I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m always that one person who stumbles into a fandom a little late, and it always turns up being either

“Where dafuq is everyone?”


And there is NO in between


More of that “Mob is Saitama’s Dad” AU thingy @pinkteepoison came up with and I jumped into the bandwaggon and began HCing stuff for. ; u;

This is Mob coming to see his son and being his general clumsy self. His glasses may be broken, his nose bleeding, his face aching. But in his mind, he just needs to go and make sure that Saitama is fine after punching a monster into oblivion.

Cuz that’s just what Dads do.

They check up on their monster-annihilating kids.

AANNDD ITS DONE!! I made a short animation for @therealjacksepticeye and the #septicart event!! GOSH I SPENT SO LONG ON THISS AAAA!! But it was a challenge and plenty of fun!!! Worked day and night and happy w/ how it came out!!! I totally wanna animate more now heh! 

Decided to animate OPM since one of my first fanarts for Jack was a OPM comic! Thought it’d be nice! Hope you like it Jack! :D

Okay, considering I have an entire inspirational folder dedicated to pictures of this on my computer I might as well make a post about how much I love ONE’s monster designs.

I know the focus is usually on his sillier or more comical ones, but when he brings the creepy  - he really brings it.

I mean, look at this

They’re just


freaking intense 

Like, his monster designs are one of my most favourite things, and I just want to bring more attention to how great they are. Because I don’t think he gets enough attention for how absolutely awesome his monster designs are.