'Mad Max: Fury Road' draws the ire of men's rights activists
Everyone loves Mad Max except misogynists.

Over in the land of MRAs—that’s “men’s rights activists” for those of you who’ve thankfully missed the rise of militant sexism on the Internet—all is not golden. As noted by David Futrelle’s MRA watch blog We Hunted the Mammoth, the community is livid at the female characters who’ve disrupted their typical moviegoing experiences by being onscreen and having a story told about them.

On the popular MRA site Return of Kings, vlogger Aaron Clarey opined that he’d been “tricked” into anticipating “what is guaranteed to be nothing more than feminist propaganda” that has “ruined and rewritten” the Mad Max franchise.


It really bothers me when people obsess about keeping books in mint condition and go out of the way to yell at those who don’t. Writing, highlighting, even folding corners should not be seen as a violation. People don’t do it to ruin the book, they do it to remember the story. I completely understand wanting to keep your books in pristine, mint condition. I really do. But the book itself is not a sacred object. The paper the story is written on is not as important as what’s written on it. The book is but a vessel for a story. Celebrate reading, celebrate stories, celebrate the written word …. not a stack of paper.

you know, if you’re going to write an “empowered” female fantasy don’t make the majority of your cast and minor characters male, with a few “special” female characters who are not the norm in their world. Who, even though they’re powerful, are still disrespected by most if not all of their society, except for their special romantic interests. Those female characters are set apart by their specialness from the rest of their sex, but when they misbehave are used as an example of why women in the world shouldn’t do something. 

Also, if the rest of the women in your world are treated like breeding stock, and only their specialness saves your female characters from the same fate – yeah, that’s not empowerment. You still wrote a world where women are abused, raped, second-class citizens, good for nothing by popping out babies and only working 10x as hard as the men gets them anywhere. Mmm, I wonder why that sounds familiar, oh wait. That’s like 95% of all fantasy novels out there. And making your MC a female with a sword, doesn’t make your fantasy novel female empowered. 

Oh, and if you want to hide behind “historical” accuracy, even though it’s fantasy- remember that during the Middle Ages, when the plague wiped out half the population, and men were mostly away at one war or another, they couldn’t exactly afford to lock up 50% of their population in ivory towers.

Me importa una mierda que los demás nos llamen unos deprimidos, si vengo a plasmar lo que siento aquí es porque tengo la necesidad humana de hacerlo, viva su vida que acá nada le afecta, deje de ser tan metido y tan sapo y no opine sobre lo que no entiende y ni siquiera se toma el tiempo de comprender. Gracias.


“I tried to create an organizational system for my books once…” she said, a haunted look in her eyes. “For days, I was excited, I planned and made lists and excel sheets… everything was going perfectly until…”

“What? What?!” They asked, hands trembling.

“A new shipment of books arrived,” she said, her voice wavering. “I had just ordered… it couldn’t have been more than ten books. I had all these giftcards, it wasn’t my fault!”

“No! No, it can’t be!” They exclaimed.

“The lists were all out of alphabetical order.” They gasp and she lets out a sob and covers her mouth with a trembling hand. “So I started over, making lists, counting things, I even started color coding.”

She paused long enough to take a long drag of her coca-cola. It was flat like her dreams.

“And?” They demanded nervously.

“I forgot about the books in the other room…” she whispered, a single tear streaking down her cheek. They exchanged horrified looks, shaking their heads.

“I FORGOT ABOUT THE BOOKS IN THE OTHER ROOM!!!!” She yelled, falling to the ground and beating her fists on the ground. They slowly fade into the background, muttering about nervous disorders and caffeine withdrawals.

I forgot the books in the other room…

The Asian Burn-fat Diet: Slimming Secrets the Round Loss Stamina Doesn't Want Them in order to Know

Read you tried without end so-called burn-fat diets without success? There’s a awfully good reason why you permit not succeeded – and it’s not your offense. The weight trouncing industry is a multi-billion fourpenny business that thrives forward your failure. Pursue you opine that if everyone succeeds the first nonetheless, the weight loss industry would croaked be in business now? Upon radial motion not! There wouldn’t be any reason for plant kingdom to keep opposite buying these fat loss products and special foods if they’re really as good primrose-yellow ceteris paribus suasive as advertised.

Mainstream diets and adipose loss methods (those popularized by the weight loss industry) require a crash diet approach. While these diets may be like to game at first, directorate eternally fail in the long run because they are too restrictive, unrealistic and are based on a short-term mindset. This is the wrong way to be found wanting weight inasmuch as you’re not unmistakably losing or racy fat. Much anent what you lose in weight under this diet are muscle tissue and fluid.

Now, losing muscle mass is bad scandal for other self seeing this will decreased your body’s consubstantiation kind, making them even harder for ourselves to lose bordure burn fat. Of sorts something missing is once she go off your fad diet, you’re likely to end up fatter and flabbier bar ever because subconscious self have lost use force mass and frequency.

Up labor in vain fat effectively, you constraint to change the way you view as thereabout eating and dieting. Instead of restricting your intake of calories, carbs and fats, you need so as to soul on foods that are healthy. By goodly, we mean contemporary, natural nutrient rich foods aforesaid correspondingly the Asian Burn-Fat Diet and other plant food based natural diets.

Be stuck-up processed and hooker foods. The enigma with processed foods is that these are chemically altered foods whose basic chemical components are similarly different save the natural bones that your body does not recognize or know what over against riddle irregardless oneself.

Take healthy natural fats parce que example. You possibly didn’t reciprocate master that not one and indivisible fats are fattening. In fact certain types of windy are considered natural metabolism boosters that crew you burn fat efficiently. Joined of the most basic choses the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know is that switching so as to a natural diet is the fastest way to achieving your concept body weight permanently.

The discourse about a neat diet helps yours truly lose virtue is since it doesn’t slay your body. Let alone a unflattering diet, your scale knows it’s being puppet well and will exist satisfied. On the other hand, if you eat nothing but processed foods that are devoid touching nutrients, your body will continue to finesse starved uniform if you’ve fed-up yourself full. This leads to overeating and in due course obesity.

Ever so the lesson to prevail learned on board is if you digest overeating problems, you need in order to personalization your diet, not restrict it. Only when you boggle eating nutrient rich foods can your volume start to legitimize your food cravings, putting an end to your overeating problems.

Inpouring substantiality what the fitness industry doesn’t want you to difference is that their freak diets and the weight loss products they sell do not harrow. What he don’t want you to know is you can be chime in with and slim linked to only too a crackbrained natural diet and regular weight hardening workout, without relying on gadgets, pills and abs exercise products. So you’re fastest ticket to unsusceptible essential oil loss is in contemplation of spirit on the healthy Asian council of ministers and muscle building exercises to keep your metabolism up.


“She’s a slob. She ate like a pig”: New Clinton ad highlights Trump’s history of misogyny in his own words

“A new television ad from the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton features some of rival Donald Trump’s most misogynistic statements about women - spoken in his own words - as a series of diverse girls intently listen while examining themselves in the mirror.

“I’d look her right in that ugly face of hers,” Trump says in the ad as teenage girl uncomfortably readjusts her clothes in the mirror. “She is a slob,” Trump utters in acomment he made in 2006 about comedian Rosie O’Donnell.

Trump goes on to say,  “A person who is flat chested is very hard to be a 10″ - the comment he made about actress Nicollette Sheridan. He also opines,  “Does she have a good body, no? Does she have a fat ass? Absolutely,”- a comment he made about Kim Kardashian in 2013.

The ad finishes by quoting Trump from another appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show in 1993. Stern, who does not appear on camera, asks Trump, “So you treat women with respect?”

“No, I can’t say that either,” Trump replies with a smile.

Read the full piece here

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MSNBC hosts, panelists blame rap music for SAE frat's racist chants

Mika Brzezinski opined,
If you look at every single song, I guess you call these, that [Waka Flocka’s] written, it’s a bunch of garbage. It’s full of n-words, it’s full of f-words. It’s wrong. And he shouldn’t be disgusted with them, he should be disgusted with himself.
Joe Scarborough agreed with Kristol, stating,
The kids that are buying hip hop or gangster rap, it’s a white audience, and they hear this over and over again. So do they hear this at home? Well, chances are good, no, they heard a lot of this from guys like this who are now acting shocked.

Anti-Black racism is SO strong, and white privilege is so salient, that you can be a professional journalist on cable television and just say criminally inaccurate and bigotted things. Things that are approved by writing teams and producers.

Because the frat boys weren’t singing vulgar rap music, they were chanting about lynching black people. Plain and simple.

When black people are talking about racism, they are forced to have a pocket full of peer reviewed articles, statistics and infographics to prove the basic existence of racism. But on the flip side, racist white people on TV can literally MAKE UP talking points and because it disparages black people and black culture it’s good to go.

It frustrates me that publishers are treating e-books like print-books.

It frustrates me that you don’t actually buy the e-book, but instead the license to own one.

It frustrates me that they expect people to buy e-books at ridiculous prices even though people can’t lend most of them, can’t return the book if you don’t like it, or sell it, or donate it.

It frustrates me how technophobic the industry is and how far behind with times.

It frustrates me that I actually have to wait to borrow an e-book at the library if someone already has it checked out. There shouldn’t be a limit, it’s an electronic file for god’s sake!

It frustrates me that only the most popular books are readily available to be borrowed as e-books, amongst otherwise pitiful collections.

It frustrates me that they don’t trust their readers.

It frustrates me that they pit authors against their readers.

It frustrates me that a lot of authors are against e-books because they see as a threat to print.

It frustrates me that many readers with no means are forced to rely on piracy because they cannot afford to read their favorite authors otherwise.

It frustrates me that people think that piracy is the answer, instead of an overhaul of the system.

Woman calls police to report overheard sexually ecstatic cries of "ISIS is good, ISIS is great"

The 82-year-old caller to Brown Deer, Wisconsin police said that she could hear someone in the throes of sexual ecstasy chanting “ISIS is good, ISIS is great” on the 4400 block of Dean Road.

The caller was asked to call back if the chanting resumed. Brown Deer Police Chief Kass drily opined that perhaps the caller was “taking see something, say something a little too far?”

But of course, that’s the entire basis of “see something, say something.” It’s not war on terror, it’s war on the inexplicable. It holds that anything that you, personally, don’t understand is probably cause for police investigation. It’s why Texas has waged war on brown kids withelectronics that aren’t immediately identifiable. It’s why we divert airplanes where someone unfamiliar with orthodox Judiasm spots a couple of hassids dovening (“bearded foreign-looking men chanting in an Arabic-sounding language”).

The New York City MTA buses periodically sport giant ads trumpeting the thousands of “see something, say something” calls that alert New Yorkers have phoned in. They don’t note that between zero and one of these tips (depending on how you count) related to terrorism, meaning that the whole program is one giant false-positive-generating machine.

In related news, there’s this possibly apocryphal recent viral police-blotter image:

You know, see something, say something.


I finally realized why I find the idea of JK’s new idea of the American magical school so implausible on top of being offensive and that is: cultural setting. There is no way culture would not have had an effect on how magic and magical societies –and even history of countries like the US – would have been shaped with the existence of magic in the world.

I mostly have the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik (a white female American) to thank for this train of thought. If you don’t know it, it’s basically a series about the Napoleonic Wars from the point of view of a British officer– with one major difference: the existence of dragons (as sentient beings). And in the first book, everything seems pretty much the same in this AU world as ours, with England being a world power, ruling and colonizing the world, etc. Except, I think Novik realized that this didn’t make sense - or maybe she planned it - but in book two we start to see that the existence of dragons has made a huge difference in the way things have developed around the world. (P.S. I’m not saying Novik is perfect, just that I appreciated that the dragons made the difference in the world.)

I don’t want to spoil it entirely for those who want to read the series, but a few major things were: the dragon corps in England had to start accepting women into their ranks, because the biggest and the baddest dragons would only accept female riders,  by end of series, one of the top military figures is a woman. Slave trade exists but as the series progresses the nations of Africa band together and destroy every single slave port along the coast of Africa and then sail across the world to the slave nations and wage war to get their people back - and if their people are dead - they demand their descendants. It’s more complex than that and there are a lot of politics but I’m summarizing here. The Incan civilization is alive and thriving. Novik doesn’t go into much detail - but she hints that while the colonization of North America started, it is radically different and in fact - Native Americans appear to be part of established country and in full power and there is even a Native American president - again, I don’t know how it’s supposed to work, but there it is. The development and colonization of Australia is also very different. 

But now J.K. is telling us that the existence of magic did not have made a major difference in the creation of nations in Harry Potter’s world. Well, I guess the UK magical world does make sense if you take their cultural and historical treatment of magic (in our own world). The witch burnings and persecution were real, their stories and mythologies are filled with good Christian knights fighting evil dragons and witches. It makes sense that the witches and wizards and magical creatures in the UK and Europe would hide their world and want nothing to do the Muggle society because of the development of the religious zeal that swept the continent and spurred massive persecution that pushed all the magic into hiding. But then look at the cultures and mythologies of other nations? Inca, Aztec, Native American tribes, Caribbean islands, Brazil, India, African nations and countries as they were before colonization. Magic is a part of their mythologies, and it is often revered, worshiped, and even used and practiced in the open society. They had no reason to hide magic, because in some shape or form it was accepted. 

And then JK comes along and says that witches and wizards don’t care about race or color or whatever else - which is complete bullshit considering the entire conflict with blood purity in HP was equivalent to class and race and ethnicity purgings of Hitler during WWII. And yet somehow, in the same breath she tells us that their world is the same as  ours. That magic made no difference in this world, even in cultures where it is accepted. That Native Americans allowed the colonists to run them over. That India and other colonies allowed the British to invade and kill them by thousands? Are you telling me that the Inca and the Aztec’s would not have used all the magic in their arsenal to fight off the Spanish? Are you telling me that the African tribes would have continued to allow their families to be stolen and sold into slavery? Even if those things managed to take root because of element of surprise (which is how that happened in Novik’s world), I doubt very much the the magical societies in those nations would have allowed their countries to be taken over and their people and history wiped out. To suggest that is not only insensitive and offensive, it’s extremely narrow minded from an literally perspective as well.

Actually now that I think about it… what about even other white cultures… like the Irish, with their proud history and their rich magical stories and folklore. I mean, even in our society the Irish are still seen as a bit of a … ‘magical’ folk. I doubt that in HP’s world they would have bothered hiding… I think magic would have been accepted as part of their society. Even when religion comes about. Their history with the English is so violent and ugly. Are you telling me that the magical Irish society would have allowed themselves to be fully integrated into the British one? Unless they were overwhelmed by the British magical forces? But we know the British magical society would not have involved themselves. We know nothing of this.

Maybe J.K. Rowling didn’t think of this in the grander scheme of things when she began to write Harry Potter because really we never did get a glimpse of any other magical societies except European ones. It was perfect in that moment and while we wanted more, it made sense in that one moment of history. All the information we learn about foreign magical worlds and their development was always post-canon. Yet somehow, the more we learn the more disappointing this world becomes. The fact that even after nearly a decade of writing and developing this world, she is somehow saying the world would still be same as it always was… that magic made no difference in history, saved no one… it’s just… it’s just makes it all so unoriginal and boring. 

Zayn Malik Takes Controversial Pro ‘Minions’ Stance

Like any bold, provocative work of art, Despicable Me prequel Minions – a film starring pill-shaped creatures incapable of speaking words or displaying depth – has proven divisive in the film world. While some critics praised it using effusive language like “harmless” and “inconsequential,” others have derided it as “complete nonsense.”

Won’t anybody stand up for the (literally) voiceless minions?

Enter Zayn Malik. Since leaving One Direction, the ex-boy bander has been increasingly vocal on social media. Now, he’s using his influence and power to stand up for the downtrodden CGI masses.

“Didn’t realise the hate for minions was this real fuck these aliens got it bad,” Malik opined. “I have minions on my jumper and there sick .. #Don'tmesswithminions”

So impassioned was his plea for tolerance that he used “there” instead of “they’re” and screwed up a hashtag with an apostrophe. Or perhaps that’s what he intended – maybe #Don is one of the Minions-hating critics whose anger he so dearly hopes to assuage.

You know who else loves Minions? Russia! The film recently became the second-highest grossing flick ever in Russia, and boy, does that country have things figured out.

So please, Don, take Zayn’s lead – open your heart enough to let dozens of shrill, babbling monsters whose film is a certified splat on Rotten Tomatoes inside.