opicinus de canistris

Opicinus de Canistris autobiography.  This guy was since labeled as psychotic. He was a 13th century priest who wrote two famous works after his illness, Vaticanus latinus 6435 and Palatinus latinus 1993. These works are diagrammatic histories of his life and cosmic under pinning of the world.  The dude had a stroke and wrote super nutty shitty. He did alot of the leg work with developing the idea of risk.  There is an anthropologist that has done awesome research on HFT markets and he is currently researching the history of risk and how it ties back to ecclesiastical teachings. 

Current aesthetic, create diagrammatic histories of my life and learn about the history of risk. I stumbled across the wiki page for risk. As someone with an economic/finance/business background I feel like I know very little about what risk actually means, the history of it.