Imagine FaceTiming Shawn | #1

  • he’d call you randomly and ask if you’re free to talk
  • he’d pause what he’s doing and listen intently to what you had to say
  • and he would be smiley just because your smile makes him smile
  • he’d be staring at the screen most of the time, just looking at you instead of at the camera
  • his mannerisms through the phone would be just like in real life when you’re alone, he’d be hilarious in a subtle, witty way
  • he’d show you where he’s at at the moment or what he’s working on
  • maybe he’d ask for your insight, because he values your opinion
  • at the end, he’d blog you a kiss and wave, and you’d know that as soon as he puts the phone down he’ll shoot another message thanking you

Inbox us what you’re thinking - considering making this a series if enough people enjoy these!! :*