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Newcomers Pt 26

As was tradition, Ceran’s mother organised the preparations for his Crowning and his father took over finding him a wife. Letters were sent to every elder and high ranking member or those part of prestigious families that the new Chieftain was looking for a wife and that any unmarried daughters they had were to come and be presented. But Ceran had his own idea, he had come from humble beginnings and called a meeting of some of his supporters, these were men roughly his own age and some he had known from his home town. They shared a lot of his views and some had openly challenged him but he had swayed them to see a different path. With letters of summons he sent them into the city to invite low ranking families or even peasants who had unwed daughters to come. He had given them this task as on his behalf they would speak to the families and their daughters and see if they thought they would be worthy.

It was now three days after Ceran had been elected Chieftain and he was about to meet the various girls of which one he would choose as his wife. He wore his smartest tunic that had been made for him and through two very large doors his potential brides were waiting.

“Nervous?” his father asked.

“I’m shitting myself”

His father looked at him confused.

“It’s a Human expression, is means I’m scared”

His father laughed and Ceran looked up at him, he had not heard his father laugh in a very long time and it seemed so unlike him and out of place.

“Son” he said resting his hand on Ceran’s shoulder “I know I have not been a very good father to you, and we do not see eye to eye on a lot of things. But…I am proud of you”

Ceran looked up into his father’s eyes, those words he had wanted to hear for so long that he had almost given up hope he would ever hear them. He embraced his father who did the same smiling, Ceran’s bodyguard were smiling at this tender moment under their helmets. To them he was still so young.

“Right” his father said “Let us not keep the ladies waiting”

In the hall it was full of mothers and their daughters, the daughters dressed in the most elegant and expensive dresses that they could afford which for some was beyond sanity. Others who Ceran’s men had invited sat in simple dresses some of which they had made themselves. The mothers moved around their girls fixing the dress into place or touching up their makeup and putting their hair into various styles.

The ones who were not from such rich families were clearly visible and were the subject of more than one snide remarks, but like them they had the letter of summons and thus had as much right to be there as they did. The their annoyance.

Ceran stood by the doors, his legs were shaking and his breathing was erratic, all he had to do was signal the doormen and the doors would open but he did not.

“Need a little push?” his father said signalling the doormen and nudging his son forward.

When the doors opened the entire hall turned and curtseyed in the traditional manner, those that were sitting on the chairs shot to their feet to do the same. Ceran walked alone as his father held back a few paces, this was his son’s moment.

“Welcome all of you and thank you for coming”

He looked at them all as they raised their heads to look at him and he saw how beautiful some were, so much he almost forgot what he was planning to say.

“Um…yeah I am looking forward to meeting all of you and….good luck? I guess”

He turned around and looked at his father for some guidance but he just gave the thumbs up. So no real help at all.

The room was silent except suddenly someone at the back burst into laughter, clearly finding his awkwardness hilarious.

“I’m sorry……I’m sorry” she was able to say before falling into another fit of giggles.

Ceran couldn’t help but laugh a bit himself but righted his posture before nodding to one of his guards and returning to the back room.

The guards then began calling names and they would go into the back room to meet Ceran to the anger of the mothers they were not allowed to follow their daughters.

The first was the daughter of an elder who like him came to Geeda after it was burned down during a battle with the Benamar main forces.

“Greetings…Opoli is it?”

“Yes Chieftain” she curtseyed and sat opposite him, there was no table between them as Ceran thought it would create a barrier.  

“So what do you like to do for fun?” he asked and her face could conceal her shock, she did not expect that.

“Um…I err…I do know how to dance a little and I read”

“Oh really I love reading, what kind of books do you like?”

Ceran’s interviews as the Humans called them seemingly were about nothing and he would ask them about their family and what siblings they had and such. Then he would broaden the topic to include what they thought of the war or if their roles were reversed what kind of Chieftain would they be. Many of the girls had planned on winning over the young Chieftain by seduction or showing off their skills in various dances but all he wanted to do was talk and get to know them. Sometimes he would get carried away and begin speaking like a rant or speech and his father would have to shout through the door for him to shut up which would put him on track once more.

Hours went by and those who had spoken to the young Chieftain were sent home and forbidden from speaking to those still waiting, many heard the mothers of those girls shouting at their daughter for some reason or another believing they had failed.

Ceran was laying on floor, his back hurt as he had been sitting in that dam chair all day and he was tired. At the request of his father he had taken notes but to many it did not matter which girl he took as a wife only that he took one. In fact he had to actually command that he do this at all, as it was often done that a Chieftain would see a girl he liked and grab her. Or send a letter of intent to their father or mother but he wanted to know he would at least get along with his new wife.

“Got time for your big sister Chief?”

He looked up and saw Selan standing in the entrance to one of the side doors and he shot to his feet and embrace her.

“Oh am I happy to see one girl not trying to win me over”

“That is because you are my brother and I am under no obligation to like you” she said slapping him over the head and walking to his desk and going through his notes. “Bloody hell how many have you met?”

“I lost count ages ago”

“Do you want to know what I think?”

“Not particularly but I’m sure you are going to tell me anyway”

She then threw his carefully laid notes into the air to his horror “Stop taking notes, stop trying to organise things and stop thinking”


“You use what’s in here too much” she said prodding his forehead. “Use what’s in here” he pointed to his chest. “Feel, don’t think, I’m sure more than one girl has caught your attention and you can think of them without looking at your notes”

He was silent for a few moments before he replied “A few”

“Well there you go then” she clapped his shoulders then went to leave.

“Wait did you just come here to tell me that?”

“No, I came to annoy you, and tell you that we need to tomorrow to measure you for your Chieftain robes for the Crowning”

“Oh right”

Selan winked at him and left leaving him alone except for a guard by the door.

“How many more?”

“About 20”

“Lets get this over with”

The doors opened once more and another girl came in for him to speak to, he tried to be as keen and energetic as when he first started but he was tired, he was not use to talking to people this long and mentally he wanted just to soak in the bath.

But one did bring him to full awareness.

“…wait what did you say?” he asked.

“Oh you are listening I thought I was boring you” she said uncrossing her legs and leaning forward.”Sorry I’m nervous and I crack jokes when I’m nervous” she said rather sheepishly.

“What did you say though?” he pressed.

“…I don’t want to repeat it”

He looked at her in a manner of saying he could force her too and she looked around to make sure no one was with them. “I said if you wanted to, you could take me here and not wait till the wedding night”

He laughed “Well it made sure I listening”

“Which you weren't” she said without thinking and instantly regretted it.

“Indeed I’m sorry”

“No no you don’t need to apologise”

“Why not?” he asked.

She froze and looked to the side in thought “I don’t know that’s just what I always say”

Suddenly they heard someone shouting outside the door and she put her head in her hands “Oh please mother” she complained.

“What’s going on?” he called and a guard poked his head through the door.

“A woman is demanding to be let in, she says she is the girl’s mother”

“Tell her to wait like everyone else”

“Yes Chieftain”

Ceran looked at the girl in front of him, her dress was little more than a summer dress with her hair loose but brushed mercilessly straight and she wore very little make up unlike the others. She was clearly not from a rich or prestigious family.

“Taleena isn’t it?”


He put his pen and paper aside “Do you like to read?”

HC Masterlist!

Because I love you all! just kidding, it’s because Kauffie didn’t sleep last night so she made this, but I do love you ♡ 
Titled for what they include! Some include more than one and are under several. Not in any particular order.

King George III:
Being married 
Types of kisses
Hands nsfw + fluff

Thomas Jefferson:
Playing hard to get 
Significant other having kids already
Significant other being pregnant 
Comforting you after a panic attack caused by yelling
Depression + Anxiety s/o
How he kisses
Shy appearing, but freak in the sheets s/o
Breakdown due to work s/o
Rollerblade date
Horny s/o
Small but ‘fight me’ s/o
Hands nsfw + fluff

Alexander Hamilton:
Playing hard to get
Significant other having kids already 
How he kisses
Comforting you after a panic attack caused by yelling
Southern s/o
Depression + Anxiety s/o
Breakdown due to work s/o
Horny s/o
Rollerblade date
Insomniac s/o
Seeing you in a breathtaking dress
Small but ‘fight me’ s/o
With pets

Philip Hamilton:
Small,shy,insecure s/o
Hands nsfw + fluff
Being close to Philip after Reynolds pamphlet 
Going to Disney / wedding day / when you’re sad
When you’re sick
Kink talk

Hercules Mulligan:
Significant other having kids already
Comforting you after a panic attack caused by yelling 
Playing hard to get
Kink talk
Horny s/o
Rollerblade date
Depression + Anxiety s/o
Breakdown due to work s/o
Insomniac s/o
Seeing you in a breathtaking dress
How he kisses
Small but ‘fight me’ s/o
Southern s/o
With pets

James Madison:
Yandere!James (I tried)
Significant other having kids already
Significant other being pregnant
Breakdown due to work s/o
Hands nsfw + fluff
Comforting you after a panic attack caused by yelling
Insomniac s/o
Depression + Anxiety s/o
Rollerblade date

John Laurens:
Significant other having kids already
First date
Playing hard to get
Face riding nsfw
Horny s/o
When you’re sick
Breakdown due to work s/o
Seeing you in a breathtaking dress
Comforting you after a panic attack caused by yelling
How he kisses
Depression + Anxiety s/o
Rollerblade date
With pets
Insomniac s/o
Small but ‘fight me’ s/o
Southern s/o

Marquis de Lafayette:
Significant other having kids already
Playing hard to get
Small but ‘fight me’ s/o
Horny s/o
Rollerblade date
Insomniac s/o
Depression + Anxiety s/o
Breakdown due to work s/o
How he kisses
Shy appearing, but freak in the sheets s/o
Seeing you in a breathtaking dress
With pets
Southern s/o
Comforting you after a panic attack caused by yelling

George Washington:
Significant other being pregnant 
Horny s/o

Aaron Burr:
Significant other being pregnant
Rollerblade date
Breakdown due to work s/o
Being close to Philip (daughter) 
Depression + Anxiety s/o
Comforting you after a panic attack caused by yelling

Kinks in bed
Chubby s/o

Poly!pegulette (? Peggy + Herc + Laf):
What it would be like to be the shortest

“It’sa me! Peter Pizzapopolis!”

“Just Kidding! It’sa me! Steven Universe….opolis. Um, Apparently I’m going to be stuck in space for a while… so I figured I’d try out this… tumblr thing! Hey, why not liveblog my crazy adventures up here? Eh? Eeeeeh? Selfies with the Diamonds! Juuust kidding…. hah…. I’m probably doomed so, it’d mean a lot if you could follow me? The final wishes of Steven Quartz Universe.”

Steven’s in Space? Uh Oh!

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anonymous asked:

aaa hello there,, I sent a request some time ago, and I've been havving the glitch where asks disappear. If your comfortable with it, could you please write a list with the requests you have/currently working on,? thhanks

Doesn’t include matchups, Bold have been done and queued.

Zenyatta receiving nudes

Zarya with peppy S/o suffering from depression

Mute s/o gardening with Zenyatta

NSFW headcanons with Reverse Zenyatta

S/o who can speak French with Widowmaker

Hanzo Zen!sis celebrating first birthday with twins

Hanzo, McCree and Lucio where s/o pinches ass

Orisa and Efi Headcanons                        

Orisa and D.va cheating at game against Reader

Talented Ballet s/o with Hanzo, Genji, McCree and reaper

Hanzo and McCree are parental figure to reader who dates solider 76

Thigh or ass, McCree, Hanzo and Genji

Master Froger with Genji, Hanzo and Reinhardt

Zarya Fluff

Soldier 76 having a crush on an energenic S/o whos as old as he is

Petplay with Zarya

Reaper taking s/o’s virginity

Genji’s s/o looses leg

Genji and s/o dying each others hair

Genji’s s/o with unusual pets

Hanzo, Reaper and McCree’s s/o in a virgin killer sweater

Jealous mercy NSFW

Bastion platonic headcanons

Sombra with female s/o first time

Hanzo and McCree with S/o first time

Proposing to reaper, Hanzo, Reinhardt, Lucio, Soldier 76

Boardgames with ORisa

Noodle dragons meeting Hanzo and Genji’s S/o

Zenyatta cuddle headcanons

Hanzo with amazing baker s/o

Winston with child reader

Overwatch playing games together

Reaper, Hanzo and Genji with chubby s/o, whos teased on weight

Bastion Platonic Headcanons with hyper intelligent bird

Soulmate au with 76

Ana with Spartan s/o

Gabriel with reaper s/o

Widowmaker with sleepy s/o

Poly Genyatta with adopted child

S/o asks Zenyatta if he like likes them, have been together for years

College reader calling Zenyatta, Genji, Hanzo, McCree, Reaper, Soldier 76

McCree, Soldier 76 and Hanzo with s/o afraid of penetration

Agent 666 meets orisa

First kiss with mei

Platonic Genji fic

Hanzo with s/o who had wisdom teeth removed

Carrying s/o with Hanzo, Reaper, Reinhardt and soldier 76

D.va with s/o who can speak Korean

NSFW with McCree after performance

Hanzo, Genji, Sombra, Reaper with anemic s/o

Zenyatta and S/o headcanons

Tracer and s/o headcanons

Newcomers Pt 29

Ceran and Taleena had only short amounts of time to actually see each other, both were pulled away for various things like preparing for the Crowning or being fitted for their attire. Neither was allowed to see the other in what they would be wearing as it was considered good fortune if they waited until the day.

A knock on the door surprised them all and Oolana went to answer it, it was a pair of Humans one male and one female asking to see Ceran and Taleena.

“Ceran!” the male called.

“…Hesky?” Ceran said recognising his voice.

“See I told you he would remember me” he shot at Cathy.

“Well you are hard to forget…unfortunately” she replied grinning.

Hesky went past Oolana to where Ceran was sitting with Taleena and clapped him on his shoulders. “You my boy are going to undertake a very special journey and thus it is a Human custom that on your last night as a single and free man, we do a certain ritual”

“What kind of ritual?” Ceran asked.

“Bachelor party!!!” Hesky cried out “Come, everyone is waiting!” he picked up Ceran and holding under his arm he carried him out the door.

“Wait but I want to stay with-”

“Shut up we’re doing this!”

“I’ll be back Taleena!” Ceran called as he disappeared out of sight.

“I’m guessing you are here for a similar purpose?” Taleena asked Cathy.

“Kind of, I unlike my husband have gone to the lengths of merging your customs and our customs into one”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I have heard you have yet to meet the ladies of the court, and Human females have a bachelorette party. It’s basically the same as what my husband is taking your soon to be husband to right now. But ours will be a little more tame” she held out her hand and Taleena took it when given the nod of approval from Oolana. What was supposed to be a rest day for the two of them had suddenly become another engagement.

“Hesky put me down!” Ceran shouted “A Chieftain can’t be seen being carried this way”

“Oh right good point” he said putting him back on his feet.

“Right, so what exactly is a bachelor party?” he asked.

“Well, it is a night where all your friends will come together…and get drunk!”  

“….that’s it?”

“Does there need to be anything else? Oh right and dancers lots and lots of dancers!”


“Worry not my little friend these dancers will be quite different…oh yes….quite different”

Taleena was taken to a rather posh part of the city where she met the wife’s of those men who were part of her husband to be court, some of these girls were part of the court themselves having inherited the position when no male heir was able to take the role. Some were the very girls she had competed against to win Ceran’s favour.

“Ladies, you all know Taleena I’m sure” Cathy said as they entered a small dinning area.

The girls got up to meet her, curtsying as they would to Ceran but now to her, the looks on the younger girls faces was one Taleena would cherish for all her years and it took every ounce of her control not to rub this moment in their faces.

“Lady Chieftain it is so good to finally meet you” said one of the older ones who was the wife of one of the Elders who had tried to be elected.

“Look at you such a pretty little thing” said another elderly one.

The younger girls were trying to stay quiet and not interact any more than was necessary, they still believed this common girl was beneath them. Taleena was not going to have that.

“Opoli?” Taleena said recognising one of the more mean spirited ones.

“Yes?…Lady Chieftain”

Taleena went up and embraced her “It’s good to see you again, we only spoke for  short time before you were called”

“Oh Opoli, I didn’t know you were friends with the new Lady Chieftain” said one of the older women.

“Errm…we spoke at the Chieftain summoning” she replied confused and shocked.

“Oh yes” Taleena said “But we became very…VERY well acquainted” Taleena grinned a sinister smile that terrified Opoli making her want to run.

“I’m sorry” Opoli whispered.

“What for?” Taleena said louder “Tearing my dress, trying to mess my hair or the bombardment of insults you threw at me”

The silence was deafening and Opoli went white as sheet, her knees went and she fell with her head to he floor and begged her forgiveness.

“Bloody hell Opoli get up, I’m not angry”

“You’re not?” she said looking up.

“No” Taleena helped her up “I just wanted to mess with you” she laughed and sat down with her and the others. The room was full of not just Benemar woman but a number of Human women who had come to wish her well and in her new life. Taleena had never seen so many Humans and Benemar in one place except when her home town came under attack. It seemed odd that even though their peoples were at war here they sat, talked and drank together.

“She is a good match for the kid” Sharn said sitting next to Cathy off to one side.

“They suit each other well, oh god I feel like it’s my child getting married” Cathy said.

“If anything it’s more of mine as Ceran holds Karen’s spirit”

“Don’t tell me you’ve gone native?”

“No I just think it is a beautiful custom and concept” Sharn pointed out.

“You know” Cathy started “For a people that are so warlike they have a lot of customs and traditions that have nothing to do with it”

“Even those forged in war will carry peace in their hearts” Sharn quoted an ancient Human leader.

The evening went on rather quietly with Taleena making fast friends with the woman of the court and her own rivals who had come to actually enjoy listing to her speak of things her and Ceran had in common.

“Ladies!” Cathy called for everyone’s attention.

“The evening has been wonderful and we all of course are here to celebrate the journey Taleena and her new husband are about to go on. I also think that the Benemar part of the evening has come to a close and the Human custom can now take place if there are no objections”

She looked around and no one objected, in fact some of the younger Benemar girls were interested on what was about to happen.

“Good, Sharn music please”

Sharn took out a small speaker box that blared a Human dancing song.

“Ladies, may I present the Full monty boys!”

The doors behind her swung open and six Human males came in dancing wearing very little and the music blared in volume. The Human females screamed in delight and even some of the younger Benemar girls joined in.

“What is going on?” Taleena asked a Human next to her.

“Just take this money and throw it at them while calling them dirty whores!”

Hesky and Ceran arrived at a more darker bar in a section of the city where Human soldiers came when off duty, Benemar were welcome and those of the warrior caste would often turn up to swap stories with the Human soldiers.

Ceran and Hesky were welcomed with a loud roar as the entire bar erupted in greetings and cheers, many Ceran did not know but he saw people from his home town and few familiar faces of those he would call friends since coming to Geeda. Of course the Human who had in a sense destroyed his town were there too as they were the first Humans he had spoken to. They were the ones who had told him of their home world and their culture, where he got a lot of his ideas for his speeches from. During that time the Humans had kind of adopted him as their mascot, now he was going to be the Chieftain of a city.

“Here drink this” Hesky said handing him a glass.

“What is it?”

“Brandy, a Human drink”

“Hesky!” Hopkins said taking the glass away “Start him off with a beer first” he gave Ceran a pint.

“So, what exactly happens at these?” Ceran asked innocently.

“Well we drink, a lot” Hesky said already downing his own.

“There will be some singing and story telling and….” Hopkins trailed off

“He will find out later on” Jenkins said slouched in his chair.

“Jenkins? You’re here too?” Ceran said shocked to see their commanding officer was present.

“I have to go off the clock too sometimes” he replied a little slurred having started drinking earlier.

“As long as this stuff you call whisky keeps coming I’m happy”


“Yep we even got him to come” Hesky smiled “Although I admit I almost hoped you wouldn't”

“Well as my son says, only a fool holds open wounds caused by the past”

“You’ve heard me speak?”

“Son…I was there from the beginning”

“That is very touching, but can we now get the dancers out!” Hopkins shouted “I have so much pent up frustration I need an outlet!”

“Dancers?” Ceran asked.

Hesky grinned “Malthos, I trust you were able to find them”

“Yes, but if my wife finds out she will kill me”

“My lips are sealed”

They sat Ceran down in front of the stage and he was joined by everyone else.

“Little Chieftain” Hesky said “Enjoy your last night of freedom!”

The curtains opened to reveal a trio of scantly dressed Benemar lust dancers who began to dance for him to the shouts and whooping of the crowed.

A large grin slowly crept across Ceran’s face as the girls danced ever more erotically as the night went on.

It was the middle of the night when Ceran and his father walked or more like swayed back to their home and almost fell through the door. Ceran had handled his drink a bit better but that was mainly because he had drunk very little. His father on the other hand had drunk like it was going out of fashion and had made Hesky promise that a crate of whisky would be sent to their home.

Taleena was still awake drinking tea at the table and looked up as Ceran helped his father to sleep on the sofa.

“A fun night?” she asked.

“Yes, yours” he replied sitting next to her.

She grinned a remembering the look on the older Benemar woman’s faces when the Human dancers began taking off their clothes.

“Apparently the Human have their own lust dancers, and they can be male” she said smiling.

“Oh good, now I don’t feel as guilty watching lust dancers myself tonight”

“You did what?” her tone suddenly serious and angry.

“I errr…you just said you watched lust dancers”

“No I didn’t, I just said the Humans have them, I didn’t say I watched them”

Ceran looked at her shocked and scared then he noticed “You’re messing with me aren’t you?”

“Sorry, it’s just so easy” she said smiling.

He gave her arm a playful slap and she recoiled in mock surprise “How could you strike your wife?”

“You’re not my wife yet”

“No, tomorrow though” she rested her head on his shoulder and he kissed her head.

“Today actually, it has just passed midnight”

“We have to be up in a few hours, we should go to bed”

“In a minute, let’s just stay like this for a bit” he said putting his arm round her and she put hers round him.

The sun rose over the horizon and already the streets were lined with the people of Geeda both Human and Benemar. The route would take them from one of the main gates and snake through the city before arriving at the Chieftain’s tower where Ceran and Taleena would be married and Ceran crowned Chieftain. Ceran and Taleena would stand upon a Human transport that had been modified to look like a great monster from Benemar lore. They would be in the centre of the parade with musicians and dancers preceding and following them. As well as the Human army would march alongside the Benemar force that had been formed to take their place.

Ceran’s outfit was made from feathers of jet black, he wore a headpiece that resembled a centurion’s from the days of ancient Rome. His face was painted white with a black triangle that started at his headpiece and ended at the tip of his nose to resemble a beak. His cape was also made from black feathers that when he could outstretch his arms to make it look like he had wings. He wore a white tight fitting body suit that fit like a second skin with a small tunic over the top that had small white feathers attached. He was made to resemble a native bird much like how Taleena was made to resemble the female of that species. Hers was a of similar design but she had no headpiece but her hair was dyed pink with the same beak like face makeup as Ceran as well as her face also being white. Her cape though was a rose red colour and she could also outstretch her arms to make it appear she had wings. Her body suit was black with her tunic having black feathers. Their clothes were meant to compliment each other and the dress makers had worked almost non stop since Ceran had been first elected.

Ceran appeared first at the gate where the parade was about to begin, the people could not see him yet but as he appeared the warriors and soldiers stood to attention and saluted him. He looked at them and gestured for them to relax and they stood at ease, it was that moment that he truly felt like he had authority and power.

“We are nearly ready to go” Hesky said smiling in his uniform looking non the worse for all the drinking he did last night.

“Where is Taleena?” he asked.

“Behind you”

He swung round and his jaw almost hit the floor, she stood before him in her dress and looking a little embarrassed to be so over dressed in the presence of the plainly clothed public.

“Do I please you?” she asked.

“Y…you….err….wow!” he stammered and they both laughed.

“Okay you love birds….hehehe get it you both look like birds” Hesky said but they only looked at him “Oh come on that was funny”

“Hilarious dear” Cathy said appearing behind him.

“So what are you two doing here?” Ceran asked.

“Well believe it or not we can sing and rather well and will be doing so during the parade”

“Really?” Taleena asked.

“Don’t look so shocked”

Both of their parents were waiting for them at the Chieftain’s tower and in their place they had had a multitude of servants dress them, it had taken several hours for them both to be ready.

“Right I think we are about ready” Cathy said looking around.

“I’m nervous” Taleena whispered to Ceran.

“So am I, just hold my hand and we’ll be fine”

She grasped his hand tightly and they both mounted the transport which fired up it’s engines. There were a pair of thrones for them to sit on as the parade was going to last some hours and standing all that time was going to be taxing, saying nothing of all the waving.

“We await your command Chieftain” called a Benemar warrior.

“By all means, onward” Ceran replied holding Taleena’s hand and they raised their heads as the gate opened and a wave of cheers washed over them, welcoming in a new era.

Meet and greet with Jen!

Ok, so, Jennifer Morrison is a precious fucking cupcake, a fairy, and a wondrous creature whom I adore! She is a SWEETIE!

The meet and greet started by her saying “hi”, everyone clapped and did fangirl hand flailing (including me, because how do you even life right now????), and we all kind of shyly said hi back.

Then her assistant/ translator was like “I gotta translate for this lady!”, and we were off.

•It started with us complimenting her dress and asking the designer.

-She said something, idk. She was in this gorgeous, gold, short dress with like sheer parts and some glitter and really nice accents on it, hair down, and these skin- tone pumps. She looked like a vision, and I just !!!!!!!!!!!!

•So, then we got into what her weirdest words to say on House were.

-something “blahblahblah luffawuffa something Opolis, etc. and hella syllables”

•Then about Mall Cop

-She said it was probably the weirdest so far, and talked about getting a parasite from the dirty river in Albuquerque and staying in skeezy hotels, and her being like “it’s not a magical fucking severed arm! Why do I have to do all this in a freezing river????”

•How much time does she get to visit loved ones?

-Not a lot. Acting is a big time commitment! 16- hour days, 9 months out of the year. But she tries her best.

•House reunion?

-most of the cast are doing other things and are immersed in other projects, so it’s highly unlikely that it’ll happen any time soon

•in 3x06, in the echo caves, Emma was about to say something to Hook; what was it?

- oh Jesus…. Uhhhhhh…. I knew at the time!!! It’s been a long while, I’m sorry. But everything on this show is planned and executed exactly how it is supposed to be, so there was definitely purpose behind all of those actions and words, unspoken as well.

•You’ve worked in a lot of places! Is there anywhere you’d still like to go?

-China, Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland!

•my question! What advice would you give to someone trying to break into the acting business as a professional in the industry?

-well, nowadays, you can shoot a movie on your iPhone for next to nothing, so there’s much easier access than when I was growing and coming up. So it’s easier to get work, even if you’re making it for yourself, you know? I was just a little kid when I came up in the business, so where you are now, by the time I decided that this is what I wanted for myself, I already had agents and a lot of building blocks in place. But just doing it is the most important thing. Take lessons, always seek to improve your craft, and just do it. Cut together a movie on your iPhone. It’s not “professional”, but it can get you there. Just do stuff :)

I’m pretty sure that was it!

She was kind, casual, and she was like “damn, this translator is amazing!!” And she kept apologizing about the long winds of speech that the translator had to translate.

What a cupcake!

  • stephen king maine: oh shit you never know what kind of creepy goddamn shit is out here in our rural towns. ghosts! witches! haunted cars!!!!! maine'll fuck you up!!!!!
  • real ass maine: hey you wanna go to marden's and feel an existential state of quiet depression while glancing at a beat up box of "horse-opoly"? maybe you'd rather look at expired bags of chips at reny's. in any case i hope you like going to bed at 11 cuz there's shit all to do, even in portland

The best part about Harry being a super unreliable narrator and JK Rowling retroactively claiming representation is I can do stuff like say that actually Neville early on met a cute Hufflepuff who was into herbology too and then proceeded to spend most of his time snuggling and snogging his boyfriend. We just don’t hear about it because it wasn’t important to Harry’s Journey™. 

At first Neville had a crush on Ron, but lets be real, Ronald Weasley is such a straight white boy. like axe, snapbacks, socks & sandals, and monster don’t exist in the wizarding world but he would somehow have them all. But then Neville found someone who is totally not a self insert OC and they spent all their free time together. I mean come on, why ELSE wasn’t the boy who was like a mixture of Harry’s potential and Hermione’s smarts (albeit more specialized) not with the trio, he was too busy gaying it up with his boyfriend.

In Goblet of Fire Neville went with Ginny to the Yule Ball for tradition’s sake, but definitely after the first dance he switched to his boyfriend, who had also asked out Ginny’s at the time girlfriend because she’s hella bi, and it was all planned out.

Neville definitely knows the way into the Hufflepuff common room and keeps his boy updated on the Gryffindor Password. They don’t spend much time in Gryffindor though because Harry and Ron are always A like “wow bros being bros what’s better than this bromance just dudes being dudes. OR they’re not being subtle AT ALL about how they think Snape is behind some new evil plot. and like Neville’s like yeah snape’s shitty but chill please? They also don’t spend a whole lot of time in the Hufflepuff common room because the number of people makes Neville a little nervous. but they definitely are spending about has many nights together in one of the rooms as apart.

Neville’s boyfriend makes flower crowns for Trevor, though Neville usually loses them before the day’s over. At some point they start taking some high level herbology and plant related magics and have had at least one quicky and/or blowjob behind a greenhouse.

I’m not saying Neville’s canonically gay but it’s not like he’s canonically straight soo… my city now. and by my city I mean Neville-has-a-boyfriend-opolis

"It's bedtime." (Isaac)

“Okay you. It’s bedtime.” Isaac decided as you danced toward him in the dentist office.

“No! I’m having fun.” You argued. He laughed and wrapped his arms around you to pull you in for a kiss.

When he pulled back you snuggled into his chest and he laughed.

“Yup. Definitely bedtime.” He said, walking you to his car. Your family was in Minneapolis for your siblings sports event, and they had asked Isaac if he could be around so he could drive you home from getting your wisdom teeth pulled.

“Baby, you are so lucky your family isn’t home.” He said with a shake of his head.

“They’re in Minnie Mouse opolis.” You said, causing a giggling fit.

“No babe, Minneapolis. Say it with me.” He teased, pulling into your driveway.

“Oh no. I don’t think I have a key to this house.” You cried.

“I think you do.” Isaac said, killing the engine and walking over to open your door.

“I just have these keys.” You produced your key chain, looking hopeless.

“It can’t hurt to try them, right?” Isaac said, crouching in front of you.

“I guess.” You agreed, grabbing his hand and walking to the front door.

“Oh look! That one works!” You said when Isaac opened your door.

Your golden retriever, Maggie, ran to meet you and you fell to the floor to snuggle her.

“This is my house! This is Maggie!” You giggled.

“I look like a chipmunk Maggie.” You told her and she rolled into her back so you would rub her belly.

“Isaac. Tell her it’s me. She doesn’t recognize me.” You told your boyfriend, who was grabbing you a water and more pain meds.

“What makes you think she can understand me?” He asked from the kitchen.

“You’re a werewolf. Everyone knows you speak dog.” You told him.

“You know I can’t speak dog, right?” He asked.

He realizes that you wouldn’t be able to understand his explanation and caved in.

“Maggie. That’s Y/N.” He said, crouching down to the dog.

You grinned before yawning and wincing.

“Ow.” You mumbled.

“Bedtime.” He said, locking your door and bringing you upstairs. When he got you to your room he gave you pajamas and had you change in the bathroom. When you walked back in he didn’t have a shirt on.

“You’re hot.” You said, and he laughed before giving you a hug.

“Here is your bed. Here’s pain meds so you aren’t sore when the gas wears off. You have water here, and I’ll be here.” He promised, laying on the covers.

“I love you Isaac.” You sighed happily, closing your eyes as you snuggled into his chest.

Isaac froze, you two hadn’t said that yet.

“I love you too.” He whispered, kissing your hair.

“I’m so glad you can talk to dogs.” You yawned before falling asleep.
A summary of my Thanksgiving

Part 1:

Family Member: Why are you playing Oceanopoly with your nieces and not Dino-opoly? 




Me, outside: IDK I figured that everyone’s sick of me talking about dinosaurs 

Part 2:

Constantly. Reminding. Everyone. That. Birds. Are. Dinosaurs. And. Mostly. Feeling. Like. They. Aren’t. Listening. Or. At. Most. Just. Humoring. Me. 

Part 3: 

Certain family members: Humoring me and asking questions about my blog and asking questions 

Me: We… don’t know what birds are

Them: Yeah we do, they’re outside! We them just ate one!

Me, Outside: I… I mean… there’s this thing about where we draw the line and - 



Pop Deal: Just a few board games we should all probably own and play all the time