My opinion on Mindful education (spoilers)

This episode is going to be so special to me until the end of eternity.
To start, I would like to point out what Garnet said when talking to Stevonnie at the beach: “For fusion to work, there needs to be balance, and imbalance could cause your fusion to loss touch of reality, see things that aren’t there and eventually fall apart, that is to say that if one of you is falling apart, your fusion would as well. To find balance you must understand your feelings. To understand your feelings you must see them clearly, without running from them.”

Think a little about that. With your heart and mind.

Next, we see Ruby, with a butterfly, only one butterfly. And Ruby is putting a tantrum because of that butterfly. 

In the other hand, we see Sapphire, she just not have a butterfly, but thousands, a hurricane of butterflies. The butterflies are the thoughts and/or problems that we face each day.

Ruby is facing one butterfly, she’s able to face that butterfly and let her go. Then, she look to Sapphire, caught up in her very own hurricane. So Ruby go there and tell her “I’m here”, and the hurricane dissipated. This is the exactly parallel to Steven and Connie.

At first it looks like Connie is the one with the hurricane of butterflies, but for Connie it was just one big thing, she was able to make up things with Jeff easily, she learned and she was able to recognize her feelings and act upon them.

That’s when Steven see the butterfly in Rose’s sword.

And that’s the moment when we discover that, indeed, Steven was the one with the tropical storm of butterflies. And he doesn’t want to talk about it, even if he need to. He feel bad about stabbing Bismuth. He feel bad for not being able to help Jasper. Heck, he even feel bad for the Rubies. And of course, Rose. How could we forget Rose? He feel guilty for being alive instead of Rose, he is scared that maybe he’s never going to be as a good leader and savior as her. He had no choice about none of them, it was their choice, it is not his fault.

That’s when Connie, a pretty smart and mature girl tell him “You have to be honest about how you feel so you can move one”, and that is OKAY to feel like that, but you must feel it, because feelings are made to be feel! You must embrace them, and then let them go.
He need to think about the things that hurt him and recognize them, it’s like, take tea with your demons and tell them that it’s enough, it’s time for them to go.

And that’s why in the sequence of “Here comes a thought”, Ruby lies next to Connie and Sapphire lies next to Steven. Because in this particular case, Ruby is to Connie as Steven is to Sapphire.

Steven maybe have a tropical storm of thoughts, but he has Connie, and he has the Gems. He’s never going to be alone. And even if he had no one, he has himself!

In a summary:
-You need to understand your own feelings to move on, and also, it’s important to think about your feelings, be in touch with them. Because if we don’t face them and act, they are going to be bigger and bigger each time, like a snowball going down on a mountain, just gathering more and more snow.
-Just think about it, take your time to find yourself and think about flexibility, love and trust.
-You’re never alone, even if you feel like it, you have yourself. Think about you as if you were a fusion, and love yourself as much as your parts must love each other.

no offence but,

i think some of y’all are exaggerating a little. it wasn’t a big deal when JIan Yi forced a kiss on Zhengxi when he tripped, nor the one one on the neck. on top of that, the scene hasn’t even been completed yet; you don’t know his full reaction. I mean, Xixi PUNCHED Jian Yi in the FACE when he kissed him. there’s yaoi manga out there that makes love out of rape and you’re getting angsty over a kiss without warning. 

I don’t mean to cause any arguments just don’t start pissing until you know what’s going on and for the love of all things gay don’t be a fucking hypocrite. please.















This must be the mission of every man of goodwill: to insist, unflaggingly, at risk of becoming a repetitive bore, but to insist on the achievement of a world in which the mind will have triumphed over violence.
—  Beloved composer Leonard Bernstein was born on this day in 1918. Remember him with his searing case for the only true antidote to violence, written in the wake of JFK’s assassination and timelier with each passing day. 

You know what I want? I want an Overwatch fic where Gabe and Jesse have to go undercover, pretending to be father and son. Then Jack shows up because reasons (maybe they weren’t given permission or something and Jack has to go fetch them) and Jack accidentally ends up pretending to be Gabe’s husband and Jesse’s other dad. Fake dating and  young Jesse McCree appreciation. That’s what I want.

You know what’s good? Listening to other people’s opinions and respecting their right to have that opinion. You know what’s not good? Refusing to listen to anyone who challenges you so you can live in a bubble free from any criticism. You cannot learn or grow as a person if you live your life that way. Whether you are a feminist, an anti feminist, pro black lives matter, anti black lives matter, pro life, pro choice, conservative, liberal, or whatever, refusing to listen to the other side and dismissing any opinions different from yours makes YOU the ignorant one.

First things first. This might get quite long. It may not. Depends if I feel better after a few sentences. And I try not to rant about TV shows because they’re there for entertainment purposes. But tonight’s first episode of All Stars…literally drove me insane. To avoid spoiling, i’ll definitely go under a cut.

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The joker is abusive and trash Harley is being manipulated joker x Harley shouldn't be ur otp

(From abusive joker anon) also the joker is a villain and abusive and you can still like him just Harley x joker is abusive and yeah

Inspirational quotes are big business online. At least, I assume they’re making someone enough money to be deemed a “business,” because if you spend so much as one single minute on social media, it’s likely you’ll be inundated with words said by famous people emblazoned over a picture of that person’s face, or some mundane nature scene made to look extra dramatic through the crafty deployment of Instagram filters. Or it might just be over a picture of a fucking Minion for no discernible reason.

Unfortunately, attention to detail isn’t exactly an asset most internet users can claim to possess. As a result, famous quotes get attributed to the wrong people approximately every 18 seconds online, according to research that doesn’t exist. And you know what? That’s fine. Why? Because sometimes, history’s most awful people say things that, taken alone and completely out of context, are inspiring as shit. Since we’ve gotten in the habit of crediting the wrong people with famous words so regularly over the years, why not just start doing it intentionally as a means of getting some truly motivational quotes back into circulation? We talk about a few examples on this week’s Unpopular Opinion podcast …

8 Inspirational Quotes (From History’s Biggest Monsters)

do customer service workers a favor and intervene when a customer is being inappropriate, even if “intervening” just = pretending to need help so they can get away from the creeper

when i worked retail i was always so grateful to customers who did this, and now i always try to do the same for (lbr, mostly young and female) employees

I’m glad that the Slave arc happened long before the search for the Fanalis homeland arc.

Sinbad has proven to be a kind soul, always sympathizing and helping those in need even when he hasn’t personally experienced what they have been through (like for example he sympathized with Drakon and his group and offered them a shelter).But the fact that this time he’s dealing with slavery something he has personally experienced makes this arc feel more emotional. Sinbad is not just using fancy words with Torran people, he knows first hand what it means to be humiliated and lacking your freedom. He can feel their pain on a personal level and relate to them to a certain degree.

I also like how his approach is not egocentric, he surely talks about his personal experience but then also includes Masrur’s one. Masrur, who has spend his whole life as a slave and has been through far worse situations than Sinbad. It says a lot about their relationship and what that little kid means to Sinbad, the fact that not only he made that difficult journey so that Masrur could find his origins but now also he wants to envision a world without slavery partly for Masrur’s sake.

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Hey Rachel got a hypothetical question for you. Do you think Stiles would want to have his mans sign etched into his skin? And if so where do you think he'd put it? And would he tell Derek or surprise him?

This is a tricky question because, as much as I love the idea of tattooed!Stiles, we’ve seen him faint at just the idea of someone getting tattooed. (Although, strangely, he was apparently able to hold Scott still while he had his arm blow-torched, no problem…)

So I think realistically Stiles would more likely get a piece of jewelry with the triskele on it (a bracelet, maybe, that he never takes off) or some kind of temporary tattoo (can you just see him with a hundred pack of those stick on tattoos, custom-made, so Derek could see his mark on Stiles without the terrible trauma of needles getting involved?)

Of course it would also be a ridiculously romantic gesture for Stiles to face down something he was so clearly scared of doing to make Derek happy, and if he did go that route I bet he’d surprise Derek just in case he got scared and chickened out last second. It would have to be small (”because there’s only so far I’ll go for love, big guy”) and instead of his back, he’d probably want it somewhere he could look down and see it and admire that physical connection to his mate, like his hip. (Or the wrist, but from what I know about tattooing that seems to be one of the more painful areas to ink, and if I’ve seen that you can bet Stiles in his pre-tattoo research would have too.)

Though… well, Stiles is always magic!Stiles in my mind, and if he ever figured out a spell to tattoo his skin without dealing with needles, I’d say all bets are off.