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Happy x Reader

Request by the beautiful @homicidalteenagedream

Song: Contraband; SoMo

Warning: SMUT!! 18+ Only!

Hope you like it! <3

“Fuck little girl..” Happy rasped out, his eyes never leaving your body. He watched as you moved your hips, riding him so good, he felt like he could barly last. That never happened to him. He watched as the tattooed beauty moved on him, gripping your hips tightly, he threw his head back. “Fuck, I cant last..” He felt himself cum, you smiled down to him, gently kissing his lips. You rolled off of him, standing up, walking to the bathroom. You cleaned yourself up, grabbing your clothes. Walking to the night stand you put your gun in your belt loop and your switchblade in your pocket. “See yuh killa!” You smiled to Happy, walking out.

*Next Morning*

“One! One, Two!” your boxing coach yelled. Your fists making contact with the pad. Sweat glisteded your body. “Your tired today.” Your coached smirked, you replied with the roll of your eyes. “That biker you love so much is here. Seems like you let him stick around a bit.” “Shush!” Your coach winked at you, walking away. Happy seen the wink and growled in his general direction. “Whats up killer” You looked to him as you took off the boxing bandages, wrapping them in a neat ball. “Come over tonight.” “Ok, a please would be nice..” “Please..” Happy whispered. He tilted your chin gently. “There is a party first at SAMCRO be there.” He smirked walking back out. “Ass..” You whispered.

Happy arrived to the club house, The door shutting behind him. He looked around the room, seeing her laughing next to Juice. She was dangerous to him.. She was poison to him. She was his kryptonite. What was suppose to be a one night stand turned into over a year of hot sex and constant flirting. She was so different. Never squirmed at the sight of blood, could take a punch and yet when kids came around she was so gentle. Fuck she made Gemma look like a damn angel. Happy thought as he walked over to her. Tig smiled to her kissing her cheek. “Hey doll” “Hey Tig.” She smiled to him. “Y/N!” Lyla ran over jumping in y/n’s arms. y/n lifted her with ease. Laughing as she held her. “God, girl gain some weight. I bench more than you.” You smirked at Lyla. “She is a little tipsy.” Opie chuckled walking over. You set Lyla down grabbing your drink off the table. “I am getting there.” You smiled.

Everyone chilling, you sat next to Happy, Lyla with Opie, Tara with Jax. “I love this song!” Your screamed starting to dance in your seat. Happy felt your hips move, hitting the side of his leg. He sucked in his breath a bit, feeling his face get warm. You stood up moving your body to the music. Lyla whistled. You hopped up on the pool table “I had a couple dreams about you” You sang the song, swaying your hips. You had high heeled leather combat boots on, ripped up jeans, a black tank top and a flannel over it. “Because baby I was down for you..” “Baby does he even make round two?” Happy watched you moved with hungry eyes. He took a deep breath again trying to calm himself. “Hmmhmm..” Happy looked over to see Chibs eyeing the club. He knew how Happy felt about y/n. Happy looked around the club. All eyes were on her. HE growled standing up, He grabbed your hand, pulling you towards him. You smiled at him and nodded your head. “Whats wrong killa? Want to join me?” You danced against him. You swore you felt him shiver. Happy kissed your neck in front of the club, making sure they knew who you belonged too, even if you didn’t know. “Dorm, now.” Happy whispered in your ear. You walked ahead of him. He smacked your ass hard, you knew you were in for it, he was going to fuck you good. You opened the door and he slammed it shut. His eyes where primal. He pulled off your flannel, using to to tie your hands behind you back. He ripped up your tanked top, discarding it. He pushed you against the wall, he pulled down your pants and panties, taking off his shirt and jeans. “Happy…” You squirmed, feeling his tongue licking down your back, he spreaded your legs farther apart. His lips attached to your already wet pussy. He twirled his tongue up and down your slit. He sucked and gently scrapped his teeth against your clit. “Cum..” He demanded up at you. “Going.. to need to do more than that..” You loved pushing his buttons, making him work for every orgasm he gave you. Happy smirked pushing two fingers in. He licked and sucked your clit, you felt your body quiver, your orgasm pulsating threw you. “That’s it… cum on my fingers..” Happy licked his fingers clean, so not a drop was wasted. He stood up throwing you against the wall. “Open that devlish mouth of yours..” you smirked “Open..” He growled. You opened your mouth, he slid down his boxers, slowly gliding his erect cock into your mouth. He groaned at how warm your mouth was. He held the side of your head, pushing himself in and out of your mouth. “Fuck you know how to be mouth fucked…” Happy looked down at you, not even a tear came out of your eyes as he fucked your mouth hard. You where his girl, not matter what you thought. He slid out pushing you against the bed, your body bouncing slightly. He bit down on your shoulder, shoving himself deep in your pussy. Your eyes rolling back at the fullness. Grunting Happy pulled out and slammed back in. He grabbed your hair, shoving himself deep in you “Scream my name… who do you belong too?” You moaned loudly, trying hard to calm yourself. “Happy!…” You screamed loudly as an orgasm rolled threw you. Your body shaking against Happys. “Two orgasms already. I owed you those.. since you made me cum last night.” Happy flipped you so you where on your back. He untied your flanned around your hands, kissing your lips deeply. “I love you… We keep doing this… but I love you, even if you don’t want to admit it…” Happy spoke, looking into your eyes. “ I love you too Happy…” You moaned out. “I cant hold it… your too tight baby…” He hissed thrusting his hips hard into you, you grumbled feeling him fill you. “You mean what you said?” “Yes y/n.. your my kryptonite..” He smirked. “I shouldn’t want you as bad as I do y/n.. I have never felt like this before.. your so bad, but so good for me..” Happy rarely spoke his feelings. He kissed you possessively before nodding off to sleep. 


I’m here to talk about LYLA MOTHERFUCKING WINSTON!


Lyla was so fucking amazing.

So I was talking to my friend (a guy) about the show, when he made a comment about Opie and Lyla. It went something like: “I don’t know how Opie could marry a porn star. I could never marry a girl that sucks dick for life.”

ooooooooommmmmmmmggggggg. My immediate reaction was 

like how dare you disrespect my girl like that.

But I decided to act “sane” or whatever… and gave these reason as to why the fuck her being a porn star has nothing to do with it and why she’s fucking amazing:

1. So first off, the whole porn star thing.

what does that have to do anything??? like why is it such a bad thing? the way I see it, Lyla being a porn star is basically the same a “regular girl” fucking other people before she dates you - except she gets paid for it. AND when Opie expressed that he wasn’t cool with it, she stopped doing porn with men. and she totally did not have to, but she loved him an respected his feelings and slowed down.

2. Lyla is so strong and independent.

I give Lyla major props because she was a single mom for a while. Lyla literally had no one, not even her parents. and she did what she had to to support her and her child. People like to bring up the fact that she used coke, but she knew that she shouldn’t be doing it and eventually she found it in her to stop. Also, do you remember when Lyla was shot by Frankie Diamonds? or the time she was tortured by the Ghanezi brothers? she also had to deal with Opie not being over Donna and she gave him the space and time he needed. she also had to deal with him being unfaithful, so yeah Lyla’s pretty fucking strong.

3. She had to raise three kids on her own.

When she loses the love of her life, she fell apart. Which is totally understandable. Opie’s death was so abrupt and brutal - I think we all felt our hearts being ripped out a little. (in a deleted scene) while Lyla had this break down Tara basically tells her to sober up and get presentable for Opie’s wake - and yes I realize this was a deleted scene, but its not like it was out of character for Tara. she was a bitch and fuck her for criticizing Lyla. But anyway, Lyla had to step up and not just take care of her son, but Opie’ s kids as well - all after losing him.

4.She stepped up.

Lyla eventually stopped doing porn. She started to work at Diosa and later (in season seven) began directing/producing for Red Woody Productions. Lyla stepped her game up. She worked her way to the top to provided for 3 kids all by herself. She def had a some help from Nero, Jax, and Gemma. But she wouldn’t have been able to get where she was if she didn’t want really want that for herself, but she did and she worked hard for it.

Lyla was so underrated and deserves major props. I really believe she was the strongest woman of the series. She’s amazing. I love her. I’m here for her. We didn’t get enough of her. We didn’t deserve her. She is everything.


Jealous Jax x unobservant reader :)

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“He’s been eye fucking you all night.” Jax says, trying to keep the bitterness from his words but failing majorly. You frown, grabbing your drink hot dog from the vendor and paying him.

“Who?” you ask, walking back towards the group. Jax scoffs, taking a harsh drag from his cig, seemingly annoyed. “Ryan?”

Jax doesn’t respond, leading you to believe you’ve got it right. Rolling your eyes, you take a bite from your food, trying not to get sauce all over your face. “He’s just a friend, Jax. Why do you care anyway?”

“I don’t. Just don’t like the way he’s looking at you, that’s all.” It’s bittersweet as you reach the others, thankful to get away from Jax’s moods but wanting to know why he’s so bothered in the first place.

“Fireworks start in ten.” Opie says, Lyla nestled under his arm. You all start walking towards where the fireworks are being let off, Ryan falling back to walk next to you.

“Your biker boy doesn’t seem to like me very much.” Ryan chuckles, you smiling sympathetically.

“He’s just, well, Jax.” you say, Ryan smirking at your lack of explanation. Shrugging, you nudge him lightly with your arm. “He’ll warm up to you soon enough.”

“Doubt it, he thinks I’m competition.” You wait for him to continue, spotting Jax up ahead, his head turning to look at you, the same pissed off expression on his face. “It’s obvious he’s in love with you.”

You choke on your food, coughing loudly as Ryan taps your back, trying to help you recover. Once you’ve successfully dislodged the food from your throat, you turn to look at him. “What? No, you’ve got it all wrong..”

“Oh, (Y/N).” he tuts, throwing his arm around your shoulder. “Still so naive.”

You don’t say anymore as you reach the field, the grassy area full of the people of Charming waiting patiently for the show of bursting colour to begin.

“Is it bad that I’m getting a kick out of pissing him off?” You look over at Jax as Ryan talks, feeling sorry for the bottle of beer in Jax’s grip, his fingers white as he squeezes it for dear life.

“Don’t be an asshole.” you comment, shrugging his arm from around you. “I’m just gonna go see if he’s alright.”

“Use protection.” he laughs childishly, causing you to punch him in the arm, not being able to control the smile on your lips.

Striding over to the mardy looking biker, you smile at him, the crease between his browz remaining. “Your face is gonna get stuck like that if you keep frowning.”

He doesn’t even acknowledge you as you speak, refusing to meet your gaze as he looks towards the crowd of citizens. You feel your mood start to turn sour at his coldness, a pang of embarrassment hitting you in the chest.

“Asshole.” you mutter, deciding to let him wallow in his own negative juices. You stride forwards, a grip on your arm stopping you in your tracks. “What?”

“I’m not the asshole here, your so called ‘friend’ is.” he says, emphasising the word friend in a sarcastic manner. You yank your arm out of his grip, raising your eyebrows in disbelief.

“You’re so childish! What’s it to you who I’m friends with and not friends with?” you challenge, folding your arms across your chest. All you receive is a look of surprise, Jax not expecting you to retaliate in such a fiesty manner.

He shakes his head, his tongue running over his lower lip. His voice is less agitated once he speaks, a calmer grain behind his words. “You really don’t get it do you?”

“What? That you’re a dick?” You regret your response as soon as it leaves your lips, not enjoying the flash of hurt that passes through Jax’s eyes, though it’s gone as quick as it appeared.

“Forget it.” You huff, rolling your eyes in exasperation as he strides away from you, his form tense as he does so.

“Jesus Christ.” you mumble to yourself, following his steps only seconds after he’s disappeared, his figure turning out of sight. You jog, cursing his long legs as you try to catch up, finally spotting him in an abandoned area of the park.

“You walk kinda quick, you know that?” He turns his head towards you, eyes trained on yours as he lights up the stick, before turning away again as he takes a drag. “I’m sorry for calling you a dick. Can you just tell me what’s up?”

“Nothing, I’m fine.” You don’t budge, instead carefully taking the cigarette from his fingers and taking a drag, showing you’re not leaving anytime soon. “You shouldn’t pick up on my habits.”

You shrug, letting the smoke escape from your mouth. “You can do it, why can’t I?”

“I’m already poisoned.” he says, retrieving the cigarette from you and taking another drag, before doubting it against the tree. “You’re too good for it.”

“What if I think you’re too good for it?” you argue, taking a step closer to him, convinced his anger level has lowered.

“I’d say you’re wrong.” he shrugs, smirking at the annoyed expression on your face. “Sorry, darlin’, but it’s true.”

“Well, I think you’re wrong. You’re more than good enough, and you’re not poisoned.” you state, reaching him and poking his chest lightly, enjoying the way he squirms under your touch.

“Whatever you say, angel.” he says, though you can tell your words have brightened his mood. “You need to get back, you’re gonna miss the fireworks.”

“I don’t mind, I’d rather stay with you.” A blush creeps up your neck after you’ve spoken, butterflies fluttering in your stomach as you look into the distance, trying to control your jitters.

“Yeah. Views better here, anyway.” he says, his eyes focused on nothing but you as you look back at him.

You hum in response, crossing your arms, unable to control the way your lips curl up. “That so?”

He nods in confirmation, running his hands through his hair, taming back a few stray tendrils. He steps towards you, reaching out for you cautiously, his actions slightly more confident once he sees that you don’t deny him.

He pulls you towards him gently by your shirt, not sure how to dance in the newly discovered territory. You’re the same, unsure how to react to his advances before your palms find their place on his chest, the action almost natural. “This okay?”

You nod slightly, not wanting to disturb the current between the two of you, your fingertips tracing the patches on his kutte nervously, feelings of anxiety and excitement swirling within.

Your eyes flutter closed as he wraps his arms around you, yours slipping around his neck as the two of you embrace. You don’t miss the way his grip tightens around your body, a heavy sigh leaving his lips as he holds you to his chest.

“It’s okay.” you whisper, sensing the urgency in the way he squeezes you, like having you in his clutches relieves the immense burden that he carries around on his shoulders. “You’re alright.”

He pulls away after a few seconds, a kiss being left upon your forehead as he does so. You close your eyes at the feeling, angling your head up slightly to brush your nose against his own, skin tingling at the action.

He slips his hands under your shirt, the calloused yet delicate digits stroking your exposed skin as his breath tickles your lips, tension thick in the air.

“Jax.” you say breathlessly, pulling on the locks at the nape of his neck. That’s all he needs to take the lead, his lips pressing against yours for the first time, his pressure featherlight.

A quiet moan slips from you, Jax gripping your hips in response before pressing his lips harder against your own, his movements becoming more and more confident.

The taste of smoke and mint dances it’s way onto your tongue as the kiss deepens, the concoction making your head swirl. Jax nibbles on your lower lip teasingly, your body completely controlled by his touch.

He only separates once you’re both breathless, his forehead pressed against yours as flick your tongue across your lips, savouring the taste of him within your mouth.

“I should’ve done that a long time ago.“ he chuckles, his thumbs swiping backwards and forwards over your skin. You hum in agreement, revelling in the sensation of floating, head swimming within the clouds.

Loud banging erupts from within the distance, the sky blasted with streams of vibrant colour. The display creates the perfect setting, your mouth finding Jax’s again as you experience his lips all over again, never wanting to be without it again.

A/N - I’m really happy with how this turned out!! I hope you guys are too :) Let me know what you think, your feedback is always welcome and appreciated ❤ love you all xxxxx


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Request: Imagine Jax overhearing you talk to Lyla about how you won’t get his crow because you think its unfair that the guys don’t get anything so Jax surprises you.


Jax wiped his hands on the rag before using the back of his hand to wipe the sweat from his brow.
The afternoon was warm to say the least, the peak of summer upon them and all day Jax had been working in the yard.
Opie was helping him while you and Lyla lazed in the air conditioned haven of your living room while you helped Lyla plan the wedding. Only the two of you seemed to be doing more gossiping than actual wedding planning.
The boys were just about to head inside when Jax raised a hand, signalling Opie to stop.
“They’re talking about us.”
Opie rolled his eyes and tugged his shirt off over his head and used it to wipe the sweat from his brow while Jax pressed himself against the wall so he could hear more clearly.
“Jax was complaining to Ope again.”
He heard Lyla say, and although he couldn’t see you Jax knew you well enough to know you’d be rolling your eyes.
“What’d I do now?”
Lyla laughed. “You won’t get his crow?”
“Oh that, nah I told him no.”
“Why? Y/N do you know how many girls would kill to have his crow?”
The sound of your laugh rang out.
“Yeah yeah, lucky me.”
They both giggled.
“I just think it’s unfair, you know.”
“How? I have Opies.”
“Does he have a tat for you?”
“No.” Jax could hear the frown in Lylas voice and he slowly began to realise your reasoning behind your refusal to get his crow.
“I love the crows, I do. But I just think the guys should get something to show their loyalty to us too, ya know.”
Jax pushed away from the wall and turned to Opie who had found refuge in the shade.
“Done eavesdropping?”
Jax grinned and nodded.
“Do me a favour? Ring Happy, get him to come down.”
Opie nodded. “Can we go inside first, before I die of heat stroke.”
Jax grinned and they both walked inside.
You let out a wolf whistle as the boys entered the house, both shirtless and glistening with sweat.
Lyla laughed and jumped off the sofa and headed to the fridge, she pulled out two beers and offered them to the boys.
“You two wanna earn some extra cash?”
They turned to you, where you sat in the middle of the floor, a half empty bottle of wine next to you and a goofy smile on your face.
“What have you got in mind, darlin?”
“Wanna be the strippers for Lylas bachelorette party?”
Opie and Lyla laughed while Jax shook his head and walked towards you.
“That’s something I only do for you.”
You bit your lip and stood up slowly.
“Oh yeah?”
Jax nodded as he licked his lips and pulled you in for a kiss, his arms wrapping around you.
“GET A ROOM!” Opies voice bellowed and you both laughed and pulled away.

Two days had passed and you were draped across the sofa waiting for Jax to come home.
He had been busy with the club all day, which you were used to. But you weren’t used to how distant he had been with you.
You tossed your phone in your hand as you chewed your lip and every so often you stopped to check the time.
What was that saying about a watched pot never boiling?
After what felt like forever, but in reality was only an hour, the roar of Jax’s Harley echoed down the street.
You sat up and turned the tv off.
Gemma had drilled into you the unspoken ‘rules’ of being an old lady. But you weren’t like the others. You demanded respect and loyalty and in return you gave it back and you loved with every inch of you. You devoted your life to Jax and the club and you never asked questions when it came to club business. But this wasn’t club business, it was affecting your relationship and you wanted answers.
You perched on the edge of the sofa and waited for Jax to enter the house.
You heard the door shut and the thud of his sneakers hitting the floor as he kicked them off.
“Hey darlin,”
That token Jax Teller Smile was plastered all over his goddamned perfect face and you threw him a glare.
He stopped in his tracks and eyed you cautiously.
“What’s wrong?”
“You tell me.” You said coldly.
When he gave you a blank expression you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest.
“You’ve been avoiding me for the last two days, Jackson. What the fuck is going on?”
A ghost of a smirk crossed his face and he carefully pulled the kutte off his shoulders and draped it over a chair.
“You can’t avoid my questions by getting naked. Not this time.”
This time he did smirk and he pulled his white tshirt over his head.
A gasp left your lips and you leapt off the sofa when you saw the white bandage taped to his chest.
“Are you okay? What happened?!”
You stopped in front of him, your face full of worry and panic and you ran your fingers over his sculpted torso, careful not to touch too close to the wound.
You looked up at Jax and his earlier smirk had faded and was now replaced with a strange expression that you couldn’t quite place as an evil plan formed in his mind.
“I got shot.” He whispered.
Your eyes filled with tears and you lifted your hand to your mouth.
Oh my god!
You pulled him carefully to the sofa and pushed him to lay down.
Panic was rising within you and you began to fuss over him, shifting the cushions on the sofa to make sure he was comfortable when he grabbed hold of your wrists.
“Babe I got shot,” He said.
“I know baby, oh god, have you seen Chibs? Are you in pai-”
“With your love.”
You froze. You lifted your gaze up from the white bandage to his blue eyes and found a spark of amusement within them.
“What?” You muttered.
“I got shot with your love.”
He flashed you a winning smile, his perfect pearly whites shining almost as brightly as his eyes.
You leapt of the couch and pounded the cushion in your hands against him.
“What the fuck, Jax!”
He laughed and grabbed hold of your wrists once more, seizing your soft attack and tugging you down onto the sofa.
You glared at him but watched as his hands released your wrists and moved to the bandage.
He carefully lifted the edge off his chest before pulling it away with one swift movement.
Your eyes widened as you took in the fresh ink on his skin.
Mirroring his ‘Abel’ tattoo on his chest was your name, delicately tattooed with intricate detailing on each letter.
The skin around it was still red from the rawness of the ink but you didn’t mind, your eyes sparkling with tears of pride as you looked at it.
“You like it?”
You met his gaze and before you could respond the cruel mess of his trick crossed your mind. He needed to be taught a lesson.
You shook your head.
“Jax I was gonna break up with you.”
His eyes widened and his face fell and it took everything you had not to break into a grin and admit your lie.
“What?” He asked, his voice barely above a whisper as he glanced down at the now permanent reminder of you across his chest.
“Yeah,” You nodded, unable to keep a straight face for much longer. “I’m just kinda sick of your sculpted abs and perfect cheekbones, and don’t even get me started on your huge d-”
His lips crashed against yours and only your laughter broke the kiss.
“Your awful.” He whispered against your lips and you smiled and pecked another kiss.
“So are you. It’s why I love you.”
He pulled away, a look of pure adoration on his face.
“Will you get my crow now?”
You nodded excitedly and Jax jumped off the sofa and scooped you up into his arms.
He threw you over his shoulder and carried you down the hallway and you let out a squeal as his hand slapped against your ass cheek.
Your mind racing with all the ideas for your new tattoo.


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A Little Wicked - Part V

Chibs x Vivi (oc)

Warnings:: swearing, guns (honestly though, it’s a soa fic, swearing and guns are pretty much called for), character death mention;

I made this a bit longer for making you guys wait so long. It’s here, finally. 

Note: I bumped up Vivi’s age a few years, she’s now 30. Taking how the show ended in 2014, she was born in 1984.

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“Thanks.” I pulled fifteen dollars out of my purse and handed it to the taxi driver before I jumped out of the car in my black skinny jeans and a snug Mötley Crüe t-shirt.

I left my car back at home, well hidden behind the garage doors. If Pete was already in town, then I wouldn’t make it easy for him to find me and he knew my car pretty well. A white 65’ Thunderbird in perfect condition wasn’t exactly conspicuous, either.

Red Woody’s parking lot was packed with Harley bikes and it wasn’t even 10am. Club business starts early, I guess. Or they were just there to watch Lyla shoot porn, which was just as likely.

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Redwood Bleeds [playlist]
…for all the bruised hearts, bullet wounds and lost brothers.

1. Make It Rain - Ed Sheeran 2. Take Me To Church - Hozier 3. Don’t Fear The Reaper - Gus Black 4. Long Road To Ruin - Foo Fighters 5. House Of The Rising Sun -Battleme & The Forest Rangers Feat. Katey Sagal 6. Ride - Lana Del Rey 7. Jesus Christ - Brand New 8. Body In A Box - City and Colour 9. Brothers On A Hotel Bed - Death Cab For A Cutie 10. Don’t Think Twice - Dolly Parton 11. Always On My Mind - Elvis Presley 12. This Life - Curtis Stigers and The Forest Rangers