I don't like Pokemon GO

I love Pokemon, I’ve played a game from every generation on release since 1996 and was looking forward to GO on announcement but wow, it really sucks.

In the game’s current state it should be an Alpha release in testing. It consistently crashes, there’s minimal built-in tracking functions (that also aren’t working half the time) laughable customization, no viable option to train a Pokemon you like, no interactions between trainers outside Gym battles and relatively limited content.

I understand the latter on content is just to save other Regions for future instalments of expansions but everything prior is just unacceptable even for a game on release.

I also understand the merits of it as a new social outlet for all ages, that it’s bringing people together and out the door. That in itself is wonderful but it shouldn’t mask the awful truth of Niantic’s product, it’s poorly made and undeserving of the Pokemon IP.

Niantic has given us a shell of what the game could be and they’ll have to make leaps and bounds of improvements to live up to what the franchise represents.

It sucks because I really wanted to like GO but as it stands I only play casually in hopes of seeing it get better… that or until Sun and Moon release :p

My Ghostbusters 2016 Opinion, and the future of the series [Spoilers]

I saw it.

It wasn’t THAT bad, the main problem was the director, Paul Feig. He did what he wanted, not what fans wanted, he insulted them and handled criticism very poorly (calling everyone sexist, meanwhile; Star Wars, with a female lead and a blackguy was received just fine).

There were a few moments that embarrassed me. Holtzmann, the blonde quirky one filling Egon’s role was a little too silly at times. I actually liked her unusual behavior, but I think she acted a little too “trying to be cool, cool - yet silly” There is a scene where she dances around the office, starts a small fire, and dances with an extinguisher before putting it out and I thought it was stupid. If they just toned her down a bit I think she would’ve been great.

I really liked her quick wit though; my favorite part of the movie was when Rowan, the main villain, asks them what form he should take, and she immediately tells him to turn into something stationary, preferably a target. Instead he listens to Patty (Leslie Jones) and turns into something cute and more familiar.

Leslie Jones’ character was alright, but she seemed to force her way into the Ghostbusters, it was quick and sudden and I thought it was weird. They’re magically BFFs then she gives these strangers a car.

Egon/Harold Ramis got a nice bronze bust cameo.

But most the other cameos were bad. If I wanted to see the original cast play characters that weren’t Ghostbusters I could watch any of their films. It’s also incredibly ironic that Bill Murray plays a character that hates the Ghostbusters. It takes a certain appreciation to truly appreciate it. Think about it, this trainwreck is partly his fault. Over and over he refused to be a part of a third movie, because he was being a jerk (once he went on stage in his GB gear at an award ceremony, for no reason at all). Until one day he threw out “it should have all girls!” Which, is a little divisive. On one hand we have the fans that don’t want what they love being changed (a passing of the torch to new Ghostbusters probably would’ve been the right way to do it), on the other hand there are people going “what’s wrong with it being all girls? It was all boys! Girls can do it just as good you SEXIST.” Paul Feig caught wind of it and ran. Interestingly, Feig asked Murray to be a part of it, and he didn’t show up until the last minute to play his short part, according to this interview with Feig. Bill cares so little about the franchise, I heard he phoned in his voice for the 2009 game (which is basically, canonically the third movie, I’ve been playing it with a new appreciation) and I think he lit these flames to trash the franchise on purpose.

The other cameos were sad. Ernie Hudson’s character comes in during the credits, complaining that they lost one of his herses. Dan Aykroyd is a cab driver that doesn’t pick up Erin during the chaos, he asks her what she’s afraid of “they’re only class 5 vapors” and that he “ain’t afraid of no ghost” then drives off. (How does a lowly cab driver know what a class 5 vapor is???) Sigourney Weaver comes in during the credits too, as Holtzmann’s mentor. It seemed awkward. New fans could care less about this scene, and most old fans probably hate it.

In the end after Abby and Erin get out of the portal, their hair turns white. Which isn’t explained in the movie, but they probably got that from the cartoon series. That’s neat.

As for the future, Paul Feig said a multiverse idea has been floating around behind the scenes, to connect the original series to the new one. And back in May they got the cast back to reshoot some (new?) scenes. I think it might’ve been the post credits scene that mentions Zuul. I don’t think the sequel will follow the original GB storyline, but maybe that’s a hint to hearing about the events in the original universe? Perhaps the sequel has Ghostbusters from that universe come into their new one, since Harold Ramis is dead it could also be a new team, but trained by the original - Maybe it even has Aykroyd in it, as their last surviving mentor or something.

Ghostbusters 2016 has a lot of issues, I think the cast is fine - it’s the director I’m mad at. But the main thing that bothers me is that this was a reboot, essentially undoing the original.

If they can link the two somehow, I’ll be okay with this movie.

“She didn’t even ask, she just sat down and started doing her makeup.” said this confused gentleman later, from his desk at the headquarters of Nice Guy Ltd. “It’s as if my opinion, as a total stranger who just happened to be on the same bus at the same time, wasn’t important.”

okay I’m really pissed off now. if you were watching Dan’s liveshow, the last 15-20 minutes, the chat was just filled with “wtf even is your sexuality” and you can tell that he was trying his best to ignore them. I stg anyone who claims to be in the phandom but overthinks everything and twists everything to make it look like Phan is real, once again WE DONT KNOWING THEY ARE DATING OR WHATEVER, they aren’t a proper phan/fan (shh). so you either need to stop, or get out bc I know that is isn’t just me that it’s annoying, I know it’s annoying quite a few member in the phandom. okay I’m out. peace

I’m sorry that was cringe

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Although Sonic Mania looks good, especially the physics and (some) other playable characters, I can't help but think it's a bit lazy for going with 16-bit sprites rather than actual 3D models and environments. I also am disappointed that it's just sonic, tails and knuckles that's playable. Why can't Amy, Shadow, Rouge, the chaotix, silver, blaze etc. be playable as well??


I assure you. Making different sprites, emphasizing dynamic poses and movement and keeping the look consistent between each and every sprite of the same character and creating the pixel art that makes up the environments is not lazy. It’s exceptionally hard work that takes ages. Please respect the work of pixel artists and spriters. Because it isn’t an artform that demands little effort.

And who’s saying that Amy at least won’t be a DLC character? It’s entirely possible. There’s an understandale reason why the rest most likely won’t be playables - They’re not Classic era characters.

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Tbh i have to disagree with you on this one. I'm okay with him admiring Leo and saying good things about him but saying he depends on him? Nah, I think that was too much. That's a weak mentallity imo. And it's not even true, we all saw that when Messi was injured.

He was asked about the Brazilian NT being dependent on Neymar and he said he doesn’t like to talk about himself and thats when he gave that quote about Messi. 

Neymar: “I’ve never liked talking about myself, but I’ll give Barcelona’s example

We have great players but will we deny we are dependent on Messi? Of course we depend [on Messi]. I’m not ashamed of playing for him or for the fact that he is the man. Messi is the best in the world, I want to depend on him.”

People act like Neymar said he’s Leo’s puppy and that he will roll over for him on command. We all know Neymar ‘knows his place’ within the team. Everyone knows Leo is the natural no1 for Barca. Lionel is the leader, he’s the best player to play for FC Barcelona and probably the best player there has ever been in this game. Neymar came to Barcelona because he wanted to play with Messi. He dreamed of playing with Messi, he could have chosen other teams etc but that was what he wanted. Neymar has never been shy to show how much he admires Leo and how he is his idol. 

Neymar is not an idiot. Everyone knows that when Barcelona is not doing good people look at Lionel to carry the team to new heights. Lionel is looked at for making that one action etc. You could see that during the dip that Barcelona had at the start of 2016. People look at Messi when it goes wrong. Especially the media. 

You should look at this quote is a bigger perspective. With the ‘Is the Brazilian Olympic team depending on Neymar?’ question in mind. Then this quote makes  way more sense and was actually ment as a ‘its not so bad to depend on a player’ type of answer. 

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hello do you mind sharing the links of some of jingyeom's sweet moments? and w/ how much they fight do you think they have a good r/s behind the scenes? sorry just being a worried fan haha

omg!! don’t be worried :) :) as much as they fight and tease each other, they also cuddle and kiss and hug :’) Jinyoung likes to snuggle up to Yugyeom a lot (I think because he’s so tall XD). They like to be childish and tease and fight a LOT, but it’s only because they’re comfortable with each other :) I think all the members love teasing Yugyeom (because he’s the maknae ^^) but they love him as much as they tease him. And I think Jinyoung goes the extra mile in teasing because he kinda feels like “this kid is MINE!!!” XD Yugyeom even said once that Jinyoung is his favorite hyung :)

Here check out my whole “jingyeom” tag ^^ most of it is sweet moments because their fighting I tag as “tom and jerry”~ there are a few fight in there, but it’s always cute ones :3

^^ you’ll see this in the tag, but I think it’s one of the cutest moments :’) Yugyeom sneaked a kiss onto Jinyoung’s neck~~~~