Open RP: Carlos and Nitro "Death Match"

Carlos stares at the windows as he walks forward. “I wish Bella were here.” Carlos sighs then hits someone in front of him. Carlos lifts his hands to apologize, “I’m sorry I wasn’t-“ Carlos is interrupted by a fist to the center of his face. Carlos is knocked over a few feet falling to the ground. Carlos looks up instantly noticing the man who struck him. “Hello pretty boy.” Carlos’s nose is gushing blood as he gets up. “What the hell are you doing here?!” Carlos roars putting his hands up. Nitro scowls at him. “I’m here to make your life a living hell. You see I’m not here on Rocket business I am here on my own accord. I’m going to make you pay for running away.” Nitro stands his arms lifted close to his face. Nitro dashes forward striking Carlos’s ribs then combos with an uppercut to the jaw. “You’ve gotten slow and weak.”

Carlos jumped back he could feel the pain getting to him. Carlos was never a match for Nitro. The man was big and fast. His punches felt like trains. Carlos could remember all the times he was sent to the hospital fighting this man and could feel he was about to be there really soon. Carlos needed to escape. Nitro dashed forward as Carlos exploded a smokescreen and ran away. “You coward!” Carlos heard as he ran through an alley. Carlos stopped when he thought he was far enough and fell to his knees. His side was in pain and so was his jaw. The dry blood on his face cracked as he moved his jaw around. “This isn’t good at all.” Carlos didn’t know what to do. How was he going to deal with this.

Operation protect Narry

So I saw another post about this and I think we should make this a thing!! spread the word around.
It’s simple:
1) don’t send the boys anything Narry related
2) don’t harass anyone related to the boys (people like friends and family, especially the Horan and Styles family) about Narry
Keep it all to yourself. Read smut, draw fan art, make fan fics, fangirl about them on social media and/or outside of social media, do whatever you want! Just try to keep it away from the boys, especially Niall and Harry. And lets not get crazy like some larries. They might bother us at times but try to be as mature as possible and I promise we won’t become like a Larry 2.0