Cat Zingano has a fight lined up, finally!

Hopefully she looks like the old Zingano, not the one that faded down the stretch against Pena.

Also hope they keep her and Vieira separate. Vieira the only fresh, young face with any momentum and Zingano has a win over the champ.

UFC is gonna be having tryouts for TUF 27 in Vegas for men fighting at 145, 155, and 170. Pre-requisite being you have to be undefeated, have at least 3 pro fights, and be between the ages of 21 and 34.

I get that those are the divisions where you’re most likely to find some real talent hidden in the mix but the UFC currently has at least 4 divisions (HW, LHW, FLW, and WBW) that need new faces ASAP.

The Problem With Cringe Culture

From what I’ve seen, the phenomenon dubbed Cringe Culture is a paragon of insecurity, internalized misogyny, and self-loathing.

Let me elaborate a little here:  here on Tumblr (and in life in general, honestly), a lot of folks are very pre-occupied with what is or isn’t Cringey.  It’s a dynamic somewhat reminiscent of an eighth grade schoolyard, but that’s really not the issue here.  

What Tumblr folks dub Cringey are typically things that are enjoyed by young teens (in particular, young girls) exploring fandom and fan creativity for the first time.

Yes, these teens are frequently obnoxious, overzealous, and loud, but it’s an exciting time for kids:  we as adults may have comfortably settled into our interests, but for them it’s an avenue of unsupervised self-expression they may not have experienced before.  Moreover, they have little to no experience in moderating themselves, which is one of the reasons why I believe the act of mocking them to be a somewhat callous one.  

Are they occasionally annoying?  Subjectively, yes.  I frequently find young teens and tweens annoying, particularly when they’re being loud and obnoxious during my allotted writing time.  But I don’t shame them for it, on here or in real life, because I’m an adult and they are literally children .  

And most importantly, so are the people mocking them.

I’ll elaborate once again:  I’m nineteen.  Most of my friends, both on here and on my other blog, are fellow chill late teens and twenty-somethings.  And I’ve never seen any adult who’s secure in their own self-image do anything other than Do Their Own Thing and allow everyone else do the same.

In other words, I’ve been involved in fandom for a few years now, and almost everyone I’ve seen actively participating in cringe culture has turned out to be no older than seventeen or so themselves, and probably (consciously or otherwise) attempting to distance themselves from their “embarrassing” younger alter egos and feel more confident in their purported maturity. 

Because they probably did some Cringey things when they were fourteen, too:  maybe they drew manga OCs on DeviantArt with needlessly elaborate hair, ran a passionate SuperWhoLock blog, read Homestuck, wrote angsty poetry about turning into wolves, et cetera.  

Of course, the whole point here is that there is literally nothing wrong with any of these things:  they’re harmless examples of children exploring revenues of creativity for the first time, that we’ve been conditioned to find embarrassing.  

Now, I’m not going to pretend I didn’t have this phase myself:  I once got into an impassioned argument on Facebook with a bunch of One Direction fans when I was sixteen or so, in which I dismissed their obsession as being Stupid and Juvenile and proclaimed my favored Heavy Metal as being far superior.  

Now, I’m still not into One Direction in the slightest, but if I could go back in time I would probably smack my sixteen-year-old self upside the head and tell her to leave people alone and let them do their own thing.

Of course, a large part of my reasoning was also driven at the time by my unfortunate Not Like Other Girls phase, in which I wanted to distance myself from the silliness of my fellow teen girls as much as possible.  I may or may not have still been in my “I hate pink” phase, which I still shudder to think about to this day.

Which brings me to another one of Cringe Culture’s more problematic aspects:  it’s inherently a little misogynist, in that almost everyone who partakes in it is attempting to distance themselves from the interests of teenage girls.

Shows like Doctor Who, Steven Universe, Voltron, Supernatural, Yuri on Ice, and many others all have passionate and predominantly young female fanbases, and as such, people seem unwittingly inclined to see them as inherently vapid, annoying, or Cringey in a way that equally vocal male-dominated fandoms simply aren’t.  

Even being a Trekkie (Star Trek fan) was considered embarrassing when the fandom was predominantly female populated, although the means by which fanfiction and discourse was exchanged was via fan-run zines rather than Tumblr blogs.  Now that men are in on it, it’s considered one of the best fandoms there is.

More male populated fandoms such as Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead, the DC and Marvel cinematic universes, and Star Wars are just as impassioned, and have had just as many ideological issues in the past.  Yet are these things ever denigrated as being Cringy or annoying?  Not that I can recall.

Another one of my greatest issues with Cringe Culture is that it discourages passion:  I have never encountered a fandom, Cringey or otherwise, that hasn’t produced genuinely stunning works of art and fiction.  Moreover, I’ve never encountered a fandom that doesn’t have fans who have cited it as what saved them from depression or even suicide.  

So if someone’s passionate about something, even if it’s something of no value to you, it costs absolutely zero dollars to mind your own goddamn business and not taint their joy with your own insecurity, cynicism, and internalized self-loathing.  

Similarly, I can speak from experience when I say my interests and fandoms got me through the very worst period of my adolescence, and I’d be a significantly less happy person if I didn’t have still have them to fall back on.  Not everyone’s sole source of enjoyment and comfort in life comes from nihilistic memes.

So if you want to take a step towards fostering a more creative generation, take a step away from Cringe Culture.  Respect other people’s interests, and openly and unabashedly enjoy your own.  Question why you think certain interests are Cringey, and try to distance yourself from the mentality that you’re a better or cooler person for being less similar to young women.

And finally, try and forgive your fourteen-year-old self for whatever cringiness they may have been culpable of, and tell them that you love them anyway.

I’m asexual and possibly aromantic and lemme tell you this, I still CRAVE affection. I love cuddles. I love hugs. Just because I’m aro/asexual doesn’t mean I don’t crave affection!

But! If you don’t like hugs or cuddles and are asexual or aromantic, that’s fine too! You’re also completely vaild!

Just saying stay away from stereotypes my friendos.

Theon freaking out  jumping when Yara was being held by Euron is understandable.

Euron’s men were torturing their victims, as was purposely shown, and Theon saw this. He remembered Ramsay, then, and the torture he himself had been subjected to. This kind of stuff makes people freak out, and being around it obviously triggered something in him, like he became Reek again, too scared to fight.

I feel bad for him, the poor man. 

Sure, a dramatic redemption and him kicking butt would have been amazing, but would it have been realistic? Getting past abuse is hard. I can say this from personal experience, even if mine was mostly emotional, not so much physical.

It can take years to be able to cope again, even with just emotional trauma, and it requires specific focus on getting better.

Theon did not have years’ time. He did not have time to focus on moving past anything. He was put into the frey again with his sister, still scared and traumatized.

He still felt guilt as he looked back at the Sand Snakes, at Yuron’s ship sailing off. He’d wanted to do something. He couldn’t.

So I don’t wanna see anything about him being weak. As a mentally ill person myself, it feels trivializing of our issues, almost.

TL;DR: Theon is a mentally ill character and he’s portrayed as such, yet he is trying to be the best he can without any aid for his issues or time to focus on getting better. He’s strong for trying despite everything against, not weak for being mentally ill.

Patton isn’t coping and no one is listening.

This post is a bit long and goes through the video, analyzing Patton and his various behaviors and reactions. SPOILERS cuz I do talk about every part of the video. Enjoy! 

P.S. I do love Logan. This was written entirely from Patton’s perspective and I feel like it might seem as though I dislike the logical side and i do not. If anyone wants me to do something like this from his perspective, please lmk!

- Patton appears and says “Hi frustrated, I’m sad” as opposed to Dad. He tries to make his typical silly pun and slips up, letting us know his emotional state.

- Logan forces Patton to take off the cat suit, even though Patton clearly likes it. This is the first time in this video that Logan ignores and writes off Patton’s wishes.

- When Guys and Dolls is first mentioned, Patton immediately tries to distract them by talking about the Harry Potter play.

- When Logan refocuses him, Patton claims that he would know if Thomas wasn’t ok, but then makes song puns instead of addressing the issue.

- Patton then makes a bad pun, something he normally doesn’t do

- Logan suggests nostalgia. “But what if looking at the past makes him feel kinda iffy about the present?” Patton knows that he/Thomas haven’t healthily processed their feelings and that reflecting on the past is not a good idea.

- Logan says that circumstances can improve. Virgil AND Patton said “Can they?” SIMULTANEOUSLY. Patton is Thomas’s emotion, this tells us exactly what headspace Thomas/Pat is in. He doesn’t feel hopeful for the future, at all. Going back to the past and relishing in the good times is only gonna make the current moment seem more dismal. Patton knows this.

- Also, after he says “Can they?” Patton immediately perks up and smiles cheerfully. He’s repressing all of the sadness he just showed a moment ago, and it can be implied by this that he’s used to hiding and just pretending to be the happy side.

- Patton is extremely uncomfortable when talking about his room. He says its “not quite like that” when Thomas compares it to sunshine and rainbows, and says its “Messy.” Emotions are messy and not clear cut like Logan would like. He doesn’t want anyone seeing it because he knows what they expect it to be like, and he knows its not that. Patton is hiding.

- “I’m at the core of a lot of your feelings.” Thomas and the others ignore this statement, but Patton is fully aware of the fact that he is not the pure happiness Thomas is expecting.

- Roman says, “Patton holds onto everything in the past that you cherished.” This is says positively, but its not necessarily a good thing. Patton can’t let go, and he lives in the past. Thomas is his “kiddo,” even though Thomas is an adult. That’s why he’s afraid of the future.

- Logan blows him off AGAIN. When Patton tries to protest people coming in his room, Logan says “Patton don’t you want to help Thomas move on?” which is a guilt trip. Of course Patton agrees, but is still clearly hesitant, and Logan says “Good, then it’s decided.” Logan makes the decision for everyone to go into Patton’s room, without his consent. Remember this for later.

- As soon as he’s in his room, these hesitant feelings disappear. Of course they do, he’s comfortable now. He’s surrounded by the past and things that make him happy. More importantly, this room is emotion, meaning that judgement is clouded. This is where he represses his feelings, this is the core of the problem. The room isn’t full of stuff from now, its stuff from Thomas’ past. Patton, his emotion, feels happy and content now in his room because he’s literally living in Thomas’s past. And as we know, memories and glorified and romanticized, which makes the past seem much better than now.

- Logan mentions that he abandoned chemical engineering and science, and that he could abandon his current lifestyle to pursue it. Its brief, but Patton looks uncomfortable and says “fun memories.” This is Patton’s room and space, and its always been safe to him. As said before, when we reflect on the past we see it in a positive light, hence the shiny filter in the room. Logan bringing up not so nice memories makes Patton uncomfortable because it breaks the charade he’s made for himself.

- Logan makes fun of acting, and again we see Patton get upset. It comes off as excitement, but he forgets Thomas’ name for a moment.  He’s disoriented, there is a person messing up his happy memory world. He keeps handing Thomas’ items to remind him of good times, and is completely ignoring everything Logan says about the future. Again, this shows how he’s ignoring his problems.

- “And sweet and good and and pure happy and wholesome and-” I find this part interesting. I think it’s both Patton just repeating what the past is, but also it sounds almost like a mantra? In a way, I think Patton is talking to himself, reminding himself what he has to be. Just keep being good, and happy, and wholesome. Just keep showing more memories, don’t let Thomas think about the future or be sad.

- Patton doesn’t have an answer to Thomas saying “I don’t know why you’d wanna leave it ever.” Because he doesn’t.

- Thomas says, “Logan, shh its fine. It’s fine.” Now we see Thomas displaying the same repressing behaviors as Patton has this entire video. Ignoring logical thought, not thinking about the future, and relishing in the past.

- “All of this because Patton can’t let go of one person?” That is a direct attack against Patton. In his own space. Which Logan forced them all to be in.

“Logan can you stop? Please?” Finally. Remember when I said to remember from earlier? How Logan has not listened to Patton this whole time, even when Patton had clear reservations about letting people into his room?
    Here we finally see Patton stand up for himself. Logan has forced him to let people into his space. Told him to reminisce and relive his happiest memories with Thomas and the others. And then? From Patton’s perspective, Logan takes it away. He gives Patton the thing he craves most, reliving the past with people he loves, and then tells him they need to stop and it’s illogical. 

- Patton should have been listened to way sooner than this. His thoughts and feelings are important. He is more than just sunshine and happiness and adorableness. He is just as vital and serious as the other sides, and should be treated as such. He’s been forced to bury his feelings, and no one listens when he does speak his mind. Let Patton be heard.

@ the #DiagnoseTrump people, you are being disgusting. You say you hate him because he’s a bigot but then you act like in order for him to have such gross opinions he must be mentally ill, or that diagnosing him with mental illness/a personality disorder will somehow make him unfit for his position. 

What is it saying that after all the things Trump has said and done you think diagnosing him with mental illness will be enough to oust him? Why would anyone even support that? I hate what Trump stands for, but in supporting this #DiagnoseTrump mess you are essentially saying that bad people must be mentally ill (rather than just racist/sexist/bigoted) and that you think a mental health diagnosis should be used as a weapon to invalidate and bring down people instead of help them. 

And even if Donald Trump did get diagnosed with every mental illness under the sun, why would that be relevant? Do you think it would be right that he be pressured to stand down BECAUSE of that? What wider message do you think that is spreading? I’ll tell you what message that would spread: a message that mental illness makes a person’s political views/voice invalid, which is toxic and wrong. 

Please share this if you think you’re progressive because honestly the amount of so called ‘progressive’ people online that think this sort of attack on Trump (or ANY person) is okay is shocking and disheartening.