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Company - Part 12

Summary: You’re the new forensic scientist at CCPD and have to share the laboratory with Barry Allen for a while. The thought of that doesn’t please him too much, but that’s only until he meets you.

Pairings: Barry Allen x female reader

Word count: 1043

A/N: I AM ALIVE! Hey everyone, I am so sorry I haven’t posted in forever! But here is the next part to Company and I really hope you like it. Your opinions and suggestions are always welcome, so let me know what you think :*

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Opinions Please

I changed the mobile version of my blogs banner to a before and current progress picture. But I’m wondering if this could come across as too intimidating, suggestive or risqué to new viewers or those unfamiliar with my blog. I try to keep my blog all ages friendly and open for everyone and I don’t want to give off a misleading representation of what my blogs all about. I’d appreciate any open and honest thoughts. The last thing I want to do is scare people away because of a false first impression.

It’s been a while since I’ve shown an update of the Modern Male Witch: Home Office, so here is one!

I decided not to go super obvious with the witch being trans, so it’s open for interpretation.
Lots of bright colors!
I still need to work on the hologram screen, the PC screens, some other minor details, and of course shading and lighting.

Animation ideas: lights flickering, screen movement, lava lamp, coffee/tea steam, cables moving, smartphone blinking, digital lines across the wall, witch’s finger moving, digital tattoo(s) on witch.

Suggestions and opinions are very welcome! <3


I am on a mission to write the cheesiest Spideychelle fic ever created. So far, here is the plot:

In an effort to use the Versace on the Floor gifs, for example:

The Spideychelle Trash chat has decided on the following: 

Michelle Jones is a triple threat pop star that misses normal life. Peter Parker is her new dorky assistant hired with the warning that he can’t say no to her. She decides to force him to take her out into his neighborhood so that she can know what it’s like to be unrecognized, so she transforms into a “plain Mary Jane”. When she takes a liking to the lifestyle, she runs away and it is Peter’s job to find her and bring her back. He is faced with the ultimate choice: to bring her back to her successful career where she has a great future or to cave to his budding feelings and run away with her.

SO HOW DO WE MAKE THIS WORSE? Opinions and suggestions needed.

UPDATE: IT’S HERE.  Suggestions still welcome.

Weakness - Part 4

Summary: You’re an old acquaintance of Barry Allen and The Flash’s enemy, but when you’re together you’re way more than that. You’re struggling with your evilness and Barry wants to help. Will you let him?

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 1635

A/N: Yay, here’s the next part! I hope you’re enjoying the progression of the story so far :) I had fun writing this one, I hope you like it too! As always, opinions and suggestions are welcome x

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I want to ask my girlfriend to prom in a super cute way. she loves sports & plays basketball, golf & softball. I was thinking I could get like 4 softballs & her friends hand them one at a time to her throughout the day & each one is like “roses are red” “violets are blue” “cheyenne would love” “to go to prom with you” & like I’ll wait for her at her car when she gets out of school & give her the last one with like flowers & her favorite candy or something. I’d love opinions on whether this is a good idea or ways I could make it better. ultimately I just want it to be something cute that she’ll love 😊

YouTube Channel

Okay so I’m planning the Hellenic Polytheism 101 series I’m going to do on YouTube. I have the first video all set, just have to record it. But I’m curious what you all would like to see in the series? I have a bunch of topics I want to cover but since this is for you guys I’d love your opinions and suggestions! Anything and everything is welcomed and appreciated!

I’m really hoping to find time to film the first video this week which is exciting and terrifying lol!

Thank you so much for the nice comments and suggestions for my Estelle magical girl! TT! I really appreciate it and Im really happy that people are giving varied suggestions and opinion!! <3

Also welcome to new followers! QQ! Estelle post brings me to it and I really Thank you so much for following my page!

Overall i want to thank you all for the support <3 <3
I really hope you’ll enjoy more of my future art~!


“The guy from that boyband One Direction’s name is Zayn Malik. If you look him up on google you can find a bunch of images of him. I was picturing Robbie as a beefier version of him. Physically strong, with a quiet, troubled expression, […] kind of boyish. Just my initial idea. Opinions and suggestions greatly welcome, as always. I’ll send you the arc breakdowns in my next e-mail.”

This is what A suggested and I kind of like it. I still wish I had a decent ultrasound image, I’d pop that in where the bottom text is and add the date somewhere else. But I’m working with what I’ve got!

Not in love with using the same font face for all of the text, but I couldn’t find a complementary font that I liked. I’ll be tweaking this until Sunday, probably.

Lauis, Real or Fake?

This is just a humble opinion of the supposed relationship between Lauren Jauregui & Luis F. Santos. I say “supposed” because it’s not a secret in the Harmonizers fandom that the majority of us doesn’t believe it’s a true relationship, but a PR which is likely called in the media. It’s Lauis who didn’t begin with the right foot, being friends for a long time it only took the month of December to find the mutual love, even when Luis was in a relashionship with Mel, I don’t think so. Everything looks like Lauren realized the attention that the fandom gave to her close relationship with Luis that a few weeks later she was announcing on a Twitlonger that he was her boyfriend, yes her boyfriend. Could he really end a two year relationship to be in another one with one of his best friends in just a couple of days? Weird, I know. But that’s how things happened.

His first tweet was dedicated to her:

In Facebook they also had a relationship

Do you remember when Mel practically gave us a hint she was still Luis’ girlfriend,  by favoriting this? (Tweet says: “Before you ask, yes, im so pathetic that I stalked Luis Felipe’s girlfriend”) 

Luis denied this, calling Lauren’s attention who gave her opinion about this: (@tacoswithcamila “It’s sad that Lauren is going out with someone who leaves his girlfriend and find another one in just a week”

@LaurenJauregui “if you really don’t know what you are talking about, it’s better not to talk, right?”)

Luis and Mel “weren’t” in a relationship, they became “good friends”, sure that’s why they spent Valentine’s day together:

Let’s not forget that Lauren and Camila disappeared like a magic act that day too.

All good, let’s see recent events. They haven’t interacted too much and when they do in any social site it can be noticed how dry are their interactions just as their pictures.

Forced smiles, eyes that don’t express anything, good friends gestures. Nothing compared to when Luis was going out with Mel, for example:

Ironic how in the last photography you can see the three of them having fun at a party and then become  a love triangle.

Days ago Luis posted a picture saying that he missed Lauren and he had a big smile on his face and was next to his ex (It was Ultra days).

But even though Mel & Luis say they ended, they haven’t stop seeing each other or interacting, even more than Lauis does. The mayority of Mel likes, faves and comments on her Instagram, are Luis’.

They tweet each other

They tweet the same

Casuality? I don’t think so. I’d like to be in a relashionship like that one, being  good friends with my ex, that left me for a famous girl friend who casually is my best friend’s best friend (Alexa) How tangled! Yes, that’s how Lauis is.

Now, going back to Lauis, since the last girl’s visit to Miami, we haven’t had drama like the one we had a couple of days ago, it seems like EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING repeated like a movie script. Luis visited Lauren in L.A. We were expecting pictures of them together which we actually got. They showed they were together the day of the Boom Drama, Camila and Dinah went to 5SOS concert (it’s not a secret for anyone that Camila always goes away when Luis is coming, without mentioning her mood changes drastically). Anyone could notice with our hearts broken how sad her face was and her watery eyes, let’s thank Dinah that is always with her in moments like this one, same with Austin’s concert last time.

During that day, Lauren and Luis were hanging out in Santa Monica

The girl who took pictures with her said they weren’t alone but with friends.

Hey, you don’t see your boyfriend in weeks and you hang out with him and someone else. A little privacy wouldn’t be bad for the couple, right? Same thing last time when they hanged out with Chris.

After this, Lauren posted this photo with Luis

Then Luis posted a second photography the next day (the caption was so romantic, and so was hers, they should stop with so much romanticism *sarcasm*) which made everyone decide to support this relashionship when no one said a thing about it before. First, Taylor, defending her sister, then normani with her tweet, Dinah on IG and her tweet which sounded sarcastic, let’s see..

Taylor likes Camren (picture not seen before because it was saved for a moment like this one)

And Dinah always showing who the captain of the ship is.

Going back to the Boom Drama, Mama Dre y Sinu also congratulated them, I’ve never felt such promotion and the need to impose this relationship to everyone. Why have they never supported this way Trolly or Dope? Why want to make Lauis look like the perfect couple? As we see, Camila just stays away from this. Too much publicity when the same Lauren Jauregui said a million times she doesn’t like people to know about her private life. Then, why does she do it now? Sometimes she just acts a way no one can understand.

Her comment was out of place when someone mentioned Camila in tumblr. She could’ve just ignored it but she sent us to ship delusionssss.

When Luis posted the picture with Lauren, Mel twitted “If you only knew”, she liked a fake Camren picture on IG. Coincidences doesn’t exists but hints do. Many of you would say she’s is the typical spiteful girlfriend or something like that, but I think she is the girlfriend who is tired that her boyfriend is the screen her famous friend uses to cover apariences. Mel knows more than she shows.

Those drama days, Camila wasnt very present on twitter and on tumblr she only rebbloged something that I think she felt exactly at that moment (clearer is impossible)

But Lauren is one of those people who constantly is justifying her life, and that’s why there’s a constant war between the harmonizers and her. Everyone knows she wants to show her hetero side in anyway possible. Something that hasn’t worked out very good.

Everything changed when Luis left LA. We know Camren and Ally went to The 1975 concert and we got many pictures of Camila in which we could see she was way happier than the last concert and Lauren was also exploding of the good mood she was carrying.

Camila started rebbloging again (I’ve always thought that her tumblr reflects her mood in a 100%)

And the one that explains everything:

Let’s not forget the likes and rebblogs of 5H’s tumblr:

Everything exposed, I reach to two theories:

1| Lauren really has a relationship with Luis to convince herself of her sexuality and that she isn’t in love with her best friend (typical, it’s what any other girl her age would do in a negativity state)

2| Everything is a screen, PR, theatre, an act or however you want to call it, to hide Camren, so that they could hang out, hug and interact without people judging, criticizing, or pressuring with Camren’s subject.

What do you think?

I think that Camren is real, without any doubts, otherwise there wouldn’t be any problem that they could continue their friendship like nothing happened, that they could take pictures and interact, there would be no Camaustin nor Lauis, Camren wouldn’t be tabu or anything like that. They are only friends, right? So always remember:

Hope you have an amazing day beautiful people, just a humble and sincere opinion. Any critics, suggestions or opinions are welcome, just don’t be rude.

Written in spanish by Andrea Orellana // Original version in spanish: http://andyorellana-staystrong.tumblr.com/post/83604876702/lauis-verdad-o-mentira

Tw: @AndyBahFelicia // 

Translated to english by jaureguismile.tumblr.com

Tw: @mahjaureguii

Hank: Battalion 14, HT 51. Confirmed: Fire has spread to the east side of the building.
McConnike: Are you positive, HT 51?
Hank: I don’t know, 14, all this smoke and flame seems to suggest that, but you’re welcome to a second opinion if you’d like.

You should be embarrassed to like Young Adult novels.

You should be embarrassed to like novels at all. You should be embarrassed to know how to read. You should be embarrassed to take pleasure in words, arranged into sentences, arranged into paragraphs, arranged into scenes, arranged into books. It’s unnatural, and you should be embarrassed.

You should be embarrassed to have once been a teenager. You should be embarrassed if you remember that time. If you are doing anything but strenuous behavioral therapy to erase your memories and feelings about having once been a teenager, you are embarrassing. You should be embarrassed to have been a pre-teen, a child, and most especially a baby. Babies are loud and irrational and have no control over their bladders. You were that way once and if you are not currently embarrassed about it, you are wrong not to be embarrassed.

You should be embarrassed to wake up each day. You should be embarrassed to put on a pair of pants. Have you ever really looked at a pair of pants? They are very weird and embarrassing and you should feel embarrassed about them. You should be embarrassed to breathe. Why are you doing that? It’s odd and embarrassing!

You should be embarrassed to converse with other people, because other people may have different opinions than you and think less of your opinions and that makes you embarrassing. You should be embarrassed to have ever formed tastes and opinions. Who are you to believe that you have the right to tastes and opinions? You are an embarrassment.

Life is long and fun and easy, and that is all the more reason to feel worse about yourself and the things that make you happy. Deny yourself pleasure. If you ever feel it, even for a fraction of a second, make sure you immediately subsume that pleasure into your all-encompassing perpetual embarrassment–the simple existence of which is, as you know all too well, soooo embarrassing.


The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2013 - Taecyeon #13

For 25 years, The Independent Critics have published a List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of each year. The lists have been published, in various formats, every year since 1990… and in recent years have been seen by over to 40 million unique visitors from around the world.

Now, for the first time, after tens of thousands of requests, The Independent Critics are listing the 100 Most Handsome Faces of the Year.

Unlike many other annual publications, The Independent Critics List is not a popularity contest. It is not about the sexiest or the most famous. Rather, it aims to be a very international list and one that is inclusive of many cultures, lifestyles, professions and degrees of fame. The Independent Critics List intends to inform public opinion rather than reflect it. This list searches far and wide, listening to the millions of suggestions submitted every year, and tries to put together a list representative of the modern ideal of aesthetic beauty.

25 countries are represented on this 2013 list. That number should go up every year as the list grows and expands. Feel free to comment below with your suggestions or opinions. Originality is most welcome! There is no need to suggest a meg-star or someone that is on the list already. New names are very welcome indeed. We want to add to our extensive database. Of course, lists are very subjective… you will disagree with some of the choices, but perhaps you will find a new favorite. Every year, this list will be populated by some legendary entries who never seem to fade, but it is also replenished with the freshest faces from around the world.

100. Robert Downey Jr
99. Raoul Bova
98. Benedict Cumberbatch
97. Morris Chestnut
96. Leehom Wang
95. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
94. Pierce Brosnan
93. Guy Pearce
92. Armie Hammer
91. Byung-hun Lee
90. Gonzalo Higuaín
89. Justin Timberlake
88. Jamie Foxx
87. Travis Fimmel
86. Matt Damon
85. Todd Lasance
84. Viggo Mortensen
83. Jin Akanishi
82. Iker Casillas
81. Takeshi Kaneshiro
80. Edward Burns
79. Tom Hardy
78. Denzel Washington
77. Rafael van der Vaart
76. Aljur Abrenica
75. Eric Dane
74. Zayn Malik
73. Colin Farrell
72. Jon Hamm
71. Kevin Hart
70. Daniel Craig
69. Hrithik Roshan
68. Gary Barlow
67. Rodrigo Santoro
66. Dennis Oh
65. Fabio Fognini
64. Johnny Depp
63. Enrique Iglesias
62. Manu Bennett
61. Giuseppe Rossi
60. Djimon Hounsou
59. Tom Cruise
58. Keisuke Honda
57. Mark Wahlberg
56. Sean Penn
55. Godfrey Gao
54. Aksel Hennie
53. Clive Owen
52. David Beckham
51. Ben Affleck
50. 50 Cent
49. Alex Pettyfer
48. Jude Law
47. Matthew McConaughey
46. Rain
45. Guillaume Canet
44. David Oyelowo
43. Tom Brady
42. Matthias Schoenaerts
41. Norman Reedus
40. Lee Jung-jae
39. Garrett Hedlund
38. Gael García Bernal
37. Joel Kinnaman
36. Ricky Whittle
35. Sam Worthington
34. Jean Dujardin
33. Taeyang
32. Jake Gyllenhaal
31. Daniele De Rossi
30. Ryan Reynolds
29. Chiwetel Ejiofor
28. Chris Hemsworth
27. Mario Gomez
26. Liam McIntyre
25. Jamie Dornan
24. Daniel Henney
23. Mads Mikkelsen
22. Javier Bardem
21. Yoann Gourcuff
20. Dwayne Johnson
19. Chris Pine
18. Paul Walker
17. Omar Sy
16. Leonardo DiCaprio
15. Hugh Jackman
14. Gerard Butler
13. Ok Taecyeon
12. Channing Tatum
11. Bradley Cooper
10. George Clooney
9. Diego Boneta
8. Brad Pitt
7. Choi Siwon
6. Henry Cavill
5. Stephen Amell
4. Idris Elba
3. Ryan Gosling
2. Alexander Skarsgård
1. Michael Fassbender

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WE DID IT - Today we started our YouTube Channel :) - Honestly? It was the most spontaneous decision ever, we made a video for a network I’m in (shoutout to Ohana, love you guys, watch wednesday rocks! ♥) - anyway, this is our first Video, we simply answered some cool questions and laughed halfway through the video! I hope you guys are gonna enjoy this and that you won’t think of us as too awkward!

Opinions or suggestions for further videos are of course always welcome! And subscribers or likes would make us enormously happy! ♥

About my friend, her name is Anne (gru-a) and she’s one of the most amazing people ever :) She’s so kind and sweet and she posted this selfie of us today with the cutest caption ever and I’m so thankful for having her as my friend ! ♥