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Dan’s Revival and Why it’s good For Ex-Aid Writing Wise (Episode 30 and 31 Spoilers)

Episode 30 marked the return of Kuroto Dan, aka Kamen Rider Genm. In a story, it’s usually seen as a bad move to permanently revive a character who was killed off, especially when the character is as popular as Dan is. However, in my opinion, the revival of Kuroto Dan was the smartest move to make going forward. Here I’ll try to explain why.

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Genji got no X-mas skin… *deep breath to digest it*

Well at least he has this band-aid :^)

Random thoughts...

… Am I the only person who prefers Graphite to Pallad?

Like, okay, Pallad is whacky and psycho and all, but personally, I like Graphite. Sure, he’s an asshole, but he’s a straightforward asshole. You know what he’s doing, you know where he’s going.

Pallad just gives me far too many intentional creeper vibes for me to actually like him in most capacities (on that note, what’s this about them giving him character development? How the hell are they gonna pull that off?).

They’re both murders, sure, but Graphite is just kind of like ‘hello, I am here to kill you–and now you are dead,’ whereas Pallad had to make it some sort of weird, twisted, nasty game.

Maybe it’s because this makes Graphite an evil Bugster version of me (I am very simple), but I like his directness far better than whatever the hell is going on in Pallad’s brain (I really hate not knowing what’s going on in people’s heads–it’s a personal anxiety trigger).


“So…what’s your opinion on aiding and abetting?”

“What, besides it being extremely illegal? Let me get this straight. You broke out of jail, and I was the first person you thought to come to? How desperate are you? Have you lost your damn mind, Winchester?”

“Maybe I have, but you know I’m no murderer. And my mind’s not the only thing I’ve lost. Sam is still in there. The best place to try to get him out is from the outside. I need your help, Y/N. Please, if for nothing else, do it for Sam.”

“…And what makes you think I wouldn’t do it for you?”