My Hero Academia Chapter 148

So I’ve been asked by several of my followers if I could review MHA after Fairy Tail. Well here’s my first ever MHA review. Chapter 148 “The sorrows of young Togaice”

Our Chapter opens up on Deku tending to Aizawa, but Aizawa is more focused on getting Lockrock some help. Also we see that Lockrock’s Deadbolt may be wearing off, as the walls start moving again.

We cut to Nighteye vs Twice

Twice send his clone of Rappa at Nighteye, but Nighteye is able to take him down with only getting grazed.

We see that Nighteye uses “Hypermass seals” along with his fighting style. Nighteye basically explains with his prediction he was able to handle Rappa’s speed. This is something I really like. It really shows that even with a non offensive quirk there are ways heroes can help their combat style

Okay, I know Nighteye was All Might’s sidekick, so I expected him to be in good shape, but it doesn’t detract from how badass this scene is. Oh it’s pretty standard shounen, with the shirt busted open and everything, but It’s still so cool seeing Nighteye in a ruined suit and showing off his washboard abs.

Nighteye hits Twice damaging his mask. Which causes him to start breaking apart.

Oh my god… That is so sweet. I mean , yes these are villains, but as you’ll soon see this chapter’s strength really is in humanizing the league of villains.

We see Toga start trying to comfort Twice not only over this Yakuza situation, but also how he feels responsible for taking Overhaul to meet Shigaraki. We then get a flash back.

We see Shigaraki telling Twice and Toga that are now Yakuza. Twice of course is naturally a little peeved.

I’ve got nothing to add… This is just a great scene. We see how much Twice still bears resentment for the Yakuza and how he can’t believe that after what they did Shigaraki is working with them and give him and Toga to Overhaul like pawns. The art of the panel, with all the black and shadows really highlights the emotion felt by Twice.

Again another great scene. We get to see more human aspects of Toga and see what this league means to her. This is just an amazing humanization of villains who are still clearly doing wrong, but we’re able to sympathize with them a lot more.

We then get a scene from Shigaraki. (Wow that smile sure is a lot more pleasant than the one he gave Deku) And he knows that Overhaul really only views them as pawns, but he also knows they are going to be in the way of the League’s goals.

We get a small flash forward

“I believe in you” words you wouldn’t expect from a villain

Well this revitalizes Toga and Twice and they begin to voice their opinions on the Yakuza and their boss, with Irinaka listening. And like all individuals who are subjected to listening to opinins they don’t like, Irinaka acts accordingly

Our chapter ends with Irinaka just saying, ‘fuck it’ and wants them to all kill each other.

Post Chapter followup: My god, this was amazing.

The biggest strength as I said was the humanization of villains this chapter. All these characters like Toga, Twice, and Shigaraki, who’ve all been presented in this villainous light, we now start seeing there is this loyality and love between them all. The stuff with Shigaraki makes a great juxtaposition with Overhaul and how he quite literally sees his men as expendable.

It’s not just the villains, this chapter is able to balance out giving Nighteye a cool spotlight moment. In  fact, this whole chapter is just brilliantly paced.

The twist at the end with Irinaka having enough of this and wants them all to kill each other, is again great.

There really isn’t anything negative I can say.

Final Verdict: 10/10

  • Great character on display
  • Good pacing
  • Good action
  • Closest thing I’ve seen to a perfect chapter

All of YG groups lack in one thing. Someting to fangirl/boy on. Like they have everything else: amazing vocalists, amazing rappers, amazing dancers, amazing visuals and amazing personalities. But they barely appear on any variety shows, only promote for ¾ weeks on one music show, almost no fansign/fan meeting, they are not very active on social networks either. So that’s why in my opinin they are really hard to stan.

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I don't like Drake bc writers fell so low they used our mc-our character as manpain so his character could extend. What kind of fuckery was that? Mc could handle Tariq situation herself. He was no rapist but lets improve Drake's romance,character and our plot through such a disgusting storyline. I don't hate him for his snarkiness I hate him how they developed him. Savannah's been used as manpain for him for few time too.(she'll probably be used for Berty).(1/2)

I don’t understand why they decided to improve him through other characters specially females one when Liam and Maxwell a character who wasn’t even supposed to be so popular can develop themselves through their own problem and ways. Beside males look at Hana. She’s so great. Her story,her problems,the way she develops herself. No need for someone else. She is on her own. This is so frustrating. No Drake is not a jerk but his character is a failure for me on so many levels.(2/2)

This is an interesting point of view, not one I share, but I can see why you see Drake that way. I don’t think the Tariq situation was really meant to boost Drake, I think Drake was used because a) there needed to be a witness of some kind b) it subtly established the danger the MC was in. Liam assigned Drake the room next to hers for a reason. Yes, it so lead to an emotional scene with Drake but I think his presence had more to do with establishing the danger she is in and completely unaware of. She actually had no idea he had the room next door, remember. In Book One, MC is clueless to how much danger she is in, not true in Book Two.

That aside, I actually think the biggest growth point for Drake’s character has been his relationship with Liam, not his pain over Savannah or getting to play savior. It’s such a complex relationship. On one hand, Drake feels out of place at court and how Liam has so much (when he talks about his birthdays as a kid, in Book Two when he tells MC she needs time to make her decision) but at the same Liam need him, so he stays. 

The first time I really liked Drake was in when I played the whiskey scene in Book 1 and we learn that he’s at court to watch Liam’s back. Later, at the ruins when he tells MC that he was a jerk to her at first because he was upset about losing Liam and how everything was changing and then the scene at the restaurant when we learn just how much Drake has sacrificed for Liam. That is the most interesting thing about Drake and his most compelling relationship.

I don’t have a ton of interest in the Savannah storyline, but the friendship between Drake and Liam? Sign me up!

My opinion on Saezuru ch. 25

My opinin on Saezuru tori wa habatakanai ch. 25

I decided that I’ll get all my emotions out when the trasnlated version is released :) Yes I’m a little bit late, I thought of not writting it…but still I wanted to share excitment with everyone else (I have read a lot of reviews and great theories :D –> mine will not be anything special).

For the beginning I need to say that I REALLY DIDN’T EXPECT ANYTHING THAT HAPPENED IN THE LAST CHAPTER. My sloppy prediction was that yashiro would break down in the middle of ti and doumeki would then stop and would let yashiro talk (that kind of development..with deep talk and tears involved ( I got the tears though)). So I was actually really startled at the very beginning and truthfully didn’t know what to think…because my emotions were overflowing…I couldn’t decide what to feel and what would have been more appropriate ( I was so excited to see them having their first step into more deep relationship but couldn’t decide if sex was the right answer) à With the translation I can trutfully say that I love the way it was portraied…I don’t consider it RAPE as some people said … we have proparly presented rape in this manga ( yashiro getting raped by his stepfather, doumeki’s sister too) and that wasn’t either of those. But I would like to say that I LOVED that the fandom properly discussed the act of rape after the chapter 24.
So to continue I saw Yashiro in totally different light and it made me think…WHO’S THE REAL YASHIRO…is he always wearing a mask?? Does he even recognizes it himself?
Confession: When I started reading saezuru and have read a half of it I didn’t like Yashiro…or more like..DIDN’T UNDERSTAND him…I was filled with questions: What is his problem? Why he doesn’t talk about his trauma? He even portrait it as something that didn’t efect him much but it’s something that happened in his past..Why he likes painful sex? Why he doesn’t bother with whom he’s doing it?  WHY? WHY? WHY? (My mind at that time not trying to understand….I still can’t believe that if I wouldn’t create my account on tumblr I wouldn’t find my special love for saezuru!!!)
Then I discovered Tumblr and discovered @domeyashiro and other blogs which gave me second opportunity to open my heart to saezuru and I was filled with their theories and posts and just wanted more…I discovered this manga is  holding such a deep meaning and interesting story about a twisted person with a trauma, but he’s too emotionally closed to heal it himself…he needs someone for him to open up to him (which is Doumeki).
That light that enlightened Yashiro wasn’t how much he wanted Doumeki emotionally…What really touched my heart was the scene when yashiro said : You don’t have to stare so hard…That broke my heart…because at that moment the gangbang scene pooped in my head…because if I remeber correctly he didn’t care at all how misumi looked at him…or any of the »participants«…or how he looked at that moment (to be embarassed about). Or when he forced doumeki to watch him at the beginning of the story. 

Even the kiss was probably quite a big deal to yashiro I believe. He was so embarassed that he requested or more like order doumeki to do him from behind.  
The other thing that touched me was when yashiro initiated the kiss at the beginning of the third time…When did yashiro even kiss his sex partner or looked at him closely….or looked at him with the eyes filled with ecstasy??

The last third of them having sex was totally beauriful for me. It was as every third of the sex has diffferent meaning…the first one was like they are discovering something new with each other..especially yashiro…he then become so scared and embarassed he needed to »hide« his face..but the last time he became quite comftarble (not completely of course), he felt doumeki so much and he was confident enought to gave him orders(to hurt him more), and doumeki refusing him and then the most beautiful time in the chapter…KISS ON THE FOREHAD AND »BOSS, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL « :“’( literally broke 

my heart into little pieces..

And then the emotional roller coaster…I will be true with you..I was always hoping for yashiro let him emotion out and cry (the scene when he was sitting alone in his apartment crying hurts me so much even now)..but I thought it would be with Doumeki emotional confort and support…but I still liked it …at the end of the read he needs to face it alone and beat it!!! And surpass it!! 

What we can expect from the next chapter?? I DON’T KNOW A THING…and this time I’ll let it flow..I’m no good with the predictions on saezuru, so I’ll just enjoy the last three chapters trilogy …I recommend you join me :D

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what's your opinin on Loki with a few little braids in his hair or maybe even a ponytail or something like that? cause we see Thor doing a lot of stuff with his hair and it always makes me wonder how that would look on Loki

I feel very positively about it, anon. very positively indeed.

(I reblogged this art recently, with Thor putting braids in Loki’s hair because he misses his long hair, and not only do I love the idea of Loki with braids but I also love the idea of Thor doing Loki’s hair.)

but also: yes to Loki with braids, Loki with a ponytail, basically Loki rocking whatever hairstyle his little heart desires. I’m pretty sure he could work most of them. 

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Look i miss calzona so so much as well but if callie doesn't come back at all i dont wanna see arizona end up alone. As the seasons go by (in my opinion) it becomes more and more unlikely for sara to come back :/ i think they should pair up az with someone next season and if callie comes back have az choose her over the new girl. In the meantime if callie is happy with penny i dont see why az should have to stay alone. Again just my opinin

You’re totally entitled to your opinion, and I get what you’re saying!

My perspective is just different is all. What’s wrong with portraying a successful woman who’s happy being single? Arizona is amazing. She has a daughter she dotes on, she’s a world-class surgeon, she has good friends. I don’t want her to be lonely either, but I don’t know if she IS, you know? (Aside from enjoying some warm company in her bed now and again.) I’m perfectly content seeing her be single and happy. I don’t think she needs another long-term relationship to be happy.

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what do u think when Seb posts things ike advice to girls on his instagram? I haven't seen u say and i know the free seb mod has commented. You think he's dumb anyway tho so I'd like your opinin too.

I guess you mean stuff like this?:

Listen: it’s embarrassing, but also I love it. I think he definitely shouldn’t do it, and yet I love that he does. It’s weird. Yes, I know I call him dumb sometimes, but this is something that could go either way really. 

I don’t know if I can even that advice is good or bad necessarily, but I can say that it’s cliche AF. Seriously. Read it again. Nearly every sentence is a cliche. This boy definitely has read one too many self-help books in his day. Maybe he even has a “LIVE LAUGH LOVE” sign above his toilet. 

But the sentiment is nice, anyway. That he feels the impulse to reach out like that is sweet. Of course it is. 

Do I hate that fans now essentially hound him with their problems though, hoping they’ll get this kind of attention? YES. It’s the worst thing. It frustrates me endlessly. Do you realize how close we are to getting photos of some little girl’s wrists all slashed up, with her crying about how, “Maybe I wouldn’t of done this if S would’ve only paid attention to me!” That’s what I fear is next. This girl got pretty damn close to sounding like that. And we know others have posted photos of their self-harm scars and tagged him. That shit is scary, and tagging him in photos like that is disgusting. 

Despite his best intentions, I think that S posting long comments like this encourages that behavior, so as much as I think it is sweet of him (and I do think it’s sweet), I really wish he’d stop. I wish, for his own mental and emotional wellbeing, he’d step away from his IG tag all together. I will never stop saying that. 

x M

Let’s talk about Sirius Black during his last years at Hogwarts and the characterisation that people often attribute to him. Because I really I don’t like when he is portayed only as the ‘I shag a girl every night’ kind of guy and everything else is left out.

Yes, he was extremely handsome and very attractive, also he was part of the Marauders that were very popular at Hogwarts in the 70s and he had an amazing sense of humour. You can bet a lot of girls were deeply attracted by him. But a lot of people seem to see him only as the guy that continually gets drunk and snogs/shags some random girl just because he’s like the sexiest guy of his generation. 

C'mon, he was much more than that. Remember that he was an excellent student, and (if we don’t consider the HCs in which he had a photographic memory) that means that he spent a lot of times studying and probably that he also enjoyed it, since he was so brilliant; then he studied even more to become an animagus, because remember that it was extremely difficult to become one. He was a loyal friend, he would’ve died for James, Peter and Remus and the other friends that he had (the Marauders were his best friends, but I’m sure he also had other male/female friends). Okay, maybe in his 6th year he still wasn’t that mature due to the thing he did to Snape, but Jo herself said that in their 7th year the Marauders, therefore Sirius is included, started to concern about what was happening outside Hogwarts, and that means that Sirius matured, so then he joined the Order and fought against Voldemort. He was “a brave, clever and energetic man”, determined and strong, and personally he’s one of my favourite characters because of this.

About him being a womaniser, in my opinin he could’ve been except no. He probably had some relationships with some girls and sometimes snogged somone at some party, but I don’t think he was the kind of guy who used to flirt with every fucking single girl in his way. I mean, it gets boring after a bit. He was aware of the fact that he was very attractive and very probably he often used this 'gift’ to seduce or charm the girls, but I disagree with the fact that he changed girlfriend every three seconds. And I also think that probably he didn’t even have the time to shag a different girl every moment since he probably spent a lot of his times with the Marauders/his friends or studying or doing pranks or what else. 

Basically when you give Sirius a characterisation consider all the things, not just some.


Que alguien me diga que solo yo no estoy asquead@ de leer los comentarios homofobicos en el video de German donde da su opinion  sobre la homosexualidad

En serio por mierdas asi hasta cierto punto preferiria que ni Wigetta ni Rubelangel ni Luztaxx ni esas shipps que amo se confirmaran nunca! osea seria leer mierda homofobica y lo peor es que eso afecta!!! osea German solo por APOYAR ya le hicieron bardo, ahora si se llegara a decir que uno de nuestros youtubers es directamente Gay como Juan Pablo Jaramillo hizo en su video seria un bardo terrible al igual que con el! se que ahi se mostrarian los verdaderos Fans eso que apoyan sin importar nada pero tambien tomemos en cuenta que los comentarios de tipo odio afectan bastante.

Yo digo si eso me dolio y me dio ira a MI como podria ser para el youtuber directamente, por ese motivo a veces preferiria seguir shippeando desde tumblr gracias al salseo que se arma por ahi y ni pensar en que se confirme algo para evitar ver bardo contra ese youtuber que me agrada y sigo.

Aunque salir del closet es muy liberador y te da paz el ser tu mismo ante el mundo tambien tomemos en cuenta el tipo de sociedad que tenemos y que las personas de habla española e hispana son mas cerradas a estos temas y que talvez a muchos youtubers gay los acojone esto y gracias a esos comentarios talvez den un paso mas tras de lo que ya habian dado para salir!

Yo solo dire para finalizar que ODIO esos comentarios homofobos, porque no dejar a cada quien son sus ideas, gustos y ya en vez de ponerse a decir mierda contra los homosexuales,

Talvez no me exprese bien ni se entienda nada de lo que dije pero me nesecitaba liberar! ya me esta artando este asunto de la homofobia.

i realize soem people dont like the song and thats okay thats cool man but dont be a dick about it because some people really like it and others are crying because its their favorite band and this is like their final goodbye so please dont make fun of anyone or be rude about your opinin because thats a really douchey thing to do