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Suicide Squad/Oscar win

This is just my opinion though and I fully see why people are upset about Star Trek losing to Suicide Squad but I thought id share my opinion on why it did win.

Reasoning: Suicide Squad was by NO means, at all, a great movie. Though they had one of the hardest tasks of all, taking iconic characters everyone knows and bringing them to life in a way that is modern is already a task in itself.

Joker and Harleys redesigns were the most iconic pop culture costumes of 2016, they were EVERYWHERE, their outfits were plastered wherever they could be including their wigs and makeup (there are literally hundreds of makeup tutorials for them on youtube). Everyone dressed up as them and there are thousands and thousands of people who have cosplayed them. Even more so, the designs were so popular they’re now in the comics/video games. I personally don’t like the designs but I can acknowledge how insanely popular they became and still are. Enchantress had a rather unique redesign as well.

Jokers makeup was literally one of the most talked about things last year when they first uploaded that first picture, whether you hated it or loved it it was still being talked about and the press around it was insane.

Killer Croc and Enchantresses minions had wonderful prosthetic work as well and the tattoo applications, while simple, are another thing to look at.

Star Trek had phenomenal prosthetic work for their aliens but it isn’t something the general public are gonna remember/see really after a few months. What you are gonna keep seeing for years to come is people cosplaying the designs from Suicide Squad. It earned its Oscar for being one the biggest Pop culture hits on makeup and hair design alone.

Okay but honestly I kinda want a chapter where Annabeth just reflects and mourns over Luke Castellan’s death like, yes, he was a bad guy, but he turned good in the end and he was like a big brother to Annabeth and I just don’t even know why I want to torture myself thinking about this.

  • university: our primary concern is knowledge! we wish to diversify to get as many opinions and thoughts as possible to solve the currently unsolvable.
  • university: that is, if you're rich, white, or just got fucking lucky.
  • university: what we're really about is publishing pop-research papers to make that sweet cash on bullshit.
  • university: and also, of course, keeping rich families who pay us greatly, to look as prestigious as they pay us to be.

I can’t sleep and I’m thinking about a conversation I had with my mum and a guy I almost dated whatever that’s possible. My mum and I talked about me being unable to make friends or always offending people even when I don’t do anything. The lady at miley’s school is a perfect example the only interaction we ever had was when I tried to give her daughter a snack yet she ended up hating me for some reason. My mum said that I look arrogant and cold to most people, I give off the impression of looking down on anyone who isn’t as ambitious and educated as me. Women are more likely to hate b/c I’m tall and kinda pretty(really said that) things also seem to workout pretty easily for me. Men are interested in me, don’t struggle too much to get a date and be spoiled by men. Someone who doesn’t know you will think you have it in life and look down on anyone who isn’t as lucky as you are. Some people are so intimidated their only reaction is to hate without even trying to understand you at all. She may be right but I was offended I’m ambitious, independent and have a good career. I studied(still in college) and worked hard most of my life to be where I am today, it’s ridiculous to think I have it easy. The attention I get from men also doesn’t come easy or free I workout, eat healthy and spend a lot of money on clothes and lingerie. I may be in a relationship with a man who loves me now but I kissed a few frogs along the way I couldn’t even get a date in high school, I still deal with liars and cheaters. I’m just too sceptical to be fooled by a man. If I can’t feel proud and brag about my achievement what’s the point of trying and I try really hard, it isn’t arrogance I’m just proud of myself. When I asked the guy he said I looked mean, unfriendly in a hot way and gave up the “easy girl” vibe. It’s like I’m both available and unavailable, hard to resist!

Thoughts on “Daxter” (The PSP game)

I was dinking around on youtube recently and I ended up watching the cutscenes of the Playstation Heroes Move game which I will never play since I don’t have Move anymore(the cross of Ratchet, Sly and Jak) 

and then I ended up watching the Daxter cutscenes as well, and 

I gotta say, Daxter was a lot more fun to play than it was to just watch. I kind of realize what it is that keeps it in my “it’s pretty good” category and short of “GOOD SHIT”, even though it is centric on my fave.

Like, I feel at a simplified statement, it is that, in a game where I personally would have expected more relevant character development, we were given basically what amounts to a filler. 

I mean, think about it, this is the 2 years in between, and Dax is on his own in a completely new world. He had a lot to figure out, and no support or safety to do it in. But, we don’t start in on the arc in Daxter until NEARLY 2 years in. We miss his early struggles, his adaptation, entirely.

Another thing, which I often poke at when the game is brought up, is the fact that Daxter supposedly forgets about Jak for all of that time? Or at least long enough for it to be sprung on him by happenstance in the middle of the game? Which I call BS on, because additionally to his adaptation to survival in Haven, we miss out entirely on how Jak’s absence and more importantly, the context of Jaks absence, affects him. 

Daxter is written to be kind of carefree in an almost reckless way, but we all know and have established how Dax is deeper than that. You can’t tell me that after seeing huge dudes in armor HIT and ARREST his best friend to take him away, you can’t tell me that Daxter’s mindset wouldn’t be set into a mode of “THIS IS BAD AND I NEED TO DO SOMETHING” after losing Jak in a really strange world. I mean I don’t know? But this may have been more traumatic than the game wanted to write? It isn’t something I think he would really forget? 

We could argue that he started frequenting bars as we saw him in the start of the game, to kind of numb the fear of being without Jak, but I don’t think it would ever leave his mind completely.

I feel like Daxter developed over the course of those 2 years. He became a little more focused, learned a lot about Haven on his own, and did figure out how to rescue Jak, and did it successfully. 

But the game doesn’t show it as much? And they treat it kind of casual, as if it wasn’t very significant. Like don’t get me wrong, I love Daxter’s antics as much as the next person. But I felt the lack of balance and…I guess the lack of depth? That they devoted to Daxter’s solo run? 

 And yes there is the theory about the whole thing literally being his retelling, his spin on it being the avoidance of anything that he experienced to be really traumatic or something that made him scared. Because Daxter’s habit of talking himself up in stories and glossing over his fear IS a consistent canon fact! I do like that theory. 

But also at the same time, I still would have liked to see more of a character development game? The last portion of the game when Daxter got his goal back in mind to get Jak back was the best part of the game, in my opinion. I remember skipping over the Dream sequences as soon as I was able to do so because (well, one I suck at QTE) they did pretty much nothing for me. 

Maybe I would have liked a bit of the game at the beginning to be just following Daxter alone, before he met Osmo and was offered the job.

So I guess, the TL;DR of it is that I think Daxter as an entire game and it’s own chapter of the series, could have been made better with a bit more Character development, And ok, maybe that is just a thing that I would want, but I think we can all agree on the fact that Daxter would not literally forget about what happened to Jak, but it would have rather been his motivation or at least a conflict within him from the beginning, not simply half way through. 

I LIKE THE GAME! I enjoyed playing it! But it did feel like a filler. maybe that’s all they wanted to make with it, but I think it held a lot more potential that they could have easily explored instead of some of the weaker elements of the story. 

(then again it was made by a third party…So maybe that’s why it didn’t go in depth on Daxter’s actual character? *SHRUG*) 

Anyway, these are just my most recent thoughts, though some might have already had these thoughts before me. :3

Thoughts on Meiko and Taichi Ship

I don’t understand why a lot of people ship Meiko and Taichi together. They barely have any interactions with each other in the last four movies. I understand that people like to ship him off with her for the sole purpose of shipping everyone together like one big happy family, but instead of seeing Meiko being ship with Taichi, I see her being potentially ship with Takeru. 

From what I have seen so far, Takeru has been flirty with her to the point where he called her cute and took a picture of her when she wore that cheerleading outfit. Also he’s been with her during the time where she was distraught about Meicoomon’s infection. Instead of getting angry towards her about hiding the fact that Meicoomon has an infection, he understood her since he, too, hid the fact that Patamon was infected from his friends. He then said that he would wait for her to come to the Digital World with them. This level of friendship and understanding that was shown between them in Digimon Tri: Kohaku was nice. Usually I would see Mimi or Sora having this close moment with Meiko, but seeing Takeru having this moment with her as well is refreshing. It helps explore how Meiko interacts with other members of the Digi Destined.      

So far, Takeru is the only male individual to have many interactions with her. I’m actually kind of excited to see how far they’ll develop their relationship, rather be it platonic or a start of something romantic. But my point is that I see Takeru and Meiko being potentially together rather than Taichi and Meiko.

Society can and does execute its own mandates: and if it issues wrong mandates instead of right, or any mandates at all in things with which it ought not to meddle, it practices a social tyranny more formidable than many kinds of political oppression, since, though not usually upheld by such extreme penalties, it leaves fewer means of escape, penetrating much more deeply into the details of life, and enslaving the soul itself. Protection, therefore, against the tyrrany of the magistrate is not enough: there needs protection also against the tyranny of the prevailing opinion and feeling; against the tendency of society to impose, by other means than civil penalties, its own ideas and practices as rules of conduct on those who dissent from them; to fetter the development, and, if possible prevent the formation, of any individuality not in harmony with its ways, and compel all chracters to fashion themselves upon the model of its own. There is a limit to the legitimate interference of collective opinion with individual independence: and to find that lmit, and maintain it against encroachment, is as indispensable to a good condition of human affairs, as protection against political despotism.

John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

anonymously tell me your story.

it can be a short snippet of your life, your current relationship, current thoughts, opinions, pets, history, fun fact- go wild. 

think of this as a way to share something you wouldn’t otherwise- it’s the chance to tell someone the thing that’s been on your chest or just to share a simple story with, a kind of camaraderie formed with someone. 

say0chan  asked:

Unpopular opinion: Thoughts on inconsistencies with the show? Such as Andy saying he had a sister (St. Patrick's Day episode) but is never seen nor mentioned after?

Well they exist for sure lol & it’s disappointing! 😋 but I can live with it 





KWIKN:  NCIS: LOS ANGELES – "High Value Target"

How often do doctors in hospitals stop equipment theft?  Isn’t that the job of security?

Unpopular opinion alert – I always thought a bucket list was morbid too.

“Radiation is bad for my skin anyway” – and you’re pregnant and shouldn’t be near things like that.

Deeks should have gotten one of those little velvet ring boxes.  Would have saved him from the whole ring swallow.

A.J. called Hetty. Admiral Chegwidden gets an early bit of foreshadowing as he gives Hetty the heads up call about Undersecretary iPhone and his minions invading the office.  

Again, my greatest problem with the show, and its sibling, the mothership and the mothership’s mothership is that anyone who comes up against the team is at best an incompetent boob, at worst evil.  I’m not talking about the bad guys, they’re supposed to be that.  But Undersecretary iPhone in these episodes, the congressional subcommittee in season six, Det. Whiting in season seven, Granger when he was introduced – they’re all plot points and poorly written straw men/women, not real opponents.  Give me a worthy opponent (Tim on Scorpion is the perfect example as a rival to Walter) over these folks.

I miss the whole team in the bullpen scenes.  Haven’t had one of those in a long time.

“This is who I am” is a nice foreshadowing for Kensi’s fight to recover and her frustrations.  The “yet” conversation came back to haunt poor Elle on the mothership this week.

I like the Callen slightly longer hair look.  

Setting your entire business on fire to get away seems a bit excessive.  That was until Sam decided to run through the fire.

As the field agents/liaison situation returns to normal fairly soon, I hope Eric and Nell don’t become exclusive creatures of Ops.  Seeing them in the field every now and again should be a regular thing.  Working as a team would be even better.  Have someone recognize Callen or Sam from a past case, have someone know Deeks from the neighborhood (loved that in “Where There’s Smoke” last year) so they have to be left behind in Ops while Eric and Nell work the case.

Can’t say this enough - kudos to Miguel Ferrer for working when he was so sick.

It is nice to see Callen and Sam do exposition for Eric instead of the other way around.

Duggan’s staffers at the exchange – incompetent.  Let’s go to a summer place dressed for a late afternoon lawyer’s conference in our moderately priced women’s business attire and sit at full attention right next to each other.  That just leaks the SoCal hanging out vibe.

“Serpentine” from “The InLaws” – Deeks is the best.

Kensi’s undercover as a pregnant woman – great.  They really made no effort to cover her up pregnancy in this episode.  She was going to be around for one episode looking like this. Daniela Ruah’s rehab scenes and “Belly of the Beast’ were already filmed.  

"So much for team work”.  Yeah – let’s root for a terrorist and a killer going free.  The show is so bad at this.  And what makes it worse is they killed off this character and it meant nothing.   He was there to be a problem and then he was there to be gone.  Same with Whiting.  Bring in someone with a sunny disposition, helpful and kind and then have them pull the rug out from under the team – far more devastating betrayal instead of watching this guy act like a horse’s ass.   The mothership never treated Paula Cassidy well but they treated her with some degree of respect.  Her death meant so much more.  Duggan got a mention in the second part of the mole finale three-parter and probably never gets mentioned again.

The Deeks strip tease was fun, though Deeks’s pants wouldn’t come close to fitting Basil.  Too long, way too long.  

So was the bathroom visit.  “Now I have you to thank for that image.”

Who do we think wrote the note?  I’m guessing Sam has impeccable handwriting.

“Go for Chen” – no, go for Santa.

You think Hetty would have a nice casual robe to wear hanging out at home.  Like Terence Howard.

Hawkeye might just be the most heroic Avenger in the MCU Civil War.

Clint Barton is so against The Accords that when told to sign or retire he immediately retires. There’s such little thought and drama attached that it happens off screen. He doesn’t argue with anyone, he just lets his actions show how much he is against it.

However, despite clearly wanting to stay out of the whole ordeal, he comes back when needed. Not because it worked for any agenda, he doesn’t have one beyond ‘save the world, go home’. He does it because a very bad guy managed to fool everyone into his trap and now can release a whole squad of Winter Soldiers that no one knew existed before and who had the highest kill count of any Hydra agents before the damn serum. Half of the Avengers are too distracted by following The Accords to even hear about this big new threat that’s coming and the other half are wanted criminals or under house arrest.

So Clint frees Wanda, gives her another pep talk to get her off her ass, and then goes to save the world again. He picks up Scott along the way, even though he doesn’t know the guy. He’s told he can help and that’s all Clint needs. For that matter, Clint might not even know who Bucky is but when the guy who knows what’s happening tells them its time to move, he does. He doesn’t need to know all the minute details, he just has a goal and some allies and he’s going to make it work because he has to.

Clint gets no credit for any of this. The new people involved in the fight don’t even bother learning his name or skill set. But he fights anyway, and even allows himself to get caught in order to make sure that the pair who have the best shot of handling the new threat make it out to the real fight. Afterwards, he’s in a prison designed for people much more threatening than he is, but he still doesn’t regret his actions. He did the right thing and he’s willing to accept the consequences. The only thing he seems irritated about is that Tony wouldn’t listen to begin with.

Clint really deserves more credit in the MCU.

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I am so tired of this idea that being a fan of something = worshipping it blindly and never criticizing any aspect of it, like sorry mate, literally nothing is worthy of that because nothing is perfect and flawless, and if that’s how you want to consume media, that’s your deal, but quit pulling this “how can you say that about a series you claim to love” bullshit

in any lefty discussion of what one might call “jewish problems” (circumcision, zionism, misogyny, etc.) it’s REQUIRED to first and foremost recognize, listen to, and respect the jewish voices that are already present and active in the discourse, because i can assure you for every one goy who thinks they know the answer to “jewish barbarism” there are ten jews who have been there ten times as long and with ten times the nuance and texture in their perspectives. 

My thoughts on the election

I am going to wake up tomorrow.
I am going to be nice to everyone I see.
I am going to make people feel comfortable when they are around me.
I am going to let people know I appreciate them.
I am going to let people be themselves around me without judgment.
I am going to support people who are different than me.
I am going to spread Love.
I am going to make people laugh and be happy to be alive.

Donald Trump can’t stop me. 
And he can’t stop you no matter how much power as he thinks he has.
He can’t stop you from being a good person.