the baking video is out!

  • no shirts under the double sweater
  • “soft and neat”
  • “we’re going to need a bigger bowl”
  • “the sound of our skin slapping”
  • depression and anxiety
  • “chunky”
  • they both saw something nsfw on Phil’s phone
  • doing squats as conjoint twins
  • “my ass is already hurting”
  • “I’m left handed nothing ever works”
  • “oil everything” “oil your hands” “oil your bodies”
  • lube everything tf up
  • “oil me up again”
  • “reach for the coke- OPOPS”
  • Dan putting Phil’s iPhone in his mouth
  • “we want them to be girthy”
  • “we like our spiders thicc”
  • “pull yourself out, mate”
  • “dipple the tipple”
  • Frankenstein is pioneering, feminist sci-fi
  • Phil acknowledging Dan’s a furry and Dan saying he likes Jughead from Riverdale
  • “way to toot your own trumpet” “look, it could do with some tooting” “every year we stray further from the light”
  • “chocolate should be used as a glue for everything” “wallpaper, arts and crafts..” “self esteem”
  • Phil breaking the spider’s web bowl
  • “Dan eating a smile” “that says something metaphorically, doesn’t it”

I was expecting Dan to feed Phil at the end, and I thought they were going to put their hand in each others back pocket at some point!! oh well, I still laughed and fangirled a lot.

(btw i probs missed some things)

Someone with a url like bigtittyfurryahegao-animeloli-kween: says some fuck shit

Person: bad url op

Op: oh but your url is “sillyguy” which is more embarassing smh