just my #controversial #opinion but halseys music is good and people really do hate her so much more when tbey wouldnt hate a man for doing so many more bad things…….. just my opinin

Hey there!
(My hair is now longer than the picture, reaching a little above my shoulders)
I’m Noga, I’m bisexual and I’m 14 (well, pretty much; I’ll be 14 in March), and I’m looking for friends (Or people I can flirt with.)
I like video games, animated shows, YouTube, Sherlock, art, and interesting people.
My taste in music varies widely from Oh Wonder to AM to P!ATD.
I’m looking for people with similiar interest that can keep a conversation alive for hours. Interesting, opininative people. But don’t talk to me if you’re intolerant to people (racist, homophobic, sexist etc.)
I’m looking for genuine friends and also a valentine- boy or girl or whatever your gender is. You’re very welcome to start a conversation or flirt with me at my Tumblr:
Or alternatively, if you don’t have a Tumblr, my Skype (It’s a dumb name please ignore the name)- i_am_titanium2

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Asking out of curiosity: are japanese people racist? (I'd rather get the answer from an actual japanese person than from google)

well, yes and no. we have a lot of racial stereotypes and sometimes we do feel problems with westerners but besides that we’re not really racist in my opinin. 

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unpopular opinin: fallout 4 kinda sucks

  I haven’t played it yet, so I can’t really agree or disagree! Although I would probably like the character creation screen since you can make Waluigi on it apparently lol.

Estas son las dos dolorosas que se coronaran en Granada en los prximos aos.
1-Nuestra Seora de la Esperanza en 2018(no es seguro)
2-Nuestra Seora de la Soledad en el Calvario en 2024.
Creeis que deben coronarse aparte de ellas otras dolorosas? Creeis que el tema de Coronar se esta tomando a cachondeo? Por ejemplo en Sevilla, en el 2016 se corona a la Paz, en el 2017 a la Salud, en el 2018 a la Victoria, mientras que aqu en Granada por proponer la Coronacin Cannica de la Esperanza se deniega por “Motivos Pastorales” en mi opinin pienso que Coronar a una Dolorosa es hacerla Reina, y todas tienen el derecho de ser Coronadas, ya que no hay una que sea mas que otra, todas significan lo mismo, en cuanto a esto, Creeis que Coronar a una Dolorosa lleva sus aos de preparatorios, y no se puede hacer de la noche a la maana como pasa en otras ciudades? Podis opinar libremente ya que hay libertad de opinin.
#granadaturismo #granada #ssgranada15 #ssgranada16 #SemanaSantaGranada #semanasanta #spain #andalucia #espaa #fotografiacofrade
By calle_ganivet

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Do u wn't to just flip it Nd opress wit mAn? I s@w yor movie Mobile Yallow and I th1nk it was rasist two wite peepel Nd it should NIT be in NAFTO like it wuz. jast my onest opinin, please anser saing sorry?????


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Okay so im a sun sag/moon pices/rising Gemini and the guy I like is a sun gemini/moon virgo/rising virgo. We're friends and we flirt alot, or atleast thats what other people tell me. Can you give me your opinin

1. I just wanna point out that your signs are otp

2. If you truly want to be with them, go for it because from what you’re saying it seems like something that’s going to work, as you both seem to like each other, and I personally think you both would be amazing together