is instantly wiped away in a flood of adrenaline and an avalanche of humiliation.

You scramble to pick up the device, but the damage has already been done. The people immediately around you are audibly smothering laughter or blatantly showing looks of disgust. The only thing that saves the dregs of your dignity is the fact that you’re sitting near the middle of the room and the professor can’t see the screen, though he does cast a glance of irritation in your direction.

Once the phone is back in your pocket, you bury your face in your arms, wanting to die.

You’re so put off by the entire situation that you fail to notice both the class ending and everyone exiting the room. The only thing that draws your attention out of the bottomless vortex of slight self hatred and complete loss of faith in humanity are the three short vibrations.

For whatever ungodly reason, you decide to look at the new message.

Kook Boy: lololol sorry beb wrong person~~

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, he confirms your suspicions that there ARE other girls and holy fuck he’s sending them dick pics.

You feel physically sick, bile threatening to rise up your throat.

Judging by his lack of appearances over the past couple of weeks, you take solace in the thought that at least you won’t have to face him. But then, as if SIMPLY to prove you wrong, the door opens and life delivers you one last, stinging kick in the ass. Jungkook strolls in leisurely, like he hadn’t just mortified you beyond repair. Then again, he has no idea.

“Oh! Hey babes,” he gives you a thousand watt smile, voice lacking emotions that normal people would probably feel after sending a misplaced text, such as embarrassment or regret.

That look on your face… I’m not sure if it’s annoyance or humiliation, but either way the only thing you want to do is melt into your seat. Maybe the floor too, whatever it takes to disappear.

He sits next to you, dumping the relatively empty backpack at his feet and adjusting the unbuttoned collar of his blue shirt with tacky, dark blue pineapples printed all over it.

You hate him and his low neckline, sun kissed hair, and cocky smirk.

Much to your irritation, heat pools in the pit of your stomach and you do the only natural thing. You stand, haphazardly gathering your belongings in your arms, and briskly say, “You know what? Just keep the damn bracelet.”

Jungkook’s expression immediately falls into one of shock, “Babes, what are you-?”

Your words get high pitched with exasperation, “Do you even know my name?”


“Then what is it?” your tone is nothing less than venomous, and rightly so.

His fingers rake through his hair, “S- no… Ch…”

“You DON’T know,” you accuse, more angry at yourself for knowingly wasting your time than at him.

“Is this about the picture?” he sounds more confused than anything.

“Yes- no- it doesn’t matter! You were just using me. For what? I don’t know, but I also don’t care. Have a good life, Jungkook. Don’t worry about texting me anymore,” you are prepared to shoulder your way past the door, but once again, his intoxicating voice stops you.

And this time, it’s only two words, spoken in a tone that thoroughly perplexes you: sorrow.

“Wait, please.”

***Definition: Silly, in this case meaning less than savory, but often presented as suave or sincere.

Step 4) Give up and realize that he’ll never change****

You don’t turn to face him, instead simply listening to his next actions. Jungkook unzips his backpack and rises, walking toward you. He stops at a respectable distance, but is still close enough to suggest the smallest amount of intimacy.

The boy gently takes one of your hands, guiding it away from your books, turning it so that your palm faces up. Into it, he drops something cold, tearing your eyes away from the hallway, your route of escape to find the silver bracelet.

He clears his throat, “Here… I’m sorry that I upset you.”

Your fingers close around the metal chain and you decide that one last glance will be okay. Jungkook’s brown eyes easily meet yours and a small, sad smile slides onto his lips. Without another word, you slowly pull away and let the door close between you.

It takes several therapeutic hours of walking around campus aimlessly for you to come to a decision, but you eventually gather enough courage to take out your phone.

The device seems to weigh a metric ton and your fingers feel stiff as you type, but somehow, you manage to complete the message, giving one last, self-affirming nod before hitting the send button.

Me: I forgive you.

****Correction: he’ll never change, unless HE wants to.


A/N: So there’s a 75% chance I’d do one of these for each of the members if people want to read it.

Good Girl Ch 20: Claim

Thank you everyone for all the love! You have no idea how much I love to hear your thoughts on everything! Keep them coming!

“I wanted her to sit next to her,” Jiyong pouts from the other side of the large desk. Kris had pulled me on to his lap right when he sat down, denying me any chance of sitting with my new friend on the other side, not that I minded; I kind of enjoy his jealousy.

“Mr. Kwon,” Kris snaps taking the older man’s eyes away from me, “Please tell me what you needed to tell me.  I would like to have time to focus all of my attention on my baby before my next phone call.” His arms around my waist tighten, his thumbs lazily draw circles on my stomach.

“I was giving her plenty of attention out there,” My new friend smirks devilishly.

“Ya!” I glare at him, “None of that remember?”

He sighs and holds up his hands in surrender, “I’m sorry Beautiful, I saw the opportunity and had to take it.”

“No more Oppa or we can’t be friends.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please don’t be mad.”

“What the hell happened out there? Why are you being so friendly with each other?” Kris grabs me by the chin to get me to focus on him.

I shrug, “We talked.”

“You talked?”

I nod.

“Kris, I really don’t appreciate the constant interruptions,” Jiyong glares.

“I’m just worried about my baby.”

“I see that,” He glares at Kris’s hands on my body. “You must be too busy with that to discuss the future of your group.” He moves to stand but Kris stops him.

“Hyung, I’ll stop, please tell me what you came to say.”

Jiyong smirks, “First, I want Joo-ya over here,” He pats the seat next to him.

“Oppa, stop being mean.”

“But Joo-ya, I want to help you out of your cage.”

I shake my head, “I like my cage.”


“Oppa, if you are going to be like this I will leave.”

He sighs, “Fine, I’ll talk about this boring stuff. Just don’t leave.” Looking back to Kris his playfulness disappears, “I learned from an unnamed source that some information was being leaked from someone who was play gangster with our groups. When my source revealed the name of our little bug I quickly found him and captured him. After looking threw his computers I found out nothing about what he knows or where the information he got is being held.”

“What do you need from us?” Kris says back, giving off the same cold professional vibe as Jiyong.

“My brothers and I tried to get the information from him but since that is not something we are very good at, my hyung has a bad habit of going too far and loosing everything all together. So, since getting information is your families specialty, especially that chubby faced hyung of yours, we were thinking of just giving this snitch over to you.”

“This isn’t a conversation I want to have in front of Jooyoung,” Kris states.

“She is already here. She knows. Might as well continue.”

I add in, “I already know most of this from the first night I stayed with you guys.”

“See,” He beams at me, “She’s a brave little girl.”

“Why are you helping them?” I ask him, something that surprised all of us.

“What do you mean?” Jiyong looks a little proud that I’m daring to question him, Kris just looks horrified that I may have offended my new friend.

“You said earlier that you two are the biggest groups in Asia, that means you’re competition. Why would you help them? I mean, even if you weren’t able to get the information out of this man yourself, there must be people you can hire for that, right?” I look to Kris for an answer.

“Baby,” Kris warns, “You shouldn’t think about this stuff.”

The other just continues to beam at me, “She’s so smart.”

“Stop looking at her like that.”

“She’s just so amazing.”

“Why would befriend someone like this?” Kris asks me gesturing to the suddenly glaring man.

I smile at my new friend, “He reminds me of Jihyo.”

Kris grimaces as Jiyong stares at me confused, asking, “Is that a compliment?”

“A very nice one,” Kris answers honestly, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration, “You should feel very honored.”

“Where is my baby?” Tao yells as he busts threw the doors. I automatically jump out of Kris’s grip to run into the tan man’s arms.

“Taotao!” I yell back gleefully jumping into the tall man’s arms.

“I’m so sorry I was so mean to you this morning,” He kisses the top of my head.

“It’s okay, did you guys get everything figured out?” I question, giving him a once over before going to check the others who are coming in behind him.

“We’re okay baby, thank you for checking,” Kai says giving me a peck on the lips when he sees the man approaching our group. “Mr. Kwon, what are you doing here?” I’m quickly passed around to greet everyone, getting more personal greetings than normal with lots of kisses.

“I came to have a talk with your brother, now I’ll be on my way out,” Jiyong gives them a polite smile.

“That was all you had to say? You came all the way here to say that?” I pause for a second in Chanyeol’s hug to look back at him.

Jiyong nods, “Well that and to see you again.”

“I thought we were going to talk more?”

He smiles, “You seem to be busy now, we will talk again soon. I’ll be coming by a lot more to talk with your oppas about that snitch.”

“I’ll be going back to school next we so I won’t be around.”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head, I’ll make sure our friendship doesn’t end here,” He comes over to us, Chanyeol’s grip tightens around me when Jiyong pats my head. “I’ll be taking my leave, so all of you can relax. But one last request, I’d like Joo-ya to walk me out.”

All ten men glare at him but Kris answers, “Over our dead bodies.”

I can see the temptation in his eyes to give back some gangster like threat in return but when our eyes lock his mouth closes as he reconsiders his words, not wanting to get on my bad side. How ironic.

“Fine, how about to the elevator?” This time he doesn’t wait for a response, instead he just grabs my hand and pulls me toward the elevator. When my oppas do nothing to stop him I just follow along, letting my mind wander about what all of these things could mean. We stop at the elevator doors, he presses the button before turning back to look at my oppas who had began taking a few steps forward, “You stay.” The boys freeze in the doorway, “Good guard dogs.”

I bow slightly to him, “Sorry about them being so over protective.”

He chuckles ruffling my hair affectionately, “It’s cute.”

“They usually aren’t that physically affectionate in front of others.”

“No worries, they are just marking their territory. Speaking of which you haven’t been claimed, have you?” He scans me.

“Claimed?” I cock my head at him.

“Those dumb boys,” He sighs before pulling off one of his rings and grabbing my hand. “This ring will keep you safe from anyone who would dare try to mess with you.” I let him slide the ring on to my ring finger, I stare at the beautiful dragon ring. It is a golden dragon wrapped around my finger with a small black gem in it’s mouth; I can’t help but find it strangely adorable.

“Does this mean you’re claiming me?”

He hesitates answering for a minute, “Yes and no. You can take it off whenever you want but when you do wear it, people will think you belong to me. I like it on you though,” there’s that smirk again.

“It will make my oppas mad.”

“Tell them, I give them permission to claim you as well. But keep the fact that I’m allowing you to take the ring off, it’ll make things more fun.”

“Allowing me?” I raise a brow at him as I play with the ring.

“It’s something I’m used to saying, sorry.”

“You seem as strict as them.”

He chuckles, “I’m probably worse, I wouldn’t let any man touch you.” He grabs my hand again; staring at the ring he smiles softly.

“Why do they let you touch me?”

Just than, the elevator dings, “I’ll explain it to you next time.”

“When will next time be?” My curiosity gets the better of me.

He steps into the elevator still holding my hand so it won’t close, “Dinner next week? Tuesday?”

“My oppas won’t like that.”

“I’ll deal with that,” He smirks before kissing the ring on my hand and stepping back into the elevator, letting it close. “I’ll see you soon Beautiful.”

“Goodbye Oppa.” Turning around I see my daddies all there staring at me like I had an arm growing out of my forehead. “Is this how my oppas felt the first time they saw us interacting?”

“I’m guessing so,” Suho comes to me, giving me a complete once over. “He didn’t hurt you right?”

“Oh goodness, daddy,” I smile at the worried man, “You are so cute when you are worried.”

“Baby, we are being serious,” Kris says.

Lay nods in agreement, “He is a very dangerous man.”

I scoff, “You’re kidding right? Don’t you guys dare start giving me a speech about how he is so dangerous, that I should be worried about the situation I’m getting myself into. You guys need to realize that I’m already drowning in a situation I don’t fully understand with you guys. I have nothing to gain or loose from talking to Jiyong oppa. I’m living with twelve men who I call daddy. I risk the chance of pissing one of you off and getting myself raped or murdered everyday.” They all share a similar look of guilt and anger, glancing from one another, another silent conversation.

“He claimed you,” Chanyeol deadpans, glaring down at the ring on my finger.

I sigh staring down at it, “He said it’s okay for you guys to claim me too, whatever that means.”

“What if he likes her too much and takes her away?” Sehun worries, coming over and hugging me tightly.

Kris shakes his head, “From what I saw of them interacting, he cares about how she feels about him. So unless our baby wants to leave he won’t take her.” They all look to me.

“Baby,” Chen calls, “Are you happy with us?”

I sigh but nod without hesitation. Whether or not I’d care to admit it I love their craziness and possessiveness, though sometimes it can be too much.

“What about what Mr. Kwon said earlier, about you being in a cage?” Kris wonders.

“I’m a pretty bird in a cage, at least that what he said. I told him I’m happy to have such an amazing view from my cage,” I look at each of them, earning me a hug from an excited Baekhyun.

“What did you talk about before he got in?” Tao wonders.

“He wants to have dinner on Tuesday.”

“Hell no!” The room rallies.

“That’s what I said, but he seems to think he can change your mind.”

Suho groans, “This just got a lot more difficult. We should get her back to the house before something else happens.”

“Did someone tell the hyungs about this?” Sehun asks nervously.

Everyone in the room shakes their head, “I’m not going to tell Xiumin that our baby was claimed by the black dragon.” Kris shudders.

“Black dragon? Is that his street name or something?’ I ask. Sehun nods making me wonder, “What’s your guys’?”

“Suddenly with all the questions. What do we tell you?” Baekhyun taps on my nose.

“Only big kids need to know.” I pout, “Jiyong oppa would tell me.”

Chen sighs, “Baby, if we answered every question you asked, you would be running away faster than you would have ever thought possible.”

“Is it really that bad?”

“We have done some bad things baby, we will do more, some worse. We want to keep you from such a dark world alright?”

“I’m braver than you think.”

“You are a little girl,” Suho snaps, “you say you are brave, you say you are strong, you say you are a big girl, until all the bad things you said you could handle become too real for you. And suddenly you are curled up in a ball crying when we come towards you, calling us monsters. We don’t want to tell you because we don’t want you to be afraid of us. So please baby, stop with the questions, we want one innocent little thing to not run screaming when we come near. Can you give us that?”

I nod, suddenly feeling guilty for letting for letting my curious show too much when I know better.

“Now lets go home, we have a new problem to deal with.”

“What about Xiumin hyung?” Kris glances at the closed door.

Chen gives him a smug smirk, “You can explain that.”

“Hell no.”

“We just couldn’t tell him for a while,” Chanyeol suggests earning a smack on the back of the head from Baekhyun.

“Don’t you think he will notice the massive ring on her finger?” Baekhyun glares at the younger’s stupidity.

“I can’t believe he gave her his favorite one,” Kyungsoo takes my hand and stares at the ring.

“He kissed it too,” Suho adds. Open my mouth to ask something but snap it close when I remember my scolding a moment ago. But Suho noticed, “What is it baby?”

“I don’t know what questions are okay.”

“Go ahead.”

“Why does it matter that he kissed it?”

Kyungsoo answers, “It’s a show of interest and a promise of loyalty.”


“Take it off right now!” Xiumin oppa demands the moment he see the ring on my finger at dinner. The boys have somehow managed to keep their hyung distracted enough for him not to notice it, but after forcing his way into the spot next to me he sees in on my left hand as I eat.

“Daddy, it’s fine,” I continue to eat as the older man glares at everyone else at the table.

“It’s fine? Did anyone tell her who that bastard is?”

I sigh slamming my metal chopsticks on the table, I stand up, my chair sliding out, earning me every eye in the room. “Daddy Xiumin, I said it’s fine, I had to deal with them the whole way home telling me about how dangerous he is and how worried they are for my safety. None of them told me who he was, he told me himself. I know that he is the leader of a mafia, but so are you. If you want me to question why my alarms didn’t go off with him when I know just from looking at him that they should have, I will have to do the same to all of you. If you all would like the think back to two weeks ago when we met; I was curled up in a ball drunk off my ass in the back alleyway of your club after you guys started a shoot out. Let’s not forget that you killed an innocent man in front of me, after that I got in a car with you. Talking to Jiyong oppa in your lobby is definitely not one the most questionable things I’ve done this month. So please can we leave that alone?” I plop back down in my seat and begin stuffing my face.

“That ring is going in the trash,” Xiumin doesn’t take his eyes off me.

Without looking up I say, “Then you are going to explain to him where it went.” I’m genially surprised when they don’t scold me or get mad they just continue to stare.

“Where is our little girl?” Luhan pouts from my other side.

“She is taking a break, but I wish she would come back,” I groan rubbing my temples, for one wishing that side of me would come out. It’s hard to deal with this shit when I’m big, I don’t have the patience for it.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” He wonders.

“Just let me go take a bath,” I stand up but Suho gives me a questioning look and before he can get the words out I groan, “Daddy Chen, lets go please.” He seems to be the only one not pouting about my small side being gone for the moment. The man nods before taking my hand and leading me out of the room where the other men start talking in hushed voices. He takes me to his room, right into the bathroom that had showered in days before hand in. I sit waiting on the edge of the tub while he fills it up, he grabs me a bath bomb that entertains me when he leaves to grab me some new clothes and towels.

He’s back just in time to turn the water off, the water is swirls of blues, black, and purples, creating my own little galaxy. I let him undress me and climb into the water, enjoying the sweet smell and how smooth it makes my skin feel. Chen sits on the edge of the large tub just watching me with a small smile.

“What?” I ask when he just continues to stare.

He chuckles, “I’m just thinking about how the others talk about how you are so different from when you are your little self. I think you are the same just with a little more kick.”

“You guys don’t like me when I’m big do you?” I stare down at the water.

“Speaking for myself, I love you both ways.” I peek up to find him leaning a little closer with a small smile, “You are my baby, no matter how big you are. As for everyone else, they are just worried that if are big you won’t think you need us and you’ll leave. Not to mention how hot it is when you are so cute and needy for our attention.”

“So you guys don’t hate me when I’m like this?”

“If I’m being completely honest, it’s really hot when you are your badass self. But it makes it hard for us to control ourselves when you are being so tough,” His eyes scan my naked body, that is hidden under the dark water, coming back up to find my lips. I smirk, leaning forward and catching his lips in a kiss. Mindlessly he leans forward, I grab his tie and pull him closer into the water, causing a some of it to splash out.

“Oops,” I squeak when he lands in between my legs.

“Oops won’t cover it baby. You got daddy’s nice suit all wet,” He teases.

“I can’t do much more than help you take it off,” I flirt, catching both of us off guard.

“This is what I mean, this big side to you has such a mouth.” I grin when he leans back in for a kiss, sheading his jacket and vest quickly. Next to go is his tie, followed by his button up leaving him in only his dress pants. We break the kiss, our chests heaving; I bite my lip as I take in his perfect chest and abs. “My eyes are up here baby.”


Pairing: Park Jinyoung x Reader
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Disgustingly doting girlfriend thinks about her precise, strictly regimented boyfriend.
Author’s note: Hey there! I was in my Jinyoung feelings the other day and really needed to vomit this thing out. Hopefully you guys like it! Also, here’s the credit for the gif I used.

A boyfriend as predictable as this should’ve been boring…

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Fansigning || BTS (Part 1)

Pairing: BTS x You
Genre: Fluff ?
Word count: 1,055

Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, full photo credit to rightful owner. Also, if you’ve seen this story somewhere else like wattpad, well, congratulations, you found my tumblr account :D

part 2 part 3

I shook in anxiousness as I wait for my turn. Holding onto nothing but a paper bag full of gifts. Head ducked low, my short shoulder-length hair not helping with hiding my already burning pink face. I could feel my ears and cheeks turning red the longer I stood there.

The line was surprisingly slow to advance, considering it was a fansigning. But it gave me time to breathe and relax as it melted away a bit of my nervous fit. I couldn’t help myself that I took a quick peek from between my bangs which I regretted the moment I laid my eyes on him.

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But I’m Better

Originally posted by 50shadesofgraylee

But I’m Better

“What the hell do you mean Bewhy?” Sungmin groaned, staring at you in total and complete betrayal. “How are you gonna try my life like that? I thought you were my girl. My one and only. My ride or die. My-”

“Yah…Oppa…Don’t you think you’re being just a little over dramatic?” you quirked a brow. 

“No!” he scoffed. “I just never thought my girl would betray me for my best friend…”

You rolled your eyes and looked back at your book; Ignoring the little temper tantrum your boyfriend insisted on throwing. You were spending an evening at home; Catching up on your reading. When your boyfriend stormed inside of your apartment, yelling about an interview you did for the producers at filming earlier. It was literally just a fleeting moment but you were asked who you were cheering for and you said Bewhy.

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AH ~~~ Feels !!!!

Those hyungs gather just for the maknae who will do his duty as SK citizen …

2 years without Evil maknae Kyuhyunie, with future comeback planning, I know things will be incomplete but I wish all the best for Suju ^^

Sadly , no Kangin and Wookie :(


BTS Reaction || Their child having a crush on another member.

||🔻Gifs are not mine🔻||

A/N: I read a similar one so props to that user for having such a cute and amusing idea. I had to do one as well. Btw, the child is of yours and the member and the child is no older than 10.

~Admin Sushi スシ

J-hope: He and his child would never keep secrets, besides the secret of how babies are made, so when Appa Hoseok asked his daughter if she had a crush on anyone, he was a little surprised. “What? Sunshine, you like your Jiminie oppa?” He’d smile and laugh it off with her as his daughter would go off to do something else, he’d say to himself, “She’s growing up so fast.” His heart would explode because there’d be an overdose of cuteness. 

Jimin: “What?” He’d sit his child down on the couch and sit on his heels. “But Puddin’, don’t you think your daddy’s better looking than Seokjin hyung?” He’d ask as you made your way into the living room to get something. He’d start playing with his hair in front of your child and his wife, you, as he’d wait for an answer. “No.” The simple answer caused you and Jimin to break out laughing. You’d both be laughing at his defeat as the little child watched their parents in confusion. “I’d I say? I didn’t say joke.” “Don’t worry dear,” You’d say wiping away your tears from laughing so hard.

Jin: He’d be a little taken back as his princess told who she liked by giving little hints to who she liked. It wasn’t obvious at first as she said ‘he’s pretty’ and ‘handsome’ and ‘has a nice voice and is really really nice to me.’ But once she whispered the name into his ear, scared that someone would hear, his eyes widened and he looked at her with an amusing smile. “You have a crush on Jungkook?” “Mmhm.” After that he’d watch her with loving eyes as his princess would blush while giving her Jungkook oppa his daily morning peck on the cheek. 

Jungkook: He’d chuckle and smile at his child as she stood between his knees. “But baby, your Joonie oppa would break all your toys.” He’d say and she’d giggle as his fingers would find her tiny belly. 

Rap Monster: The kid would be the one to bring the topic. “I think I like swaggy oppa.” He’d be very interested on how she figured out her situation. She’d say that his coolness and ‘swaggyness’ got to her. As much as he’d love her, he’d want her to be safe by not getting a heart break. So he’d be very logical and kindly break the ice to his daughter that Yoongi was a little too old for her. And being the brain monsters child, she’ll understand it. “You know he’s too old for you right Pumpkin.” “Yeah…” she’d frown a little, of corse, and that would case him to let down one of his walls. “Okay, you are allowed to like that lazy bum, but he’s not allowed to be your boyfriend… And no boyfriend until your 18.” “And how long will it take until I’m 18?” “It will take a long time. You don’t worry, I’ll find you someone better by that then.” “Okay…” “Hey, how ‘bout we get some ice cream? That sound good?” “Ya!”

Suga: Yoongi would notice how his doll’s cheeks would change color as a curtain-someone would come in sight. “Flower, I’ve been noticing that you suddenly get blushie and quite around Taehyung. Care to explain?.” “Daddy I…” He’d hold a strong gaze on her, “C’mon, spill the beans.” “I…I think Tae oppa is really really nice.” The blank face would rest heavily as he and his daughter sat across from each other. “Is that why you act that way all of a sudden?” “I think?” “Is there anything else you’d want to tell me?” “I…I think oppa has a really nice face.” “He’s too old for you…But I’m glad you like someone like Taehyung. He’s a really good person.” He’d say as he’d pull her to sit next to him and give her a warm hug. Yoongi Appa is proud and happy.

V:  “What did you say Egghead?” He and his child would be walking around the park when she suddenly spoke up. But because of the hight difference, her voice was a mere squick. “I said that I think Hobi oppa is nice to look at.” “Oh! And why is that?” By now, he’d be suspicious and would pick her up. After she’d say that she liked the sunshine of the group and the person who twirled her and dance with her, he made sure have her baby have a cute little confession video chat his her oppa. “Hey Hyung.” “Hey, what’s up Tae.” “Well…” He’d bring his daughter in shot. “Egghead wants to tell you something.” “Oh really? What is it Angel?” She’d blush like crazy, showing off the infamous rectangular smile inherited by her father, and make a hand heart. “I l-love you Hobi oppa.” my heartu

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