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anonymous asked:

how do you not see the obvious Audrey Kawasaki influence? When I saw one of your wips on my dash I literally thought it was her work. not even subtle

Your lack of ability to discern or recognize obvious differences is not my problem. If Audrey had a problem with my work, she would have told me, as we are both in contact with each other, and she herself invited me to display work in a show she curated.  Her opinion is something I would respect, yours is worthless. 


A request from my brother:

“I’m looking for people that run fashion blogs or are interested in fashion and clothes and trends in such and are interested in creating content for a new online store and fashion website centered around independent designers and connecting everyday enthusiasts to them and each other.

We’d like to get in contact with people interested in creating high quality and intellectually rewarding content about fashion, including opinion pieces, outfit curations, discussions on trends, personal stories related to clothing or style, and anything else related to some aspect of fashion, such as art, music, literature, film, etc.”

My email is justin.shi@yale.edu.

Thank you!“