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Crushing on a 97 liner (EXO)

Xiumin: “Wait. What?! You were born when!?? Oh my gosh, I’m getting so old.”

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Luhan: “Wow.. You’re so young. Oppa will take real good care of you because oppa is a manly man.”

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Kris: “You are my style but your age isn’t… what should I do?”

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Suho: “I don’t think money could fix this…”

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Lay: “So you’re telling me…. My unicorn powers did more than just heal you and it made you like 5 years younger..?”

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Baekhyun: “Nooo, ya lying. Please tell me you’re lying.”

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Chen: “Hold up..WHAT?!”

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Chanyeol: “Whaaaaaaaa….?” *would be in complete shock and wouldn’t know what to do*

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D.O: “4 years isn’t that bad. I will still love you no matter your age.”

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Tao: *is just so shocked he collapsed*

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Kai: “It’s okay, Kai oppa will love (Y/N) no matter what” *kisses your forehead*

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Sehun: *gif*

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There’s a certain bit in Time on My Side, possibly Oppa Toby Style, and prominently in Perfect Cascade of the Heart and I can never tell if it’s a reference to Let’s All Rock the Heist or not. In PCotH it really really sounds like it.