WHAT’S HAPPENING IN VENEZUELA? // long post, but worth the read.

So, it’s official. The Constituent was approved. In the past 18 years, aka since Hugo Chávez was elected President of Venezuela, the government has altered election results to their benefit so it really isn’t strange to us that they would do it this time. However, we didn’t think they would be so shameless as to alter them this much. According to Tibisay Lucena (President of the Electoral Power) there was a total of 8.089.320 votes in favor of this Constituent, and these numbers simply don’t add. This past 16th of July a referendum was held where voters would have to answer to 3 questions about whether or not they agreed to move forward with the Constituent; the results? 6.492.381 votes made in Venezuela and 693.789 votes outside the country, meaning a total of 7.186.170 against the Constituent. While these two results add a total of 15.275.490 votes that fit under the 19.805.002 of venezuelans summoned to vote, here’s why yesterday’s number makes no sense:

  •  8.191.132 votes in favor of Hugo Chávez (Presidential elections of 2012). - While these numbers were most certainly altered, it’s no lie that at the time Chávez had a huge group of supporters, called Chavistas.
  • 7.505.338 votes in favor of Nicolás Maduro (Presidential elections of 2013). - These elections were made because of the recent death of Chávez, who knew he didn’t have much time left so he decided to brainwash all of his supporters to think Maduro was the best option for president. May I add, Nicolás Maduro doesn’t have any kind of educational degree, he literally was a bus driver before becoming president. Totally unqualified man. All his votes were bought or made up.
  • 5.599.025 votes in favor of the PSUV (Parliamentary elections of 2015) - PSUV stands for Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela and would roughly translate to “United Socialist Party of Venezuela“, I think. These elections were a big deal to the oposition (represented by the MUD aka “Democratic Unity Roundtable”), because we owned the National Assembly with 112 deputies (67%) and 7.707.422 votes (56,2% of the total votes)

I think I’ve made my point as to why yesterday’s result of 8.089.320 votes is nothing but blatant lies, except that’s not all! Turns out that, in these past days between the referendum (July 16) and yesterday (July 30), any person making a buy that required a fingerprint scan or using a “carnet de la patria” (an id recently made to “ease the access to social programs”) would count as a vote in favor of the Constituent. This government spends so much time looking for ways to stay in power because they know that the majority of the country is against them, and obviously they won’t acknowledge that they’re not as “loved” as they used to be, or else they wouldn’t ignore the protests that have been going on for the past 121 days with at least 128 confirmed deaths (17 of them happened only yesterday).

Now I’m going to explain why this Constituent being approved is literally confirming we’re living under a dictatorship.

  • Venezuela becomes a communal state.
  • Private enterprise will be eliminated.
  • All private sector employees become public employees.
  • The right to private education will be eliminated. From preschool to universitary sector, including adoctrinamiento político on all levels of education.
  • Means of social communication will be at the service of communist power.
  • University autonomy will be eliminated.
  • Municipalities will be eliminated.
  • The president of the republic is the only one able to choose governors and mayors, without taking into account the opinion of the people.
  • The presidential term will last between 20 and 30 years, with chance of indefinite reelection, applicable to the current president.
  • The movement of citizens inside of the country will be limited, meaning you’ll need an official permit to travel around Venezuela.
  • International departures will be limited, meaning you’ll need an official permit to get out of the country.
  • All powers, public and private, disappear.
  • The armed force disappears, becoming fighting bodies integrated into the government’s party.
  • All political parties will be eliminated.
  • The right to protest will be eliminated.
  • Opposing or thinking differently than the government will be a crime of betrayal to the motherland, meaning freedom of speech disappears.
  • Article 350 of the actual Constitution, that establishes you can disown the authority when the Constitution is violated, will be eliminated.
  • Authorities can break into your house without a warrant.
  • People’s houses can’t be sold or inherited, becoming propiety of the state.
  • Life guarantee will be restricted, the regime has now custody of people’s lives.

This is really serious, and I wish more people were talking about it because what I’m doing right now will be literally considered a crime as soon as the National Constituent Assembly enters in action. I know you guys may think that reblogging, retweeteting and regraming some posts is not gonna help us, but trust me, they will. The government is putting up an act of “everything’s fine, we’re the same 1st world country we were +20 years ago” and we’re not. We’re being killed, tortured, starved, lied to and so much more horrifying things are being done to and against us. Let the world know what’s really happening in Venezuela, and who’s the real villain in the story.




“Yes, Alphis?”

“No, no, I’m-I’m… I’m fine. I’m just-”

“No, don’t-don’t worry, I-”

“It’s just… please, give me a few minutes.”

This was inspired by this specific comic, it looked like a possibility to me. Well, I was told there is no good that forever lasts, neither evil that never ends. It’s not something you could say “Oh my, what a priceless work of art” but our guys worked pretty hard to finish it as soon as possible. If you are wondering what eyeglow color is that, when I asked her about the color for sadness, she said that would be a dull gray, with a trace of any other color associated to a complementary felling. Also, by some theories about testosterone exposition and sexual orientation, if your ring finger is longer than your index finger, it’s more likely for you to be a heterosexual male or homosexual female, if they are about the same size, the chances are the oposite(Yeah go check them), I just did a superficial research, I don’t know a lot of details. The point is that although I am 100% heterosexual, both my index fingers are somehow longer than my ring fingers, and since Gaster’s hands were made using mine as reference, I passed him the same rare disproportion lol.

@zarla-s, I know I am more than a week late, but please consider it a birthday gift.

Versão em português(em breve).

For all brazillians, have a bonus.

John, the cheesecake baker

A little context: After having tracked down our campaign’s villain we discovered he was hiding inside of an abandoned dwarven fortress wich he was renovating and fortifying with the aid of all the local bandits (who he had unified to pursue his goal) We ended up laying a little siege to the fortress, and after loosing almost all of our friendly NPCs (30 rangers) we finaly made it inside. After goung through some rooms…

DM: On the right side of the hallway you see a closed wooden door.

Igan (Paladin): I kick it open (Rolls Strength and gets a high enough roll to break the door into pieces.

DM: You see three men. Two of them are talking in one corner and the other is sitting in a table on the oposite one, cutting some cheese. They quickly turn their heads.

Igan: *Charges against the cheese-cutting one, rolls a nat 1*

DM: You get right next to the guy but in your impetus, you hit the wall instead of him.

Gnome Cleric (Me, OOC): Don’t worry Igan, I’ll save you! I run to the cheese guy and attack with my dagger.

*I got a nat 20*

DM: You rush to the guy, pull his head and thrust your dagger into his throat, he tries to say something but he drowns in his own blood. The other two guys scream terrified and cover themselves, shaking in fear.

One of the guys: No! You killed John! How could you?!

Me (OOC): Wait. They don’t attack?

DM: Nope, they don’t have any weapons, nor armor of any kind.

Me: But you said they were three guards.

DM: I said three GUYS! I never mentioned them looking like fighters.

*Turns out those three were just carpenters hired by the villain to fix the fortess’ doors, they had nothing to do with him or the bandits and didn’t even know what was going on with the villain’s plan. Actually, the one I so gorely killed was an incredibly nice guy, loved by everyone, who had two daughters and whose wife had recently died. Also, he baked the tastiest cheesecakes, which everyone loved, including the villain… I felt like a monster*

Flowers - Alfie Solomons

Can I ask for an Alfie imagine? His wife is his total oposite, sweet, calm and hes totally whipped. Im just a sucker for romantic Alfie😍 


“Mornin’ Ollie!” I call as I walk into the ‘bakery’.

“Mornin’ Mrs Solomons,” he mumbles before turning back to whatever he was doing.

It’s always the same when I walk in, a mumbled greeting and then complete avoidance of eye contact. I don’t take it personally because I know Alfie’s threatened each and every one of these men, individually, about making eyes at me, but I still always make the effort to know them all and engage in friendly conversation.

“How are you feeling now Ollie?”

“Umm, not too bad I suppose,” he replies, keeping his eyes on the book in front of him.

“Honestly? Because if you need some time to rest up you can-”

“No! Alfie would kill me, he needs me here.”

I’ve learnt over the years not to argue with Ollie when it comes to Alfie; his loyalty will always prevail over common sense.

“Well, I know a doctor who’ll see you out of hours. Want me to give him a call?”

His lack of objection says enough.

I place a gentle hand on his arm. “Take it easy though, yeah? You don’t need to go at 100% all the time.”

He nods and mumbles his thanks before rushing off clutching his books and papers to his chest.

I carry on towards Alfie’s office, greeting the men I pass on the way.

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Akko vs Diana breakdown: Ep 14.

So, i’m going to go point per point here to show you what’s really going on, ‘cause not everyone seems to have noticed.

Akko starts by dismissing her opinion under the excuse that, because she’s rich, she has no idea what she’s talking about.

Then gives an example on that, claiming that she’s got this huge room “all to herself” (not really), as if being able to afford a better room has some kind of relation to this argument.

Then they start calling her aristocrat, in order to make her feel bad for being one. She gets past the embarrasment and anger and thinks.

And so, Diana, being hurt but keeping her cool, starts trying to hurt Akko back in her own way, also revealing the fact that the respect she found in Akko on the previous episode just banished. I’ll explain why on the next point.

This is the point where Akko fucks up. She speaks 2 big ass lies: That Diana looks down on others, and that she does not know what hard work is. First, and this seems to be a common misconception of her character: She never, and i repeat, NEVER, looks down on anyone. Not even Akko. She just tries to help everyone be the best they can, wich to others can make her look like a stuck-up bitch. Yet she never does anything that even implies that she underestimates Akko or the others, and even looks dissapointed when Akko doesn’t show up for the sacrifice thing.

And second, she Works her ass off. And i mean her fucking ass off. I said it on the room anailysis, she doesn’t even care about her personal space, she has a reputation to uphold and therefore she only focuses on getting better at magic. When Akko implies that, because of her family, because of her blood, she had no troubles getting where she is, she loses her respect for Akko because she thought that maybe it could be different with her, after the shiny chariot-ish act she put up with Vajarois. And here, she demonstrates the exact oposite of that, she demonstrates that her mentality is the same as everybody else. That’s why Diana loses any kind of respect she had for Akko.

Then Diana relizes there’s no point on arguing with someone like Akko. Someone who doesn’t even begin to comprehend all the effort she has put to get where she is. This is the first time that i think Diana really looks down on Akko, not because of her skill, but because of her mentality.  She walks off and says to her that there are more important things she should be doing, meaning obviously the unlocking of the seven words.

And we don’t see any more of her for the rest of the episode.

Now, if you’re anything like me and think that what i’m saying is right, then you probably also think that this is the point where Diana starts to really dislike akko, and that at some point she’s going to have an argument with her and that she’s going to break down, because what Akko is doing is underestimating her.

Hope you liked this little analysis!

anonymous asked:

do you believe oposites attract?

Sometimes, yeah. The people I’ve been attracted to certainly weren’t very similar to me, and the same can be said for many of the relationships in Naruto. But to be honest, with that being said, they were shown to work very well in the series.

With Naruto and Hinata:

Naruto was always shown to have had the utmost faith and confidence in his abilities and talent. Yet, when he was with Hinata prior to his match with Neji, he displayed an uncharacteristic lack of confidence and a measure of insecurity about himself that he hadn’t displayed to anyone else, nor would he display to anyone else. The confident loudmouth was being insecure, and gained a measure of comfort from the shy, quite girl:

Part of the reason why Hinata’s “Proud Failure” speech was so effective was because of the fact that she was so timid and withdrawn; it made her words all the more impactful because of who they were coming from, and it worked.

With Sasuke and Sakura:

Sasuke had always been the type of person to adopt a kind of “why should I have to explain anything to you” demeanour - he was always rather stoic, standoffish, and kept his feelings to himself. However, with Sakura - the person who always wore her heart on her sleeve, he usually just spilled the beans, even if it’s just a fraction of the full story; that’s still more than he gave other people. Like during the Bell Test, where he revealed a bit about his goals, when she didn’t even ask him to.

It’s also similar to what had transpired in 181, where even after Sasuke had initially tried to shut her out and not explain anything, he ended up explaining a lot of things to her anyway:

I suppose it’s just one of those things where you sometimes just feel more comfortable disclosing certain information to certain people.

With Shikamaru and Temari:

As everyone knows, Shikamaru always considered women to be “troublesome” and annoying people, especially those who are feisty and headstrong like Ino and Temari. Yet, when he was with Temari, he obviously didn’t think that it was such a drag to spend time with her, and the feeling was very mutual, as she obviously enjoyed spending time with the “crybaby” who envied the clouds:

It was yet another case of opposites attracting, with the lazy guy and feisty girl being able to find solace with one another.

I could do the same with Sai and Ino, and with Chouji and Karui, but I think you get the point. The manner in which Kishi paired the characters worked; they weren’t just essentially opposites, but they were also paired with the person who could give the other what they sorely needed.

It’s Ways (Lucifer Morningstar)

Character: Lucifer Morningstar
Words: 860
Warnings: Just some good ol fluff
Request:  your lucifer imagines are sooooooooo good! can I ask for one? YN is his wife (angel a fallen angel) but she’s completelt his oposite: humble,likes kids and everyone wonders how she’s still with him ( it’s an amazing show and I think that’d be hilarious,and adorable ;)

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How come Bete didn't see Undyne the Undying Coming and her Determination coming? Can't see see into people's Minds like Frisk's and see everything? GAH YOUR PLOT BOTH GIVES ME LIVE AND MAKES ME ANGRY BECAUSE PLOT HOLES.

Uhh you do realize that what caught bete of guard was the incredible amount of power the undying had right?

When do you even see undyne do anything she did in this fight that she did in game?

I thought you’d see it clearly with the yellow spear.

Remember that betty spawn a shield with akumu, that blocked BOTH sides? She KNEW the yellow spear was supossed to go the OPOSITE direction, but this form of undyne is FAR more powerful and got her off guard in every sense.

Aint no plot hole here mah boi, u just #2slow

Arrow 5x16 - Spoiler... Really you didn’t see that one coming?

Originally posted by pierce-my-panic

We weren’t sure if she had join for him but we sure hell expected she was going to go deeper to protect him… That’s love.

Puting the other safety and well being before your own is Love. And that’s what Felicity as always done for Oliver.

And yes, paraphrasing @almondblossomme in a total oposite to Susan.

To those of you that don’t know the guy this is the person that leaked a bunch of things in previous episodes, all true.

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Huum... Then how about Kitten meeting Papyrus (or the oposite, idk)? I kind of imagine then fighting each other... Like, for trainning? (0w0)

They won’t fight unless one attacks for some reason! Unless Papyrus wants to learn from Kitten.

But their first meet would probably go like this…

It’s been a while since Kitten has gotten an earnest compliment! So they show their appreciation through pats (like they do to young kids XD).