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;|| Thanks for such a nice response to my post! I love seeing us roleplayers and fans supporting each other. I'm glad you thought so though and yes, I didn't want to give him a rude reply back. That wouldn't solve anything. Just wanted to shed light on a situation that's should be called upon, because we all have the right to pair whoever we'd like and don't deserve to be judged or given rude comments for it. And I just wanted to address that fact. But thank you so much for your response!

Hey there, you are very welcome @moneymaiden  :)  !
Sorry for my late reply mate, I’ve had awfully lots to do outside Tumblr but anyways, I still admire a lot how mature you faced and took care of that situation with a troll URL. You  showed a good example of how to handle a troll and showed them that hate will not lead anywhere. 

You are also absolutely right about the fact that everyone is free to ship whomever they want and no one else should have the right to judge your desicions because bashing the “rival ship” doesn’t make that ship more likely to happen or that these fans who have faced the troll problem would magically become fans of the ship the trolls support.

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In general, my opinion is that shipping wars are total waste of time and it only creates unnecessary tension inside the fandom. I really wish people could focus to the main message of the OP, the importance of friendships and achieving dreams instead of fighting about whose pairing will become canon because none of us can’t say anything for certain because it’s Oda who decides if he wants anything romantic to happen inside the Straw hat crew or not. 

Also a common friendly reminder that all you fellow fans are more than welome to talk about shippings with me because I like to ponder those things in general but never try to bash my otps even if you didn’t happen to like them because I would never do that to yours either. I like my pairs, you like yours but we both love One Piece so let’s keep it cool people, I’m here to look for friends not enemies  :) 

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Just want to add my little grain to the Mor debate: to be honest I've personally never felt any kind of sense in that azriel/ mor pairing . I mean they seem to know each other for centuries- if mor really wanted she would already be together with him. (I don't know right now if there are other reasons why they're not together mentioned in the book) So it would actually make more sense that she isn't cause she's gay.

I don’t know if SJMess planned this from the beginning, but some people are saying they already thought M/or was gay/bi. The thing is, planned it or not, they weren’t canon, so I don’t she why this is a big deal. Instead of five straight couples they have four now. What a loss, right? (no)

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