“I Love You”

I’m sad that all that people saw in that ‘I love you’ scene was just a woman being played by this dashing yet insensible man. All I saw was a man trying to save his friend, battling with his own belief that ‘sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side’, and feeling devastated after realising how much he’s hurt her. 

It’s okay to criticise female characters when their portrayal doesn’t give them justice (and I think Molly’s did), but you’re missing the point here. This scene - this episode - was about Sherlock realising that having emotions, caring, is part of being human. That that’s not weakness. Being unaffected by what’s happening around him and being unattached would just make him like Eurus.

quick thought/unpopular opinion

i dont care who genji and/or mercy ends up with in canon

i just want them to b happy

if genji and mercy end up together and are happy, then good.  if they end up with other people and are happy, that’s also good.

now please, everyone stop sending each other death threats over the relationship status of fictional characters.  you look as dumb as the people who were making a fuss over tracer being gay and i dont want the community to have that reputation.

A quick word about Sherlock

So the good student I am I of course went to bed at nine yesterday so I had to watch TFP today after school and went, totally hyped afterwards, back to tumblr. And shit was I surprised. I really, really loved this season and yes there were a lot of plotholes in TFP but a series who took us so far is - in my opinion - allowed to leave things open, if not to hear fan theories. And there are a lot of arguments that speak against TFP, but I’m only going to talk about one right now. The ‘queerbaiting’ one. Tbh after TST it was pretty clear that they won’t be kissing this season. But guys, Johnlock is so close to being canon, I mean, so close. When Eurus heard Sherlock play for the first time, she asked if he had had sex, because she did and thinks that his melody sounds like the one of a virgin. But then, after redecorating the flat and helping John being a good father, Sherlock comes back and plays a theme similar to hers - but it’s still a little bit different. I’m not an expert on music but HECK does that mean what I think it does? Plus I mean GUYS we got parentlock! I just loved that ending and the way they looked at each other and everything. Not to mention Mycroft saying 'This is family’ buT GODDAMNIT JOHN STAYS SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE MYC’

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Universe reboots.

1. There needs to be at least a year’s worth of forewarning for creators and planning before they even begin taking steps towards it actually happening.

2. Put out a few core titles of the reboot BEFORE relaunching the whole line. For instance, Superman #1, Batman #1, etc. as Ultimate-style “GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR…OF A WHOLE NEW REALITY!” books to lay down a foundation of who these people are and what their world looks like before bringing the whole line along with them. That way you don’t have to do the whole thing at once, or just put out a handful of books in one month and slowly build it up over time, and the handful of books out before the whole reboot will be huge as windows into what the company is going to look like in a year (it could even be a way in that regard to test the waters and make course-corrections prior to the full launch).

3. There need to be a couple creative powerhouse headmen. Marvel had its architects, DC had the guys writing 52? They should be the ones making the decisions about the biggest characters alongside the writers of the individual books as a means of quality control.

4. Put out a Secret Origins-type book immediately.

5. Probably there’s no need to wipe out the old continuity in-universe? There’s an infinite Multiverse at both of the Big Two know, you could just move to looking at one of the other Earths, with the old reality out there to look back at anytime you want to. You miss out on cosmic shenanigans, but you could still have one final great battle as a closer to that world without actually destroying it, and lots of fans would probably have an easier time accepting the new world knowing their faves weren’t actively being destroyed/altered/otherwise disposed of.

Should [insert tv show name here] make the gay ship canon?

This is a question many people struggle to answer. Whether it’s destiel, johnlock, or victuuri (which is already 100% canon so I guess it doesn’t work quite as well in this instance) there will be arguments.

Usually, half the fans want one thing (no gay ship!), half the fans want another (gay ship!).

But the writers have to know that they Cannot. Please. Everyone. They just can’t.
And when writers try to please everyone, they end up with queerbaiting, which no one likes.
The people clamoring for no gay will get angered by mentions of gay, and the people clamoring for gay will be angry at the teasing.
Nobody is pleased in that case. The writer really needs to choose one side and stick with it.

So it all comes down to two choices: make the gay ship canon or don’t make it canon.
(As I said before: Please don’t do a sad attempt at both of these).

But who should the writer decide to please? Which side “deserves” it more?

When you’re really thinking about it, how many canon gay ships do we have in tv shows???

Barely any.

Not enough.

So if the writers cannot decide what to do, they really should choose to make the gay ship canon.

And if the straights want to complain, then there are literally thousands of other shows that they can watch that don’t contain any gay ships.

Thanks for reading, and please tell me if anything I said is inaccurate!

Edit: I don’t mean for the writers to randomly place any two characters together for the sake of representation. I mean that if there is a decision to be made about making a same-sex ship (with chemistry, not random characters) canon or not, the writer Should Not try to please the homophobes who are against the ship.

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I'm torn between hoping Shadow will eventually find something he likes and thinking perhaps he doesn't like anything because it will ultimately be a "waste of time" whose loss may hurt him. D:

The SONIC CHANNEL artworks of him at least suggest that he likes Japanese culture and I like to think that despite his misanthropy, he does deep down like to enact Maria’s and Gerald’s wishes in serving humanity as a protective force.

Not out of loyalty to mankind exactly. Just out of loyalty to Maria and Gerald.

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Can you post pics of bellas apartment? I wanna know what her decor style is atm :)

There really isn’t any photos of Bella’s apartment, she just moved to a new building at around the beginning of September. It looks about the same decor as her old apartment and style wise, too, with the way the apartment seems set up. Most of what we’ve seen is through snapchat videos/photos so living room: x, x, x, x, x. Her bedroom: x, x, x

And creepily enough my stalker ass thinks this is her floor plan if it’s hard from the videos to get an idea of what her apartment is set up like:

I think the fourth livingroom link shows this layout with the front door, fire place, and the little hallway area on the right. And then I know she’s one of the apartments with a balcony because she’s showed it on snap. Her furniture and stuff is really modern, like white couches, everything with silver framing, and the white fur rug in her room. 

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I know a lot of Johnlock shippers are disappointed about tfp but

personally i LOVED that episode. Eurus was such a great villain, and the ending (although the “I love you” wasn’t what we all hoped it was, Johnlock didn’t become any more canon than it was before, and Moriarty is still dead) was amazing. The plot twists were awesome and the entire episode was just SO GOOD and GREG CALLED SHERLOCK A GOOD MAN AND MRS HUDSON WAS AWESOME (as always), SHERLOCK CONSIDERS JOHN FAMILY, THE ACTING, MORIARTY, THE VIOLIN, I could go on, I just really liked it okay.

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Don't you find it weird that Yo, Gi and Mohammed must be very aware of the situation, Mo throwing lowkey shade but they're still following abel? And don't tell me they're too lazy to unfollow. I would have done it in a heartbeat if I was Bella's father and family knowing what Abel 'did. ' My guess is that there IS MORE about the story that we don't know about. And we shouldn't put Abel under a bus not knowing what really happened. He could have been literally forced to do it. We don't know.

My guess in regards to her family is that they don’t want to make a huge deal of it; all of her family unfollowing it would undoubtedly cause stir and it would make Bella look bad/petty if they were all the ones to unfollow first. And her extended family and friends might not know anything yet like it’s only been a few days and I imagine it’s a subject that’s uncomfortable to talk about. Most of them know more about the situation than we do so if it really is a “he moved on quick” deal and Bella isn’t ready to unfollow yet or thinks they can still be friends (or they are still friends) then they might be waiting alongside her. 

Anwar unfollowed him though and so did her (ex) step dad, David Foster, and he had nothing but nice things to say when they first started dating. So, some people in her family don’t think he’s worth keeping around. When the photos came out her best friend Ally (Abel and her are mutuals, too) posted something that said “Be Fucking Nice!” on instagram and Bella commented “Thanks” so the post was for her. Mohamed and Yolanda both made really sweet, supportive posts about her when the pap photos first came out so clearly Bella is upset and they’re comforting her. And then Mo is clearly upset too, given he basically said Abel will never be anything but a frog lmao. And then Rima, who’s one of his friends, was caught liking a mean comment about Bella- like instagram isn’t a very peachy clean place right now either, even if no one is quick to unfollow.

Abel is going to be 27 in a month, no one is “forcing him” to do anything, he makes his own decisions. For whatever reason he decided to go to a paparazzi trap with Selena (two months after his break up with Bella) and kiss/cuddle up on her in front of cameras for the world to see. That was a choice he made and it’s an insult to Bella when she was practically a footnote on his life because he’s ‘so private’ and he was rarely affectionate with her in front of the media like that. And when they were affectionate it wasn’t until months after they announced their relationship- let alone when no one even knew they knew each other like him and Selena. It’s embarrassing that he would so publically be with another girl regardless. I’m not throwing him under any bus, he jumped in front of it himself, I cant think of any situation where he can come out totally fine so I’m not here for hypothetical excuses.

To the Sherlock fandom... and others

I want to express my sincere ignominy and embarrassment towards a lot of people. I’m writing to every fan of Sherlock, everyone who has seen and liked this series.

During the past days I have seen so much hate and stupidity that I literally considered deleting my Tumblr account. Later, I thought that was not the point, since the problem is not the social network but the people themselves.

First, someone, or maybe more than one, leaked The Final Problem, in Russia. Maybe this is normal for Game of Thrones fans, but for me… I felt so angry! Not because of the action itself but because of what came afterwards.
Whilst some fans ignored the links or, simply, the curiosity of watching the leaked episode, others weren’t that smart.
Even though the producers (yes, I’m talking about Sue Vertue’s tweet) and Sherlock’s official pages posted us NOT to watch the episode, some still did. And I’m not angry because they used pirate methods. We all use them, I included. I, as many people, download torrents, especially because the Netflix of my country release new shows VERY late. I’m angry, though, because, in my humble opinion, it must have felt like treason for the creators (since lots of people literally laughed at them after their warnings). Besides, if people watch the episode before it is released, there’s much more chance that when the episode is live the number of watchers will, obviously, be reduced. In and extreme case, this could even cause in the cancelation of the show itself. We all know that many shows have been cancelled exactly for this reason - e.g. Lie To Me. Of course, probably, most of those who watched the leaked version, watched it again yesterday, but that doesn’t take off the possibility. But more importantly, and what made me feel even worse, is that some bloggers actually posted spoilers of the storyline, knowing that it wouldn’t be released until one day later (I literally had to close all my social networks in fear I would be spoiled).
And, also, seriously??? We waited THREE YEARS. I’m sure you could wait 24 hours more, and avoid all this matter.

Secondly, it apparently seemed that no one liked TFP. Which is okay, totally. It’s a free world (supposedly) meaning that we can all express our points of view. I, as a human being, need to accept others’s opinions, even if I don’t agree with them. Nevertheless, if you can express yourself, so can I, and let me say, that, imho, you’re wrong. The episode had its downs… some black holes, explanations that were missed. I accept that. I really do. What I cannot accept is that you didn’t like it because it didn’t happen what you wanted. And here is where I go to the main debate: Johnlock. I have shipped the characters almost since I first watched the show. I have always enjoyed reading all conspiracies - even if they were absolutely crazy and improbable! - but there’s always a limit. If you OTP doesn’t come true in one episode (or in a whole series, whatever) you cannot be blaming the authors and complain everywhere. They are the authors, and they can do whatever they want because it’s their show! They control what happens and what doesn’t, and that’s the magic in it… The feeling of un expectancy. Something that every watcher, every reader experiences. It’s not queer-baiting. If your gay ship didn’t happen, it’s not their fault. It’s their show, their story, and they can do whatever they like. And if you don’t like it, just stop watching it. No one is forcing you after all. Create your own gay drama, look somewhere else, but don’t complain if something you wanted didn’t turn up that way! It’s ridiculous! As I said before, if you want, you can think this, express it to your friends, cry in a corner… I don’t know, but don’t send fucking hate to the creators! It’s awful. If you have at least a little sense of humanity, you must agree with me when I say that sending hate to the creators and cast of, what is suppose to be - maybe - your favourite show is simply horrible. And it’s not my imagination, check Twitter, check Mark Gattiss’ Twitter account.
And also, if other people did like it, then respect them too. I think that even if jonhlock didn’t become canon, it was a wonderful episode. So many revelations! As I said, there were black holes, there were mistakes, but in all it was splendid! The cast, as ever, incredible. The writers, the cinematography… what an imagination! Okay, I admit they copied some stuff from other films - such as The Ring, Silence of The Lambs, Saw - but still! My personal favourite was The Lying Detective, but I wasn’t disappointed.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m blind and it was shitty, and you’re right. But, even if that is so, at least have the simple humanity of being polite to the people who made this show possible. Don’t be mean. And also, don’t be angry with me. Well.. of course you can, but what I mean is that it’s a beautiful show, and I don’t want people - including myself - being spoiled by others and feel shameful because of some actions this fandom has done (recently).

Anyway, I don’t expect someone to read this full text, but if you did, thanks! I really appreciate it. Sorry if I made grammar mistakes, English is actually not my mother tongue. Now… Mofftiss, please, please, please, just don’t tell me this is the end. I can wait three more years, I did it before anyway. But, please, give me more! Give me a special, at the least.

P.S: For those who think TJLC is dead… Look at the two of them… they are raising a child together! Moreover, it has never been explicitly said that Sherlock sent that message “You know were to find me. SH” to Adler. It is not the end. If they make another season, we shall see them once more, and we shall hope our wishes become true. Because, after all, it is what it is. And if you think that what it is is shit is okay, don’t watch it anymore. But, I, I’ll keep watching it, even if that means I’m 80…


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Since you did Grant Morrison... Alan Moore?

Tricky, since I’m not up-to-date on his current work like I am with Morrison’s and I definitely haven’t read as large a percentage of his oeuvre, but:

1. Yeah, the sexual assault in his work is an issue. Tone it down at the very least.

2. I understand LOEG eventually turned into reasonably unreconstructed nostalgia after Volume 2, and remained that way for at least a good long while. Even aside from being pretty hypocritical in regards to his real-world comments on 21st century pop culture, that seems to really go against the spirit of the original books and their unflinching look at the horrors of Victorian society and its champions. Perhaps I’ve misheard or severely misunderstood, but if not - and it wouldn’t surprise me, given how much of Supreme for instance is really a matter of pure coasting on nostalgia - that’d be something to work on.

3. I wouldn’t mind seeing him experiment with the narrative structure of his work a little more - most of what I’ve read from him has a very slow-burn feel to it with sparks shooting off intermittently before the big finale, and while that works great, seeing him try a couple other tacks more often could be interesting.

4. He’d stop accepting interview questions about the Big Two, for his own sake if no one else’s. Clearly he’s miserable about answering them, we’re miserable getting them, and he’s restating the same points. If he has something new to say on that front he absolutely should make his views be heard, but for now it just seems like misery on all fronts for the sake of clickbait.

5. Like Morrison, if he wants to stay relevant he should probably start using the internet at least a little bit.

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It's amazing how the Werehog can go from being the most hated thing ever since Big's fishing gameplay to being praised as one of the best things in the series to the fanbase.

This literally hasn’t happened.

There are Werehog gamplay fans. There are fans of the Werehog form. But I’ve not once see anyone proclaim it to be the best thing that has ever come out of the franchise and it has many, many detractors.

Sherlock: The Final Problem

I keep reading over and over how people were disappointed in the season finale. To be quite honest, I’m more disappointed in the many parts of the fandom.

“It has really low reviews, I can’t wait to see Motiffs reaction.”
“That was the worst episode thrown together in television history.”

Do you hear yourselves? If anyone says it’s an awful show because Johnlock didn’t become canon, you should be ashamed of yourself. I’m not saying I don’t ship it, but that obviously wasn’t the focus of this episode.

“There wasn’t any cases or deductions.”

Of course not. This episode entirely revolved around Sherlock and why he is what he is. I feel that anyone that thought otherwise, brought that upon themselves to believe.

Saying Motiffs should be ashamed of themselves is dissapointing to hear. They’ve built this up since the beggining, and obviously didn’t “throw this together” at the last minute. This episode has the best cast, writers, directors, etc. that I’ve ever seen in a show. They put their heart and soul into this show and, even though it was a rollercoaster of emotions, I believe it was phenomenal.

Literally just an opinion (please don't hate me):

Ok so here it goes: I haven’t invest much time on researching about Cassandra Clare and the plagiarism theme so I’m not talking about it but there’s something I really need to get a out of my chest, is just my opinion and is not base on any kind of special knowledge or anything, just some ideas that came up while reading the ‘anti-Cassandra’ hashtag:

There’s a lot and I mean A LOT of comments about Clare slut shaming Izzy, I’m going to be realistic here: I read the books tons of years ago (probably more than 4) and while I was very young I cannot remember feeling like Izzy acted or dressed “like a slut” on the books. On the other hand (and I’m saying this as someone whose only watched like three episodes of the show, I only started yesterday haha) I do feel like they made Izzy more promiscuous, I felt like it was just this sexy chick who only know how to use her body (I mean wtf she’s having sex during the first episodes and btw I hated her mom for slut shaming her.) If my memory does not fails, she was supposed to me this incredible fighter and warrior, who in fact knows that she’s beautiful and use that as a tool, but she’s waaaaaay more than that. They also go way to fast in her relationship with Simon.

Other stuff that people seem to talk about a lot is the fact that Cassandra is kind of using Malec as a way of earning money or attention back to her: now let me remain you that the show actually makes money for it; which means that it would be really stupid to think that all the Malec stuff is purely based on love for the fandom. I mean Alec spends (for what I read on social media: a lot of time shirtless, which is not something that the book character would do). Also, and if I’m wrong correct me: the Bane chronicles were release online around 2013 and there’s Malec in there. Maybe in tmi books there’s not a lot of reference to it but honestly they weren’t the main characters, the storyline is strictly based on Clary’s POV, at least on the very first books, and since there wasn’t a great relationship between Clary and Alec it wouldn’t make sense. People seem really disturbed about the way in which Alec manages Magnus bisexuality: honestly everyone is different and react to certain things in different ways. Alec was just getting his mind around his own sexuality and was dealing with A LOT. In the books the shadowhunter society is really close minded (which I’m guessing was Clare’s idea of reflect our own society not so long ago). Thinking that because Alec is gay, he would be perfectly okay with other preferences or not be confuse by them it’s totally unrealistic, I mean he literally didn’t have a regular education and didn’t even have access to things like Internet, like many of us.

About the incest/homophobic topics: Cassandra is not the only author who talks about it and I think we should stop shaming her for it. While I don’t presume to know about her thoughts and so, I think it’s important to realize it’s a fantasy book, I know that normalizing these topics (rape culture, incest, homophobia, etc) is a dangerous thing to do, specially rn, but let’s not forget that is not real, and instead of blaming books, movies and media in general, for promoting them, we should start promoting critical thinking because there is always going to be people praising this toxic ideas. The first book was released around 2007, that’s 10 BLOODY YEARS AGO. We, as a society, have grow a lot and have our own ideas over these topics, and the future generations reading these or other books will know better if we educate them to think better.

I will also like to mention that Clare has grown and come a long way as an author. If you read Lady Midnight you’ll realize that, the way that she approaches some of these topics is better. She’s human. Being a published author does not make you lose your prejudices or maliciousness, that’s something that all of us fight every single day. No one is free of the ideas that our society has push in us. Let’s not forget that she grow on an entire complete time than us. With less information and less opportunities to explore these topics. I’m not trying to excuse her or something I just don’t think all the hate that people is showing her is in any way better that what we accuse her of. Hate is not fight with hate.

Anyway this was just something that I need to get out, I’m not trying to change anyone’s ideas or anything, it’s just an opinion and everybody is free to feel or think differently.

P.s. English is not my first language so I hope my words actually match my ideas and that not much is lost in translation.

Goodnight x.

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DC incoporating Watchmen

1. Don’t do it.

2. If you are gonna do it, have Grant Morrison do it. I’m pretty sure Pax Americana was a big chunk of the impetus for this anyway, and he’s probably the only guy who could do anything interesting enough with this to make it worth it. If you’re shitting on Moore anyway, you might as well hire the guy he hates most in modern comics to be the one on the toilet; you could bribe him to do it by promising he and Cameron Stewart can finish Seaguy.

3. Otherwise, put Tom King fully in charge.

4. Don’t make Dr. Manhattan the ultimate evil bad guy who ruined DC for shits and giggles, that has nothing to do with his character in any way that matters.

5. Do this.