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Photo-taken | Renjun

A/N: Hello! Sorry for the delayed scenario. I actually changed the idea a bit, I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted :-( I haven’t been having inspiration and I’m still busy preparing for examinations recently. Nonetheless, thank you for your request and enjoy reading! ❤️

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Word count: 939
Style/ Genre: Scenario/ -
Date posted: 22/07/17

“You sure nobody’s home, Renjun?” You whispered to Renjun, who was beside you, as both of you sneakily entered NCT’s shared dorm.

“Yes, I’m sure. But just in case…”

Renjun and you entered the empty dorm house, much to both of your relief. Lucky for both of you, the rest of the NCT members decided to go out to have a shopping trip out while Renjun and you decided to spend the well-deserved rest day the company gave NCT for a couple day out.

Renjun and you rested on the couch lazily, letting the soft and comforting fabric engulf both of you.

“Renjun-ah, I’m tiredddd” You said, letting out a yawn. Renjun had decided to take you out to the amusement park you had wanted to go for a while, and while you were ecstatic upon hearing the plans Renjun had made for you, you had drained all your energy from excitement. By the time both of you collapsed in the dorm at 4 pm, you were exhausted.

“Sleep then, I’ll call you up later,” Renjun said lovingly.


“No buts. If you’re tired, sleep. I’m not running away you know~” Renjun chuckled, pinching your nose. 

Unable to rebut, and considering that you were already exhausted to the brink, you closed your eyes and let yourself fall deeper into a void of black as Renjun sang a soft lullaby to you. Soon enough, Renjun unconsciously found himself joining you in a land of dreams.

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Baby Girl (M)

**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/

pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 1.7k
a/n: so like… everything I’ve ever written about Jungkook is smut… let that sink in

~ smut warning ~

A hushed growl leaves Jungkook’s lips as his eyes regain contact with yours. You pulled your hands against the metal restraints, making sure that Jungkook can hear you and revel in the noises you were making. Except, you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of hearing you moan – not yet.

He looks at you with a pure sense of desire, his eyes seemingly burning red with lust as his fingertips brush over the elastic of your underwear. His fingers dip inside the band, but they just brush over your soft and sensitive skin before retracting to your hips. He pushes down into the bed, making sure to assert his power.

“Don’t speak until I tell you to, baby girl.”

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The struggle of having Kwon Ji-yong as your ultimate Bias

Tell me how can this little cute shit can go from this…

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To this…

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Always making me feel attacked 

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Possessive Trait | Oh Sehun

Genre – Fluff

Word Count – 1.2k

Summary – In which you are grouped up with Jongdae and Baekhyun during Chemistry and Sehun can’t help but feel a little neglected *cough* Jealous *cough* when you hang out with the boys 


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As I collected the last few books from my locker, I listened to the familiar sound of my boyfriend’s footsteps softly making their way behind me before I felt his comparatively large hands cover my eyes. Giggling lightly at his little habit of surprising me, even though it was expected as we had the same class at the end of the day. I still thought his gestures were heart warming.

“Guess who” His deep voice playfully sang as he whispered in my ear, causing me to almost burst out in laughter at the thought any other guy daring to touch me like this. I placed my smaller hands on top of his arms as I spoke.

“Hmm… Let’s see, who would have the guts to get this close to me besides my boyfriend” I teased as I pulled his hands away from my eyes, turning in his arms as he circled them around my waist. “Oops never mind it’s just you” I faux sighed causing his eyes to widen at my response, and a small pout taking over his features; almost screaming at me to kiss it away.

“That’s not nice Jagiya, my jealousy isn’t something at should be made fun of ” He shook his head before I quickly pecked his pink lips and pulled away quickly in case of his teenage boy mind taking over. Sehun was never exactly the friendliest person around when it came to other boys interacting with me.It’s not like he had a particular ex of mine that he was being aware of, or that most of the boys in the school were freaks. It was simply because of the fact that he carried a little possessive trait which was sometimes kind of hot, but other times, quite annoying. 

“Come on mister possessive pants, we need to get to the lab and our little moment is going to make us late” I scolded, dragging him to the lab before he could begin to whine about how controlling I was. 

Class soon began and because we entered a bit late, we couldn’t sit in our usual seats, so Sehun had to sit at the far back corner whilst I took a free seat between Baekhyun and Jongdae. Already knowing of the storm about to take place, I asked them slowly to keep their usual jokes and flirting to a minimum. But obviously my warning was useless because who did the pair like annoying more than Sehun? A very jealous Sehun. The class was instructed to start an experiment, so I made my way to the back to grab the equipment as the boys got the instructions. Spotting Sehun at the table, I decided to go talk to him as I could sense him already thinking up ways to murder the boys whilst glaring at them at the front.

“Oppa stop looking at them like that, they’re your friends and they know better not to hit on me” I whispered to him as he gripped the boiling tubes tightly. His only response was to roll his eyes at my reassurance and simply rush to his table. I sighed at his attitude and went back to my table to set up the experiment.

As I poured the mystery liquid into a beaker filled with iron, Baekhyun decided to place his chin on my shoulder as he intently watched my careful actions. My heart began to beat faster, not at the thought of Baekhyun being so close to me, but at the fact that could literally feel Sehun’s glare burning holes in the back of my head.

“Baekhyun what the hell are you doing?” I whispered to him as he moved further up my shoulder with the biggest smirk on his face. I couldn’t exactly move him away because I was in the midst of pouring something potentially toxic, but I did manage to push him back a bit but it only caused him to come closer.

“Y/N ah I can’t see from there!” He whined as I tried to push him away once more

“Why can’t you just stand beside me and look?” I hissed through gritted teeth as Jongdae kept looking over at Sehun and giggled like a school girl every time he spotted him looking.

“Because that special boyfriend of yours will get angry if I stand next to you” He explained with a childlike tone to his voice.

“And you think this is a better option?” I scoffed at his words as I shoved him once more. “Baekhyun I’m telling you to get off of me for your own good. If you don’t move in the next five seconds, I’ll kill you myself before Sehun even gets a chance” I politely warned which caused him to instantly move away, and my eyes instantly travelled to find Sehun’s, not missing the little accomplished smile which took over his face for a mere second or two.

School had finally come to an end and Sehun and I were on our way home. The fact that he hadn’t said a single word since we left school wasn’t at all surprising, but couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of tension between us and I couldn’t stand it. He currently had his arm loosely hung around my shoulders, which was very rare for him because skin ship wasn’t really his thing when he was annoyed. I slowly brought my hand up to intertwine my fingers with his as I looked up at his expressionless face, trying to think of something to say to him.

“Oppa… When are you gonna start talking to me?” I asked dumbly, hoping for some form of reply from him. And all I got was a shrug, but he gave my hand a little squeeze as if to reassure me that he wasn’t annoyed at me. “If you’re not gonna talk to me, I’m just gonna have to walk on my own because I can’t take it. I know you’re not mad at me but st-” I began to rant as I moved his arm away, but his instant reaction was to wrap both arms around my waist and pull me back. 

 "I’m sorry" His voice almost coming out in a chuckle as I continued to struggle in his arms. I huffed at his sudden change, but I soon have into his embrace. 

“Why do you get jealous this easily? Don’t you trust me?” I whispered to him, turning in his arms and linking my hands behind his neck as he tried to avoid my eyes

“I don’t know Y/N… It’s just that I always think… Wouldn’t you rather date someone like Baekhyun who’s so out there and funny? Or someone like Jongdae who-” His rant came to a stop as I leant up and captured his lips into a kiss, more to shut him up than reassure him of the fact that I wouldn’t even think of dating anyone else

“Why are these kinds of things going through your mind Oppa? You know I love you… I’d never leave you for anyone. There’s a reason I’m not with anyone else, I don’t want anyone with the traits you don’t have. I want you Sehun” I finished my little speech with yet another peck to his lips, but this time he kissed me back and held onto me in a way that he never had before. It was as if he was scared of me slipping away from him, but we both knew that was never going to happen…

A/N: I hope the anon who requested liked this, thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you later Loves <3

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[Naver TV]170721 Top Comments on Daehwi's Teaser Movie

Netizen Comments:

1. [+4047, -98] Ahh world’s best cutiepie god-Daehwi is here ❤️ Hello National Producers! It’s Brand New Music’s two years four months trainee Lee Daehwi! Feels like a couple days ago he said this and now even the teaser is out really hwicutie, otter, david, cheeky, lovely, fresh, pd’s maknae, magu magu cutiepie, sexy fatal finding the lens, dance, i can’t see anything except you (lyrics from Never), english pronunciation, America Japan, textbook way of speaking, 17 years old, comma hair, uneven eyes, exploding of charms, the best half-half aura, Nayana, likes purple, hates eggplant, Cheongdam High School, sleepyhead, dyed hair but black hair looks good too, closes both eyes everytime he takes pics, the best cutiepie Daehwi oppa stop closing your eyes my heart hurts, freaking pretty hands, your eyes are so beautiful, welcome to my hollywood, during Playing With Fire after you blew the flower petals you became a superstar, fashionista ohh it doesn’t feel real megaton bomb, after Daehwi did the megaton bomb I only ate that is this for real, your lip color is always so pretty is this for real? Little prince I love you, leave my side i’m so scared of you yeah (Never lyrics), I love you Daehwi oppa let’s be together for ever, always the beautiful 17 years old Idol-hwi cutie david

2. [+3103, -50] Daehwi-yah ㅠㅠㅠ you did all the cute things ㅠㅠ

3. [+2839, -49] Daehwi-yah I would rather die… aren’t you too cuteㅠ

4. [+2619, -49] Daehwi-yah you’re so beautiful

5. [+2594,-48] Our maknae Daehwi are you an angel? So pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+2310, -49] Daehwi-yahㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+2258, -47] Lee Daehwi!!!!!!!!!!! I’m crying!!!!!!!!!

8. [+2181, -44] Daehwi ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ so freaking cute

9. [+2152, -45] So pretty… noona is crying…

10. [+2104, -48] How are you not 17 months oldㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


Exo’s reaction to you being shipped with another member


*In the middle of one of their concerts a fan yelled out your name shipped with Chen, and Minseok it loud and clear. When he heard the ship name his whole body language changed, as he became enraged at the fact that you were being shipped with Chen and not him.*

Xiumin: *In his head* “Why Chen? She’s my girl!”


*Luhan and the boys were having a meet and greet today. As all the fan were passing by you, you noticed they kept pointing and staring at you and Sehun. But it wasn’t until one particular fan said something.*

Exo-L: “Is it true that Sehun is dating Y/n?”

*Luhan is taken back at the fact that the fandom is shipping you with Sehun*

Luhan: *gif explains his whole life at this moment*


*Kris was hanging out with Chanyeol just chilling, when suddenly Chanyeol starts laughing his ass off because of the post he just saw on Instagram shipping you and Suho.*

Chanyeol:*still laughing his ass off* “Kris, look at this!!” *shows Kris his phone*

*Fanfan is astonished at the fact that you’re being shipped with Suho and not him*

Kris: “My Jagi is being shipped with Suho? Really??


*While they appeared on Weekly Idol, the topic of special someones came up. When the MC suddenly ask Kris about you, Suho does nothing but stare at Kris as he tries to process the idea that you’re being shipped with Kris and not him*


*Today Yixing had an interview in which you ,his girlfriend, were brought up. 

Host: “So, Lay, How do you feel about Y/N and Tao being shipped?”

*The unicorn is not fazed by the shipping of you and Tao, as he trust you and knows you’re faithful to him.*

Lay: *answers immediately* “I SHIP IT TOO… Though as friends; of course.”


*You and all the guys decided to go out to eat. When you all got to the restaurant, you all got seated and waited on. When suddenly you guys overhear the table next you talking about some gossip*

Stranger: “OMG, did you hear about Y/n and Chanyeol!!! It’s all over twitter. I ship them!”

Baekhyun: “Y/N AND WHO??”


*Baekhyun and Chanyeol were on their phones when Baekhyun shows something to Chanyeol they both look up at Chen. Thinking Chen couldn’t hear them they start talking about the topic*

*Baek and Chanyeol start whispering to each other*

Baekhyun: “Why would Y/n get shipped with Xiumin?”

Chanyeol: “You’re right, though I see where people are coming from cause they would make a cute couple. I still ship her more with Chen though.”

*Chen is jealous that your being shipped with Xiumin and that , according to Chanyeol, you guys would make a cute couple. But he sits there and doesn’t say anything so he doesn’t make things awkward*


*You two were laying in bed watching tv. You were flipping the channels when you saw that your favorite talk show was on, so you left it there. As the program continued they started talking about Exo and then it lead to talking about Exo’s special someones.*

Talk Show Host: “ So, I’ve been hearing and Baekhyun and Y/n a lot lately; but hey I ship it! Do they really have something going on? Stay tuned to find out”

Chanyeol: *yells at the tv* “NO, SHE’S MY GIRL!”

*Then gets in his feels at the fact that they’re shipping with Baekhyun and not him*


*Even though you and Kyungsoo publicly announced that you were dating, for some reason people just keep shipping you with Kai. Although Kyungsoo didn’t say much about the topic, you knew that it got under his skin and made him jealous. One day you were going through your twitter and you see a Kai and you edit and it just so happened that D.O was right next to you seeing it as well. So, you exit out of twitter since you saw his face when he saw the edit*

Y/N: “Oppa, you know I love you and this would never happen, right? 

Kyungsoo: *Jealous out of his mind* “Yeah.”


*You and Tao were out shopping, when you suddenly you guys enter a store and all you hear is radio hosts talking about how you and Lay would make a great couple*

Radio Host: “You gotta hand it to Y/N and Lay, that’s one heck of a couple!”

Tao: *starts pouting like a little kid* “Y/n my girlfriend, not Lay’s.”


*When you guys were at the MAMA Awards, Kai overheard someone talking about you and Kyungsoo being shipped*

Random Person: “Where’s Y/n and Kyungsoo. I heard people started to ship them because they’re dating.”

*Kai looks back wondering why people are talking about this when they know you’re Kai’s date to MAMA.*

Kai: *says under his breath* “but she’s my girlfriend.”


*Sehun was extremely confused that fans were shipping you with Luhan instead of him, mostly because he thought that you were too beautiful to be with Luhan*

Sehun: *bitterly and to himself says * “What’s so special about the deer?”

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Bobby and #2 please. ^^

2. He scared that one day you’ll leave him

Type: fluffy/angsty

Thank you for your request. I hope you like it!

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-GIF isn’t mine-

Jiwon and I were having dinner with his band members and Winner.

All the members were there and some with their girlfriends. I was currently talking with Seunghoon about Black Pink.

“Their first dance practice was amazing! The minute it was online I was watching it” I say full of excitement.

“I mean, I saw them dancing in real life and they’re pretty amazing. I can’t wait to watch their debut stage” he says as excited as me.

Our conversation went on till Jiwon and I had to leave.

“It was fun wasn’t it?” I ask Jiwon on the way back home. No answer.

“Jiwon? Did you hear me?” I ask again with a frown.

“What? Fun? Yes” he answers frantically

This was the only conversation, if I can call it that way, we had. Which was weird.

I was already done with my night routine. Jiwon was still brushing his teeth. I was on my phone waiting for him to come to bed.

Couple of minutes later he was right next to me, lying in bed. He didn’t say anything.

“What’s up?” I suddenly ask, fed up with his attitude.

“What do you mean, what’s up? I’m going to sleep” he says, his back facing me.

“I mean, what’s up with you?” I say, sitting up on the bed.

“Not now Y/N, I’m tired!” he says, raising his voice.

“Jiwon, we haven’t talked all night!” I say, starting to raise my voice.

“No wonder why!” he sarcastically chuckles.

“What do you mean ‘no wonder why’? Stop being an ass and speak up” I angrily say.

“Really? I’m being an ass? You want to know why we didn’t talk all night? Let me give you an hint, Seunghoon?!” he says, sitting up and looking at me.

“Seunghoon? Why are you bringing Seunghoon in the middle of this conversation?” I say a bit lost.

“He’s the reason we didn’t talk all night! You were talking with him while I was in front of you looking at you smiling and laughing at every single words he was saying!” he screams out.

“What? Are you being jealous or something?” I ask suspiciously.

“Jealous? Yes ! Y/N, you don’t how it feels to look at the person you love the most in this world being this happy with someone else! You don’t know how it feels to be scared to see you favorite person walking away from you and leaving you. I saw how you were laughing tonight and all I could think about was ‘she’s isn’t happy with me, she’ll leave someday’, my biggest fear is that one day someone will make you happier than I can” he reveals while tears were falling down.

“Oppa where is this coming from?” I whisper.

“Please don’t leave me! I know it’s not easy for us to be in a normal relationship but please don’t leave me” he cries, hugging me.

“Jiwon Oppa, I’ll never leave you! I love you from the bottom of my heart. And I’m sorry you thought that Seunghoon was able to make me laugh and smile more than you, because honestly he can’t. You make me laugh and smile so much more than anyone else because I love you. Leaving you would be the biggest mistake so please stop thinking about it because it will never happen” I quietly explain, smiling.

“I love you so much” he says, kissing me with so much love.

Thanks again for your request. I really do hope that you liked it! Feel free to send me feed back.


Love you all xx

No Promises - Monster Woo [Part 3]

Young Woo and yourself continued on with each other for a couple weeks. While you still went on dates and he walked you home almost everyday, he only allowed himself to enter your home on the weekends, claiming that he didn’t want to tire you for work the next day. While he was sweet, once that clock struck 2 am, he would excuse himself to go home, not trusting himself to sleep next to you all night without fulfilling all of those fantasies he had of what he could do to you.

Thursday nights you always found yourself at his studio, watching all of the practices. Woo often taught classes throughout the week and of course found time to practice, but Thursdays were his day to really go hard. His crew was normally there and practicing for upcoming performances and you had to admit you absolutely loved watching it.

About two hours into the practice, Woo noticed that you were not grading papers or preparing your lesson as you normally would.

“Baby, what’s up?” He slid down the mirror to take a seat next to you. He was wearing a tank top that was loose, allowing for glimpses of his toned body.

“Nothing, oppa. I just don’t have to work tomorrow. You know, spring break starts so I’m all free, all week.” You hinted, bumping your shoulder with his. “So I was wondering if after this we could go back to my place, you know, if you want?”

Young Woo smiled at you. “You like me that much?” He joked. To be honest not being with you every night was torture on him. All he wanted to do was wake up next to you or kiss you while he was buried deep inside. But you were a sweet angel and he had a dark side.

“I kind of already told Trees I would go out with him. He’s feeling neglected. But I swear to you, tomorrow 5 pm, my ass will be knocking on your door.”

You couldn’t argue with that. Friends were important and you had been stealing a lot of the “Woo and Tres” time recently. So you leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek, making him blush from the public skinship. A couple of the guys chuckled after seeing this, but after the look Woo sent them, you doubted that any of them would try to tease him.

You went home shortly after and made dinner. With Netflix on in the background you went about cleaning the place and finally binge watched until you phone notified you.

It was close to 3 am now so seeing Young Woo’s name pop up brought a big smile. You opened the text which was a drunk video of Tres singing and Woo next to him laughing his assistant off. Clearly they were enjoying their night.

Woo - I miss you
You - you seem to be having fun
Woo - suju
Woo - soju
Woo - yummy
You - it’s yummy until the morning
Woo - don’t remind me. just kiss me. Noooow.
You - oh my god. you’re drunk oppa
Woo - yes I am. Drunk in love~

You actually laughed. Never would you have thought that Monster Young Woo would have the drunk habit of doing aeygo. It’s hard enough to imagine a sober Woo pulling off cute acts but drunk? You would have guess he’d be mean or grumpy but never cute.

Your phone lit up and you noticed that it was a video chat from Woo. Answering you looked at his tired expression, noticing the way he smiled when your face appeared.

“You should be sleeping, angel,” he slurred at you.

“I can’t sleep with you texting me, silly,” you pointed out with a huge smile on your face.

Young Woo gave a pout, making the butterflies in your tummy return. He then showed you a finger heart, making you giggle at the polar opposite man on the screen before you.

“Baby, I promised to drive…but then. Then there were shots and Tres and shots and funny thing is now I think I’m drunk. But I’m really close, swear.” The phone moved to show a red faced and drunk Tres. You noticed that they seemed to have left the bar and we’re walking in the street now.

“Oppa, where are you?” The concern was and apparently enough to make Woo show back up in the screen. He smiled wide.

“We decided to go home. But my feet didn’t ask my head and my shoes don’t have GPs. So no we are walking,” he stated as if it made andrepparentre the sense in the world.

“Noona!” You heard Tres yell while he shoved his face closer to Woo to appear on the call too.

“Tres oppa, you do know that I’m a solid five years younger than you, right?” You joked.

Tres thought it over and seemed to figure it out. “Sim!” He yelled, referring to you being a teacher in a cute way.

“Yes, Oppa. But where are you two going?” Keeping them on point was proving to be a challange.

“My head wanted to go home. And Tres wanted to go to the studio. And my other place..you know, that one you reaaaaly like wanted to go see you. So my feet are just going.” He nodded. In the background you noticed what looked to be the building across the street.

“Oppa, are you here?” You got up to look out the window where sure enough you found two stumbling men outside on the street. “Don’t move. I’ll come get you.”

You shoved your feet in your tennis shoes and headed out to get the duo. You got outside and we’re greater with Tres trying to do a body roll and Woo demonstrating the proper technique.

“If you do it like that all the girls while be screaming and jumping. You won’t be able to go anywhere without -” Woo noticed how Tres was shaking his head and nodding in your direction. Woo turned around to see you standing with your hands crossed over your chest.

“Really, Kim Young Woo? That’s your trick, huh,” you acted mad but the way he shoved hind hands in his pockets, leaning back on his heels and looking down.

“Angel. Babe. It worked with you didn’t it?” He smiled up at you and you just rolled your eyes.

“Come on boys, let’s go inside.” You lead the way but felt Woo’s hand slide into yours. Leading them to your apartment you closed the door behind you.

“Goodnight’ Tres. We’ll be in the bedroom. Don’t bother us, okay?” Young Woo practically yelled as he tried to drag you to the bed.

Pulling back on his arm, making him stop his progression.

“Oh no, Woo. You are four stops past drunk and so is Tres. We aren’t doing anything while your like this especially not with him singing on the couch. You two get to share my bed. I’m the only one sleeping on that couch.”

He stared at you with his mouth slightly agape. “You being bossy is pretty sexy.”

Woo gave you a tequila scented kiss and drug Tres to your bedroom while you got the blankets ready for the couch. While giving up your bed wasn’t the most ideal night in your eyes, there was no way those boys weren’t going to be severely hung over tomorrow morning, making the place closest to your bathroom the safest place.

“Goodnight, Oppa. Just know that this doesn’t excuse you from tomorrow night.” You yelled down the hall.

[To be continued]


leedonghae: D&E activity ended!! Thank you ELF! I will greet you as SJ :) I love you (c)

anonymous asked:

Could you please do like a jaebum fluff where he you haven’t seen each other for a year bc schedules and he’s sort of becoming depressed and the boys/staff see so they get your to surprise him and as he sees you, you both start crying and he hugs you very tight (and the boys are in awe bc their leader is in tears) and it’s very very cute (its kinda like when jackson saw his mum on roomates if you’ve ever seen it)

For anyone who hasn’t seen the video of jackson from roommates mentioned above, here is a link to it. It is really hard to not cry when you see his reaction to seeing his mom!



The call from Jr was the last thing you expected today. He was stressed about Jaebum and thought you could help. It’s been a year since you have seen JB in person. The GOT7 schedule became crazy busy when their new album preparations took off and then with 2 huge hits in a row they had been touring and promoting so much that he didn’t have time to see you in person, just over skype. You missed him.
You understood that this was a life you agreed to when you and JB started dating three years ago, but you never thought you would go more than a couple months without seeing each other.
New Year’s Day of last year was the last time you were able to hold him in your arms. Since then he’s been to busy. Now it’s over a year later, almost February, and you haven’t seen him. It was taking a toll on both of you, but there wasn’t time to get together.
Jinyoung called you frantic that JB couldn’t keep himself together. After every text, phone call, or skype session with you he would retreat into himself and just sleep or stare at the wall. He was lackluster and becoming depressed. He told Jr that he felt like a terrible boyfriend because he never gets to see you and that you are too good to him putting up with this. He even questioned if he should leave you and seek you out again later once their popularity died down, kind of like what Jackson did when he signed the no dating contract. He wasn’t the JB he used to be.
You had noticed something wrong in his voice when you talked before, but you thought maybe he was just tired. You never imagined how bad it really was.
“Noona, we’ll be at JYP for our last day of recordings today, but JB was nearly done yesterday which means he should have free time. We can’t let him sleep in the rehearsal room again. Come see him! Surprise him! Please he needs to see you.”
You ran over to JYPE and Jr got you a visitor’s pass. You waited in the empty rehearsal room on the couch with the lights off so JB would be surprised. Jr, the managers, and JYP himself all made sure JB would be done first and they knew his pattern now to know where he would go.
He walked into the room and turned on the lights, staring at you on the couch. He blinked a few times and stood there stunned.
“I’ve finally lost my mind…” he said to himself as he rubbed his eyes, “I can see y/n on the couch, but there’s no way she’s here…she should be at work…I’ve finally snapped.” he stood there unsure of what to do.
“Oppa!” you yelled as you ran to him and hugged him tightly, “I’m really here! It’s me!” you kissed his hard and hugged him tightly.
He pushed you away at arms length to look at you, registering that you really were standing in front of him and tears streamed down his face. He could barely breathe he was crying so hard.
“y/n… you’re here…y/n” he sobbed into your shoulder as he held you close. He let go for a moment and slowly dropped to the floor and covered his face. He was so relieved you were there that he was smiling and crying at the same time. You pulled him back up and kissed his tears away.
“I’m here oppa! I’m never leaving you. I love you.” You said as you held him close as his other members walked in clapping and awwing.
“How did you-?” he asked, unable to finish his sentence. “Jr called me that you had some down time…well sort of down time and that you needed me here. God I missed you!” you kissed him again and BamBam and Yugyeom made gagging noises while Jackson sympathetically cried off in the corner. He knew how this felt. He didn’t see his parents for months at a time as a trainee and he knew the stress it put on him.
“I missed you too… so much more than you could ever know!” JB hugged you tightly, acting like he would never let you go as the other members, managers, and JYP quietly slipped out to give you time alone.

I'm Dirty!

Character: Jaebum (JB) Got7
Read it here!
Authors note:
To the person that request this scenario I am truly sorry if this came out “to smuty!” My mind really likes to go crazy when I write them especially when it comes to my biased. Too many feels T_T I really hope you liked it and please give me some feedback on how you felt! Thanks~

- Admin A 

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anonymous asked:

Pls do an exo kai scenario where his gf found him hurting on the room?

I love you and only you - Kai

i’m so sorry to keep you waiting like forever, anon. please forgive me :/ i hope this is exactly what you want. and i hope you like it :) i’m so bad in writing angst /cries a river/ ;A;

You opened the door to your shared apartment – you lived here with your boyfriend. Before you walked into your apartment, the person behind you said something to you, making you turn around and looked at him.

“Thank you so much for today, ____.” That person showed his infamous heart shaped smile to you.

You smiled back at him. “Anything for you, oppa. If you need any help, just tell me okay? I’ll try my best to find a way to help you.”

“Thanks again, ____-ah. Say hi to Jongin when he’s back home, okay?”

You nodded. “Arasso, oppa. Thank you for sending me home.” You bowed at him.

“Ahhh. It’s a small matter.” He paused for a while. “I’ll be leaving first. Take care of yourself, okay? Don’t walk that much.”

You nodded again. “Arasso, oppa. Drive carefully.”

He nodded. “Annyeong!” He waved his hand – saying goodbye.

“Annyeong, oppa!” You waved back at him. You waited until he disappeared from your view before you walked into your apartment and closed the door.

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(do you see Tae staring into my camera kyaaaaah)

Guys guys guys, oh god I am still getting feels from this so please excuse me if there’s suddenly a paragraph of caps because I really need to let it out OTL (my band mates have literally tried to tape my mouth shut after the concert lmao) 

I’ll try to make this as descriptive as possible, as much as I can remember for you all so I hope you enjoy and take this as an apology for not being active ;; I love you guys! <3

Warning: I am very extremely Namjoon-biased, don’t say I didn’t warn you ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ

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