opium smoker

Say a prayer for a poor h a r l o t?

Thank you, Ma. For this gift of whoredom. I can suck and fuck and flatter my way anywhere in the world….

  1. wealth will make you free // harlots soundtrack // money is a woman’s only power in this world. you make it your solace and your dream and one day, wealth- real, lasting wealth- will set you free.
  2. diplomat’s son // vampire weekend // to offer it to you would be cruel, when all i wanna do is use, use, use you. he was a diplomat’s son, it was ‘81…
  3. fucked my way up to the top // lana del rey // but babe, lay me down tonight in my diamonds and pearls. tell me songs at night about your favourite girl. i fucked my way up to the top, this is my show.
  4. gentlemen aren’t nice // emilie autumn // what i relate is hard to bear. i’ll endure it so that i might spare you. ladies, i’m not known for my good advice but gentlemen aren’t so agreeable. love ain’t a paradise and if i told you once, i won’t tell you twice. gentlemen aren’t nice.
  5. sweet dreams (are made of this) // sucker punch soundtrack // some of them want to use you. some of them want to get used by you. some of them want to abuse you. some of them want to be abused.
  6. following the drum // harlots soundtrack // once i slept on a feather bed, with blankets full and warm. now i’m glad to lay my head on a cloak that’s old and torn. so sing with me a merry catch! and summer days will come. my love, he is a soldier boy, so i’m following the drum…
  7. momma was an opium smoker // rasputina // oh, help us, lord, we can’t afford her destructive ways. you ought to hear what she says! she would just sit on her ass, yell at us! “fill up my wine glass!” she would tell us “how sad! you’ll never know your dad.” oh, yes, my momma was an opium smoker.
  8. one foot in front of the other foot // emilie autumn // i used to have a home, now i don’t even have a name. i’m nothing but a number. here, we’re all the same. we’ve lost so much, so many of those we love are dead. how do i get these memories out of my fucking head? one foot in front of the other foot, one foot in front of the other….
  9. sex metal barbie // in this moment // baby, go ahead, i’ll be the villain you can blame. i’ll be the belle of the brawl, be the lust in us all. i’m the diva of the damned. i know I don’t belong in this scene. sex, metal, barbie, homicidal queen. excuse me, can you tell me the worst thing you’ve heard about me. maybe that I’m a little harlot homicidal queen?
  10. the vilest sin // harlots soundtrack // “is he going to pay all my gambling debts? then, he may have some fruit…”

bonus: harlots opening theme // 1763. london is booming and 1 in 5 women makes a living selling sex…

Rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs and then tag 10 people!

1. ‘Momma Was an Opium Smoker’ by Rasputina

2. ‘Queen of Pain’ by Devil Doll

3.'The Hazards of Love 3 (Revenge!)’ by the Decemberists

4.'This, My Porcelain Life’ by Rasputina

5.'Welcome to the Black Parade’ by My Chemical Romance

6. 'London Calling’ by the Clash

7.'Cathedral Song’ by Mediaeval Baebes

8.'Pieces of April’ by Three Dog Night

9.'O’ Sailor’ by Fiona Apple

10.  'Streams of Whiskey’ by the Pogues

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Raqib Shaw (Indian/British, b. 1974)

  • Paradise Lost, 2001-11
  • Ode to the Lost Moon While Innocence was Young, 2009
  • The Disambiguation of the Last Myth of the Shinobi, 2013
  • Death, Beauty, and Justice V, 2008
  • Self-Portrait as the Opium Smoker, 2016
  • Self-Portrait as Bottom (Midsummer Night’s Dream), 2016

My dad was an opium smoker. In the early 70s, we lived in this shophouse behind me… where the TCC is now. Back then it was a coffee shop downstairs and upstairs there were 10-12 families living in one big space, each small dwelling separated by only a curtain. There was an open area between the two floors and in the morning we would lower a basket on a rope with money, and they would put kopi and toast in to pull back up.

The quay was really filthy back then. The water was black and the area was rough. My dad and his brother had a bum boat and they both took opium. Sometimes I would

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