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…… Actually, it’s the crotchety, conservative, bigoted officials in our government who are keeping people from getting married. The Bible doesn’t say squat about it (at least not explicitly.) But yeah, maybe if the government didn’t incorporate so much of a single religion into their laws and beliefs, we wouldn’t feel the need to microwave pizza on a Bible. :T


There’s a lot of talk about babies in the tag and naming them (thaaaaaaaaanks Colin) Starting with the misconception that Colin said the CS baby would be named Liam (he actually said Julian and the audience chanted Liam), if they did have a boy it’s entirely likely that Liam tops the list of names. I personally don’t think they would have a boy, since Emma has a son already and half the show is about mothers and daughters and the often-tumultuous relationships that exist between parents and children of the same sex. Why not continue the tradition with our main character?

Very often I see “Eva/Ava” as a CS baby girl name and quite frankly it baffles me. Like, I get that it carries on the tradition of naming the babies after dead people, but Emma has zero reason to name her daughter after her maternal grandmother, other than the fact that “Hey, this was your grandmother’s name”? Like, maaaaaybe if Emma grew up in FTL and was told about her grandmother from an early age I can see it. But she doesn’t have an emotional connection to it. Same with Ruth. If MM and David had another kid and it was a girl, they’d probably go with Ruth.

Also I kinda see Emma as being annoyed about her brother being named after her dead ex, so like… maybe she’d break tradition about naming her kid after dead people.

(I saw a few fics with them naming the baby Milah and I recoiled in horror and back-buttoned so fast out of there. Parents naming siblings after dead exes isn’t weird enough, now we’re naming our own kids after dead exes?! I like Milah and that’s weird)

some guys were bragging about their military careers in tradechat and talking about “damn hajis” and I eventually got ALL of them to put me on ignore because I started arguing about how they literally do/did NOTHING good for the country or the american people and then I started dissing Bush lol

and people whispered me like “wow hardcore trolling!”

I didn’t want to tell them I wasn’t trolling lol

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I made the mistake of continuing to read the reblogs on the Psiioniic discussion thread that was going on earlier this evening and gosh dang it sure feels good to have that old Homestuck drama coming out of the woodworks

Wait did I say it feels good what I meant to say is it feels DRAINING.

I thought maybe we had progressed to the point where somebody could put forth their perfectly valid opinion about a characterization choice and have a civil discussion about it but some people decided that disagreement = STARTING A BIG FUCKING FIGHT.

Whatever man, get pissy about it if you want but arguing with people about something they’re not willing to discuss cordially ain’t my jam.