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It started with a moan.

A subtle moan woke you from what had to be the sexiest dream of all time. You pulled the covers over your head in hopes that Jin and Suga didn’t wake at the sound. How embarrassing! Your first time sleeping over with Jin, and you have to moan in your sleep?! Oh god…. What if this wasn’t the only moan you let out?!

Embarrassment flooded your face, and you quietly tried to climb out of bed to go use the bathroom. As you stood up you realised Suga still wasn’t home, and Jin was still breathing in deep sleep. Feeling relieved you tip toed to the bathroom.

“Hey, sorry! Did i wake you?” Suga startled you while you were sneaking back from the bathroom. “Shit! No. Sorry. Oh my gosh. You scared me!” Suga laughed and apologized, you blushed at your profanity.

“I just got home. I think I will crash on the couch tonight so you guys can have some privacy.” Suga was sort of awkward, but it was adorable. “Really its okay!” you protested. “The princess is sound asleep anyway.” You both laughed, but Suga insisted he would be okay, so you said goodnight and headed back to bed.

Jin had rolled over taking more then his fair share of the bed, so you slowly inched back in trying not disturb him, but also not wanting to fall off the bed. With your back to him you stuck your butt out to try to scoot him over subtly, only to press up against the firm length inside his underwear. “Oh god..” you thought to yourself, “do i scoot away? Is that rude? Is it weird if i don’t?!” you began to awkwardly panic, but before your mind settled, he wrapped an arm around your stomach, pulling you in tighter to him. Was he awake? Your body froze, but suddenly you felt his breath against your ear.

“Are you sleeping…?” you asked really quietly, just in case he was. He giggled the smallest, most adorable giggle. “Yep. Are you?” You smirked and replied sarcastically, “obviously. I always sleep talk, duh.”

“That’s not all you do.” Jin teased as he bit your ear. You face flushed instantly. “Oh my gosh…. You heard it didn’t you?!” you pulled the blanket up over your face to hide, but Jin just snuck under with you and snuggled his way on top of you. “Three times Jagi? Atleast tell me you were dreaming about me..” he continued to tease. “Oh my gosh Oppa! Get away from me!” you laughed and began fighting him playfully, but he was obviously stronger than you and it didn’t take much for him to pin your arms down, escaping the playful slaps. He stared into your eyes and smiled slightly before biting his lip.

“W-what..?” you were getting awkward again.. Why are you like this?! “Stop looking at me, you weirdo!”
“Y/N. You are so sexy when you’re nervous.” he kissed you soft and long, and you wrapped your legs around him. He breathed a soft moan into your lips, and you ran your hands down his arms as he kissed his way down your neck, “mm, Jin..” You’d be lying if you said your body wasn’t burning for him.

He leaned up, and kneeling over you he slowly pulled of his shirt. You ran your hand slowly down his chest taking in every curve of his stomach, and tracing your fingers along his hips. He sighed and reached for them hem of your shirt. “Wait!” and idea sparked in your mind. You shoved him over and jumped off the bed. “Jagi.. What are you doing?!” jin was confused and you just shushed him, “you’re not the only on whose been working hard on moves these days.”

You grabbed the collar of your shirt and pulled it slowly to your shoulder, revealing your bra strap. You bit your lip before smirking at Jins eyes growing wide. You turned away from him and ran your hands down your sides, and slid your thumbs into your pajama shorts, swaying your hips, you slipped them slowly down. You looked back at Jin to catch him biting his lip as you bent over to slip the shorts off your feet. You tossed them back at him and he laughed slightly and licked his lips. You turned around and started lifting off your shirt but before you could, you felt Jins hands on top of yours, helping guide the shirt up over your head.

He stood behind you and started to kiss your neck and shoulders, letting his hands explore your body. You moved your hands behind you to grab hold of his boxers and pull him in closer to you. With his body against yours you could feel how hard he was. You started to rock your hips against him. Hard. He took the hint and slid his hand inside your underwear and began rubbing circles on your clit. You threw your head back against his shoulder, and he started sucking harder on your neck.

Your knees started buckling, and you felt Jin taking a few steps backwards, pulling you with him. He leaned against the door in the bedroom and used his free hand to lift your thigh, holding it up and giving him a better position to slip two fingers inside you you. Your threw your hand over your mouth to muffle your moans that were rapidly growing louder, and lifted your free arm up to grab a handful of his hair. “Oppa.” you half whispered, half moaned, “im so close.”

Jin slid one more finger inside of you and began pumping faster. Your body curled forward as you reached your climax and Jins grip around your leg tightened to keep you from falling completely forward. He slowly removed his fingers and lifted them to his mouth to taste you. As he released your leg, you turned around to face him. He moved his fingers from his mouth to yours. You held his hand and sucked his fingers delicately, and with a sheepish smile popped his fingers out of your mouth and slid slowly to your knees.

You pulled down his boxers, revealing his throbbing length, and took it in your hands. You licked gently against a drop of pre-cum that had formed, and you felt his hands wrap up in your hair. You began to bob your head lightly, only teasing him, but just enough to get him to release a shakey sigh. You looked up and as you caught his stare, took him all the way in your mouth. His grip on your hair tightened as you quickened your pace and hollowed your cheeks. As you felt him begin to twitch, obviously close to release, he stopped you.

He lifted you back to your feet and helped you out of your panties. He turned you around and pressed you against the door, kissing you hard has he lifted you from under your ass off of the ground, and you wrapped your legs around him for support. He slid inside of you, you buried your face into his neck to muffle your moans as he began thrusting you harder against the wall. His grip on your ass tightened as he slowed his pace, but still slamming into you hard. You dug your nails into his shoulder blades and he growled a long “fuuck.” into your ear before biting it.

You tightened around him before feeling him cum and you let out a loud scream of pleasure as you came right after him. He slowly set you back to the ground, still holding firmly onto your butt as he tried to steady his breathing. You slowly pushed him backwards until you both collapsed on the bed Jin still holding you tightly.

You rested your head on his chest, listening to his heart as it began a steady pace again. Jin tilted your head up and you scooted forward to kiss him again. “I love you, Kim Seokjin.” the words just fell from your mouth with ease, but panic set in as you realize what you had just admitted. “Really?” Jin was smiling, but you looked away as you replied “yea… Really.” he tilted your head back towards his and as he ran his thumb across your lips he said “I love you, too Y/N. Really.”