Listening the new Opening of One Piece I have noticed one thing:

I had opened two videos THIS and THIS . Toei have fixed the first image, no? In fact the second looks better :).

They also have changed the scene with Sanji and “his red cape”^-^ :

Now there’s the Flashback of their fight. They have changed also the Background,now is blue .


Oneohtrix Point Never - Where Does Time Go

Dejo esto aquí y veré si funciona
ya se que no publico muchas cosas de estos 3 en especifico pero bueno, no solo se les puede preguntar a ellos

si no llega a funcionar pues tómenlo como un simple dibujo xD


I’ll leave this here and see if it works
I know I don’t upload so much stuff of those 3 specific but well, they aren’t the only ones you can ask

if this dosen’t work just take this like a simple drawing

(PD: se permite que los fcs ajenos interactuen/fcs are allowed to interact)