opossum bones


It’s been a beautiful day around here so I hiked down to my creek this afternoon. After picking up a bunch of fossils and enough beaver-chewed sticks to build my own dam I spotted this possum skull sticking up out of a gravel bar. When I first saw it I figured it would just be part of the skull since opossum skulls are so fragile and usually fall to pieces but that wasn’t the case with this little beauty! I pulled it out and not only was the skull intact but the lower jaws and most of the teeth were still with it!

I decided since it was so intact that there might still be some more bones below it so I started digging and sure enough, pulled up almost the entire skeleton out of the sand and gravel!

Super cool find! I guess my new skull bag is lucky for finding bones, haha.


Magic box!

A wooden box with brass accents and hardware. Comes with a candle, a brass bell, a piece of rough Quartz, some opossum bones, a piece of rabbit hide, an acorn charm, a squirrel foot, two large amber vials containing coarse sea salt and rose petals, and three small vials containing blessed thistle, red cedar shavings, and red clover.
Let me know if you’re interested in purchasing!


This is one of my favorite finds from when I was a fledgling. An opossum skeleton riddled with little holes all over its skeleton and what looks like some kind of abscess on the left scapula. I didn’t clean it right away after I found it and has spent a while sealed away in a bag (still unclean as you can see). I don’t have the skull anymore. I gave it away to the lady who inspired me to jump feet first into bone collecting.